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The ladies of Chi Omega warm up for Spring Break. Photo credit: CJ Ryder (Chi Omega)

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Formal Season

Now that spring break has come and gone, formals are here. While some of us are lucky enough to have friends’ dresses to borrow, there are a lot of websites to make this process easy and inexpensive. To start, ask around and see if anyone is your height. While borrowing dresses, length is the most important aspect that is often overlooked. If you decide to take off your heels after a long night of dancing, you have to make sure the dress isn’t suffering due to your aching feet. This will end up costing you more than it would have to buy your own dress. For those interested in buying, or renting, here are some of my personal favorites: Lulus: This website has perfect formal dresses that range in price from $40 to $100. The advantage of these dresses is that they are not super fancy and can be utilized again for a less dressy occasion by being dressed down with a casual necklace, for example. Most people let their formal dresses sit in their closet after one use. With this website you won’t be letting a dress go to waste. Also, if you choose to let your friend borrow it and they ruin it a little, it isn’t the end of the world because of the inexpensive price tag.

Asos: Similar to Lulus, Asos has a wide variety of formal dresses that will not cost you a fortune. Asos also has a wide variety of maxi dresses if you would rather opt for a cotton dress that you dress up with hair and makeup so that you can frequently re-wear it in the summer months. An added bonus is that college students always receive a 10 percent discount. While you wouldn’t normally think this is a website to buy formal dresses, 6pm carries a variety of formal dresses that are discounted over 50 percent. Some notable brands they carry are Jessica Simpson, Vince Camuto, Laundry by Shelli Segal, and Max & Cleo.

You can also rent jewelry that they suggest to match the dress of your choice. Another great feature of Rent the Runway is that for no additional cost you can have the same dress sent to you in two sizes so that one of them is bound to fit. This is great for people who normally run between two sizes. Whatever dress you decide to buy or borrow, make sure to get it to the dry cleaner quickly if anything is spilt on it. The advantage of Rent the Runway is that you aren’t in charge of the dry cleaning process; instead, you pay an additional $5 for the dry-cleaning fee. Happy formal season!

Rent the Runway: While I have never rented a dress from Rent the Runway, many of my friends have and they always say how positive of an experience it is. If you have never rented before, you receive $25 off your first rental, making some dresses less than $40 to rent, even if they retail at over $1,000. This makes brands like Badgley Mischka, Reem Acra and Herve Ledger within reach of any college student’s budget.

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During a 24-hour span from March 1 to March 2, over a 1,000 USC students participated in the 16th Kappa Delta annual USC Dance Marathon. Alex is a freshman studying broadcast journalism. You may During this time period, contact her at guarinom@email. students accept the challenge to stand and dance “for the kids” who cannot. All funds raised at the USC Dance Marathon stay local and are donated directly to Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. This year USC Dance Marathon broke its fundraising record, raising a grand total of $318,649.


Over the course of the 24 hours, participants danced their hearts out with plenty of motivation from miracle families and moral leaders in the cheerfully decorated Strom gymnasium. One of the main events was learning a 13-minute line dance. The dance was taught throughout the first half of the event and rehearsed until closing ceremonies. Throughout the marathon, miracle children and their families visited the dancers to share their amazing stories and remind participants why they were dancing. Dancers were lucky enough to hear from numerous families who shared their experiences at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. These children have all suffered different illnesses, from brain tumors to cancer, premature birth and Down Syndrome. However, they all shared a radiant happiness despite all they have suffered so early in life. The children’s parents explained to us how crucial and supportive Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital has been to the health of their child. Hearing these stories was an incredible inspiration to all the participants.

Scene on campus


The dancers were even lucky enough to see some performances by the miracle children. There was a break dancing routine to Avicii, a singing performance to Taylor Swift’s “22,” and a specially choreographed portion of the line dance. The exuberance of the miracle kids and their joy for life was an inspiration to all. The USC Dance Marathon was extremely fortunate to have been supported by local high schools, which held mini marathons and donated their fundraising proceeds to our cause. The high school students also performed the line dances that they learned during their events. Dance Marathon also received a large donation from Britton’s of Columbia, who helped in the Tie Us Together fundraising event, in which USC students broke the world record for the most bow ties tied simultaneously. All who planned this year’s Dance Marathon did a great job scheduling different events to keep dancers engaged and excited. Dancers got the chance to change things up with different theme hours including jungle, Gamecock, America and Mardi Gras. At midnight there was a whiteout rave in which those who were not participating in the entire event could still come and dance to show their support. Dancers were also entertained with multiple musical guests including a USC favorite, 76 and Sunny, and the very talented Carolina Gentlemen. Having participated this year, I can attest to the dedication it takes to complete such a task. Being a part of something in which so many students from all aspects of USC join together to support such a great cause is a truly humbling experience. What struck me most was the incredibly positive attitude of all of the miracle families we heard from. Dance Marathon was a great way to bond with my sorority sisters and meet new people, while doing something to help so many. By raising over $300,000 in just 24 hours, USC students proved just how much of a difference we can make.

4 Ideas debate & discuss


Kappa Kappa Gamma Katie is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at One of the best things about being in a sorority is the chance to get closer to so many different girls. Sororities at USC have over 300 girls, which makes it really difficult to get to know all of your chapter’s members. A way to get to know other girls better is through a sisterhood event. There are so many different possibilities for sisterhood events, from a short two-hour event to a weekend getaway. Here are some suggestions: Crafting Events A crafting event for a few hours during the day is a great and easy way to have a sisterhood event. Here are some examples: Tie-dye party: This is cheap and fun for a lot of girls to do. Girls could provide their own white items to dye or you can order shirts that are specific to your chapter. We had a tie-dye sisterhood last semester and we had white shirts with Kappa

written on them so that all of our shirts were similar, but at the same time unique. Painting canvases: The only materials needed for creating canvases are the canvases and painting supplies. This event also makes a great gift for sisters to give to their big or little. If each sister brings her own canvas, the painting supplies are cheap when bought in bulk. Go to a pottery painting location: Giving sisters different options of what pottery to create is another option. Mad Platter is one place for sororities to go. The store offers many different items to paint, from bowls to gnomes, so every person goes home with something unique. Studio Cellar recently opened in the Vista and is also be a great place for a sisterhood event. Evening Events If you are looking for an event you can hold at night, there are also many options. Here are some suggestions. Movie night: A movie night at your house is a great destresser during finals. This could be held at the sorority house to fit as many girls as possible. You could provide snacks for the girls and ask them to bring their own blankets to stay comfortable.

Dinner party: Having a dinner party with a smaller group of girls is another way to get to know a new pledge class. Sisters could host a potluck and every girl can bring a dish that showcases something about her interests or background. Bowling: Going bowling is also another easy and fun activity. There are a bunch of different bowling alleys near us to go to including AMF Columbia Lanes or Anchor Lanes. Laser tag: Laser tag is another fun activity for sisters. Frankie’s Fun Park has laser tag as well as arcade games, putt-putt and go-karting. Ice cream party: Hosting an ice cream party at your sorority house is a short and fun sisterhood activity. A variety of flavors and toppings to pick from makes for a great ending to a school day. Game night: A game night is another fun way to end the night. This could be done at a sorority house for a couple of hours. An assortment of games would allow for lots of sisters to come and play against each other. Hope these suggestions help you to think of ways to spend more time with your sisters!



500 words on entertainment


At some point in your college career, you or someone you know has woken up after a particularly rough night feeling like a character from, “The Hangover.” Head pounding, unquenchable thirst, and memory… nonexistent. Time flies when you’re having fun, but time seems to stop altogether when you’re having too much fun. Research shows that approximately 9.5% of college students who consume alcohol on a weekly basis will experience an alcohol-induced memory blackout in that same period. What really is a blackout? A blackout is a type of amnesia associated with heavy drinking, in which a person experiences shortterm memory loss. The person may seem capable of carrying out normal activities such as conversation or even operating a vehicle, but consequently, has no recollection of the event. There are two types of blackouts, of varying severity: fragmentary and en-bloc. In the instance of a

fragmentary blackout, partial memory may be recalled, and can typically be resurrected the following day by cues from others – this is sometimes referred to as a “brownout”. On the other hand, people who experience en-bloc blackouts are not so lucky. An en-bloc blackout, or total blackout, occurs when there is no recollection of previous events, whatsoever. What causes a blackout? Blackouts occur with rapid rises in BAC (blood alcohol content) and are caused by alcohol-induced impairment of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, learning, and memory formation. Women are more susceptible to blacking out than men, due to their BAC rising at a faster rate. It has also been proven that if a person blacks out a few times there is an increased chance of susceptibility to blacking out the next time he or she drinks.

Is blacking out bad for my health? Although it might seem funny, blacking out on a regular basis should not be taken lightly. Frequent blackouts can result in long-term health issues, such as alcoholism or even brain damage. Not only are blackouts serious from a health standpoint, but also from a decision-making standpoint. When under the influence of alcohol, our brains do not function properly, which can no-doubt lead to bad choices. Intoxication and blackouts can lead to irresponsible social actions and unsafe decisions. How do I avoid blacking out? Good news: blackouts are totally avoidable, even if you partake in social drinking. To avoid the post-partyparanoia, don’t consume large amounts of booze at once, space out your drinks throughout the night with plenty of water, and always be sure to have food in your stomach when drinking, to help slow the rate of alcohol absorption.

6 Self health & fitness


Cassady is a sophomore studying political science and French. You may contact her at Well, spring break has officially passed. I know what

you’re thinking;

“I can finally eat all the crap I’ve been wanting to

eat since January!” Don’t let all your hard work go to

waste. Your spring break bod can still be maintained,

and you can still treat yourself every once and a while. Here are 5 tips on how to maintain your “spring break” bod; at least until the fall rolls back around.

1. Keep up with your routine: You’ve finally got

your schedule to work out down pat. After faithfully

following it since you got back to school, why stop now? Go to the gym after your last class, or wake up

in the morning to run. If you keep up with the routine

you’ve already had all semester, you won’t fall off the train like you might if you tried to change it up.

2. Stay Active: Although it is important to keep up with your routine, you don’t

always have to cut out time from your busy day to stay active. Try walking to class

(if you can) instead of driving, take the stairs, or choose to go on a walk with your friends instead of just hanging out at your house.

3. Drink More Water: Drinking water is an important part of maintaining your

“spring break” bod. When you’re working out, it is important to stay hydrated (so

you don’t pass out). Drinking water can also give you energy, so instead of your frap in the morning, try drinking a large glass of water in the morning instead. This will also help boost your metabolism.

4. Snack Healthy: Instead of reaching for that bag of chips, try some carrots. If

you want something sweet, fruit can often satisfy that craving for you. After eating

healthily for so long, it most likely won’t be difficult to keep up with what you have been doing for months now. Snacking can quickly lead to old bad habits, so if you keep your snacking clean, the rest of your meals will follow.

5. Have a Goal: You have been working for months to get your perfect “spring

break” bod, but why should it just be for spring break? Think of another goal that

you have to maintain your “bod” and work towards that. Having something like,

the cruise you are going on in the summer will keep you motivated throughout the rest of the semester. So, after working hard the first half of the semester, why

let all your hard work go down the drain? Keep on keeping on and maintain the

body you’ve worked hard for. Follow these tips and you’re sure to be rocking the “spring break” bod all year long.

Self health & fitness

GIVE ME JENNIFER ANISTON'S BODY Now that we're back from Spring break it's going to be easy for us to forget about that spring break diet... or those three weeks of eating remotely healthy and working out a little more... So here's how we can stay fit and try to look like Jen. These are some of Jen's tips for maintaiingn a perfect shape without the help of trainers and nutritionists. Strength training: Strength train helps increasing the muscle tone and is considered very well for bones and it even burns more calories. One can go for Pilates, weights or resistance band in there workout routine at least twice a week. Workout ways: With busy schedule of every individual one can take out time to do equipment free exercises like crunches, stretches, yoga, squats or lunges in their morning or evening routine. Fish in your diet: Eat omega 3-rich fish once or twice a week as it helps in controlling the weight, improving the skin and hair. Some of the other omega 3 rich products are ground flaxseeds or flaxseed oil, nuts and omega 3-eggs. Love your food – If it is any special occasion or you are in mood to eat you favorite food, never stop yourself. Eat whatever you love but make a commitment to exercise the very next day and be strict on your commitment. Jen's Diet Plan Breakfast: It includes smoothies and three cups of freeze watermelon. Lunch: Soup poured with dandelion greens, arugula and spinach. Other is zucchini, ginger, garlic glove, raw agave, uncooked soya sauce, lemon juice, cayenne and onion all blended together with grinded pumpkin, sunflower seeds and almonds, all mixed together. Dinner: Seaweed salad is the most common in her diet. Another option in her dinner is blended lemon juice, garlic clove, olive oil and sea salt all in a salad of chopped parsley, tomato and onion. Zone Diet: Jennifer has also tried zone diet which includes 40:30:30 ratios of carbohydrates, fats and proteins where source of carbohydrates was from whole grain breads and pasta and fat from olive oil and other oils and last the proteins from egg whites and fish. Get with Jennifer’s Ways She always ends her day with a set of stretches and sit ups. In her daily workout routine there is 40 minutes of cardio, spinning, running and elliptical. she does pilates once a week and yoga thrice a week. She always carries weights i.e. eight pounds (3.6kg) whenever she stays in hotel and always loves to do arm exercises and stretches while watching TV. Aniston has a high protein and low fat diet. Jennifer has been eating the same Cobb salad every day on the sets of friends with her co stars but with different toppings such as bacon and garbanzo beans. Few of the things that are very common in her diet are salmon, green vegetables, lentils and quinoa. She does follow strict diet but often eat fried food but she always make sure to burn that much calories also.


8 greek life traditions


Whether you realize it or not, what you say affects what you think just as much as

what you think affects what you say. Studies have shown that if you are continually a part of a group that uses racial and sexual slurs, whether you agree with them

or not, you will eventually find yourself using them too. This might not seem like

a huge problem if you don’t mean it, but scientific studies show that repeated use of slanderous language trains your brain to view the world that way. Thus, if you speak like a racist/sexist/whateverist, you’re likely to become one.

What does this have to do with me, you ask? You treat women with respect, your

best friend is of a different race, you love your gay fraternity brother and you once took a religious studies class because you wanted to check out your options. You

may think you’re pretty open-minded, but here are some prejudicial terms you’ve probably been unconsciously using that are in desperate need of a makeover.

1. GDI, also known as a Geed, also known as a…well, you know what it means.

You may think it’s cute or funny to make fun of people outside of the Greek system, but what it does is create an elitist system where Greek students automatically think

they’re better than everyone else because of the letters on their chest. We know the

amazing advantages to being a part of a Greek system, but the people outside of the system either don’t know about these advantages or have some other legitimate reason for not being in the Greek system. Instead of making fun of them, target them

for recruitment, make friends, and at the very least work to change the stereotypes that the outside world has against us.

Instead: Independent or Unafilliated 2. Sorostitute. Don’t ever use this phrase. Ever. It doesn’t matter how baggy her

comfort colors t-shirt is or how many times she has worn a shirt with letters that are not her own, she is a woman of class and you should respect her. Instead: Sorority woman/girl

3. Rush. This brings back awful images of the TV show GRΣΣK, with girls being

pushed into houses, judged, and outright treated like nobodies. Let’s be honest with

ourselves. Despite the 110 degree temperatures, the heels and the minor dramas,

our recruitment system isn’t really that bad. You shouldn’t be in a “rush” to pick

your chapter, you should take the time to have meaningful conversations with the people who could be your new family. Instead: Recruitment

4. House. I didn’t ever stop to think how prejudicial this phrase was until our

house burned down this semester. A house is a physical structure in which you hold chapter meetings, a chapter is a group of people from the same organization. Your

brotherhood or sisterhood is not confined by the bricks and mortar that hold your

meetings, and you should be respectful of those of us who are successful chapters without houses.

Instead: Chapter 5. Rushie. This term is ridiculous, and reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo’s

rant about her “squishy.” Contrary to popular belief, men and women going through

recruitment are fully fledged men and women and deserve to be treated as such… without the stupid name.

Instead: PNM or Potential New Member 6. Pledge. You know what a pledge is. A pledge is a person from Animal House

who takes paddle spankings and has to complete ridiculous challenges in order

to get initiated into a brotherhood of cruel, sadistic sods. This is the 21st century, where we recognize that we need to treat our new members with respect in order to gain their friendship, loyalty and trust. Give them the respect they deserve as an intelligent human being.

Instead: Call them by their names, call them New Member, Junior, Associate or

Provisional Member.

I hope this week you’ll seriously think about the implications that your word

choices have on your reputation, your chapter ’s reputation and the reputation of the Greek community as a whole. What you choose to say and how you choose to say does matter, and it’s time that we start reevaluating.

10 sports talk



Drew is a senior studying sport and entertainment management. You may contact him at

The NFL Combine is

Bruce Ellington outshined himself at the combine. It never hurts to see a Gamecock

always a much anticipated

post a better time or score than a Clemson Tiger. Ellington ran a 4.31 and got one last

upcoming talent entering

Gamecock got one last nod above a Clemson Tiger. Connor Shaw posted the fastest 40

event to get a look at the the NFL draft. Each spring, players perform to the best

of their ability at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

This is the great event that

saw Calvin Johnson run a 4.35 in the 40 yard dash while wearing someone else’s

shoes and Chris Johnson of East Carolina ran an incredible 4.24 in the 40. These are just two recent memories of great performances at the Combine. This year, there

were hopes that players would also post ridiculous numbers. There were quite a few things to take away from the Combine, but none more interesting than Jadeveon Clowney’s performance.

Anyone who knows Clowney knows he is a beast. His hit against Michigan’s

Vincent Smith shows his freakish abilities. To really understand his athleticism, one needs to know he is 6’5,” weighs 266 pounds and can run a 4.53 second 40 yard

dash. While a 4.53 may not blow anyone’s mind, there are some pretty fast NFL players who run slower. Pairing Clowney’s 40 against Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton wouldn’t be an event that I would have thought he’d conquer. Surprisingly,

though, Kaepernick and Newton posted slower times in their combines. Not only did Jadeveon post a better time than two of the fastest quarterbacks in the NFL today. He ran a faster time than any quarterback at the Combine.

jab at the instate rivalry, beating Sammy Watkins and his 4.42 second 40. Another

time amongst all the quarterbacks at the combine. While Clowney did run faster than Shaw, Shaw’s 4.55 in the 40 obliterated Tajh Boyd and his 4.84 second 40. Looking at these few stats, it’s easy to see why its great to be a Gamecock.

While South Carolina did it’s part in posting impressive numbers at the combine,

there were quite a few other players of interest. Sammy Watkins posted some impressive stats showing why he’ll be a force in the NFL. Johnny Manziel impressed

scouts by running a 4.68 second 40, proving why his elusiveness and speed are dangerous. There were quite a few eyes on Michael Sam, the defensive end for

Missouri. He was honored with defensive player of the year for the SEC. Recently, he became the first NFL prospect to publicly admit his homosexuality. All of these

factors had the spotlight on Sam at the Combine. Unfortunately, the pressure may have taken it’s toll as he posted mediocre numbers, running just a 4.91 second 40 and only benching the 225 pound bench press 17 times.

All in all, the NFL Scouting Combine gave fans and scouts quite a bit to watch

and enjoy. Anticipation continues to grow as the NFL draft approaches on May 8.

Meanwhile, everyone waits, hoping their team makes the right pick. No one can really tell how great a college player will be. We will all have to wait for the fall, and another great season of the NFL and the hunt for the Lombardi trophy.

sports talk



Rachael is a sophomore broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

When you want to watch

a game or get an update

on the latest news in the sports world and a TV or internet access is within

reach, you tune in and log in to ESPN. When the

plethora of ESPN channels don’t have the specific

game coverage you’re looking for, you probably opt for CBS Sports, NBC Sports or one of the local channels and you are forced to quickly adapt to the differing style

of scoreboard graphics. You may also (or maybe it’s just me) begin yelling at the seemingly random commentators, questioning how hastily they must have scanned “Sports Commentating for Dummies.”

With this glut of readily available sports channels, Fox Entertainment Group

created skeptics when it announced the formation of a new sports-oriented channel with a launch in August 2013. Although marketed as a relaunch of the motorsports-

oriented channel Speed, Fox changed scope and effectively presented itself as a new channel. Fox hoped to become a major competitor in the sports broadcasting

network tangle with its aggressive programming style and because of their audience

reach generated from taking Speed’s channel and brand awareness through heavy

promotion in various media outlets. The network announced a bit later that celebrity personality Regis Philbin would anchor its weekday telecast (um, what?).

Almost instantly, the media labeled it as an ESPN vs. Fox Sports 1 battle, but I

still wouldn’t mention the two in the same breath. Although, right after launching, Fox Sports 1 ratings showed it to be a tough competitor with second tier sports

networks like NBC Sports and the Golf Channel, ESPN has nothing to worry about for the time being.

One of the keys to ESPN’s success is how the network interweaves its different

media platforms. A few of the writers are now showing up in radio and

TV and when the ESPN Sports Center app sends you a notification, it includes the

station and time said update will be discussed or includes a link to an extensive article on the topic placed on its website. Sitting here writing this article, I got the

notification on my phone that double-amputee and Olympian Oscar Pistorius just

plead not guilty at his murder trial and that ESPN 3 is currently airing trial coverage and analysis. This balanced act of promoting its platforms has been unique and crucial to the ESPN’s success and I can’t see Fox Sports 1 living up to it.

This so-called battle really shouldn’t even be discussed for another five years, or

so, because it’s going to take Fox much more than hiring a lineup of blonde female

talent (I really can’t call reading teleprompter and batting eyelashes reporting) and broadcasting a few soccer games to really rival the holy ESPN. While Fox has primed its skill of big talk, ESPN shouldn’t be worried about Fox when the bidding

war for the new NBA rights package for the 2016-2017 season intensifies over the next few months.

Fox Sports 1’s ratings have fluctuated since its origination. The month of December’s

live UFC airing attracted 349,000 and the network’s lowest ratings for the month hit around 13,000. The Fox Sports Live (their version of ESPN’s Sports Center) primetime

hour for sports fans is proving disastrous and hit just 7,000 viewers a night in January. Granted, the network has tried a few adjustments, like Regis Philbin’s departure after this year ’s Super Bowl. While Philbin was marketable, he just didn’t deserve a place on a sports news anchor desk.

Fox, please stop. It’s not going to happen. Just because you shelled out enough

cash to entice Erin Andrews to participate in your attempt at being a big league

doesn’t mean people are going to switch their TV channels just to watch the fear in

12 Humor lol

HOVERBOARD THE NEW SKATEBOARD? The newest rave of the technology world is an actual board that can hover over the ground, called Kappa Delta HUVr. The board is to Carter is a sophomore studying business. mimic the board used in the You may contact her at spencemc@email. movie Back to the Future II when Marty McFly used the board to fly across the river. The difference between the hoverboard 15 years ago and what developers at HUVr Tech have developed now is this board can actually be controlled by an app on your iPhone or Android. The app actually has a GPS and tracks where you are going. If you don’t think its real then ask Tony Hawk, who has himself tried and enjoyed the new board.


The website has an attribute on the team who developed the mind spinning (literally and rhetorically) HUVr. The team met each other at the MIT Physics Graduate Program in the summer of 2010. There mission statement being, ”This is clearly a new frontier for science and we're excited and honored to share this first chapter with the world.”, is definitely shown on the various videos spilled throughout the internet of people successfully trying out the HUVr themselves. The website even has all the various styles the board can be purchased in, having

the design not range very far away from the board previously designed for Back to the Future II.If you haven't heard about the board yet, then you obviously haven't been keeping up with social media very well of recent. The HUVr website has 35 thousand likes on Facebook since its release and thousands of followers and retweeters on Twitter. Ever since the manipulation of Marty using the “hoverboard” 15 years ago it’s very obviously the world is antsy to be able to hover at their own pleasure.Those who were lucky enough to demo the board have descried the experience as out of this world. Athlete Terrell Owens suggesting that he "felt like I was out of this world for a second, and I looked down, and my feet were off the ground.” The description of the few moments Terrell was off the ground is much like all the demonstrators of this product. The feeling is generally expressed as indescribable and can only be fully explained by doing it yourself.Unfortunately, hover boards aren't yet for sale at your local Target or Walmart. But these numerous videos of humans like you and I safely riding a few feet off the ground shows we are in for it soon. The answer as to an exact date is strategically avoided by the team at HOVr for a reason didn’t want to believe true. The HOVr board is a hoax. The release of numerous videos and articles was put into tact to pull a prank on the entire american population. From days of having this product publicized all over my social media for a week I figure I could share that this product is indeed ~ false. To our dismay it will be a long while before any type of flying board to be let out on our supermarkets shelves. As Ashton Kutcher would like to pride himself in saying to the entire population, You’ve just been Punk’d.

14 Humor lol @JakeAkinStrips: If anybody has a snowman that needs takin’ care of, I know a guy @kwaxonkwax: Trying to decide if I should put my ability to type with only my left hand under “skills” or “hobbies” on my resume. #productivity@ postgradproblems: For Lent, I’m giving up. Like in general, just giving up. @tdvaz: Every time I hear that nasty word “exercise”, I have to wash my mouth out with chocolate…. @KatherineRead: If you’re about to put song lyrics on twitter, ask yourself: is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thang down flip it & reverse it @Future1stLady1: Blue solo cups remind me of

liberals. I don’t like liberals.

thirds in front of the whole freaking class.

@Zakypoof: Sometimes you have to step outside yourself and realize you’re playing clash of clans in the middle of a gas station

@rellyOnSMASH: them unread test messages aint gon come and cuddle wit you at night

@NMe3zyy: The papers I write for this online class are so elementary school & brickwall waterfall gurl u think u know it all but u don’t, I do. @freshbrook: dude just came into aspen with frosted tips. f r o s t e d t i p s @ScottyDaNaughty: . @robinthicke drug me? Mug me? Seriously, WHAT RHYMES WITH HUG ME? @SterRS: I just said eight turds instead of eight

@justinbieber: Blessed each morning. Going to be a great day @_Wade92: They’re playing Bust a Move in McDonalds right now. Employees here are down to get down. #turndownforhwat @Hannie37: Eating a BLT while driving is difficult. @derekbarchenger: No diggity just autocorrected to “no dignity”, I’d say that’s fair for texting about no diggity on a Tuesday afternoon @merrylouder: Parents turned the wifi off on my phone. Things have gone from bad, to worse, to poverty.


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