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But then there’s the other type: the Northern snobs whose idea of the inner circle of hell must be much like Mississippi, judging by the way they turn their noses up at the thought. This group of people wholeheartedly believes that all Mississippians are fried chickeneating, slowtalking, mudriding rednecks without a hint of intellect. And while I know this may seem a bit over dramatized to say in 2014, believe me, this mentality is still alive and well. So when this g ro u p m a k e s t h i s assumption, they actually haven’t the slightest clue what my actual personality is like. If they ate dinner with me, they’d know the only meat I eat on a bone is ribs—growing up a stone’s throw from Memphis, not eating ribs would be a true sin. Anything relating to “mudding,” hunting or camping is far from an ideal activity for this Mississipian. But, yes, I do have a Southern accent and take a little more time to enunciate my words. You got me there. While this may seem like one disgruntled Mississippian’s use of an editor ’s note to rant, that’s not at all my intent. Kathryn Stockett, author of “The Help,” and Jackson, Mississippi native, recently gave a talk on our campus. Sure her talk was about the novel, its origins, reactions to it and so forth, but her overall message was about Mississippi. Her talk was the first time I’d heard someone from Mississippi who is as accomplished as Stockett address the persona many people have attributed to our home state. In one of her most poignant moments, Stockett said, “Mississippi is like my mother; I am allowed to talk about her. But God help the person who says something bad about her.” In this moment, Stockett revealed my exact sentiments about my state. I can talk about how obese we are, how uneducated our children are going to be if we continue on this path and how absolutely boring being from Mississippi is. But whenever I hear someone else, especially someone from a neighboring state like Alabama or Tennessee, talk about my Mississippi, I can feel my blood

pressure rise. I’ve always been aware that Mississippi is not my future, and have complained of how it should never have been my present or past, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint my exact love-hate feelings toward the state. After hearing Stockett, I realized that perhaps people place too much emphasis on where they’re from—try telling this to a Texan. Mississippi does not define me, just like it did not define Stockett. However, without Mississippi “The Help” would never have been told— neither would William Faulkner have written, Elvis Presley have sung or Jim Henson have entertained quite like they did. I’m learning that being from Mississippi may not be such a bad thing. And maybe one day, with a little luck, I’ll be speaking to a group of admiring readers, telling them just how my Delta Queen, Missisippi, shaped me.

LINDSEE GENTRY Phi Mu Editor-in-Chief

Lindsee is a senior studying journalism. You may contact her at



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BIG SISTER PROVES NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE The bond between a big and little is one of the strongest bonds a girl will have in her college days. Erica Sucher proved this at Dance Marathon on March 1 by shaving her head in honor of her little, Corbyn Wile, who was diagnosed with cancer. This was not the first time Wile has battled cancer. In high school she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer with a malignant tumor of muscles that attach themselves to the bones. She received treatment for two years at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. “I made many friends in the hospital who helped me though my journey,” Wile said. “They, along with my family,

were very helpful in keeping me in good spirits.” One friend, Morgan Hasty, a 10 year old who suffered from the same type of cancer as Wile, inspired Wile the most throughout her battle. “She has the determination of an adult,” said Wile. “She has shown me how to appreciate the little things and that life doesn’t end when you get bad news.” Sucher and Wile met this fall at the pledge retreat. “She claims she didn’t remember meeting me, but I remember we were doing ice breaker activities, and she said, ‘I heard some of y’all making comments about my short hair. I just wanted to let you all know it is because October will mark my one year of remission,’”



Michelle is a sophomore studying public relations and marketing. You may contact her at mkmanning@

Erica Sucher said. “I knew at that moment that Wile was a fighter.” “Erica Sucher and I met after she cornered me and started asking me questions about my previous battle with cancer and my Make-A-Wish trip,” Wile said. “I was so scared to talk to her because she was older and I had no idea who she was.” Now the two girls are very close. This semester Sucher has visited Wile in Enterprise, Ala. “Since she has gone home, we have actually been in better communication,” Sucher said.

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BIG SISTER PROVES NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE, CONT’D do not know where I will be next year, but I will not be able to have breaks and come home like we do in school right now. Lastly, my brother is a sophomore here, and I know that he will be partying it up when he finally turns 21 (which is completely understandable). He and I will be on completely different schedules, and I know he would rather want to be with friends and have a fun time than spend time with me on Spring Break in the future.

She even starting selling No One Fights Alone wristbands to her other sorority sisters to raise money for cancer research. After her second diagnosis, Wile bet Sucher that if Delta Zeta raised $10,000 for Dance Marathon, Sucher would have to shave her head. DZ was at the $8,000 mark at that point. Once Sucher told everyone the negotiation, the sorority increased fundraising. The end total from Team DZ was more than $21,000. “People have been so giving of their love and support for Wile, and, for that, I am so grateful for UADM,” Sucher said. “After this event, I do not deserve the title of being a hero or even being called brave,” Sucher said. “I simply got my head shaved, whereas Wile and the other children who get treatment from Children’s of AL are the true fighters.” The video of Sucher shaving her head has circulated all over the web, even to Total Sorority Move. “Corbyn Wile and I are both actually fairly shy people, so having so many people see the video was something we never expected,” said Sucher, who originally wanted to do it quietly just with Wile. “She texted me ‘Don’t be a baby. Do it at the event, for the kids,’” Sucher said. Do you want to help kids like Corbyn Wile who are battling cancer? UADM is over, but you can still help raise money for cancer through other groups, this

spring. Relay For Life takes place on April 25 at 8 p.m. in the Sam Bailey Track and Field Stadium. Whether you sign up as an individual or a team, this event supports the American Cancer Society.For seniors, Spring Break can be a bittersweet time. After Spring Break, we will only have one more month before we graduate. Some people are going on one last hoorah with friends, while others use Spring Break as a time to travel for job and internship interviews. I, on the other hand, decided to spend my time with my family by going on a trip out of the country. Don’t get me wrong, going to Panama City is a fun time, but after three years, it can get a little monotonous. This year, my family and I are going to St. Martin, an island in the Caribbean. There were several factors that went in to making my decision to go on a trip with my family. First, as most of you have realized by now, graduating in four years either requires coming into college with a lot of credits, or taking summer classes. I was not able to take classes in high school that counted toward college, so my only option was summer classes. Because I took so many summer classes, I was not able to enjoy my summer and go on a vacation like everyone else. Going to St. Martin will be the first time I have been on a vacation in three years. Second, this trip is probably one of the last times that I will be able to spend quality time with my family. I

Despite the fact that Spring Break means graduation is nearing, I am very excited. I have been to several islands before, but this time will be different. The resort where we are staying has on-site surfing and snorkeling, amongst other things. My brother and I are certified open water scuba divers, so this will be the first time that we will be able to dive without an instructor. If you have never been to the Caribbean, I highly suggest you go. The water is beautiful, and the weather is perfect. Getting certified to dive in the Caribbean is one of the most unique experiences you can have. Even snorkeling is awesome, because the fish and other sea creatures are so beautiful. Going to an island is such a relaxing experience. The people are great, and the drinking age is lower, so you can sit on the beach with a drink all day long without having a huge crowd around you like in Panama City. Going to Panama City Beach is fun, but having a relaxing vacation to get your mind off of school is exactly what a senior needs before going off into the real world.

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DEAR DATE PARTY DISASTERS, STAY AWAY Lauren Whitman (@ltwhitman) is a junior KD at Alabama struggling through her third year of undergrad. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix while eating a half-gallon of Moose Tracks ice cream and having life chats with her equally interesting best friends. As an avid animal-lover, she enjoys chasing stray cats around campus, trying to bring them home and failing miserably. Her sarcasm stems from her realistic view of life, along with a witty sense of humor passed down by her loving parents. What happens next in the life of Lauren Whitman? Keep reading for tales of her adventures through college and life as we know it.

I have experienced a number of instances where my date, or even I, royally screwed up my night. A variety of things can happen to negatively affect my overall night, such as: throwing up or my date throwing up (especially when it’s on someone else), my date head-butting another human, my date showing me unwanted affection (in the form of trying to make out with my face), and even when my date makes me pay for drinks all night at the venue. All of the above, and more, have happened to me and to many others throughout the history of date parties.

Date parties are one of the most cherished activities that come with being a member of a Greek organization. They have different themes, you can take different dates every time, and they usually end up being a successful night to remember. Being a junior, I have many date party success stories – parties where I took a really fun date, ones where I spent most of the time having fun with my friends and parties where I danced the whole time and was oblivious to anything else happening around me. However, for every good date party story there’s a bad one to go along with it and, believe me, I have some disastrous stories. So, here we go. Here’s a letter addressing all date party disasters I’ve succumbed to. Enjoy.

I always try to choose my date wisely. I know it may sound a little silly, but I don’t want to take a date who is too wild. I also don’t want to take one who will be a stick in the mud all freaking night.

Dear Date Party Disasters, You seem to happen to my friends and me quite frequently. Every date party, some sort of event occurs that makes the night chaotic. Obviously, if the disaster is not happening to you, it’s dramatic entertainment, but if it is happening to you, it’s a gargantuan pain in the rear.

Of course, there are some parties, like freshman year pledge formal, where I end up going through three, I repeat, three possible dates. The first one didn’t work out. The second one apparently didn’t find my looks up to his standards. The third boy was absolutely precious and ended up being a wonderful date. After choosing my date, I pick out an outfit depending on the theme and obtain the correct beverages for the evening. Obviously, I make it sound like it’s a grand freaking occasion, but it is not. When the day of the party arrives (usually a Thursday), I am super jazzed about it. I’m ready to get my par-tay on and dance with all my girlfrandz and all that good

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DEAR DATE PARTY DISASTERS, STAY AWAY, CONT’D stuff. The pregame begins at someone’s house and blah, blah, blah – you know the drill. Commence, possible disasters. Here it comes. All the possible catastrophic scenarios go through my head, at this point, because I’ve already had so many uh-oh’s happen during the past three years. Where to begin, honestly? Freshman year: the year of gaining experience and learning your limits. What a grand time. Pledge formal is the first one. I didn’t know my limits, that night, when it came to beverages. At the next party, my date didn’t make it past the pre-game, but who hasn’t had an incident like that? Okay, so we continue. Of course, there was a Grab-A-Date party where we heard ABC showed up, so we decided not to attend. #ThanksABC. I’m leaving certain scenarios and details out of the mix, of course, in order to maintain some level of respect. Sophomore year: the “yay I’m older than the freshmen and therefore so freaking cool” stage (but you’re really not that cool). Certain annual date parties ended up being

greek life traditions

DEAR DATE PARTY DISASTERS, STAY AWAY, CONT’D somewhat cursed for yo gurl.


At one of our spring parties, I got a little sleepy on the bus ride home. Luckily, I had a very sweet date who piggy-backed me to my house that night.

I’m not giving up on this year or next year. Even though I’ve Kappa Delta had some unfortunate Lauren is a junior studying public incidents, I’ve had many relations. You may reach her at more fortunate ones. I went on formal in New Orleans with a good friend and had a blast in one of the greatest cities in existence. I went to a party, recently, where I thought I wouldn’t know anyone and feared awkwardness, but it turned into such a fun time. Best of all, I’ve been to parties where I’ve had a perfect time with my best friends.

This article may sound overwhelmingly negative, but for real, shout out to the awesome dates out there (guys and girls) who rock at taking care of their dates, if need be. Because, admit it – we all have a rough party night every once in a while and need a little assistance.

I have hope that, for the next year and a half, I will have lots of fun and little disaster. Instead of having absurdly high expectations, worrying about keeping up with my date and worrying about everything that could go wrong, I’m going to have fun and take it as it comes.

This time, my date got kicked out of the bar for trying to get into a fight, ran away for a couple hours and then ended the night in an angered confrontation with yours truly. At the next party I decided it would be a good idea to become emotional about the epic failure of the previous date party, in turn, ruining my night all by myself. The next semester, I went to a certain party. It was bad, really bad. My date almost couldn’t pay for dinner and really liked the whole public display of affection thing. Guess what? I wasn’t a fan of PDA or affection, for that matter. Thankfully, I did make a new friend at that party (you know who you are, home gurl).

Junior year: the hardest year of my life. Man, this year is freaking hard when it comes to schoolwork. I barely ever go out, so date parties are extremely exciting occurrences for me. This year I’ve had a clingy date, an over-affectionate date and even a date who decided he would be better off leaving the party with someone else.


Bring it on, Disaster. Sincerely and forever yours, Lauren Whitman

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DEBUNKED The University of Alabama has its fair share of accolades to celebrate. Parking on campus is a complete and total joke. This article was written to discuss these issues in a friendly and comical way. We are home to the largest Greek system in the United States, the number one football program in the country, the Crimson Tide, and a boisterous and thriving educational system. We like being number one and we’re pretty good at it. Being number one is not always as great as it may sound. For instance, being the number one most hated people on campus is not something to strive for. Who might these most hated people be? The fine members of UA parking services. I’ve got to hand it to these guys though, they really are dedicated to what they do. It’s no secret that the parking situation here at the University of Alabama is a complete joke. In fact, I’ll even go on record calling it a total and complete scam. No matter how hard you may try and how many times you may have to drive around, on many occasions it is physically impossible to find a parking spot in your correct color coded zone. God forbid if you can’t find a spot in your designated zone and are forced to park somewhere else, because 9 out of 10 times you will get ticketed and you’re not going to be happy about it. Here is the typical scenario for many students on our campus. 5:34 p.m. After a delectable dinner of country fried steak at the fraternity house, a random freshman – we’ll call him John – heads back to his dorm. After 10 minutes of circling around Lakeside East, he begins to get frustrated due to the lack of parking behind his dorm. 5:45 p.m. John continues to circle around his designated parking zone, the yellow lot. He begins losing faith in humanity and heads over to Riverside West to, hopefully, find a spot. 5:50 p.m. Finally, John manages to find the only open parking space left in the lot. Even though he is now parked in the green lot, he doesn’t worry because in about an hour he will be heading back to his car. Just to be safe, however, John puts an old ticket on his windshield that he received a few weeks prior in hopes of deceiving the notoriously strict UA parking ticket people. 7 p.m. John heads back to his car with a few friends to be on his way for the night. When he approaches his car, he notices not one, but two additional parking citations plastered to his vehicle; one is a $50 ticket for parking in the incorrect lot, the other is for trying to pull a fast one on UA Transportation Services. John’s promising night just got a big FU slapped on his face. Why is it that all hell seems to break loose if you happen to park in a lot in which you are not registered? This problem seems to be most prevalent when parking at the Rec Center. Maybe my logic is all wrong here, but how does it seem fair that you need to buy a Rec parking lot pass if you already are registered to park in another lot? If someone already has a parking pass in one of the various lots around campus, buying a totally separate pass in order to work out seems completely unreasonable and unwarranted to me.

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UA PARKING & TRANSPORTATION SERVICES DEBUNKED, CONT’D The good people at the University of Alabama, perhaps unbeknownst to them, are preventing college-aged women from attaining a much sought after thigh gap. In fact, we are essentially discriminating against a sector of the population for wanting to be fit and healthy. And we all know how much Alabama tries to steer clear of discriminatory allegations, am I right? On a serious note, there are some solutions to help fix the rampant problem of ticketing. First and foremost, build some more parking garages and lots for students to park in. This option is definitely the most

costly of the suggested solutions, but let’s face it, it needs to be done. The population of our university is continuing to grow year by year and, like most freshmen, they’re also bringing their cars with t h e m . M o re s t u d e n t s means less parking for the rest of us. S e c o n d l y, l o w e r the price to purchase a parking decal. It’s unreasonable to charge $200 or more for a parking permit and most students aren’t going to pay that kind of money to park. It’s not like the university really needs the money. Thirdly, it’s absolutely absurd to ticket

people in the Rec parking lot for not having the correct parking decal. No one in their right mind is going to buy residential or commuter lot parking pass and then buy a separate pass just so they can work out. Any parking decal should be acceptable in the Rec parking lot, plain and simple. And lastly, quit charging students $50 per parking violation. Who do you think is actually paying that bill? That $50 goes straight to our student bills and, for many of us, our parents are fronting the bill. A more rational charge per parking ticket is $25, no matter how many violations you may rack up.


Bradley is a junior studying public relations. You may contact him at

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PENDING MARIJUANA LAWS LOOSEN UP THE BIBLE BELT Georgia House passes a new bill to the Senate, legalizing medical marijuana. This new law passed in the Georgia House could be a major milestone in the medical feild When you think about states such as Colorado and Washington, along with 18 other states, one word comes to mind: medical marijuana. This seems like something that wouldn’t even be considered in the Bible Belt. Due to the recent bill that was passed by the Georgia House, we might see this Southern stereotype eradicated. In 2000, Colorado passed Amendment 20, which legalized a limited amount of medical marijuana that could be in the possession of patients and their primary caregivers. In order to have possession of marijuana, the patient must be issued a Medical Marijuana Registry Card. The patient’s primary caregiver may also have possession if they are identified on the patient’s card. If you have this card, it is legal for you to possess no more than two ounces of marijuana and no more than six marijuana plants, with no more than three being mature. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, since the registry began operation in June 2001 there have been 244,508 new patient applications received,

with 110,979 of these people currently possessing valid registry identification cards. You can only receive a registry ID card if you are a resident of Colorado and are receiving treatment for a qualifying medical condition such as cancer, glaucoma or severe pain. Jan. 1 marks a major historical moment in the United States: the first store offering recreational marijuana sales opened in Colorado, the first state in the nation to allow retail marijuana shops, with Washington not far behind. Out of the approximately 30 stores to sell weed, 18 of them are in Denver. Although the new law is state wide, communities can decide whether or not they will allow the shops. Just like with alcohol, you must be over the age of 21 to purchase. Also, you are limited to buying only one ounce if you are a Colorado resident and a quarter-ounce if you are from out of state. In Nov. 1998, Washington adopted a law legalizing the use and possession of cannabis for patients with a medical need. A patient cannot obtain over 24 ounces or more than 15 plants at one time. On March 5, Washington became the second state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. On March 3, the Georgia House passed a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in order to help treat certain seizure

KARA GREENE Alpha Delta Pi

Kara is a junior studying public relations. You may contact her at disorders. The bill was passed with an impressive 171-4 vote and is now on it’s way to the Senate. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the sponsor of House Bill 885, Republican Allen Peake said, “It’s an important step toward saving the lives of children who can suffer 10 or more seizures a day.” Unlike states that allow recreational marijuana use, Georgia is not considering this. The only conditions approved for treatment are seizure disorders, glaucoma and nausea stemming from cancer radiation and chemotherapy. If the bill is passed in the Senate, the Georgia Composite Medical Board will only distribute marijuana derivatives in pill or oil form. This is a huge step for the conservative South and a milestone in the medical field.

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DOS AND DON’TS FOR A PERFECT RESUME Building a strong resume is key in today’s job search. For any college student, it is pertinent that you showcase your greatest achievements and relative skills to lock-in the hire. You are almost done formatting your resume. You have listed the cumulative GPA you worked so hard to maintain, and by working hard I mean you may or may not have boosted it a whole point on your computer. It happens. Making sure to cover all areas, you also listed all of the awards you have racked up over the years. Including two, three or four awards from high school never really hurt anyone. Like the long-lost Akon once said, “still counts.” Now that you have covered the basics of the resume and what to include, here are a couple of ideas of what not to include. Use at your own discretion. Let’s say that you are a super observant person and you take time to appreciate the simple things. Listing that you can recite each track on all of your favorite singer’s albums in chronological order, may not be your golden

Make room for your new Spring Break wardrobe! Bring your old clothes to Platos Closet and earn some extra cash to use on your trip

Another fun fact you might want to leave off your resume is that you hold the record for longest keg stands in your pledge class. Although this is a great and respected feat, future employers may be looking for another type of endurance. You might say that you are a dedicated worker who can work beyond a nine to five day. One could also assume that it’s best to leave off anything about your fashion-sense. Listing professional experience as “skilled at making any shacker clothes work for my 8 a.m. class,” probably won’t land you the gig. You might want to take the “I’m a creative person who loves to challenge myself” route, instead. This next one may kill some of you inside, but I’m sure you’ll manage. It is never, under any circumstances, okay to list pomping as a professional skill. It does not matter if you can pomp a life-sized image of Judy Bonner in her white house; it is never to be listed. Although pomping is a well respected art on the row, future employers will not be impressed. Noting that you work well in groups by being a team player or leader should do the trick.

WE buy all seasons, all year round, all day, everyday

Our Most Wanted items for winter are: • GIRLS - long sleeves, dark wash skinny denims, shorts, tank tops, short sleeve shirts, athletic wear/athleticshoes • GUYS - All seasons, all the time, especially jeans, athletic wear/athletic shoes

ticket for a job offer. Instead, why not list that you are a detail-oriented person who works well under deadline.

2300 McFarland Blvd E Ste 13 Tuscaloosa, AL 205.342.0799 Insta


Chanse is a senior studying public relations. You may contact him at And finally, never list anything about your skilled smooth-talking. Telling a potential boss about that one time sophomore year you and all of your best friends talked your way out of a night in the pink room, probably is not the best conversation starter. Your potential employer probably wants to hear that you have strong written and verbal communication skills. With summer approaching, it is vital that you have the most impressive resume to snatch those internships and jobs. By following these simple examples you are sure to land your desired nine to five, unless you’re planning on becoming a bartender in Tuscaloosa.

14 Lookbook fashion OSCARS IN YOUR EVERYDAY STYLE Award season is the time of the year when we all sit together and watch the celebs walk the red carpet of the Grammy’s, Golden Globes and, most recently, the Oscars. We sit with our friends talking about which dress is our favorite and the dresses we think should have stayed home. Then we patiently wait to see the best-dressed list and become puzzled by the worst dressed. We wonder, “How can I take the beautiful dress, look or full-on spotless appearance of celebs and work them into my everyday looks?” We all want to rock the light blue Prada dress Lupita Nyong’o wore at the Oscars or that strapless red Dior Couture dress and backwards necklace Jennifer Lawrence wore. We cannot just pull out a full-length, pale blue, low deep V in the front, Prada dress on a daily basis, though we might want to. There are, however, ways to recreate the Oscars look while also adding some daily sparkle in our outfit. To add that beautiful pale blue of Lupita’s Prada dress to your closet, go find that color in a pair of pants. Either light washed jeans or a true pale blue pant, paired with a light flowy top, makes you ready for spring. The simplest way to add this color or any color worn on the red carpet into your wardrobe is by finding it in a summer dress. Those beautiful colors will be in stores soon enough in flattering silhouettes for spring.

A color is very easy to add into anyone’s wardrobe. The biggest problem will be limiting yourself to just a few. Learn to mix and match the colors we saw. Go for a shimmer top, like the top of Emma Watson’s dress, and pair it with those light blue pants and you have a nighttime spring outfit. Sparkle and glam are big wow factors on the red carpet. Beautiful gems are the best accessories to those designer dresses. Though we might not break the bank with our glitz and glam, we can totally rock it on a day-to-day basis. The best way is with some sparkle earrings. They’re easy to add to any outfit and, if you’re not a big accessory wearer, these are no mess, no fuss. The best places to look is Charming Charlie’s, Target, Forever 21 or any cute boutique. Other ways to add sparkle are with a statement necklace or even a simple dainty necklace, by itself or layered. The last aspect of the Oscars is the makeup. We want to achieve the glow and simple beauty that the actresses had on the Oscars red carpet. To achieve this look one needs to learn how to highlight and contour the face. If you have paler skin, go for a pearly or light pink highlighter. For deeper skin, go for a warm golden bronzer and make sure to apply it where the sun will hit on top of the cheeks and down the bridge of the nose.


Alpha Omicron Pi Brooke is a senior studying marketing. You may contact her at Next is learning how to contour. Contouring is enhancing the shadows on your face, so, stay away from brown-orange bronzers and look for a grayish color to make a shadow. Apply it with a small contour brush in the hollow of your cheeks, and the highlights will give you a star like look day-to-day. Lastly, makeup artists to the stars seem to apply a nude or red lipstick that looks amazing with their skin tone and dress. This can be tricky, mainly because we are not makeup artists, and we don’t have many colors we can just pull out of a kit or know which color is just right. Experimenting or asking for help at the counter is one of the best ways to find that perfect nude and the perfect red. The best ways to add an Oscar look to your everyday fashion is to wear the colors seen on the red carpet, add some daily sparkle to your outfit, learn how to contour and pick the best red or nude lip combo for your skin tone.

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You finally arrive at your spring break destination after weeks of anticipation and as you’re filling up your beach bag, it begins to downpour. Or maybe the sun is shining and your first day at the pool, you get a killer sunburn. Things don’t always go the way we expect and when your spring break takes a turn for the worse, you need to be prepared. The rain and cold can ruin any spring break, especially trips to the beach. Although you may not be able to get a tan, you can still find things to do that won’t bore you to death. Make sure to pack a deck of cards and a good movie selection. Play poker, ring of fire or any other card game that’s competitive to keep the trip from getting dull. A good movie can help pass a couple hours of time.

If you have great weather, but soak up the sun a bit too much, that sunburn may inhibit the rest of your spring break fun. When I was younger, my mom taught me the best sunburn remedy I’ve found to date. Brew tea in a pot on the stove, using about five tea bags, and make it strong. Let it cool to room temperature – stick it in the fridge to speed up the process. Using a towel you don’t care about (tea stains), soak it in the room temperature tea and then lay it across any sunburned skin. Leave it there for 20 minutes or longer so your skin can absorb the tea. Be careful not to do this on carpet or anything that will stain and try to use this method as soon as you can after getting sunburn. The next day, your burn will be exponentially better. Just load up on sunscreen and you should be ready for another day in the sun! One of the worst things that could happen on vacation is getting sick. Whether it’s a cold or allergies, the stomach bug or something else, it’s going to put a damper on your trip. If you’re going someplace where medicine may not be available, pack any medication you may need. Take your allergy medicine, Pepto Bismol, Tylenol and anything else to help with possible symptoms of illness. If you feel a cold coming on, start taking a lot of Vitamin C and drinking water and orange juice or Emergen-C, if you have it. If you come down with a stomach virus – or something else causes you to vomit uncontrollably – drink lots of fluids, including water, juice and ginger ale. Stick to eating basic foods like crackers and bread until you’re feeling better. Finally, keep Pedialyte handy for those mornings the hangover won’t quit nagging at you. You need to rehydrate, which can be cured with Pedialyte or Gatorade. Keep drinking water and you will be ready for round two within a couple of hours.


Kappa Alpha Theta

Meredeth is a senior studying human development and family studies. You may contact her at

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BOOKS TO READ ON SPRING BREAK On vacations, a lot of people like to catch up on their

reading and see what all the hype is about surrounding the bestsellers.

I read as much as I can, considering I’m a busy college

student, but I love using my vacation time to read all the

stuff I haven’t quite gotten around to. Sitting by the water reading a good book is one of my favorite ways to pass

the time when my friends are actually being productive. If you haven’t decided what you want to read, yet, I’ve

compiled a list to help.

Paper Towns by John Green I’m sure you and the rest of the world have heard

of The Fault in Our Stars, but I wouldn’t recommend reading that one unless you don’t mind crying in public.

Paper Towns is an amazing story about a teenage boy, named Quentin, on the verge of graduating high school and the adventures he embarks on because of a very

interesting girl. Since we all graduated high school

500 words on entertainment


BOOKS TO READ ON SPRING BREAK, CONT’D relatively recently,or are about to graduate college, I

think we can all relate to Q and what he’s going through.

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant) This is a beautifully written future dystopian series

with two fierce lead characters, Tris and Four. The society

is split into factions and Tris leaves her own faction (Abnegation, which values selflessness) to join Dauntless (which values bravery). This leads to discoveries about herself and her society that I never saw coming.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Great, if you don’t mind something a little more heavy.

Don’t let the high page count and dark cover put you off. The book follows a young girl living in Germany on the cusp of WWII. It’s the history you’ve heard, told

through the eyes of a child. Death is a part-time narrator, observing the great destructiveness of mankind and the progression of the girl’s life.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon This book is massive, but it’s one of the most compelling

stories I’ve read in a very long time. An English WWII nurse, on a second honeymoon to reconnect with her

husband after the war, finds herself transported back in

time to the Scottish Highlands of 1743. As you can expect, things get interesting. It’s a wonderful blend of action, intrigue, history, magic and romance.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin This is one of my favorite books. Coming from a

girl whose read hundreds of them, I hope that means something. The first line, “My name is not Mara Dyer,”

had me hooked and I couldn’t stop until I was done. It’s a bit darker than the usual beach read, with just

enough thrill. The book follows Mara, whose friends and boyfriend all died in a building that collapsed on them and left her mysteriously unharmed.


Madalyn is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at maatherton@crimson.

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen This is my absolute favorite Sarah Dessen book and

the closest thing on this list to a beach read. None of the rest even come close. The book follows a girl whose mom

is a romance author, but has been through about eight

divorces and left her daughter completely despising the

idea of love. She’s had so many boyfriends she can’t remember them all because she breaks up with them as soon as they get to comfortable. Then she meets Dexter,

who’s a total goofball in the cutest way and, grudgingly, she starts to change her mind.


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Twenty-first birthdays are always guaranteed to be a great time. For some of us, our friends are finally joining us on the “old” side of the social scene. For others, it is a painful reminder of how close they are to the golden age. What, ultimately, ruins these celebrations are those large poster board signs that girls make for each other. I think I speak for almost every guy when I say this: you look stupid. First things first. You have a piece of paper tied around your neck. Whoever decided that this was a cool idea needs a swift punch to the face. As soon as you walk into any establishment sporting one of those signs, you and all of your loud friends draw all the attention. This is incredibly annoying to everyone around you. We

Lambda Chi Alpha

Samuel is a junior studying finance. You may contact him at sfcarden@ all know that we are going to be bombarded by various intoxicated and loud, women trying to get us to sign or cross-off one of the tasks listed on the checklist. No one cares that it’s your birthday. No one wants to have their vibes murdered by a gaggle of loud people. Call me old fashioned, but a twenty-first birthday should only call for a steady stream of free drinks for the birthday boy or girl, enjoyed with a group of close friends. No one ever finishes the checklist. Half of it is ridiculous things that no one in their right mind would do, sober or intoxicated. None of the of the ideas are original. If you are a girl who is reading this, I can guarantee that the following were on your sign: dance on the bar, take a body shot, get 21 kisses, and #21

is blackout – probably underlined, in caps, with at least four to seven exclamation points. Do something original. We have all been bothered enough times by enough of you to last for the rest of the University’s existence. Here are some solutions. Make a shot book. I don’t have to see it, so I’m going to be happy. You can fill it with different meaningful situations, inside jokes, and embarrassing pictures of your friend that would be a better alternative. Another option is to do a bar crawl, starting from the places you went to freshman year to the places that you go to now. You could also not do anything, whatsoever. Just take them out, get them free drinks and treat them to their favorite late night eatery. It’s simple, classic and they are most likely not going to remember much of their night, anyway.


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500 words on entertainment

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