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s an image consultant, I help my clients define and/or refine their image to create a personal brand for themselves. A personal brand sends a message to everyone you encounter — it is your appearance that creates an impression on others. You send a message to each person that sees you. The question is: Do you know what message you are sending? When you control your brand, you are controlling what you want others to think and feel about you. Think of entertainers who change their visual images (personal brand) to transform themselves to reach new audiences. Remember when Trey Songz and Bow Wow sported cornrows when they first came on the scene? They both dropped the braids for a cleaner-cut look to appeal to a broader audience. How about Rihanna’s fashion transformation from sweet island girl to fashion-forward pop star? She changed her music and the world’s perception of her girl-next-door persona so

she could rock it out. Personal branding is not only about your look, but also about your behavior and associates, your knowledge of etiquette and grooming, and your overall personality. A personal brand is your total package. In my seminars, I teach attendees how to “Set the S.TA.G.E.” for their personal brands to appear. This includes honing your skills in the following areas: Socializing/Speaking: Get the courage to speak up, speak clearly and meet new people to get what you want. Tapping into your personal brand: By finding your signature look, you will feel better about yourself and more confident, which will attract more people to you. Appearance/Image: If you want to feel more like a successful professional, try donning business suits/ separates. If you want to feel and appear sexier, try wearing a slightly higher heel (your inner vamp will love it! Grooming: For example, keep your hair and nails groomed. The neater, the better.

CELENA GILL Celena Gill is a Washington, D.C.-based professional image, beauty and lifestyle consultant who is the editor in chief of Strictly Fab, Follow her Beauty Basics blog at

Eti­­quette: If your behavior is as impeccable as your image, you can only make a fantastic impression on all who see and meet you. Remember, when people see or meet you for the first time, you are what you look like. So, what are they saying about you?// MYJET247.COM 49

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