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Pathway School to University Studies in Spain

WHY STUDY AT CELEI? > CELEI offers a high-qualitly curriculum and flexible study pathway for university studies in Spain. > CELEI is recognized as a pathway college by Spanish universities and can guarantee a place at a Spain university based on a conditional acceptance offer, subject to approval. > Through CELEI students can obtain part time work permit. > CELEI has been awarded with the European Quality Certification ISO 9001 and has been accredited to teach Spanish by the “Instituto Cervantes�. > Granada is a university city with quality of life and personal safety where the visitor inmediately feels at home.


CONTENTS About CELEI 1 Celei the Pathway School to Spanish Universities. 2 The city of Granada 3 Program Site 4 Your Accomodation in Granada/Celei Services

Pathway Programmes 5 Pathway Program to Spanish Universities/

Celei, the Pathway School to University Studies in Granada, Spain, is a leader in international education with more than 30 years of experience, designing and implementing University, High School, Study Abroad programs, and Foundation Courses to enter Spanish Universities. Our institutional philosophy encompasses a strong commitment to our participants, developing their intercultural awareness and understanding, promoting experiential learning, and enhancing their ability to function effectively in an intercultural environment. We have our own team of qualified education designers, experts in intercultural communication and Language teachers. CELEI in association with the University of Granada and other Higher Education Institutions provides university courses and seminars in a wide range of subjects.

Preparing for Master Degree Studies.

Learning through Experence Cycle

6 Graduate Expert Diploma/ Pathway Program to Spanish Training Centers.

Application 7 Application Procedure. 8 Contact us.



Population of Granada 250-350,000 Currency Euro (EUR,â‚Ź) Time zone CET(UTC+1) Granada is a university city, rich in culture and history, regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Amongst its many cultural gems it boasts the beautiful Alhambra and Generalife palaces (both UNESCO World Heritage sites) and a wealth of other monuments such as the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel. Granada is known for its maze of narrow winding streets, so characteristic of the traditional neighborhoods of the AlbaicĂ­n and Sacromonte that take visitors deep into the history of the city.

Granada is without a doubt your best choice of location to study abroad if you want to live an unforgettable experience. The city enjoys a uniquely privileged position, being situated between the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Together, Granada and its University, offer limitless possibilities for leisure, tourism, culture and sport. The people of this safe, welcoming city make foreign students instantly feel at home.


-Summer (DST) CEST(UTC+2) Calling code +34(Spain) Electricity 220-240VOLTS

PROGRAM SITES 1-SCHOOL CELEI is located in a “Carmen”, a traditional house with garden, and is surrounded by the 11th century Zirid wall in the Albayzín. This neighborhood, retains the narrow winding streets of its medieval Moorish past. It was declared a World Heritage site in 1984, along with its famous Alhambra Palace.

2-UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA The Universisty of Granada has over 60.000 students. Currently offers 75 degree qualifications in its 28 centres. The Post-Graduate School offers 68 Master Programs,116 Doctorates and 113 complementary courses. There are 2 University Campuses in Granada, as well as, “Campus Centro” whick encompasses all the different faculties and centres spread out over the historical part of the city. The University´s policy of recovering, maintaining and restoring buidings with historical and cultual importance has helped enriching its heritage. In connection with the defence of traditional elements, the new Technological Health Science Park is a real investment in innovation. Still in development, it helps interaction with technology–based, health and biological businesses and boosts biomedical knowledge and the quality of healthcare.




As part of the academic program, students live, during four months, with carefully selected working or middle class families. The homestay experience provides students an exceptional opportunity to immerse into the Spanish daily life and culture. Homestay includes full room and board, with laundry service, single room, personal key (to be returned upon departure) and bed sheets and towels.

After the fourth-month program homestay, students can choose to continue living with their families or arrange their own living accommodation .

CELEI SERVICES 1-VISA INFORMATION Upon your registration in one of our programs, CELEI will guide you through the different steps that are required by consular officers in your country. We will provide you with the papers and documents needed by the embassy to issue your student visa.

3-OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT CELEI will help you to open a bank account if you remain in Granada for an academic year.

2-ORIENTATION Intercultural orientation will be offered to students during the first weeks of their program; discussing Spanish values, norms and behaviors; learning about customs and traditions and contrasting Spanish culture with that of students’ countries.

5-INTERNET ACCESS Free internet access is available at CELEI during office hours.


4-AIRPORT PICK UP Transportation will be arranged from the airport in Granada to the homestay address.

6-CURLTURAL ACTIVITIES AND FIELD TRIPS. Are offered regularly by CELEI. Student can join at reasonable cost.



The CELEI Pathway Program to Spanish Universities for international students offers university foundation courses that allow students to meet the language and content requeriments to pass university entrance exam; providing students with the learning skills and academic competences needed to succeed in a Spa nis h un iv er s it y a nd wor k enviroment.

This program is aimed to students who are willing to continue with further studies in Spanish Universities. The program prepares students linguistically and academically to further attain a Master Degree at Spanish Universities.

• One Year Program • Language level achieved: B2 • 400 hours of Intensive Spanish,

• • • •

including a Community Language project

• 200 hours Foundation course on required content for University Acceptance Exam.

• 60 hours of Community Research

One Year Program Language level achieved: B2 360 hours of Intensive Spanish 40 hours of Spanish Society and Social Change Seminar.

• 220 hours of Community Service and Project.

• Support in processing application for Master Degree entrance.


• Support in processing application for Spanish University entrance.


GRADUATE EXPERT DIPLOMA Business,Hospitality, Teaching & Nursing.

These programs contribute to the improvement of higher education in Asia, focusing on several areas of work such as: business, tourism, health and teaching. For each of these areas we have developed an “Expert Programme” that encompasses four parts: Spanish Language and Culture, Expert Seminars ,Practicum and Final Project Report .

• • • • •

One Year Program. Language level achieved: B2 360 hours of Intensive Spanish. 100 hours of Expert Seminar. 3 month Practicum in a Spanish Institution.

• Final Project Report.


This year program is aimed for students who choose to continue higher education in Spanish Training Centres (two year degree). The program allows students to achive the language and content requeriments to pass training center entrance exam, providing them with the learning skills and academic competences needed to succeed in a specific field of work study program.

• One Year Program • Language level achieved: B2 • 400 hours of Intensive Spanish, including Community Language project

• 200 hours of Foundation course on required content for Training Center Acceptance Exam.

• 60 hours of Community Service. • Support in processing application for Spanish Training Centres . 6

APPLICATION PROCEDURE 1-CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAMME You choose the programme you are interested in. For any questions in regards to which programme is the best fit for you please contact the agent in your country. 2-APPLICATION Fill in the application form and send it to the CELEI´s agent in your country and deposit the application fee. 3-APPROVAL BY CELEI You will received a conditional acceptance letter, allow with the terms of conditions. 4-ACCEPTANCE. Send the signed copy of the acceptance letter and therms of conditions allow with proof of program fee payment and a copy of the documents to be submited for visa. Contact our international office to consult for the time being taken by the visa issuance. 5-VISA CERTIFICATE. Celei will send to student and embassy visa letter and accommodation certifícate. 6-YOUR ARRIVAL IN GRANADA. Please inform CELEI your exact arrival details at least 2 weeks in advance¡ CELEI will arrange an airport or railway station pick up in Granada.



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Please contact with your Official Representative or address : for further information.


CELEI-INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION CENTER OF LANGUAGES Callej贸n San Cecilio 13, 18010 Granada, SPAIN +34-958 295 954


Celei pathway school in granada spain  
Celei pathway school in granada spain  

Celei is launching a number of programs to contribute to undergraduate and graduate education. It is a great opportunity to study in a Europ...