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CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

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CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |



ihanna’s STAR STYLE



KIM & Winter






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his is our 6 edition of Celeb Styles magazine and we love chatting to stylists and sharing their creative ideas with our readers. In this edition we have interviewed some very interesting people, the first one being Maor Zabar who is a talented designer. His uniqueness brings joy to people’s lives by creating handmade hats. But these hats aren’t like your average hat, they are bright and colourful and what makes them so different is that they are individually created for what their clients want. Turn to pages 10 to 15 to see his creations; my favourite would have to be the hat with the picnic spread on page 11. Your matric dance and wedding day are two days that will stay with you forever. In this issue we feature beautiful hairstyles and vintage hair accessories on pages 16 to 19 then on pages 20 to 27 some fabulous matric or wedding hairstyles. Before your special day, make sure you go for a trial run with your hair as you don’t want to be disappointed on your big day. th

Celeb Styles is a magazine for all stylists and salons to get involved. If you need to share something with our readers, drop us a mail and let us know. Anything to do with hair, beauty, fashion and health to new products on the market or a new hair style you did. We at Celeb Styles look forward to receiving your mail. Until next time!


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| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


‘Be your own kind of beautiful’ 6

CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |


PABI By Vanessa Papas

She’s known for her edgy style — rocking uber short cuts, funky red heels and bold accessories — so it’s no wonder we were surprised to hear this modern day icon draws her style inspiration from an era long gone.

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


‘I am human and we’re designed to evolve’


er voice may be more decadent than a tower of Nutella Crepes but it's the woman behind the voice that's made Pabi Maloi one of the most influential radio and television personalities in South Africa. Since knee-high Pabi has loved the world of broadcasting, having been introduced to television at the tender age of three and radio a decade later. Currently presenting her own show on Power 97.7, The Power Fix (every Friday and Saturday between 18h00 and 21h00) fits Pabi like a glove. Just like her, the show is nostalgic, modern, relaxed and light- hearted. Pabi's quirky celebrity interviews, scoop on pop culture and, of course, wicked play list is racking up listeners faster than one could scoff down Crepes! In between her hectic schedule, we managed to pin the bubbly Pabi down and get this radio presenter, broadcaster, actor, singer, and philanthropist's personal take on hair, beauty and life off the air waves. How did you get into radio? I made my first radio demo as a 13-yearold, in my mother's house with my friend Tshepi. We were obsessed with the boy band 3T and pretty much dedicated the entire demo to stories about them and played only their songs. The experience


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

of being on the radio is ever evolving and it keeps me on my toes with every show. I love it! In addition to radio and TV, you're also a singer. Music has always been a passion of mine. I studied music at Allenby Campus under the tutorledge of, amongst others, award-winning vocalist, songwriter, composer and producer RJ Benjamin. I was a part of the house music troupe The Sonic Divas from 2000 to 2003. I have sung on stage before Nelson Mandela, at Gay Pride March and numerous corporate events. I heard you're very involved with a charity called The Kgaketsa Foundation. Tell us a bit about it. I have always believed that to unearth opportunities for children is what matters the most. Opportunity gives hope. The word Kgaketsa is a Southern Sotho word that translates to 'uphold and support'. The Kgaketsa Foundation was created in 2009 with a dream to empower young people in South Africa through events and expos. Guests are introduced to individuals and mentors with the view to expand knowledge, network and solidify a winning attitude. Presenting Yourself to life — a high school career expo — and Dressed for Success — highlighting work

readiness and personal development — were launched in 2012. How do you define 'true' beauty? I believe beauty resonates from the inside out. Good health, emotional wellness, and a knowledge of how to enhance what Mother Nature has given you — that's beautiful. Who would you say is your style icon and why? Without a doubt, my grandmother. Her style heyday was in the 1940s and '50s so the silhouette was nipped waists, pill box hats and impeccable tailoring. My granny has the ability to wear pretty much anything and make it look like a million bucks! Scarves and gloves and hats and stockings — you name it, she wears them beautifully. You always look polished. Your top beauty secrets? You’ve heard it a million times but drink water all day, every day! Sunscreen is a must. I am currently using Avon's Anew Clinical Skinvincible multi-shield lotion broad spectrum SPF 50. It moisturises and shields skin from environmental damage. When it comes to make-up I believe less is more. A sweep of a bronzing blush and a swig of lip gloss are sometimes more dramatic than a full face of plastered, heavy make-up. Your

‘Going bald was liberating’

eyes are really the window to your soul so accentuate them. I'm obsessed with mascara and always wear eyeliner and a brow liner. Above all, I'd say the best advice I can give readers is to enjoy what you have. Be your own kind of beautiful. Make the most of your features. I have learned to enjoy my big eyes and cheekbones and when I apply make-up those are the two areas I focus on and highlight. What's your hair routine? I don’t have luxurious hair so I play with different options, switching from weaves to braids. In between styles, I give my hair a few weeks to recover. I just tie up my natural hair, moisturising it every two days, and avoid excessive heat to keep it healthy. What is the craziest hairstyle you’ve ever tried? I know you've been even shorter than Natalie Portman went for her role in V For Vendetta and pulled off the 'clean' look beautifully. What haven't I tried? I’ve had blue hair and blonde hair, which does not naturally grow out of a black woman’s head! I was clean shaven for several years, which I loved! Having no hair made me feel absolutely liberated every day. Some may have thought I was crazy but

it's one of my favourite 'styles'! Biggest hair and beauty splurge? When it comes to my hair, I only buy high grade, quality weaves, that look and feel like natural hair and that don't damage your natural hair. I like weaves that are shiny and tangle free. I use good quality shampoos (I like products with Tea Tree oil in them). My biggest splurge is my facial treatments and I often have microdermabrasion, where tiny crystals are sprayed onto the skin to gently remove the outer layer of your skin. It is basically an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves skin looking softer and brighter. It can be costly though but it has changed my skin for the better so for me the cost is worth it. Signature fragrance? I am a fragrance addict and don't stick to just one fragrance. From high end, Indian oils to the range of Avon fragrances I represent, I wear them all. Favourite fashion designers? I love Stitch & Steel. All their dresses are handmade and they design everything from wedding dresses to party dresses, day wear to evening wear. Another favourite of mine is Machere who are known for funky fashion with an African flair (Tsonga and African

Java prints) , and Loin Cloth & Ashes. They make dresses and skirts that are inspired by art, music, colour, shape and Africa. I adore couture and love fashion and dressing up. I feel most in control when I’m very dressed up. I really like the idea of a ‘casual cool’ look though and I am experimenting with denim and white. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez seem to capture the essence of 'cool in casual wear' effortlessly. I even have a dedicated board on my Pinterest to their style! I am not the type of woman who can wear the 'tracksuit pants and sneakers look' that's popular right now. It's just not for me. Five things you can’t live without? Moisturiser, a water bottle, manicured nails, my phone to text and call the people I love and lip balm. You have a huge fan following. For you, what is the hardest part of being in the public eye all the time? I realise it's unfair for me to expect people to always understand the decisions I make. With that said, I find it challenging that there is an expectation for me to stay the same, palatable, one dimensional ‘brand’ forever. I am human and we're designed evolve. | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES





These signature food hats are a great indication that Maor is one talented designer.

aor Zabar Hats are a treat for all. Seeing these Signature food hats is a great indication that Maor Zabar is no ordinary fashion designer. His unique talent brings joy to people’s lives by his creations of bright colours to the hand felted food hats which are 100 percent handmade and are carefully shaped to give the greatest impact and will definitely turn heads when seen out with one of these stylish hats. Celeb Styles chats to Maor to find out where this unique and unusual hobby came from. When did you start making the hats? I started working on my hat collections two years ago, and my production has increased exponentially since then. The more hats, fascinators and headpieces I make, the more the ideas flow and I find myself wanting to devote even more time into making new lines of hats. How do people find out about your hats? My etsy store, is relatively busy; I get traffic from the website as well as


Maor Zabar

CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

from blogs and articles featuring me. It has been very exciting to see that people do have an interest in what I make, I am very proud of my designs and I am glad other people are inspired by them too. Who and what inspired you to make the hats and who has been there supporting you from the beginning? I have always loved art and drawing and painting. As a child I looked up to my grandfather who worked tirelessly as a tailor. Watching him and learning from him inspired me to major in fashion at Shenkar College of Design. Fashion was interesting to me but I was always more attracted to the surreal and unusual, which led me to be a costume designer for theatre, a job I still hold today. I realised that when I looked at fashion shows or theatre or art my eye was always first drawn to the headpieces featured. Eventually my path crossed with a hat maker for theatre and I immediately took a private course with her who gave me the foundation I needed to experiment and start making my hats.

Continue on page 14

| March /April 2015 | CELEB STYLES

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Loves 12

CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


Hats range from $80 to $350? What is the most expensive hat you have made? My most expensive hat to date has been my Shrimp hat. Calculating prices for my hats is one of my most difficult tasks, there are so many factors to take into consideration such as materials and size, but by far the hardest to calculate is my time. The Shrimp hat took lots of time, besides shaping and dyeing the base (which is standard in any of my hats) I stretched wool to make the shape of the shrimps, lemon wedges and lettuce. Each of those elements also had to be hand painted so that they would look realistic and dynamic. On top of that, the caviar and the shrimp eyes were all beaded by hand which is a process I love, but a very time consuming one. How many staff do you have helping you with the hats? I have two people besides myself working with me, there is Tal, who is also my business partner and Madeleine who helps to make the hats and runs the etsy store. You are so creative with your hats; did you take a course, if so which one or do you make your hats as a passion? I studied fashion in college and have always been a student of the arts. I have also been a costume designer for theatre for the past ten years, where I met a milliner who taught me her skills. Most of what I make has come out of experiments and not from education. I have a great drive to create and I find ways to make it happen, whether it's making a fried egg out of wool look edible or finding a way to show what toys get up to when they are alone in an attic. My inspiration comes from everywhere and I find ways to make it work. Have you always aspired to be a milliner, or did you ever dream of following a different path? I have been a costume designer for theatre for the past ten years. I love the theatre and am constantly inspired by it. I have always had a passion for millinery but it is only in the past year or so that I have opened my hat store on Etsy. I love every minute of being a milliner and I am so glad I decided to pursue this dream. I wouldn't ever want to do something that doesn't fulfill me creatively and millinery is perfect for that. Where do you see yourself five years from now? I would like to see my brand expand and be available in boutiques around the world, possibly even open my own store. The etsy store is currently the only way we can sell my hats, but I long to be able to sell my hats in stores so that potential customers can see the detail in person and see for themselves how fabulous they look in my creations. I believe there are women out there looking to add something extraordinary to their outfit and I would love to be the one that helps them. It is always a pleasure to provide a stylish woman that perfect piece that sends them over the edge. Is there any work you are currently working on that you would like to tell us about? I have recently started working on a new line of hats (I have attached sketches below) inspired by carnivorous plants. I don't know why, but food and eating fascinates me, it has been an obvious thread in my millinery design

thus far. This line will focus on meat eating plants like the Venus Fly Trap and the Pitcher Plant and take their unique shapes and colours and transform them into elegant head pieces. I am very excited for this line, it is going to be very fun and challenging to find the right materials and the right techniques to make these hats live. What is the greatest thing about working in your industry? And would you change anything? The greatest thing about working as a milliner is the freedom to do whatever I want. I love working in the theatre as well, but as a costume designer my designs must be in service to the play, to the production and to the director, as a milliner the only person I have to appease is myself. I love creating exactly what's in my mind and not having to sacrifice anything. As far as the industry, I don't really know much about it yet. I only opened my store and became serious about millinery recently, I am just starting to learn the business and deal with the difficulties it provides. From your experience in making these beautiful hats, what advice could you offer people looking to get into hat making? For those looking to get into hat making my best advice is don’t be afraid to make mistakes, even if you are an untrained milliner. What I love about hat making is I don't have to fear making mistakes as it often helps to invent new ways to make hats. In Israel it is impossible to get classic millinery training so I was forced to teach myself new ways to create hats and often had to substitute materials for what would be classically used. Hat making has a tremendous amount of freedom attached with it, so to anyone starting to make hats I say go for it, find a material and shape it, paint it, glue it, stitch it, do whatever you want to it and you will learn through the process. From your experience so far, what have you found to be most challenging? And how are you dealing with it? The most challenging aspect of my millinery business is not making my hats, but dealing with the marketing and promotion of my hats. I am only just learning what it takes to run a store and I struggle with finding ways to find my customers. I know they are out there but it is not always obvious how I can reach them. If I could I would just spend all day making hats and giving them to my amazing customers, but running the business ends up taking up a lot of my time. Share with us your proudest moment in your career so far? My career as a milliner only started in the past year, but I am full with pride that so many bloggers and journalists have found my work and featured it. I also recently won the Best Costume Designer Award in Israel for a production I designed in 2013 and it was very gratifying to know my work is being appreciated. As my business progresses we have more and more customers, we recently sold a fascinator to a burlesque performer in Paris and I love thinking that my creation is up on stage under the lights. I am sure there are many more proud moments to come. / facebook


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


HAI R COMES THE BRIDE Hair Comes The Bride helps brides create forever lasting memories.


ne of the most important days of our lives is our wedding day. The most exciting part is planning your dress and all the accessories that go with this special day. Hair Comes The Bride that has being helping brides for the past 18 years helps brides look

beautiful by not only offering bridal hair and makeup but beautiful inspirational styles. Celeb Styles shares 24 of their hair styles as well as vintage hair accessories, headbands, tiaras, hair pins to mention just a few. Browse their website to see what style suits you. 16

CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |



| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


matric dance hairstyles Your MATRIC DANCE is one of the most spectacular events of your schooling career.


ost young ladies wait their entire school career for their Matric Dance. Your outfit and hair ‘do is the most talked about on the night. Celeb Styles shares some fabulous hairstyles to help you make your night one to remember.


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |


| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

classic styles

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

elegant buns | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

pretty braids | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


It’s all about how you straighten, say experts! By Angela Bekiaris


e take a look at the pros and cons of hairdryers and straightening irons and how to use them in order to keep your hair

healthy. Your hairdryer or straightener (or both) is probably your most used apparatus in the house.

But while you’re looking fabulous after doing your hair, are you hurting your poor locks in the process? We look at the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment used by us all… and share some tips on how to keep your hair in good condition while looking sleek and styled.

Our Favourite Stars Flaunting Straight, Sleek Hair These girls know how to strut their stuff with a gorgeous hairstyle — and we love them most with dead-straight tresses.

Ashley Greene

Mila Kunis

Kim Kardashian Jennifer Aniston

Did You Know? People with extremely thick and curly hair may experience more damage to their hair from straightening irons because it takes longer to straighten it.


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

Stylist Redelia Govender from Square Bubble Hairdressing suggest the enzyme leave in treatment as it is fantastic for flat-ironing and blow-drying. It keeps moisture locked in without causing build up makes hair feel light and sleek.


OR NOT TO STRAIGHTEN? BeyoncĂŠ Knowles | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


Ways To Get A Better Blowout • Pay attention to the wattage — the higher the wattage on the hairdryer, the hotter and faster the hairdryer will be. • Ionic hairdryers are the way to go. • Don’t start drying with soaking wet hair — let your hair air-dry a little or towel dry it before blow-drying. • Separate your hair into sections — the bigger the section, the longer it will take to dry. • Start blow-drying at the top/roots — not too close to your roots however. Maintain

Nicole Scherzinger

this distance throughout, so nothing burns. • Never blow dry in an upwards motion, as this causes more damage. • Move the blow-dryer around so nothing burns — if you focus the dryer on one spot for too long it will dry out and burn the hair. • Finish with a blast of cold air, to lock in shine — brush through your hair gently, or de-tangle it with your fingers. • If needed, apply a moisturising or anti-frizz serum and brush it through evenly.

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez


Get your hands on a professional hairdryer and make sure to use creams, mousse, spray and gel which goes with it. Learn how to take care of your hair by investing in good products to avoid the heat from the hairdryer destroying your hair.

Tips When Using A Straightener • Select the correct temperature for your hair type — you do not want to burn your locks! • Separate your hair into thin pieces and use a comb to slide through while straightening. • Never go too close to your head or ears and make sure to slide the straightener through


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

— holding it on to one area will just burn your hair. • For lasting hold, use products before and after straightening. • Keep the straightener away from children as it can do some serious damage.

Pros & Cons Of Blow-Drying Your Hair Your hairdryer probably goes with you everywhere, and we bet you use it almost every second day — if not every day. But maybe it’s time to know how to use it before you destroy your locks… or worse, lose them. Here are some pros and cons of blow-drying your hair: • It makes styling much easier. • It’s faster than air-drying. • You can get more volume in your hair if it’s fine. • It saves you time and money — going to the hairdresser can be costly and time consuming. • You can use from the minute you wash your

hair unlike straighteners which need your hair to be dry. • You can tame curls or frizz. • The heat can be damaging for your hair. • Blow-drying your hair will strip it of its natural oil. • Using it in excess, like anything else, can be harmful. • If used daily they can take out your hair’s natural shine, strength and moisture. • It can give you split ends. • Hairdryers have high temperatures and if not handled with care can burn your face or head. • Pull plugs out when not in use.

FHI Heat Platform:

Marica Salon Specialist (prices start from):

R1 899.99


Available at Foschini and selected salons


Loves The Parlux dryers are available in a variety of colours

Collexia — Eco Hair Dryer: FHI Heat Go Mini:


Available at Foschini and selected salons

R1 800

Available at Carlton Hair Salons

Corioliss — K2 Iron:

R2 670

Available at Carlton Hair Salons

Pros & Cons Of Straightening Irons Straightening irons have been popular from the day they hit the shelves, and it’s mainly because it allows you to have a gorgeous hair ‘do in a matter of minutes. But there are of course pros and cons of this equipment too - beware, be careful and enjoy. • It reduces frizz. • It heats up quickly — and cools down quickly. • You can change your hairstyle at any time. • You can take it everywhere with you as it’s

small and light. • Some irons can curl your hair too. • It’s fun and easy. • It’s simple to handle. • Repeated use can leave hair brittle, dry and damaged. • You can lose shine and your hair can look dull and unhealthy. • Frequent use creates split ends. • The look is temporary. | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


Available at Tel: (011) 326-4296 Avon Instant Repair7 Treatment Mask: Avon Instant Repair 7 Treatment Spray:



Avon Herbal Care Moisturising Conditioner:


HASK® is a collection of hair care products featuring exotic oils from around the world. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, shine oils and deep conditioners based on the key ingredients of Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, Monoi Oil and Keratin Protein.

Available exclusively at selected Clicks stores.

Aunt Jackie’s – Curl La La Defining Curl Custard:


Available at Clicks stores.

Power Powder The first Brazilian keratin treatment in powder in the world! INOAR Power Powder Treatment — Revolutionary In-Salon Treatment, that tames frizz. Hydrates, Restores, ads shine and volume to lifeless dull hair.

Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier:



CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |


HOT NEW rrivals

Hair A

Tissue Oil Conditioning Hair Treatment Spray:


Lets Get This Straight New Innova Keratin Straight packs a caring punch with an exclusive Keratin-Polymer Complex in 5 revolutionary products. Each works to seal individual strands with protective protein to banish frizz, turn up shine and ensure nonstop cashmere softness. Indola Exclusively Professional Tel: (011) 203-0700

Tissue Oil Treatment Hair Mask:

Turn to page 44 for the latest FRIZZ hair products.

R140 Available at Tel: (011) 326-4296

Would you like your products featured in Celeb Styles magazine? Drop us a mail and in the subject box write NEW PRODUCT | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES




Veaudry Icon Hair & Beauty Salon Tel: (011) 465-4370/ 071 514 7794 E-mail

he famous Veaudry brand has fast become the go-to brand for heat styling, it has gained massive local support and an increasing international following, it is the key to quality hair styling products, producing beautiful looks every time. The Veaudry brand is ‘technology that cares’ and the brain behind it all is founder and salon owner Michelle Stanton. Veaudry was established in 2006; Michelle’s philosophy on this phenomenal technology is that “people are far more important than the products themselves.” Michelle has worked hard to get her company to the place where it is now, and in 2011 it paid off when she won the Business woman of the year with Nedbank, in the entrepreneur category. She now styles hair at her very own Flagship hair and beauty salon in Fourways Johannesburg; Veaudry Icon Hair and Beauty Salon, she styles hair for well-known SA celebrities, some of which are; Mrs South Africa; Sarah-Kate Scott, South African actress Donnalee Roberts, and rapid persona- Leigh-Ann Mol. The Veaudry Flagship hair beauty salon is a one of a kind where clients and consumers are able to directly engage with the brand itself. This beautiful 3 story building is the head office for the Veaudry brand of hair stylers which are show cased

in a stunning French inspired, fully equipped salon, with hairstylists who have over 2 combined decades of experience. You will be treated to an experience of a lifetime. The icon store also holds educational courses and demonstrations with our very own Veaudry Education manager for the consumer as well as directly to the professional stylists in the hair industry. Customers can also have a consultation and have their hair done by Michelle and her fabulous team of stylists at Veaudry Icon Hair and Beauty Salon. The salon offers a full range of professional hair styling and beauty services; Nimue facials, as well as the new revolutionary GELISH nails. At the Veaudry icon store there is also an in house professional photographer at the D.S photography loft studio on the second floor, offering services such as before and after shots; at the salons very own ‘selfie wall’, pre-wedding shoots, family portraits, product photography and much more. The Veaudry salon definitely offers clients a break away from their day to indulge in a little ‘Me-time’, get a feel for the brand, and meet the beautiful face behind the Veaudry brand, Michelle Stanton.



ocated between Bedford Centre and Eastgate, Hair Design On Bradford has been the salon of choice for the stylish and trendy. You will enjoy an upscale atmosphere in which our clients can relax and enjoy the latest and greatest hair trends, nails and makeup services by professionals dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction. Hair Design On Bradford caters to clients with style and class making you feel welcome and comfortable with sincere commitment bringing you the ultimate salon experience. For a total beauty affair, visit Hair Design On Bradford and rest assured that our experts will take care of the rest.


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |


Do you think your Salon has what it takes to share with Celeb Styles? We are an exclusive Redken Salon and offer a full menu of exceptional services:

* Hair Styling * Hair Colouring * Hair Treatments * Brazilian Blowout * Hair Extensions — We are a certified Easihair Pro salon * Nails & Nail Art * Make Up for your special occasions and make- up classes.

Hair Design On Bradford, Bedford Axis, 6 Bradford Road, Bedfordview Tel: (011) 616-1400 Mobile: 082 822 9549 E-mail: hairdesign@hairdesign or

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Natasha recently won the 2015 SA Hairstylist of the year award.

eleb Styles was honored to chat to Natasha Cornelius from Pasquale Hair Salon. Natasha recently won the 2015 SA Hairstylist of the Year competition. She’s proof that hard work pays off and her colleagues were not surprised when she was announced the winner as she has been completely focused on the project. Tash as she is known by her family and friends is loved by all, with her brightly coloured hair and bubbly personality. She is no stranger to competition work and has placed third in the National Wella Trendvision Competition among other achievements and also won many Pasquale Awards over the years. Her strength is in creating interesting shapes in hair for photo shoots. Let’s get to know Natasha a little more… How long have you been at Pasquale? I have been a part of the awesome Pasquale team for 11 years and counting. Who inspired you to get into hairdressing? I would have to say my mom. She was the one that gave me the opportunity and she has supported me throughout my career. She always helped me prepare for my exams and competitions during my college days and my career. What are the winter trends and colours we can look forward to? The fused or blending of the Ombré techniques are still being used, but placed in different areas of the head. It is called Splash lights and can also be used with gentle balayage streaks to fuse softly through to the rest of the head. Splash lights refers to splashes of colour placed to enhance your over all tone. Roots, mid sections or fringes are a different tone to ends, to create a shine line. Brighten the colour tones up to counter act those grey days in winter. Colours are chosen according to skin tone and personal preferences. In winter, most of my clients want to brighten up their existing colours a bit more. Prints are huge on the cat walks at the moment. From floral to paisley, to carpet prints. There is a definite POP of one specific colour bouncing out. Accessories such as glasses, hand bags and shoes are a must match. Lips and nails tend to match as well.


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

What styling products do you suggest? A good thermal/heat protector always needed especially for the girls who are in love with their flatirons and hair dryers. What one top hair tip do you swear by? You can’t have your hair coloured and styled professionally and not use a professional home care range to maintain your hair. What’s the one product you can’t live without? My silver shampoo. I am a platinum blonde girl and don’t like those warm tones popping through. Live by it ! As a stylist Moroccanoil is a must have, it is a very versatile product which you can use on almost any hair types to obtain a smooth and shiny finish to your style. You are currently Pasquale Vice Fashion director? What does that role entail? Wow! That was a huge honour given to me by Maria Yvonne and Janine. I am now involved with Yvonne and help her plan hair fashion shoots and competition work for Pasquale. One of my most import�ant functions is to help guide staff members when they are doing hairstyles for a shoot or entering a competition. Your mentor is Fashion Director Yvonne Bryson? How has Yvonne guided you so far in your career? Yvonne Bryson has mentored me from the start when I was an apprentice. She invited me along to all her photo shoots and asked me to help her with shows and her competition work . That’s where I saw what this industry was really about and how creative a person could actually get. I latched onto her like a leach and absorbed as much knowledge and inspiration as I could.   I admire her level of perfection and attention to detail. She always takes hair styling to the next level. Yvonne was the person who also introduced me to the work of Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy and Sam Villa. She always helps a person to strive to achieve their best.

What has been your highlight of your career? Most definitely winning the Twincare Hairstylist of the Year 2015. It’s been a dream and goal of mine throughout my hairstyling career. You have worked on many TV programmes, which one stands out the most? The Angel Wings hair extentions video. This introduced me to what it’s like to work on TV. And I now have a big appreciation for people that work in the TV and the movie business, it’s damn hard work! What awards have you won over the years? I achieved 2nd place in the National Intercoiffure Pierrot competition . Placed 3rd in the National Wella Trend Vision competition. 1st place in Twincare Hairstylist of the year What is your favourite perk of the job? When a client comes into the salon and they’re having a bad hair day or just have bad hair. My best is when they leave with a huge smile because they think you have done something amazing with their hair which they never thought possible. Also having the opportunity to be a part of someone’s special day like a wedding or matric farewell. Their hair is the crown to their fairy princess day and I did it. What do you do to relax? Well if I am not at the salon doing clients or prepping for a shoot or competition. I enjoy watching movies and now and again going out and shaking some booty with all my friends. Where to from now? I am looking forward to my prize trip coming up later in the year. I need to set new goals in my hairstyling career. Definitely want to keep growing and learning, you can never stop learning in hairdressing, there are always new and exciting techniques and products and styles popping up. I know for sure that I want to focus on my work in the salon growing as a stylist and growing my clientele.  Maybe also do more competition work.

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What has been your best style so far? That would be my avant garde Steam Punk hairstyle that I did for my portfolio of work for hairstylist of the year. I loved putting that look together, it's completely different to your normal every day hair style. Celeb Styles will definitely be keeping an eye on Natasha! Pasquale Hair Salon, Woodbridge Square Shopping Centre, Monument Road, Kempton Park. Tel: (011) 391-3105/6 | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES





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I used a curling iron and I burned my hair and the parts that are burnt are falling out. I’m in such a state I don’t know what to do. Future reference, your hair was Possibly take this as an opportunity probably still damp before you curled. for a funky disconnected fashion cut!!! However consider some extra texture Remember that piece has to grow back in your next cut, depending on where so consider adjusting your style to and how big the burnt section is... accommodate that piece.



My hair is very dry, what products should I use?

How can I try a darker colour in winter, without looking pasty?

When going darker one needs to take skin tone, undertone, eye colour and hair condition into account! Ensure your stylist has correct colour training! Darker does not mean black! With modern technology in colour performance an array of suitable shades can be tailored for the individual... And always consider darkening your eyebrows to complete the transformation!


Since having my baby (she is eight months old) my hair seems to be in a very poor condition — split ends and generally dry and a mess!! Please help.

Hair that’s dry needs moisture, however consider moisture the filling, and Protein the outer layer! Without sufficient protein (your outer layer) moisture (the filling) will have nothing holding it in! A good balance of protein and moisture is always key to healthy, strong soft hair!

Meet our expert, from Jeauval Hair Salon Marvin Lopez Jeauval Hair Salon Hyde Park Jan Smuts Rd, Sandton Tel: (011) 325-5045

During pregnancy ensure that you are eating regularly and partaking of sufficient proteins and minerals and oils. This should assist with ensuring your baby doesn’t deplete your body of all nutrients needed for continued hair growth and health! Avoid over drying and


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

remember oiliness is due to your sebaceous glands over activity due to hormonal changes, try not over wash to counterbalance this process. Product wise use a moisturizing pre-shampoo conditioner or oil treatment and a moisture shampoo!



How can I make my bob less puffy?

Texturizing is the best way to remove bulk without causing increased frizz that results in more puff! When thinning always stick to ends of hair never near roots, because as the hair grows the shorter lengths will cause increased puff. A deep conditioner or antifrizz serum can assist with taming your poof! But as a side note, consider wearing your hair bigger... A curling balm or mouse on wet hair can create an exciting new look that is easier than fighting your hairs natural tendencies! Majority of the time what you have is what suites you best.

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WI N TER READY! Winterize your hair care today!


By Angela Bekiaris

inter can be just as horrible on your hair as it is on your skin, so this is the time to start preparing your poor locks before they go into shock. After months of sunny time, beach time and just healthy summer time your locks are about to have to deal with winter… yes the season which turns everything upside


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

down. Harsh winter weather can be your hair’s number one enemy, with the climate change causing hair to become drier and duller. But don’t fret, we have some great tips for you to get your hair winter ready as winter wind and cold can stress your delicate tresses, leave you with less moisture and more split ends.

1. Add a hair mask or treatment to your hair care programme from now as the hotter days are leaving us and the colder ones are around the corner. 2. Start adding healthy foods to your diet — what you eat plays a role in how you look. Eat protein rich foods like nuts, legumes, quinoa and lentils. Antioxidants (Vitamin C, & E among others) found in greens like spinach and kale, and berries repair cellular damage. Also, eat and lather yourself in coconut oil. 3. Get your eight glasses of water down a day — your hair needs to stay hydrated. 4. Stay away from hot showers. Keep water warm even though it’s freezing outside — hot water strips the hair of body and protective oils. 5. Don’t leave home with wet hair — your hair shaft will expand, crack and damage your locks. 6. Winter will dry your hair out so keep your tresses moisturised with nourishing hair masks once a week to avoid brittleness. 7. Trim your ends more often as winter will bring on the horrible split ends. Try get a trim in once a month so that you can keep your hair under control during the season. 8. Protect your hair with products

designed for heat styling to avoid damage. 9. Winter can cause your colour to look dull and faded — use a good colour shampoo or get your stylist to keep your hair in good shape when colouring or highlighting. 10. Go a little darker — lighter hair is for the hotter months, but winter is a time to let your hair breathe a little and cut down on colouring every four to six weeks. Touch up every two months or so if you can. 11. Protect your hair from breakage — wool hats and scarves can rub against and pull your hair, breaking it off. 12. Deep condition more often — use products which hold in moisture and deep condition once a week. 13. Wash and wet less often — you no longer have to worry about dipping in the pool or the ocean so stay away from wash and go too. Try not to wash or wet your hair as often as you did in summer. 14. Choose butter over oils — heavier formulas such as hair butters is key. 15. Sleep on satin/silky pillowcases — not only will it protect your hair but cut down on the time you need to style your locks

Did You Know?

Nearly half of American females from 40 to 50 years of age suffer from hair loss. Women comprise 40 percent of the general population that lose hair.

the next morning. 16. Use products that fight frizz — as the air becomes drier, hair becomes prone to frizz, so try using products with frizz-fighting qualities, to leave hair feeling nourished. 17. Use the right products to protect your hair from getting static. 18. Use a nourishing spray. 19. Air dry when you can — if you’re not leaving home, let your hair dry without the help of a hairdryer when possible. 20. Get your Vitamin E — it adds moisture to your skin and hair, and even benefits your heart! Take Vitamin E capsules to achieve soft hair from inside out. 21. Opt for creamy shampoos and conditioner that contain lanolin, protein, silicone, or shea butter twice a week. This will hydrate your hair and eradicate a dull, dry look. 22. Rinse with vinegar or egg and use oil — rinsing your hair with white vinegar or with an egg beaten into lukewarm water once a week will add body and moisture, say sources. Use oil products to hydrate, but only before shampooing to avoid drying out your scalp.


Don’t experiment with new products during the winter, which can compromise your hair’s ability to recover.

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KNOTTED UP By Siew Ching Chua

Unless you’re going for the frazzled look, frizzy hair can leave you in an entanglement. Here are some hair tips and tricks to tame your hair down to smooth perfection.


o magic potion needed, just the right tools and know-how. Like shoes and bags, beautiful hair is an accessory all women can’t do without. The term bad hair days can mean awfully a lot for most women – considering the fact that the average woman spends two years of her life washing, cutting, combing, colouring and doing all things hair related. THE FUSS ABOUT FRIZZ It’s no wonder then why a little thing like frizz can create so much fuss for us. Unfortunately for many regular women, we are not born with hair that emulates silk, like what you see on shampoo advertisements. Instead, we are born with hair that sometimes has a mind of its own and may often decide to take its own course – unmanageable. While some women are born with naturally frizzy hair (especially If you have curly hair), it can sometimes be a result of how we handle our hair. Frizz is loosely described as breakage that occurs in our hair. If you are rough on your hair – vigorous combing, brushing when wet, using improper metal brushes – hair will become more prone to breakage and therefore frizz. Add on towel rubbing after a shampoo and too much


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

blow-drying, and your hair is bound to frizz up like a fur ball. Frizzy hair can also be a result of what the weather is like, especially if you live in a humid country. It’s no secret now that frizz and humidity don’t bind. If the weather forecast for today is hot, humid and has a 50 percent chance of rain, you can be sure of a catastrophic hair day. The high moisture content in such conditions will react with your hair by drawing out the worst tendencies in it – either causing it to frizz up or weigh it down. On the contrary, a lack of moisture can also be the culprit to frizzy hair. Dryness will cause your hair to be porous, which makes it unable to absorb and retain the moisture it needs for a healthy sheen. Deprive your hair of the proper moisture, and you can be sure of it acting up by giving you a headful of frizz. Throw in product buildup, using too much hot styling tools, constant abuse to your hair like chemical treatments and perms, a poor diet, and frizz will be a constant companion. TAME THAT FRIZZ Thankfully, frizzy hair is something within your control – with the right know-hows, tips and products. While the fastest and easiest way to control

your hair is by chemically rebonding it, it is also the more expensive method and needs to be done regularly or you’ll end up with Frankenstein’s Bride hair (curly on top, straight at the bottom). The important thing to remember is moisture, moisture, moisture. Use a moisturizing shampoo to restore your hair’s hydration level. Shampoo as minimally as you can – frequent shampooing will only dry out your hair. Find a lightweight conditioner to use each time you shampoo. Once a week, use a deep conditioner as a leave-in hair mask to help tame frizziness in the long run. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If you can afford it, consider a salon conditioning treatment once a month – most salons offer deep conditioning that leaves your hair instantly revived of dryness. Using the right styling and care products can also keep frizzy hair at bay. The trick of the trade is to look for a silicon-based hair product. Silicon adds the needed protein in dry and frizzy hair to smooth it down, creating a shiny and silky appearance. But make sure you don’t suffocate your hair with too much product; that will only bring you back to square frizzy one. To prevent product build-up, use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

DO’S AND DONT’S OF FRIZZY HAIR DO • Give your hair an intensive oil treatment once a week • Get regular hair cuts to control split ends • Use the right products to control frizz • Keep your hair dry at all times • Minimize your use of hair dryers, straightening tools and curling tongs DON’T • Subject your hair to constant chemical abuse like perming and colouring • Wash your hair every day to prevent it from dryness • Use fine-tooth combs and brushes. Opt for wide-tooth ones instead • Use styling products with high alcohol contents like hairsprays and firm hold gels • Rub when drying; squeeze it dry instead

Also, remember the key is to be gentle. Don’t subject your hair to harsh brushing – using a hair brush on hair that’s thick, coarse and frizzy will only make it, well, even more coarse and frizzy. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or a hair pick when hair is wet or simply finger comb when hair is dry. When drying your hair, do not rub with a towel – let your hair set in a towel for 10 minutes and then take it off. If possible, minimize blow

drying as this will only cause dryness and split ends; air dry your hair instead and watch it become healthier. Having the right cut will also help combat frizziness. A good hairdresser will be able to recommend a style that will suit your hair type and condition; a bad one will only want to try out outrageous styles that will make your hair retaliate even more. Also, changing the natural state of your hair will cause you more frizz as

your hair will not be able to adapt to something not within its course. Just accept it for the way it is and protect it the best you can. Frizzy hair is irritating but it does not have to be a constant nag or end your social life. Know the right tricks, use the correct products and treat your hair well, and you’re on your way to hair you’ve always dreamed of: shiny, silky and beautiful. | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


Label.m Mud Clay:


Moroccanoil Frizz Control: A revolutionary cure for bad hair days.


Moroccanoil® Frizz Control:


Bye. Bye. Frizz Keratin Smoothing System

Available from Splush – contact (021) 448-8847



Are you tired of your hair being frizzy? Try these fabulous products to help you control frizz!

Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo:


Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Conditioner:


Bye Bye Frizz 30Day Keratin No Frizz Keratin Smoothing Treatment:


Available at Dis-Chem


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

Kadus Professionals Satin Serum:


Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream:


Wella Professionals Mirror Polish:


By Rasheed from Trichotin


NAOMI Naomi Das, South Africa’s most glamorous face.

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



aomi Das was born in North Wales in England but now lives in South Africa. This 1.6m beauty is not only a hot local socialite, but also a model, singer and actress and has recently launched her music career with her sexy debut single, Stiletto. Rasheed from Trichotin chats to Naomi. Naomi, welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you. I’ll start with a cocktail question. When someone who is not familiar with your work meets you and asks what you do, what do you tell them? Thank you for having me Rasheed. I tell them that I’m primarily a model. I also busy myself as a club and poker event hostess and contracted as an EFC Worldwide Hexagon girl. Part time activities include conducting high end promos, voice over work and presenting. To add to my list, I feature in music videos and I am also pursuing a singing career. To date, I’ve released a catchy single called, Stiletto. I remember being introduced to your profile and asking, what nationality you are? You could pass for being from quite a few countries. What do you most get regarded as? Yeah, I do. Fans often think I’m from South America, because of my mixed nationality. You’ve won the International Playboy Bunny Search, Miss Bondi Beach, and featured in FHM’s 100 sexiest women in the World. That’s an impressive résumé. How do you personally scale your looks? I honestly can’t scale my own looks, as I don’t want to appear either bias or judgemental. Naomi, does being a model come with a downside and do you ever play up its advantages? Yes like other girls, I get harassed a lot!! I tend not to play up its advantages, even though at times, I can. You run a tight work schedule that includes extensive travel. Modelling can be demanding. Where do you get your inspiration from? What drives you? I love and really enjoy what I do. It’s that simple! That passion stirs boundless energy. I fully agree. As an elite model, how do you best prepare for a shoot? The last thing I ever want to do is to be unprepared and forget anything. So, I make a list to ensure I’ve got all the right outfits and products packed. Do you have any night before routines? (Smiles) Just self-tanning when I feel I need it. You’re known to be part nocturnal and sleep well after 02h00 habitually. How do you adjust to early morning shoots? It’s one of the industry challenges. For the most part, I have to be professional and just deal with it. Once I’m up, I’m usually fine and manage on a few hours of sleep. Models typically maintain strict physical training and dietary regimens. You don’t follow either religiously, but still maintain a lean physique. To what do you owe this? Probably good genes and A LOT of CEREAL! (laughs). Seriously, I don’t know, but I’m not complaining.


Many readers want me to ask how you carve your immaculate style? I trust my own opinion and only wear what I think suits me and compliments my strengths. I also ALWAYS try to look good; apart from the days I’m relaxing at home or running around. Your mole is a unique part of your ‘look’. Have you ever thought about removing it or required to cover it up during a photo shoot? No, I’m encouraged to highlight it actually. What advice can you give aspiring models? One, don’t sell yourself short and accept low rates. Secondly, put together a strong portfolio to send to agents for possible job bookings. If modelling was not an option for you, what would you be doing? Acting!! When you put your name to a brand, what do you look for to close a deal? It would definitely have to be a product or item I personally use. I wouldn’t put my name to anything just for financial gain or that would devalue my personal brand. So let’s fast forward… you’ve accomplished your dreams of becoming South Africa’s most glamorous face. Where to from there? I’m not a big planner. I prefer to live in the moment and take life as it comes. My ambitions for 2015 are however to release another single or even a full album. Before we end, I’d like to move on and ask a few rapid fire questions. What is your signature style? Looking sexy, Rasheed! How long does it take to get you fully glammed up? In a rush, which is usually the case, 30 minutes from bed to door. How do you define success? Success is having a dream and making it a reality. That’s nice, I like that.. With what you now know about life, what advice would you have given your twenty year old self? Don’t be naive and trust too easily. As a fan of Jordan (Katie Price,) what do you most admire about her? I admire the success she has forged in her career, despite having bad publicity. She has always persevered and as a result accomplished a lot in both her personal life and career, including authoring books, appearing on numerous TV shows, establishing herself as a successful model and most of all, a caring mom. If you had to be a travel advisor, where and what would you recommend our readers experience and why? A Caribbean cruise to see all the gorgeous islands, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss that. Lastly, the best of the individuals have always sought to leave a legacy and have their life have a deep purpose to it. What does Naomi Das most want to be remembered for? A good person overall, is enough for me.

For bookings contact: CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

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WOWOW! By Angela Bekiaris

Educating your team one hair vision at a time.


OWOW! offers on trend hair education in the UK. Founded by Suk Ram, the team at WOWOW! specialise in all areas of runway trends, groundbreaking forward thinking cutting techniques, photo-shoot direction for portfolio or industry competitions, bridal, couture and more! According to Suk, the courses offered are created and delivered with passion with a deep insight into all aspects of hairstyle inspired by runway trends created by WOWOW! During fashion weeks and photoshoots hairstylists can attend seminars with WOWOW! in every city across the UK, all year round during their 'Beautiful Hair Tour’. We spoke to the talented hairstylist about WOWOW! and what inspires him to do what he does — and of course, how South Africans can get involved. Tell us a little about WOWOW! When was it launched and where did the idea come from? When I was 14, I began a


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

Saturday job in a small salon. Constantly seeking information and knowledge about anything hair related, at the age of 15 I joined Toni&Guy as an assistant. It was an amazing time: learning my craft as a hairstylist, I was heavily inspired by Anthony Mascolo, Vidal Sassoon and Patrick Cameron, and qualified as a stylist at the age of 18. I felt as though I finally had my wings. For three years I focused on perfecting my craft in the salon, whilst following what was happening in wider industry. I began reaching out to international agencies and artists for work as a hair assistant, and rapidly became heavily involved in fashion weeks and couture shoots, as well as personal styling for celebrity figures, cast members from TV shows and supermodels. I found more and more work was coming my way as lead artist, rather than as the assistant. Excited by the feeling of my vision coming to life, I began to collaborate with photographers whose work I had admired for years. Over time, I began to receive requests from hairstylists from numerous locations

in the world, asking me to share my knowledge of how to create the look. I could see the world of hair moving so fast, and I wanted to give something back to the industry I love, and so WOWOW! HAIR EDUCATION was born. Seeing the renewed motivation and enthusiasm of hairstylists after I have been working with them, and knowing I'm helping them fall in love with their craft again is pretty amazing! I believe ongoing education is crucial to our development and renewal as hairstylists. The courses WOWOW! provides cover all aspects of cutting, styling, staff training and creative direction for industry competitions. Are you only based in the UK? At present yes but 2015 is a big year and I will be looking to take WOWOW! international. Already I have received educational requests from salons in Paris, L.A., Sweden and other international locations. It’s really overwhelming knowing WOWOW! is reaching out and touching the hearts of hairstylists globally.

Credits: Hair by Suk Ram, Photographer James Beddoes, Retoucher Alix Heru ,Make up artist Hannah Ford, Designer Francesca Marotta

“ ”

It’s about creating a piece that will be looked upon by others as an inspiration for their own work. It’s about creating a journey, a statement, a story.— Suk Ram

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


What is your main focus and what should students expect by doing one of your courses? My main focus is to inspire, motivate and share the knowledge. After a day on one of our courses students can expect to be refreshed with a new outlook to the craft that they love armed with in depth knowledge of how to create current runway trends, and new advanced cutting and styling techniques. Our courses are also tailored to suit salon and individual requirements. Can students from around the world enrol? With pleasure! I will happily travel across the world delivering the WOWOW! message.

Credits: Hair by Suk Ram, Photographer James Beddoes, Retoucher Alix Heru ,Make up artist Hannah Ford

You were a stylist for Toni&Guy for 17 years. What did you take with you from there? I took with me discipline in the art of creating the perfect haircut based on suitability, versatility, and lifestyle. What does the hair industry mean to you? Well without it I guess I would be a little lost. How important do you think a hairstyle is on someone — especially a woman? I feel no outfit is complete without the perfect hairstyle. Tell us about the fashion shows you have worked on. Some shows I have been involved backstage within numerous hair teams including Chanel Couture, Julien Mcdonald Aquascutum and Paul Smith. It really is a huge adrenaline rush and is a true natural high! There's no better feeling then when the show is coming to the end and you look around and see the smile on everyone’s faces. Knowing you were a part of bringing to life something that just went down in fashion history is really a fantastic feeling.

Suk Ram

Creative Director Facebook page WOWOW HAIR EDUCATION +44 (0) 7506549797


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far? Launching WOWOW! If you could personally style any celebrity's hair, who would it be and why? It would have to be Angelina Jolie — she’s fantastic.

| March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES


Designer Arajo

Designer Francesca Marotta

Designer Francesca Marotta


DISASTERS Tackle those pesky grooming mishaps in a flash with our beauty crisis survival kit.


n the world of beauty, Murphy’s Law definitely applies — anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Beauty disasters can strike at any time. Luckily we have put together this guide that should help you overcome the most difficult of beauty catastrophes. Tanning trauma, complexion cringe or hair dye disaster, here’s how you can fix your beauty problems fast.


The Disaster: ‘Help! My fake tan looks streaky’ Fix It: So you got tired of the pale visage and grabbed the nearest bottle of self tanning lotion, wanting to look like J Lo. It looked great for a few hours, but now things are suddenly starting to look a little streaky. Nothing takes away from a beautiful golden glow quite like streaky or splotchy tan jobs. But there’s Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin (200ml): R415, Clarins


no need to cancel your appointments and call in sick. Here’s what to do: soak in the tub and exfoliate with a scrub to help erase the unwanted tan. Then soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and massage over uneven tan to gradually lighten, getting you back to your porcelain-hued self in no time.

Tip: If your home dye job has left you with orange hands, wash them with some toothpaste and voila: no more embarrassing orange mitts!

CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

SEEING SPOTS The Disaster: ‘An unexpected zit has appeared on a really important morning’ Fix It: Spots are a beauty disaster everyone has had and that no one enjoys. It is mildly irritating, but when it is an important day it can really be infuriating. But keep calm! You have some options: firstly, reduce the swelling of the spot by pressing an ice cube to it, then apply a spot treatment containing benzoyl perNearly Naked Foundation In Mahogany: R169.99, Revlon

oxide. This will decrease inflammation and kill bacteria. To cover it up use a green coloured concealer to neutralise redness and then dab a bit of foundation over that matches your skin tone. Camouflage on. Remember even celebrities like Kristen Stewart get pimples. Luckily there’s make-up!

Kristen Stewart Gentle Cover Stick In Green: R139, By Physician’s Formula, Dis-Chem

Sleep And Peel Night Cream (50ml): R865, Filorga

Tame Frizz Conditioner: R220, KMS California




The Disaster:

‘Humidity has brought my frizz out in full force’ Fix It: We know that frizzy hair needs long term care, like regular trims and deep conditioning, but if you need an instant fix for this common beauty disaster rub a little conditioner into the palms of your hands and, using your fingers, run the conditioner through dry hair from mid-length to ends. The conditioner should tame the frizz and return hair to their smoother glory.

STAIN PAIN The Disaster:

‘I’ve stained my forehead with hair dye’ Fix It: You’ve skipped going to the salon, because how difficult can it be to colour your own hair? But now it has ended in disaster: your forehead is stained with the home dye. What to do? Luckily this is an easy fix. Apply moisturiser and let it soak for a few minutes, then wipe the area with eye-make-up remover. It’s like it never happened. Ordinary Daily Moisturiser: R302, The Ordinary Skincare Co.

Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover: R59.99, Nivea

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FAULTY FRINGE The Disaster: I got a bit overzealous with the scissors during my DIY fringe session. Fix It: Taking a ‘how hard can it be’ approach to hair styling is never a good idea and yet everyone has at least one fringe horror story. You’ve somehow ended up with embarrassingly uneven bangs. What now? Sadly, there’s no magic hair growing potion, but improvising can be just as effective. Try parting your hair on the side where your fringe is the longest to create cute side bangs, like Felicity Jones. Set with hairspray to keep it in place. Alternatively, create some texture in your new fringe with a texturising product that will leave your hair looking piecey, rather than pruned.

Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray: R245, By Paul Mitchell, Everything Hair

Style Final Fix Hairspray (75ml): R80, ghd Felicity Jones

Eyebrow Ache The Disaster:

Amal Allamuddin

Brow Tech To Go: R280, Smashbox


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Over-plucked eyebrows have left me looking deranged. Fix It: The common beauty mistake when it comes to brows is overdoing the brow pencil or powder to try and achieve the thick brow look that’s trending, and they end up looking downright scary, nothing like Lily. If you’re an over-plucker and brows look patchy and bare, don’t fear. Growth serums are great for speeding up the process and in the meantime, you can tint them a shade darker, which will make your brows look thicker while you wait for them to grow back.

45 Day Permascara Lash And Brow Dye Kit: R81.99, Julienne


All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage: R380, Clinique

The Disaster: ‘My eyes look sleep deprived, even though I got eight hours’ Fix It: You can easily cheat a full night’s rest with an eye product that contains caffeine. This will instantly tighten the area around the eyes. Keep using the product even

when you are rested. This will have added benefits when used over time, like hydrating and brightening your eyes. And a little concealer also doesn’t hurt on those tired mornings.


Kim Kardashian

The Disaster: ‘I applied way too much bronzer and now I look like a #selfie fail’

Kontouring KweenPomegranate Concealer: R210, By Korres, Edgars

Fix It: The easiest thing to do: cover it up! Put a small amount of foundation or concealer onto a dampened sponge and lightly go over the areas that you want to tone down. A sponge is best for this, because it creates a softer, more natural look and eliminates the risk of looking cakey. Next time, go lighter on the contouring.

TIP NOT SO TOP The Disaster: ‘Urgh! My mani has chipped and smudged’

Nail Laquer: R145, Bodyography

Fix It: You splurge on a spa manicure and your nails look fab! Until you smudge them while putting on your seatbelt. Or maybe you’re smudge-free, but then they chip a day later. The best solution is to have the nail polish with you (so bring along or buy your own bottle at the salon). Then you can place a dot of

polish on the smudged or chipped area, let it dry and apply another coat over the entire nail to even it out. If you don’t have polish, but you do have your trusty nail file handy, you can make a chip slightly less noticeable by filing away the chipped part of the nail and then even out the rest of your fingers. 

STOCKISTS: Bodyography: (011) 463-9912, Clarins: (011) 809-6300, Clicks: 0860 254 257, Clinique: 0800 390 014, Dis-Chem: 0860 347 243, Edgars: 0860 112 468, Elizabeth Arden: (021) 597-1700, Essence: Selected Retailers, Everything Hair: 0861 007 651, Filorga: (012) 548-0725, ghd:, Julienne: Selected Pharmacies, KMS California: Morgan Taylor: Selected Salons, Nivea: Selected Retailers , Oridnary Skincare Co.:, Revlon: (011) 971-0812, Smashbox: Selected Retailers | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



GUI D E TO NATURAL HAIR Love your hair’s natural texture.


hen it comes to natural, different types is a popular discussion. From straight to coily, knowing your hair type is very useful in understanding why hair responds to certain products and not to others.

It is also very useful in understanding which hair styles are best for your hair. And finally knowing your hair type is useful in understanding how to best care for hair. Celeb Styles has got you covered on how to treat textures for perfect tresses.


Solange Knowles


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

Viola Davis

Nandi Ngoma

Esperanza Spalding


Tia Mowry


Corkscrew hair has the appearance of small, tightly wound coils. People with corkscrew curls generally tend to have hair that is frizzy and dry and will find it hard to get the curls to lie flat. Never brush corkscrew hair as it will promote frizz and damage the cuticles. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently detangle the hair. Avoid any styling products that contain alcohol or ones that will weigh the

Sea Salt Texturising Spray (200ml): R199.99, hair down. It is also a good idea to only use hairdryers when abso- By Toni & Guy, Clicks lutely necessary — the heat strips corkscrew curls of moisture and is the fastest way to create frizz and fly-aways. Using a sea salt spray is a great way to redefine curls and texture and revitalize styling products. To get your hair to fall into its natural curly shape, style when wet and then leave your hair to air dry and try to resist scrunching or touching.

TIP: Wear hair in a soft side parting that is not too severe for the most flattering look.

Longer Hair Curl Cream: R119.95, By Trevor Sorbie, Dis-Chem


Healing Moisture Leave-in Detangling Conditioner: R312, Lanza, Everything Hair

Coiled hair can range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse with lots and lots of strands that are tightly packed together. Coily hair has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair type, which means that it has less protection from the damage inflicted when styling hair, like combing, brushing, curling, blow-drying and straightening. If you are like most coily and kinky haired ladies out there, you have multiple textures on your head. This means that not every section of the hair responds to the same methods and products. Hair may feel soft in one section and dry in another. Paying a bit more attention to the hair that needs it is a trick and differs from person to person. Modify techniques to meet the needs of the different sections of hair. Restore and renew your dry patches with a deep conditioner once a week. Hydrate, soften and nourish your coily hair with moisturisers. Detangling kinky hair should be an essential part of your hair care routine. The best way to do this is to detangle with a conditioner and a widetooth comb. Deep Conditioner: R74.99, By Dr. Miracle’s, Clicks

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Nicole Scherzinger

Victoria Justice


Straight hair? Lucky you! Straight hair has many advantages. It looks shinier as straight hair allows natural oil to travel down towards hair shafts. Thus it provides natural protection to the hair too. But sometimes it becomes hard to maintain. Shampooing properly is important to keep hair healthy. Choose a mild shampoo to clean, nourish the scalp and moisturize too. Avoid brushing hair when it’s wet, as it may cause hair to stretch and break. Instead use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. Reduce blow-drying time, because it diminishes the moisture that is essential to maintaining good hair. Trim hair every few weeks to prevent split ends, which straight haired girls are most prone to Clarifying


Shampoo: R235, Paul Mitchell

Kendall Jenner Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist: R94.95, By Lee Stafford, Clicks

Split End Mender Serum: R66.99, Pantene

Lightly curly to very curly hair patterns are well-defined and springy. Curly hair has a lot of body and can be easily styled in its natural state or straightened with a blow-dryer – although some kinds of curly hair might take longer to straighten than others. Despite its appearance, curls are often soft and fine rather than coarse. To get the most definition for curly hair, use a moisturising sulphate free cleanser. Tame unruly frizz and create defined ringlets with gels and creams that offer moisture and curl definition. Products that offer maximum moisture, like creams, butters and oils are best. Hair milks are especially great when it comes to hydration, plus it will help keep your curly hair manageable all day.


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

Jessica Szohr

Carrie Underwood


Wavy hair forms in a "S" shape and typically sticks close to the head. Wavy hair won't bounce up, even when layered. The difference between supermodel waves and a sad mop is mastering the air dry. Blot wet hair with a towel and blast roots with a blow dryer. When roots are dry, twist the rest into a loose bun. When

Kate Moss

Gisele Bundchen

Brushes (Set Of Six): R850, Click ‘n Curl

it is completely dry, loosen the bun and you have gorgeous, natural looking curls. This hair type is typically resistant to styling, and it has a tendency to frizz. Use lighter products such as mousses or gels that enhance the curls, but don't weigh them down. Finish your style with a volumiser that will keep your hair full.

Shay Mitchell

Zoe Saldana

Biotin & Collagen Root Boost Spray: R179.95, By OGX, Foschini

Shampoo: R69.95, Nu-Hair Conditioner: R87.95, Nu-Hair

Curvaceous Wave Ahead: R395, Curl Defining Redken Cream (250ml): R445, Moroccanoil

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OVER THE YEARS By Angela Bekiaris

She’s been a hair icon for years because she’s nailed it each time.


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ennifer Aniston is not only one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but she’s also one of the most fashionable and trendy women in Tinseltown — and a hair icon for young and old! Jen has been winning over fans around the world with her charm, movie roles and style from day one, and for over 20 years the actress has had people crazy about her hair!

brunette. She later lost the side path and started making waves with her centre-path — a little boho-style yet plain, simple and just beautiful. Her sharp bob a while later was a refreshing change for the attractive actress, but whether making her hair darker for movie roles, putting it up in a pony tail or letting it loose, Jen’s locks always mange to stand out in a crowd.

Jen’s Iconic Hairstyles Over 20 Years Jennifer has had us going crazy about her ‘Dos ever since hitting the limelight as Rachel in Friends. Becoming Mrs Brad Pitt just added to that sophistication and class, and as the years passed by and Jen became one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood, she continued to get heads turning each time. Always shiny and healthy, Jen got people running to salons in the 1990s for the classic ‘Rachel' — the shoulder-length layered style which is iconic today, and is the most copied hairstyle of the ‘90s. And while it got people talking, copying and totally in love, Jen has admitted that it was one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain. But that wasn’t the only hairstyle which rocked our world. By the end of the 1990s she was sporting longer and blonder lengths and enjoying plaits and messy waves on the red carpet. By 2001 Jen’s hair went back to the being straight, filled with highlights and enough layers to create that bounce, yet not enough to look like 'The Rachel’. Not long after that the star was sporting one fair shade, longer locks down to her chest and a side parting. She later cut a sweeping fringe, allowed her hair to have soft curls at times and coloured it more of a honey blonde. By 2005 the actress was looking more sophisticated… no bangs and a little more

Jen’s Hair Care Secrets With her hair being the topic of conversation and centre of attention for over 20 years, Jen has some fabulous hair care secrets. According to the star, she had very long hair growing up, which her mother wouldn’t allow her to cut. However today she does believe that a secret to healthy hair is a good trim. Jen also feels that her hair is better the day after she washes it. "It always looks better with that slept-in look. And Chris (McMillan, her stylist) doesn’t live with me; I wish he did. I’ve learned a lot from Chris and I have become very handy with a hairdryer and a round brush. She also jokes that she’s learnt over the years that while your body doesn’t get thinner, your hair does, joking that that’s how she knows God is not a woman. Jen, who admits to having very frizzy and wavy Greek hair, says her locks have taken a beating over the years from hairdryers, straightening irons, curlers and extensions. She’s also added hair extensions when her tresses were dry, brittle and dull. Jen, who reveals that she’s a creature of habit and likes a straight blowout, loves her hair most when she lets it go raw and natural. And who are her hair icons? Kate Moss, Kate Middleton and Gisele Bundchen apparently… although we think she’s got much better tresses than most of Hollywood!


CELEB STYLES | March / April 2015 |

Jen’s Health & Beauty Secrets Gorgeous and healthy hair comes from being healthy and taking care of yourself inside and out. Jen has always been a healthy eater and trains hard to stay in shape. She also reveals that before going to bed she always washes her face and brushes her teeth, and uses a mild-scented Aveeno cleanser, adding that Vaseline is a great way to keep looking great too. “It moisturizes your lashes and the skin around your eyes. Drink water, water, water. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Those are the big beauty tips.” As for plastic surgery, she’s not a fan. | March / April 2015 | CELEB STYLES



Filorga Skin Perfection Serum:


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Eye Shadow Palette 8 colours:



R1 575


Contact Exclusive Beauty Solutions on (011) 791-4027

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Contact Carley on (011) 305-1600 or


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