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FANTASIA The Idol Star Prepares to Reignite Her Career This Year!

Kwame Jackson The Former Apprentice Star Provides his Keys to Success

Project Runway’s

Korto Momolu New Fashion Collection Korto Returns to Fashion Week in 2010

Including: BJ COLEMAN EBONY JONES and Much More!


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy




Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

What’s Inside

tive year, CP brings you the best of everything CIAA. The 2009 CIAA Tournament and festivities are promised to be even bigger and better than before and we’ve got it all covered!

Volume 3, Issue 1


The Idol Star Prepares to Reignite Her Career This Year!

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Kwame Jackson

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Korto Momolu

Including: BJ COLEMAN, EBONY JONES and Much More!

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bradford L. Picot dds pa

This is one of the biggest annual issues of Celebrity Power. For the third consecu-

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Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

Editor’s Note issue. All of whom have been able to overcome their respective challenges and remain true to themselves in a way that shows their ability to weather any storm. I hope that in celebration of Black History Month, you too will be inspired by their stories. In the remaining, caffeine induced minutes before sending this particular issue to print, I cannot help but smile. There’s so much work that goes into making this publication happen, not to mention the website, with an extremely small staff but the level of dedication I see from interns, contributing writers and our #1 draft pick for graphic design, I have to SMH. (That’s “shake my head” to those who are not yet up on the new-wave of communication acronyms.) As I SMH, I say

For the second year, I am pleased to be a

to myself...we must all really love what we do

part of the Celebrity Power family. This year’s

to endure the crazy hours in which it takes

CIAA issue is not only jam packed with in-

to produce CP. Then I receive a midnight

sider interviews dedicated to celebrities and

Fairfield Inn by Marriott 9230 Harris Corners Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28269

email from an intern, a contributing writer,

their accomplishments but this year we also

the graphic designer calls AND the publisher

have an exciting new way for readers to stay

sends a text to make sure everything is a go

constantly informed. The launch of the ce-

and I have my confirmation. Yup...we’re all, coupled with

“a little bananas” and “a lot sleep deprived”

the quarterly edition of the magazine itself is

but we do simply love what we do. Please

the perfect way for CP to truly connect with

Great rooms, excellent service, and all the extras, at a great price. We are close to Northlake Mall with convenient access to I-77 and I-85, anywhere in the Charlotte Metro area is within easy reach.

enjoy the fruits of our labor!



For this issue, I had the privilege of interview- 704-509-0123 B-4

Editor In Chief

ing Korto Momolu, a clothing designer who participated in Project Runway Season 5. I was able to gain so much insight from her and can truly appreciate her drive to excel in the fashion industry. There are a number of strong, black women who are featured in this


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

CIAA 2009 Photos


by T. Strong (StyleMayvin)

This year we celebrate the 65th Anniversary

side the box as you can see with the addi-

of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Asso-

tion of Chowan so we are looking for it to be

ciation (CIAA). Beginning on February 23,

another newsworthy member. I can say that

2010 thousands of fans will

we will keep the geograph-

converge upon Charlotte,

ic footprint close though.

NC and graciously contribute to one of the most

I’m sure the TV One addi-

financially successful tour-

tion will assist in growing

naments in the U.S.

the media presence for the

There are a number of

tournament. What was the



driving force for partner-

in store for attendees this

ing with them? They have

year, like more tournament

a reach of 55 Million! That’s

games, a first ever 8pm

significant when we’re talk-

Women’s game, the inclu-

ing about the number of

sion of Chowan University

households that will be able


as the first historically white school to par-

to experience the games. This (TV One’s

ticipate in a historically black college and

inclusion) is in the best interest of the CIAA

university’s tournament and an exciting new

because they will not only air the games live

partner; TV One. We caught up with the

but they will also show tournament footage

Commissioner of the CIAA, Leon G. Kerry to

throughout the year. We will also have foot-

find out more.

ball coverage this year as well.

What was your goal for the CIAA this year?

In what way do you feel TV One’s presence

I wanted to continue to build on the CIAA,

will benefit the players? Well, first of all play-

the success we’ve already had and add an

ers like being on TV. The exposure will be

additional member which we were able to

good for them. Through TV One as well as

do with Dr. White and Chowan University.

with continued coverage on ESPN, we will be able to promote great sports.

Now that Chowan is a member, will you be

Can we look forward to the CIAA as a staple

looking for a 14th member next year? Cer-

event for Charlotte in the future? Things are

tainly. It’s actually already in the works.

good in Charlotte so in September of this

Can you tell us who’s on the radar?

year, the decision will be made on whether

Not specifically but I am always thinking out-

we will stay or not.

For more information about the CIAA tournament log on to


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

she works for

DIDDY! by J. Hill


How are you different as a person from the

How were you able to separate your admi-

first day that you arrived in New York to film

ration for him to focusing on the competi-

the show up until Diddy announced that you

tion? For me it’s quite easy. When I first start-

had won? I really just step out of my comfort

ed rocking with Bad Boy I was like 11 or 12

zone. There can be something that you want

years old. I’m 25 years old now. As a young

to do and maybe you have never done it

girl and as a teenager that’s exactly what

before and you can second guess [yourself].

it is, it’s a crush. Now that I’m older, I have

The one thing that Andre Harrell told me at

teachers and coaches that I believe have

the elimination before it was just me and

changed the world. The only thing that they

Dan, he said “Ebony, if I had to tell you any-

don’t have behind it is the money. So what

thing, I would say to you that if you say it and

are you really respecting at the end of the

believe it then you have show it and walk it

day. So that was naïve. Now as a woman, I

a lot more confidently than you’re doing” I

respect Diddy’s business mind. I respect his

can tell you right now that if you give me a

creativity. I respect his fearlessness. I respect

tasks, it will get done by any means neces-

his ability to go against the grain with 100%

sary. It’s this SUPER feeling of empowerment

confidence and make decisions.

in self [sic]. It’s really not a self thing it’s really a testament to faith and what God will do

How do you plan to manage an extremely

for you if you let Him use you.

demanding job and balance your family life and raising your son? Well the only per-


// FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy Celebrity Power

How has your life changed since the show

son that I really have is my mother, who is

aired? It’s just amazing what a little bit of TV

my ROCK, she is my everything. So anytime

time will get you. My phone rings nonstop!

I do anything it involves a conversation with

But that’s not a bad thing and I wouldn’t

her. So the understanding is that this next

trade it for the world. Having the opportu-

transition in my life is going to require a lot

nity to do things that I wanted that I never

of my time and a lot of my energy. And I

had before. I’m big on community. I’m big

have to get it right the first time if I want to

on taking what I have and sharing it with the

make something of it. We all know that Mr.

world. So right now, a lot opportunities for

Combs is a no nonsense, no mistakes kind

speaking engagements are opening up. A

of man, PERIOD. So I’m just going to lean on

lot of work for my foundation, that’s huge for

her [Mom] and transition slowly as far as my

me. HUGE. By the end of 2010 I want to have

family is concerned.

my own foundation as well as work for Diddy.


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

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Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

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Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

4 Locations 1520 WEST BLVD CHARLOTTE, NC 28208 704-335-8231

3124 THE PLAZA 5009 BEATTIES FORD RD EXPRESS LOCATION CHARLOTTE, NC 28215 CHARLOTTE, NC 28216 2107 BEATTIES FORD RD 704-334-3233 704-392-1400 CHARLOTTE, NC 28206 19 704-393-5313 Celebrity Power

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Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

of tie, but that doesn’t mean that what one

life altering experience for me. What I meant

man doesn’t like another man wouldn’t like

by that was that I had always checked all of


the corporate boxes; I went to UNC, I went to Harvard Business School, I worked at Proc-

Well we have so many styles…we have over

tor & Gamble, and I worked at Goldman

90 designs on our website. We have a cou-

Sachs on Wall Street. I was doing the tradi-

ple hundred styles through our retail partners

tional things always knowing that eventually

Macy’s and BELK on a nation wide level. He

I wanted to start my own company. The Ap-

[Corwyn] may like some things better than

prentice for me was like an light bulb, jump

I do and I may like some things better than

out the plan experience that said it’s now

him but we all wouldn’t put anything out

or never [sic].There are a lot of opportuni-

there that we’re not proud of. So I’ve prob-

ties to work for other people right now and

ably worn 70% of the collection already.

lots of offers including one from Bob Johnson there in Charlotte. I liked the offers but this is

a conversation with


by J. Hill

Being from Charlotte, NC, did you ever

instead of going out and promoting some-

dream that you would experience some of

one else’s brand this is an opportunity for all

the things that you have in your career? Well

those Generation X global professionals out

I’m one of those people that likes to keep a

there that’s not willing to wear their grandfa-

level head and that is I don’t consider myself

ther’s tie and are looking to show a degree

very successful. I consider myself still work-

of personal style in the workplace but still be

ing towards the dream, still working towards

able to operate within Corporate America’s

the person that I want to be. I’m definitely

dress code. So I wanted to do that and set

blessed with what I’ve achieved thus far

up a brand for our generation and become

but I’m still working towards what I think are

the next Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger.

broader goals.

I know that you’re a busy man, so how involved are you in the designs for the Krimson

That’s great! I always noticed your style

by Kwame neckwear line? It’s a very collab-

when you were on The Apprentice, have

orative process. I work with my Chief Oper-

you always wanted to start your own neck-

ating Officer, a gentleman by the name of

wear line? It’s a little bit of both. I’ve always

Corwyn Thomas. He is really the manufactur-

wanted to start my own company but I re-

ing and design principal for our company.

ally wasn’t sure what form [my business] was

[Together] We decide on fabrics and pat-

going to take. So while I was on The Appren-

terns and colors for the different seasons.

tice people really appreciated the ties and shirts that I wore. From that I decided that22 Celebrity Power

// FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

I know that all men don’t like the same style

What’s next for your company? Are you ex-

my chance try to do something for myself.

panding into other types of garments or will

But don’t get it twisted, it hasn’t been easy,

you focus on increasing neckwear sells? I

it never is. We’ve all seen through the col-

think we want to do a little bit of both. We

lapse on Wall Street and the recession and

are always looking to expand. We basically

things that have brought home for people

have been establishing a base in the neck-

what really matters. That for me has been

wear space. Getting on shelves. Getting the

a journey that started about 6 years ago. I

brand out there on a national level though

wanted to be in control of my own destiny,

BELK and Macy’s. Things like Oprah’s O list.

I wanted to create my own economic op-

From there we are planning to expand into

portunities. There would be ups and downs

other men’s accessories like pocket squares

and I’d have to push through them. I think

and fragrance. We are also working on a

a lot of us are starting to get challenged to

event cigar line right now [sic]. We’ll go from

believe and understand some of the same

city to city doing fashion, cocktails and busi-

ideals because of the current economic cir-

ness mixers, getting people familiar with the


brand on a local level at real high level venues. It gives people the opportunity to come

Okay, confirm all the businesses that you

and interact with the brand. Then eventually

have and projects that you’re working

we’ll move into women’s wear. We get a

on currently? The main one is Krimson by

lot of request from women for scarves and

Kwame, national apparel brand and luxury

other women’s accessories.

lifestyle brand. I’m really focused on that and it consumes most of my energy. Also, there’s

Since you left The Apprentice you have

a company called Kwame, Inc. which is

been on an unbelievable grind, I know you

my professional speaking company where I

experienced success prior to appearing

travel all around the world speaking at col-

on the show but how did that experience

leges and corporations and non-profits. I’ve

change your business perspective? I think

been doing that for about 5 years. Then, I’ve

you’re exactly right. The Apprentice was a

Celebrity done some thingsPower in the media space un-


// FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

der my production company. Both through

most? Well it’s funny, a lot of people get it

television, I did a national PBS special for kids

twisted, it’s definitely not money. I’ve learned

called ‘What’s Up in Finance’ about 2 years

there are bigger and more important things

ago. I’m actually working on television proj-

than money or economic pursuits just for the

ect now that’s going to be on a larger scale

sake of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a

on the network level. Then on that same me-

Harvard Business School graduate, an ex-

dia front, I’m working on a book that I have

wall street guy, so I think economic success

about 80% completed called ‘Stay Hungry’.

is great but it’s not the end all be all. I think

It’s an interview book with 20 interviews with

for me I’ve carved out a niche of economic

World Leaders and global professionals that

independence and social independence

people know. They’re what I call Influenc-

where I can use that positioning to be an

ers. I interview folks like Bob Johnson, Lebron

influencer. That means influencing young

James, the CEO of McDonald’s, the Dean

people to do certain things, it means going

of Harvard Law School, all trying to figure

to other entrepreneurs, it means influencing

out universal principles for persistence. How

myself. I can define my own happiness and

they’ve used persistence and how they’ve

be happy with the things I wake up and work

seen others use persistence in their careers

on everyday. Whether that’s what I’m doing

to become successful.

in New York to help with Haitian Relief for the earthquake or out on the road speaking at

Wow. That’s like a modern day Napoleon

colleges encouraging people to start busi-

Hill effort. What is it that you want to achieve


Kwame Jackson’s Key to Success 1.

No Fear: Don’t be afraid to fail or of what people have to say about you.


Education: Focus on getting the education that works for you, obviously more is better. It will give you opportunities that you didn’t have before. I will give you insight that you didn’t have before and networks for things that you didn’t have before.


Cultivate a broad and diverse network: Both ethnically, economically, and geographically, just look all kinds of different people who can help you along the way and you can help along their way.


Don’t be afraid to take risk: Jump out there and do your thing. Do some LEAPING before you LOOK. A lot of people do a lot of LOOKING before they LEAP. As long as you have a plan in place and you feel comfortable with the risk your taking, don’t be afraid to step out there because you never know what its going to bring.


Stay Hungry: Keep on trucking and realize that your attitude is what’s going to determine aptitude. Whether you going through good or bad times, a person who can continue to believe in themselves motivated and keep themselves positive in the most dire circumstances. You’ve 24 got to be tenacious.

Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

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Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

What was your experience like being on

is the definitely the most genuine. He’s not

Project Runway Season 5? Well, for one thing,

a Diva. He gets his own coffee and really

it’s not scripted like some people may think.

doesn’t like people fussing over him. He re-

I was whisked off to NY and the first time we

ally is the same person all the time.

actually speak to and see Heidi [Klum] is on

project runway’s


the roof. We weren’t allowed to even talk

Which of the judges do you feel was most

until the cameras were there. There was no

critical? Nina [Garcia] and Michael [Kors].

TV, radio or books allowed although I asked

I must say I took all of Michael’s comments

and was allowed to bring my Bible. I knew

with a grain of salt because he is essential-

I would need it. (Laughs). It’s really intense.

ly my competitor. He’s a designer too but

There’s no time to regroup so the fatigue

Nina’s words meant so much more as the

and tears everyone see is real. I mean, the

Fashion Director for Marie Claire. She’s the

producers even listen to your phone calls to

one who would approve my designs for ad-

your family when you’re allowed to make

vertising so her opinion was important. Every-


one else’s didn’t matter. (Laughs)

Wow. That’s gotta be tough. So, What was

What’s the support system like after the last

your favorite challenge? The Drag Queen

take of the show? Well, let me put it this way,

Challenge. Definitely. I was scared out of my

Leanne [Marshall] was the winner and no

comfort zone but still ended up in the top 3.

one [from Project Runway] even came to

That was a confidence booster. My favorite

her show the following season. They love

design though was the Seat Belt Jacket I

Christian Suriano though. He gets the most


support. That says a lot, they believe in him.

YES! I remember that piece. It was one of

I know you currently reside in Arkansas. Any

my favorites for the entire season. Speak-

plans to move to the Big Apple anytime

ing of which, are you watching the current

soon? Nope. (Laughs) I love living in Arkan-

season? Yes. I think this season is better than

sas. People here are real. They are so open

the last because they are back in New York.

and appreciative. It keeps me grounded liv-

Last season, it seemed as though people

ing here.

by T. Strong (StyleMayvin)

couldn’t really relate to all the new judges

As an avid watcher of the reality show, Project Runway and a lover of ev-

and being in LA. Season 6 sat on the shelf for

I bet your family does that for you also. How

a year and then two months later the new

difficult is it to balance your personal and

show started so it was kinda weird. I’ve actu-

professional life? It’s tough. There’s a lot of

ally been mentoring a lot of those [season

guilt involved on my part. I do my best to

6] designers because they really didn’t get

communicate with my husband so he al-

a lot of time to shine before the next show

ways knows what’s going on. I don’t ever


want him to feel like he’s getting the short

erything fashionable, I was elated to speak with Korto about her upcoming NYC fashion week show. She was my personal favorite during Season 5 and I admire her as a professional woman as well as a wife and mother. She is truly an example of how women can certainly have it all. Although you didn’t win during Season 5 you were voted fan favorite. In some ways, is that better than actually winning Project Runway? Actually yes. The real winner never wins because there’s so much politics going on but I definitely appreciate being Fan Favorite. Those are the people who will ultimately buy my designs. Celebrity Power


// FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

end of the stick. I try to give everyone their Tim Gunn is actually my favorite person on

time you know? Tea parties at night with my

the show. Is he as nice as he seems? Tim

daughter, movies with my husband and


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

most times I’m so tired by the end of the

What inspires you? My family, my daughter.

night but I know that’s when it’s my time

Being an example for my daughter, espe-

to work. I don’t take much time for myself

cially when I was on the show. I can’t expect

though. (Laughs)

her to behave a certain way in school if she sees me acting up on TV. (Laughs)


Fall 2010 Collection

I know that feeling. All too well! How excited are you to be showing at Fashion Week

That’s so true. And I must say you represent-

again this season? Very! But I’ll be more ex-

ed women of color in a very positive man-

cited when it’s finished. (Laughs) I haven’t

ner on Project Runway. I applaud you for

shown since Project Runway. It’s huge. I feel

that! So, what would be your most valuable

like I’m gonna be back where I belong. I’m

piece of advise for any up and coming de-

looking forward to showing people who I am

signer? Thanks. My advice would be “Follow

as a designer. I really look at this as my de-

no rules”.

but. I can vibe with that for sure! (Laughs) I know Thank you for inviting us to attend your show.

you have a line of handbags and jewelry

I’m very excited about it! So, how would you

being launched in Dillard’s department store

describe your Fall 2010 Collection that you’ll

soon. How did this opportunity come about?

be showing at Fashion Week? (Interview

It’s actually hitting stores on the same day

conducted prior to the showing on 2/15/10)

as my return to Fashion Week. (2/5/10) We

You’re very welcome. It’s very feminine. I

didn’t plan it that was though. Since I’m

create designs that would look great on

based in Arkansas and so is Dillard’s, I was

any woman. The style are flattering regard-

actually in talks with them before Project

less of size. I provide clothes for real women

Runway to develop a line of accessories

and that make her look great...hey, look at

and handbags. We were just taking baby

me. (Laughs) I hope people can appreciate

steps because the economy and decided


to put every thing on hold until I returned [from Project runway].

How long have you been working on the collection? Since October of last year.

Are you planning to expand your clothing line into Dillard’s as well? I would love to. I’m

Have you had an opportunity to dress any

happy to be working with them. You know, I

celebrities or design for any celebrities? If

came to this country with a dream and I’m

so, who was your favorite to work with? Lisa

achieving it. That’s a great feeling.

Raye, Mary Steenburgen (married to actor Ted Danson), Beverly Johnson and I made a beautiful necklace for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first female President of Liberia. Now, that was big for me. I would really love to dress Oprah.


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


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amirboyd VP of Promotions, Grand Hustle Records by Lateef

be in anyone’s office or anyone’s 9 to 5. So that led to another relationship that I had with Jason Jeter, Co-Owner of Grand Hustle Records, about coming to work with him. So now I’m the VP of Promotions for Grand Hustle and everything came full circle. What are your daily activities for the label? Everyday I wake up and look at BDS reports (Broadcast Data Systems) to look at the spins on my records. On my way to the office I’m talking to a DJ or Program Director at a radio station. I’m talking to them to make them aware of what I have going on so they can play my records. I’m setting up radio and magazine interviews for the artist. I get on the road and go see some the radio people that I’m talking to. I’m setting up shows for the artist, so there’s always something to do.

How did you transition in to the record business? I was hand picked by Kevin Liles to make the move to Atlantic Records. I got a call from Kevin and he wanted me to interview for a position. I was responsible for promoting artist like Young Joc and be apart of his first album. I remember taking the record, “It’s Going Down” to radio stations and they were like they did not see it [as a hit]. It ended up being one of the biggest records of that time. I later worked at Interscope Records. How did you eventually end up at Grand Hustle Records? Well, I later became the Music Director of V103. At that point, I just used all the relationships that I had to make the station better. I had always aspired to become a Music or Program Director. So I went back to radio so that I could learn to be a Program Director. It didn’t all work out but I definitely learned a lot from that transition. I also learned that I was better suited for the record side. I learned that I’m not suited to 36 Celebrity Power

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What’s the current line up for Grand Hustle and what projects do you have plan for 2010? The project to be released this year will be 8Ball & MJG. There album, “10 Toes Down” comes out in April. Another song that just started getting some spins is called “Bring it Back”, Featuring Young Dro and Produced by Nitti. The next release after that will be Young Dro or B.O.B. We still have Big Kuntry, Mac Boney, Bola, Killa Mike, and a kid name Lil’ Shun who sings and sounds like Michael Jackson when he was his age. And we also have a kid name Spodee who’s starting to create a movement. Another artist is Baby Boy; we have partnership with Amar’e Stoudimare [Phoenix Suns] and his record label. Then you got Grand Hustle Films, we have a movie coming out with Idris Elba and Chris Brown. Then we have Akoo Clothing line which stands for A KING OF ONESELF, that’s T.I’s clothing line. And of course, the King, T.I. is in the studio recording and his album release set for August.


was the day of the first snow that Charlotte had seen all winter. While people were scrambling to buy bread and juice, Wayne Davis was negotiating contracts, approving final event details and reviewing budgets. Davis is the President and CEO of EZ-Tixx, an internationally recognized minority- owned ticketing firm that specializes in providing innovative ticketing services and technology to both national and international based venues. As the snow continued to fall he was unphased. He was in the midst of finalizing the details for a show that EZ-Tixx is sponsoring during the 2010 Super Bowl festivities on Florida’s infamous South Beach featuring TPain, Cardiact, Tommy Lee and Chris Brown at Club Play, one of the hottest clubs in Miami. On any given night you can find an AList celebrity in the midst of the crowd. Davis is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is formerly employed by the Global Entertainment Corporation, a public company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Global Entertainment focuses on sports management, arena and related real estate development, facility and venue management and marketing, venue ticketing and branded licensing. However, like a true entrepreneur, Davis saw a void in the market and filled it. He started the first minority-owned full-service ticketing agency in the market. “As a full-service ticketing agency we have the ability to develop the tickets, print the tickets, market the shows that our clients promote on our website and via social media,” said Davis. What makes EZ-Tixx unique is not the abundant amount of business that the company does during the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament or the 60-plus events that it provides services for per year. They are unique because of the innovative and forward-thinking strategies of the company’s executives, which will keep

them competitive in the marketplace. EZ-Tixx has developed its own software which gives them the ability to develop actual tickets for all of its clients across the country and abroad. “The software that we have developed is very unique and one of a kind for us and the industry. Our competitors don’t have the ability to print, mail and provide vendors with an actual ticket as well as provide ticket sales on the internet and at remote locations,” said Davis. “We also have the ability to adjust any of the tickets that we sell on the fly,” he said. EZ-Tixx is headquartered in Charlotte but has offices in Norfolk, V.A. and Rio Grande, TX. Some of the firms biggest clients are convention centers, arenas, CIAA, spring break activities across the country and summer festivals. “The Hispanic population has been very loyal to this company,” said Steven A. Smith, EZ-Tixx Operations Manager. “For that reason, we ensure that in our call centers we have bilingual phone representatives.” EZ-Tixx is no stranger to the entertainment industry. However, the organization is now expounding its operations to sponsor entertainment events that feature some of the country’s hottest bands and artists. In fact, the organization is sponsoring the Soulful Rhythms and Comedy Show featuring Frankie Beverly and Maze with a brief comedy set by Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show during the CIAA basketball tournament. “As time progresses will be sponsoring bigger shows and providing ticketing for larger venues,” said Davis, “We are in a stage of growth right now, and the potential that I see for EZ-Tixx is great.” For more information on EZ-Tixx log onto or call 1-877-993-8499.


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Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

Fantasia has been hard at work since she joined the industry in 2004. She’s released two hit albums with top spots on the Billboard Hot 100 with tracks such as “I believe” and “When I See You”. Both albums earned Fantasia multiple Grammy nominations in 2006 and 2008. Fantasia also played a leading role in the musical, The Color Purple as Celie before missing a number of tour dates and ultimately leaving the cast for personal reasons. Recently she appeared on The Oprah Show and shared with the world that she was suffering from complications caused by two tumors in her throat that were ultimately removed. Fantasia is set to rejoin The Color Purple and knows that she is much more experienced and ready to tackle the long hours the

fantasiabarrino by T. Strong (StyleMayvin) Amanda Sherer Celebrity Power

High Point, North Carolina native Fantasia Monique Barrino, commonly known as American R&B singer Fantasia has reached new levels of fame after earning her 1st place victory on the third season of 40 hit television show, American Idol.

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Broadway show requires. She is also currently starring in her own TV reality show, Fantasia For Real, on VH1. Although she has a very hectic schedule, we were able up to catch up with Fantasia to get a little insight about how things are developing in her life now.


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A Few Questions for

When can your fans expect your new album


to come out? Fans can expect a single in

Congratulations on your new show on VH1!

Will you be touring anytime this year? Oh my

What made you decide to do a reality show

GOD yes lol.

March and my CD around May.

at this point in your career? Thank you! My Management and I thought by me doing a

Do you have any businesses that you’ve

reality show it would be a great way too al-

launched or NEW endorsements deals that

low my fans and I too reconnect. Give them

you’ve secured recently? Yes and all I can

a chance too see some of my accomplish-

say is watch Fantasia For Real on VH1

ments and failures as well as set the record straight as my Grandmother says from the

For those aspiring artist out there, what does

horse’s mouth (Laughs).

it really take to be successful in the music business? Stay determined, stay focused,

How has staring in The Color Purple Broad-

try too write as much of your own music as

way show helped you develop as a singer

possible, publishing/ownership is the key to

and entertainer? Staring in The Color Purple

securing your future.

helped me too learn how to pace myself. Those Broadway singers are the real deal.

What is your ultimate goal for your career?

It’s much different/harder than simply doing

I eventually produce other artist and star in

a concert. On broadway you are perform-


ing anywhere from 6-10 show per week. With the same delivery expectations, it also

We are hoping to see a lot from Fantasia this

enhanced my awareness on stage as each

year. Thus far, she’s been truly representing

actor, feeding off each other from the lines,

for North Carolina. Watching her grow and

blocking, singing, etc.

transform into the woman that she is now from a very public perspective has not and

From the very beginning of your career

is never easy for any artist, though it seems

you’ve succeeded against great odds, what

that through all of the challenges, ups and

is it that drives you to succeed no matter

downs she is still grounded, still humble and

what? My Daughther Zion is the force behind

ready to take the world by storm...Again.

my drive to succeed and continue doing what they say I can’t do.

Visit Fantasia’s Web Site ( or catch Fantasia’s VH1 reality

For those who don’t know, what are some

show Mondays at 10pm to stay informed

of the charitable things that you have done

about her latest endorsements as well ob-

recently or that you have coming up in the

tain additional details about her new album

near future? I have been a strong supporter of

release and tour dates for 2010..

breast cancer, I’ve done numerous concert’s too help raise money as well as awareness.


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Service, peace, humanity, equality, social responsibility and sustainable change are the six virtues that power The AngelRock Project’s and its Founder and Director, Malaak Compton-Rock. One of their most important projects is the Journey for a Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service program, which is a global volunteer exchange program for at-risk youth. They spent two weeks volunteering in some of the shantytowns in South Africa, followed by pledging to become Journey for a Change Ambassadors, representing the program as a spokesperson to their neighborhoods. Recently, the Journey for a Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service partners with the Saint Bernard Project, as a group of 26 students from Brooklyn, NY go to the Saint Bernard Parish in New Orleans, Louisiana. There, the group of students helped in rebuilding three homes in the Saint Bernard Parish that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Aside from practicing the six virtues of the AngelRock Project, the volunteers were able to witness the damage that was caused by Hurricane Katrina both in the Lower Ninth Ward and the Saint Bernard Parish. They in turn were assigned to write to their congressional leaders about what they witnessed first-hand as well as seeking aid for the Gulf Coast. In other news, Chris Rock joined Wyclef Jean, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Rhianna and many others for the Hope for Haiti Benefit Concert that aired on MTV. The telethon-concert raised more than $57 million dollars to help the earthquake-stricken Caribbean nation, breaking the world record of the amount of money raised by the general public through a disaster-relief telethon. However, the preliminary figures are only from donations via phone, online, and mobile texts. They have not yet counted the donations from corporations, large private donors, or iTunes sales for the ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ album which is also the biggest one-day album pre-order on iTunes. For more information on The AngelRock Foundation and Journey for a Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service, please visit For more information on the Hope for Haiti Foundation and on how to donate, please visit

SOURCES: The AngelRockProject, MTV NEWS


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

by T. Strong (StyleMayvin)



When did you know you wanted to be a publicist? Well, I went to college at Boston College and majored in Communications. I wanted to be a talk show host actually. Obviously that’s a difficult field to get into but the good thing about college for me was I was able to explore some backup options. Through my various communications courses I realize I could be a publicist or an agent. So I guess I would say in college. When did you get your big break? I still don’t feel like I’ve had that moment. I appreciate that people know who I am and people respect my work but I don’t feel that I’ve reached my peak by any means. To be honest I think I have a ways to go. I feel like I’m just getting started.

mand as much of your attention? Vivica Fox

hustle. I welcome the competition. No one

PR, and Branding Agency. What we do is

is the biggest client on my roster right now.

can do what I can do. I wish everybody

create, develop, and enhance a client to

She’s an A-List Hollywood star. I think it de-

well and I want everybody to be successful.

present them in the best light possible and

pends on the personality that you’re deal-

I don’t care if my competition is a Harvard

to help them build their brands. They utilize

ing with but she is the easiest celebrity that

Graduate with a degree in Rocket Science

Coleman Entertainment Group to do what

I’ve ever worked with, she’s great. I’ve been

or if it’s a party girl from the Hamptons just

we do best, which is PR but the business is al-

blessed. I’ve work with Kimora Lee Simmons

trying to be a celebrity. At the end of the

ways expanding. We also do management;

and Naomi Campbell. I’ve had great men-

day I welcome them to my world and I will call them my colleagues.

I work with Stylist and DJs. We work with Hair-

tors in all of them. What you’ve read about

stylist and Make Up artists. It’s a 7 month old

them is surely untrue and they are amazing

company but we are always expanding.

talents to work with. And I have an amazing

What do you feel has been your greatest


achievement thus far? It’s having my own

How do you decide which clients that you

company. Yes, it’s my greatest achievement

want to work with? I definitely don’t take

Some publicist don’t like that there are peo-

thus far until my book comes out. The busi-

any and all clients. I work with people whose

ple in the Public Relations Industry that don’t

ness is working, it started in April 2009 and

art I believe in or whose brand I support. I

have a degree or extensive experience in

I wasn’t sure it was going to work. I didn’t

wouldn’t work with someone whose brand I

the industry, what is your opinion on that? I

know if I was going to make it to December

didn’t’ believe in, the product they were of-

think anyone can do it. PR is not rocket sci-

because times were tough last year. But the

fering, or cause for which they stand. So ev-

ence it’s a great thing to do. I’d rather hire

company is working, we’re growing, busi-

eryone that I have worked with, even when

someone with a History Major or Math Major

ness is good. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done

I was a celebrity assistant, I’ve admired their

because they can bring something differ-

but the most rewarding

work. I couldn’t be creative with them or

ent to the table. You can learn PR. You can

work with them if I didn’t. I’m really just a fan

do an internship. If you can bring something

What do you want to achieve most in your

that happens to be working with them.

different to the table then that’s a plus. Of

career? I’m aiming for the sky! It’s like when

course there’s people who see the glitz and

Diddy says “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”.

At this stage of your career, when it comes

the glamour of entertainment and fashion

to being a Publicist, Journalist, or Personality,

and look at it as an easy way to get in. Some

which of those are you focusing on more?

people do that but I can’t knock anyone’s

I’m not focusing on Journalism more than PR or PR more than being a Personality. I’m just doing me. I’m not following any kind of money I just do what I want to do. I’m not focusing on any part of anything I’m just trying

What’s the current goal of Coleman Entertainment Group? Are you in expansion mode? You know, I’ve never been just a Publicist. I’ve never had one job. My first job was at 14, I was a camp counselor and then I was a student. So I’ve never had just one job. Coleman Entertainment group is a


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Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Marketing,

to do me. I love writing. If another writing opportunity becomes available I will definitely do that and still do PR. I don’t’ think writing is something that I have to stop doing PR for; it’s just a hobby for me. If television or anything like that comes along it just a blessing. When you work for a huge client how do you manage your other clients that may not de-


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy


Power // Celebrity FAMOUS Entrepreneurs // Brands // Philanthropy

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