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issue 34

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22 In Bloom by Elysium Eilde

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6 | Second Style Magazine

by Brigette Belgar

48 Spring Spread

by Katey Coppola

editor’s note The best of Second Life clothing, hair, skins, accessories, and more

Issue #34

I don’t know about you all, but I have that spring itch already. It has crept up early this year and bit me on my bottom, I find myself eager to break away from my sweaters and scarves, which is pretty rare for me. So to celebrate the incoming warmth and color, we’ve filled the pages of issue number 34 with some fantastic ideas to warm up your wardrobe.

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Senior Layout Designer HeatherDawn Cohen

This month’s guest contributor; Katey Coppola of Glitterati poses, is giving us a unique interpretation of spring through her eyes. You will also find Ana Lutetia’s April Fresh Faces featuring Phoenix Rising, and a look at the color blue with Clyde Saunders.

Managing Editor Felicity Blumenthal Senior Staff Writers Ana Lutetia James Schwarz Staff Writers Brigitte Belgar Gabby Panacek Tenshi Vielle Luna Jubilee Clyde Saunder Rylan Carling Elysium Eilde Guest Columnists Katey Coppola Founder Josie Hamilton

Tenshi Vielle shares an interesting blog project with us called twothreesixfive, while Brigitte Belgar sits down to chat with our April Style Icon, Emma Gilmour of Surf Co. You also won’t want to miss The Look this month with Rylan Carling, where she tosses on her rain boots and faces the April showers. Then have a look at Luna Jubilee’s wonderful selection of cardigans perfect for the season in our April Mini Guide. I am personally providing you with a list of Second Style Editor’s Picks as well, which will give you quite a few accessorizing ideas for the warmer weather. On top of all that delicious content, I am so excited to welcome Elysium Eilde as the newest member of the Second Style team. Ely will be doing a monthly fashion spread for us, and we are all thrilled to have her. You can catch her first spread this April where she effortlessly expresses her spring fashion sense. I’d also like to take a second to remind everyone to stop by Second Style Island. We have a fantastic promotion going on right now, in which, each day we are giving away a gift provided by one of the stores on the sim. The gifts are free to anyone who joins the Second Style Island group. It also happens to be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the park, where it is SPRING, all year round! ;)

~Felicity 10 | Second Style Magazine

fresh faces | Phoenix Rising By Ana Lutetia

Phoenix Rising has just recently turned one year old. The creator behind it, Ashoka Eales, started designing back in 2008 but only opened finally opened shop in January of 2009. You will find that Phoenix Rising’s garments are mostly hand drawn; the creative process for Ashoka is a mix of sketching, painting and adding realistic textures to create her own original pieces. The inspiration for Phoenix Rising’s attire comes from everyday life itself and are usually picked up within (RL/SL), catalogs, photos or even from Ashoka’s desk where she keeps her sketches and scribbles. Upon a trip to the main store, you can see that Phoenix Rising embraces a lot of styles in addition to having quite a bit of variety both for male and female. As an added bonus her extensive selection ranges from casual to formal attire, plus even shoes and jewelry! According to Ashoka: Second Life is what we make of it. We can create, build, learn, teach, model, run a business or write. The choices are limitless, endless and full of possibilities we did not believe possible irl.

Encounter Prim Gown The Encounter Prim Gown is available in several rich colors and makes any girl look like the queen of the night. With his generous neckline and the delicate flower at the high waist, it will make heads turn. Wisk Wisk is sweetest in a dress and a celebration of Spring. This pretty look is also available in more pastel tones, and is the perfect mini dress for a casual stroll in the garden. Facade Casual chic seems the perfect definition for this three piece set; Façade. It can be found in other color combinations and the look of the jeans with the dressier top is striking. Brace Brace is a modern look with lace, roses and chains. It’s a trendy look available in multiple color combinations to release your inner diva.

14 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 15

18 | Second Style Magazine

POSTCARDS by Brigitte Belgar

Dear Brig, I seem to be stuck in a fashion rut. Lately, it seems that I only choose pieces (and colors) for my wardrobe that are safe and that I know I’ll feel ‘comfortable’ in. As you probably know, ‘comfortable’ doesn’t always mean ‘great.’ I feel frumpy, chunky, and worse, much older than I actually am. I don’t want to hit the streets wearing a neon-infused outfit, but I don’t want to look like I’m in mourning with my all-black ensembles, either. I’ve been hoarding money away all winter and now that spring’s here, I want to take some chances and spruce up my attire. How can I update my look without going overboard? Dear Rutted Reader, There’s a rich spectrum of colors between the black you’re used to and the neons you quiver at the thought of, so I think you’ll be able to transition your closet without getting a hangover. First, I’d start injecting some neutral, lighter tones into your ‘do’s-- think gray, khaki, sand, and olive green. Test the waters with these colors by pairing them with some of your go-to black pieces and see what happens. When you’re ready, migrate toward some more color, but stick with deep jeweled shades like midnight blue, dark purple, and warm, deep reds. As you get more confident, try tossing in some patterned tops in colors more spring appropriate, like soft pinks, grassy greens, and pale blues. Finally, make sure you sprinkle on some playful accessories, because nothing updates a look more

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than a little pizzazz. Put a belt with a wide buckle on over your jacket or long-sleeved tee, toss on some playful, bright rings to go with your floral top, and try slipping on a pair of tall heels or jeweled flats to add some spark to the rest of your ‘do. Have fun, and Happy Spring!

Dear Brig, I’ve got an easy one for you: What fashion trends do I need to jump on board with this spring? Dear Trend Seeker, I love straightforward questions. I’ll give you what I hope is a pretty straightforward response. The first spring trend worth dipping your toes into is-- big surprise-- florals. A lot of people will tell you that florals in the spring are predictable and boring, but I’d argue that infusing a dash of what’s popping out of the ground into your ensembles is a rather classic way to approach the season. My only warning with this trend is to make

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sure you embrace it in moderation. There’s nothing more revolting than someone covered head to toe in bursting buds. Pair a floral top with neutral leggings, jeans, and shoes, or just sprinkle on a dash of florets with a headband, neck tie, or pair of subtly-patterned flats. The second trend I’m loving is nautical stripes. If you’re like me and love spending your spring and summer near the beach, it won’t take much to persuade you that a crisp red or navy stripe on a white backdrop is perfect for your seaside ventures. Of course, this trend is appropriate whatever you spend your afternoons, whether it’s walking your dog in a park, wandering around campus, or typing away in an office cube. Try tossing on a belt in a crisp shade at the opposite end of the color wheel from your stripe or sporting some daring red lipstick to liven up your tee, cardigan, or even nautical-striped dress. Finally, I’m seeing a lot of pastel shades in store window displays. This trend isn’t a big surprise given the time of year, but I’d suggest jazzing up these shades a little by sporting them ways you might not usually do. Read for a chunky wedge in a rosy pink or robin’s egg blue instead of your usual white flats. Try some funky-shaped bangles for a playful pop of color on your arm. Give your otherwise basic outfit a punch with some wood-and-enamel rings that match the pastel tone of your nail polish. And, of course, make sure you include some flower-embellished pieces in your outfits, like a little clutch with a spray of buds on the side, a lavender top with some rosettes to accentuate your bosom, or a pair of earrings with little blooms on them. You win the award for being less wordy, but I hope I was helpful anyway!

Second Style Magazine | 21

In Bloom 22 | Second Style Magazine

by Elysium Eilde

Fae Costume - *Evieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Closet* Ariel Feet - SLink Jolie Pied Barefoot Medium Feles: Hair - Exile Breeze Skin - FNKY Angel Tan Mermaid skin Jewelry - Burroughs Alyssa necklace, earrings; EarthStones Bali Crescent bracelet Elysium Hair - Exile Love Song 2 Skin - []::Tuli::[] Bella (dark tan/red) F.Y.L.O. copper Jewelry - Alchemy Immortalis - Ami amet deli pencet Ivy Choker, Vine Earrings and Renaissance Bracelet Elysiana Hair - Exile Kalea Skin - :GP: Acorn [Light] April-Showers 2 Accessories - Illusions Hedera Vines Large Flowers: Fallingwater Flowers, Groundcover: Fluffy Green Meadows, Poses: Long Awkward Pose Second Style Magazine | 23

Elysium: Shirt - MALT Fashions Allyn Skirt - Malt Fashions Vintage Jupe Skirt Hair - - Tatum.2 Skin - Belleza- Alyson MED 8 Jewelry - U&R Dogs Traumerei Pierced Earrings Shoes - Maitreya Gold - Shanti Golden-Khaki RubyStarlight: Dress - MALT Fashions - Belle Dress in WineBerry Hair - - Carrie Skin - DUTCH TOUCH -Jolie Jewelry - MALT Bracelet pink/gold; EarthStones Grateful Necklace Shoes - {Cherry} The Alice Cullen Flats Flowers - Arctic Greenhouse Flower Cart - Feles Seitan Pose - Exposeur Location - Emvee Cuba 24 | Second Style Magazine

Elysium Shirt - * Baiastice_Pleated cotton skirt-light grey Skirt-Baiastice_Soie Brillant-bluette Hair - Cake - Faith II - Chestnut Skin - Belleza- Alyson Tan 14 Jewelry - Marcopol Oh Elyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Necklace diamond; (luc) Kauâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;i disc earrings Shoes - BAX Prestige Boots Blue Suede Feles: Shirt - INDI Riley striped shirt Pants - Elephant Outfitters Classic Cargos, olive Hair - UW Reed hair, mesh black Skin - Belleza Ewan v2 Tan Shoes -Stash Undefeatable leather shoes Flower: Tomac Sewell (modified) Pose: xoxo ania Anticipating the Kiss Location - Artis Natur Second Style Magazine | 25

Feles: Shirt - Zaara Anjuna shirt Pants - Decoy Genesis 10 Capri Hair - Gritty Kitty Penny hair Skin - Belleza Alyson Tan 0 Jewelry - Shiny Things Nico bracelet and Tuesday necklace Shoes - Babsy Clogs Feet - SLink Jolie Pied high bare feet Elysium: Shirt - Zaara 15 Mishti tank Pants - Decoy Genesis 10 Capri Hair - Truth Ana Skin -Belleza- Jesse Deep tan 0 Jewelry - [LeLutka] - Judith Bracelet, *SiSSi* Pebble Necklace Hat - *COCO*_StrawHat Sunglasses - [Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY Shoes - Decoy Shoes: Francisco II Wedge Feet - SLink Jolie Pied medium bare feet Flowers - Gumiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Flower Shop Props - RC Cluster Pose - *xoxo ania* 26 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 27

Elysiana Dress - *elymode kids* spring dress Hair - TRUTH Peaches Skin - :GP: Sundust [Dark] Breeze-Pure 3 Jewelry - +*R*+: Traumerei Bracelet Silver; HauntedZuzu Lulu Hair Flowers Lilies - Arctic Greenhouse Pose -* xoxo ania* 28 | Second Style Magazine

Elysium: Dress - Tuli Leaves Hair - Magika Nature Skin - Bella Elysium Jewelry - Haunted Zuzu Black Crystal Bloom Necklace Ears - [plastik]-Elven Ears-Frozen Pose - *xoxo ania* Props - assorted: KIDD Creation, Alchemy Immortalis, Stokame Accessories Second Style Magazine | 29

THE LOOK by Rylan Carling

Skin – Belleza - Jesse SK 2 Lashes – Cake Flutter Lashes Hair – TRUTH - Anise – night Eyes – Exodi - Vetro Eyes – Blue Lip Ring –AddiXion - Lip Ring Piercing Coat – !DADA! Spy In The House of Memories Jacket Skirt – Baiastice_Irregular zips - light grey 2 Top – Berries Inc. mel dress shirt Boots – UBU Dots Rain Boots Necklace – Miel VIV Necklace Pose/Umbrella – Glitterati - Umbrella Singles Pose 30 | Second Style Magazine

To reach the beauty of spring, there has to be a little rain sometimes and, in the midst of outdoor shopping, there’s always the chance of getting caught in a downpour. The proper attire is essential for days like these. First and foremost, the basics are required: raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella. Shown here are the coveted rain boots from UBU, matched with Katey Coppola’s Glitterati umbrella and pose. The light blue of the boots and umbrella offsets the dreary grays of the day, and stands out against the well sculpted and easily adjusted !DADA! coat. Baiastice’s irregular zip skirt is fitted to perfection with its fluctuating lengths. The dash of purple from Berries Inc.’s Mel, offers the color that bursts from the outfit, along with the headband of TRUTH’s Anise hair style. Accessorized with Miel’s VIV Necklace, the Look is complete as the delicately sculpted piece of art hangs around the neckline.

Baiastice_Irregular zips - light grey 2

UBU Dots Rain Boots

Miel VIV Necklace

Glitterati - Umbrella Singles Pose Second Style Magazine | 31

32 | Second Style Magazine

34 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon Emma Gilmour By Brigitte Belgar Spring is a time for fresh, budding change. Our days are getting longer and warmer. Our trees and grass are growing greener and more lush. Our wardrobes are becoming lighter and brighter. Of course, we all embrace the change of season with varying degrees of excitement. Some of us barricade ourselves in our closets with our knit scarves and boots, hoping for the chance to sport them just one more time upon the arrival of a spring snowfall. Some of us surround ourselves with a bold array of floral prints and baby animals in an attempt to Continued on page 36 > immerse ourselves in the soft pastel hue that defines the season. Second Style Magazine | 35

Style Icon | Emma Gilmour < continued from page 35

Still, there are those of us (myself included), who jump headfirst into the change of season, burying our winter attire deep in our drawers in favor of cheerful, brightly-colored flip flops, tees, and sundresses. Yes, I’m the person who runs to the beach as soon as the ice has thawed just to feel the sand beneath my toes-- even if the breeze blowing through my hair is more spring than summer-like. As I began adjusting Brig’s wardrobe for the more temperate temps, I found myself popping into one particular store in search of some warm-weather appropriate accoutrement. That store, of course, is the Sand Shack Surf Company, and the gal behind the shop is Miss Emma Gilmour. If you aren’t familiar with Emma’s work, you really ought to be. She’s got a knack for turning out spunky, energetic pieces that can’t help but cheer you up and ignite all of the fondness associated with a visit to the beach, whether it’s a memory of a day spent basking on the sun-baked sand or one splashing about in the waves of the roaring surf. Emma took a few moments to tell me about the challenges and joys of running an in-world business, describe her creative process, and confess what she’d steal from her avatar’s wardrobe if she had the chance. Those of us who have visited the Sand Shack Surf Company know that we can count on it for pretty much any of our beach-related needs, whether it’s playful tanks and sweats, breezy hairstyles, or sunkissed, seaside-friendly skins. How might you define/ describe the ‘beachy’ style you’ve come to be known for? I think I would describe my beachy style as happy. That might sound silly, but when I think of the beach and surfing and summer time, I just get this giddy happy feeling that I want to communicate through the colors and fun style of my clothing. Which three of your creations do you think best represent your overall work? Why? They would have to be the swimmies (from 2007), the Boardwalkers, and the Moana Bikinis. I think I would consider these to be the best representations of my work because they each individually have the beach factor, the fun factor, and the color factor. When you’re not decked out in your own creations, which 2-3 other designers might we most often see you sporting? What draws you to their work?

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Second Style Magazine | 37

38 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon | Emma Gilmour < continued from page 36

Tres Blah and Artilleri. I LOVE the unique styles of both brands and the quality of their work. I can always mix match their creations and make adorable outfits. You can’t lose with Tres Blah or Artilleri. What do you find most challenging about running a business in-world? What’s most rewarding? I think the most challenging part about running a business here is remembering that I don’t need to keep up. The fashion industry in SL has exploded so much that sometimes it is really intimidating. It can be easy to forget why I started doing Surf Co. in the first place, but remembering gets me excited all over again and allows me to really block out the noise and just have fun. I encourage any other designer who finds it intimidating at times to do the same. SL is huge but no matter how big it gets, there will ALWAYS be room for each individual’s art and creativity. Do you have any tidbits of advice for individuals contemplating starting up their own in-world business endeavors? If you love it, do it. Ask questions, learn all you can, and do it. I think the motivation that comes with having a passion for your art will allow anyone to make it here. As far as specific practical business advice, I would say find a good place to rent, and get to know some other people in the same field to see where the best places to advertise are. Can you tell us a little bit about what your creative process looks like-- from inspiration/idea to execution/production? It really differs from project to project, but typically I think what happens is I’ll see something that I really like, (whether it’s clothing, a building, a piece of art, a person’s style, a movie, etc.) when I’m out somewhere in RL, and then I’ll use that concept as my canvas and keep building on it until I have something I really want to create. Then I’ll either sketch it out or build it. Most of the time during the drawing/building process I change more things. When it makes its way into SL as a final product, most of the time it really looks nothing like what I had originally planned, but the fact that there are no limits there is what makes it so much fun. If we peeked inside your picnic basket during one of your RL visits to the beach, what might we find for lunch? Probably a turkey/hummus sandwich, a peach, and a water or seltzer with lime juice. If I didn’t bring my own lunch I’d end up at one of those boardwalk

Continued on page 40 > Second Style Magazine | 39

Style Icon | Emma Gilmour < continued from page 39

restaurants ordering burgers or pizza. healthier when I plan, haha)

(I’m a lot

Can you share something about the Sand Shack Surf Company that readers might not already know? Before Surf Co. had its own legit location, you could find it roaming sand boxes spamming people with beach-themed graphic tees. I got in trouble a few times, I had no idea what I was doing, but that is officially where Surf Co. began! If you could steal one thing from Emma’s wardrobe to have for yourself in RL, what would it be? Why? I think it would be the Elsa Boots in Stjordal. I’d LOVE to have a cowboy-style comfy boot with a knit top and a fun colorful pattern. What wishes/hopes/dreams do you have for Surf Co. as you look ahead to its future? My hopes for Surf Co. are that it will stay the same beauty, colorful, fun place I’ve always tried to make it. I hope to keep adding and learning more but my goal is to always keep it Surf Co.

40 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 41

Color with Clyde | BLUE By Clyde Saunders

April is an exciting month as we phase out of winter and ease closer and closer to the summer. This month felt like it would be a good one to showcase the color blue, since blue can often be associated with rain, which is very common this season, and in turn with renewal and relaxation. If you are looking to feel rejuvenated this month, check out the following variety of selections from some top Second Life content creators. I absolutely love Alphamale, their casual clothing is some of my favorite. The Alphamale t-shirts I’ve selected to share are also a great add to your wardrobe, as they come in a nice array of color choices. Come to think of it, they come in just about every single color you can imagine, but I especially love the blue collection. I have also chosen the Byron jacket from Baiastice. This brand is another one of my fashion favorites, because the detail is exceptional, especially in this piece. The jacket comes with a scripted resizer on the jacket body, and also prim sleeves for additional realistic elements. It is certainly a fun piece of clothing that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. For my look, I’ve paired this jacket with a pair of my favorite jeans from WMD. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with any pair of jeans from WMD, and this particular pair of dark washed jeans perfectly compliments the jacket. Scarves are always in style if done correctly, and both of the following items will transition from winter to spring seamlessly. The first is from Emery, another well known Second Life brand noted for their rebellious yet chic designs. This particular scarf, could easily accent any outfit to give it that needed pop of collar, or be thrown over a simple white tee to create a casual look. Another that I’ve selected is from Argrace, a brand that is also pretty awesome and has a ton of variety. Argrace’s scarf will also work well to give your outfit that extra punch to make it memorable, and will undoubtedly become one of your favorites! The last item I chose was a pair of boxer briefs from Intimizzio, a store located within the Armidi sim for those who are unfamiliar. They have a great line of male and female items, specifically underwear and lingerie. On these boxers I love the shading, and think that they look very realistic! Another benefit, I find is that they are not to short, so they will work with just about every look you come up with.  I hope you enjoy these picks this month, and be sure to check out this segment next month as I will bring you more great items in yet another spectacular color!

Alphamale - T-shirts - Blue [Alphablue, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue] 44 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 45

Baiastice_Byron jacket_blue -WMD- Steel Blue Jeans - Low Rise Emery - Scarf Plaid Blue Big *ARGRACE* Long Stole(M) / Paisley - Blue [Intimizzio] Maschio Boxer Briefs - Royal Blue 46 | Second Style Magazine

SHIKI-denim suit OLIVE

Second Style Magazine | 47

Take Five | Missy Mumblewood Second Style columnist Brigitte Belgar spends five minutes with an everyday Style Icon—someone she bumped into who has a quirky, inventive style we think readers might enjoy. Our Five Minute Icon is gracious enough to share a bit of the story behind their look and pose for a quick photo before being on their merry way.

More than many of the sparkly necklaces, luxurious pearls, and brightly-colored baubles lining the halls of last month’s accessory fair, Missy Mumblewood immediately stood out to me as I wandered about in search of a new ornament to delight myself with. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what caught my eye about Missy because so many of the pieces she was sporting were unique. What would otherwise seem like an odd collection of couture-- a disco dress, colorful arm-length tattoos, an attention-getting flowered necklace with a clock in the center, a belt with piano keys on it, and a pair of cotton-candy colored sneakers—somehow meshed seamlessly under Missy’s orchestration. Combine those pieces with a few quirky accessories—a pair of headphones tucked into a pocket, a black moleskin notebook, and a pair of drumsticks tucked into a back pocket—and you get the fiercely unique Missy Mumblewood. Brig: What inspired the outfit you’re sporting? Missy: I love big hairdos. Really, anything big and simple is cool for me. It also makes my head look tinier! Seriously, though, I just love being bold so this hair has the, like, ‘shazam’ but I can be all, ‘pah dow’ with everything else. Brig: What three words do you think best describe your style? Missy: Vintage, quirky, and bowchikabowow. That can be one word, right? Brig: What one item in your inventory would you rather die than part with? Missy: OMG, I cannot live without my freaking HOC low top shoes *dies and drools*. They were cheap, they’re hawt, and they are like the only shoes I wear in RL—except mine in RL are currently red! **For details about Missy’s outfit, contact her in-world.

48 | Second Style Magazine

Getaway. Shop. Relax.

Skin; Curio - Sundust - April - Rainbow 1 Shirt; - Longsleeve Layering Tee- White Jeans; Nyte n Day - Essential Jeans - Dark Wash - Cuffed Sneakers; 2REAL - PURE Bangle; [mpb] - Rainbow Jellies Hair; lamb - Witch - Kitkat

By Katey Coppola

50 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 51

Skin; Dutch Touch - Gwen - Cream - Breeze Hair; Magika - Bun - Chocolate Dress; Phoenix Rising - Encounter - Teal Gloves; 5th&Oxford - Leather Gloves - White Mask; Varda Rose Mask 52 | Second Style Magazine

On Katey Skin; Tuli - Eva - Tone 2 - 01a Hair; Maitreya - Green - Almond Undies; Cheeky Girl for W&B - Agnes - Lavendar Lashes; Miamai - No6 On Vanity Skin; Dutch Touch - Jolie - Cafe Noir - Eagle Hair; Maitreya - Green II - Coffee Undies; W&B - Frilly little bra & Frilly little knickers - Fallow Flower; Atelier AM - Chinise headpiece - pink Second Style Magazine | 53

Skin; Tuli - Eva - Tone 2 - 01a Hair; Rezlpsa Loc - Sarah - 2pm Shirt; BP* - Gingham dress - dark blue Jeans; Addict - Evie jeans - Blue wash Shoes; LeLutka - Saffron Pumps - Soft silver Umbrella; Weather or not? - Sunbrella v2 54 | Second Style Magazine

Skin; Tuli - Eva - Tone 2 - 01a Hair; CriCri - Bon09 - C Dress; Tuli - Bandana dress - Green Second Style Magazine | 55

Skin; Tuli - Eva - Tone 2 - 03a Hair; Maitreya - Faye - Caramel Dress; Doppleganger Inc - Junebug Dress - Strawberry gingham Ring; Zaara - Kashiti bobble ring - Silver - Amythest Sunglasses; NSD - Rock n Roll Aviators - Gold Hat; Epoque - Gallery Chapeau - Dinnershow 56 | Second Style Magazine

Cardigans By Luna Jubilee

Cardigans are spot on for the spring season. These lightweight sweaters are a perfect addition to a wide selection of outfits. You can class them up with a dress or keep it casual by tossing one over a shirt. Here are some of my favorite cardigans from around the grid:

*Linc* Cashmere Top Longsleeve Camouflage Green Luck Inc. recently released this wrap sweater with two different sleeve lengths. The long sleeve version is a perfect way to ward off the spring chill. As always, there are lots of color options. Shown in Camouflage Green, 150L (NO) Crochet Lacey Wrap I love the almost transparent detailing on this wrapped cardigan from Nylon Outfitters. It can be paired with one of the three tanks that are packaged with it or any other one you own. 150L, includes three colored tanks /artilleri/ Elspeth cardigans These cardigans from Artilleri keep away the cold with a retro twist. Available in a virtually endless selection of colors, each package comes with both a solid and polka-dotted version. Shown in pale pink polkadots, 150L [Miseria] Ash Cardigan At first glance, Miseriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cardigans are just your standard, well-detailed buttondown sweaters. But then you might notice my favorite part -- the sculpted cuffs. They actally attach to your hands for a cute, stretched-out sleeve look I just adore. Shown in Cornflower, 100L

Second Style Magazine | 59

Two Three Six Five: Organic Emotion in Second Life by Tenshi Vielle 3/7/2010 – Clear Canning 3/8/2010 – Quaintly Tuqiri 3/9/2010 – December Dollinger 3/10/2010 – Noor Loam 3/11/2010 – Fine Caliber 3/12/2010 – Rylan Carling 3/13/2010 – Adelayda GossipGirl 3/14/2010 – Daila Holder 3/15/2010 – Christensia Parkin 3/16/2010 – Gabby Panacek 3/17/2010 – Darkley Aeon 3/18/2010 – Stokely Mayfair 3/19/2010 – Petros Miklos 3/20/2010 – Makenzie Irling

As an example, here is Gabby Panacek’s entry for March 16th: “Today I sat in a park with my best friend, a chocolatine and a coffee. It was a sweet departure from the responsibilities of home and work…even if just for a while. Trace Osterham began the Two Three Six Five project with the hope to help Second Life residents express the emotions behind the avatars, behind the blogs, behind the chats and behind the facades we often project even inside of a virtual world - or maybe just to give us a chance to elaborate on thoughts frequently expressed so fleetingly. The author schedule so far has been thus: 3/1/2010 – Emery Milneaux 3/2/2010 – Jadis Mai 3/3/2010 – Katey Coppola 3/4/2010 – Kianna Noel 3/5/2010 – Lizbet Loening 3/6/2010 – Tenshi Vielle 60 | Second Style Magazine

My life has always been pretty structured. Work, home, sleep, work, lather, rinse, repeat. I was raised in a tightknit, blue-collar family with high expectations. Behave this way, go to that school, get this job. They don’t really understand Second Life, and I don’t know how to explain it to them. Sometimes I feel like I’m hiding this whole double life from the people who should know me best. But, in actuality, they are sharing in it. We all bring parts of ourselves into this world and, if we are lucky, we take away a lot more than we bring in. The more I allow Gabby to teach me about myself, the more they see and participate in the changes in my life. It has been 999 days since I first rezzed into Second Life. Gabby is my original avatar, and, for all intents and purposes, my only avatar. Gabby is as much a part of me as she is separate from me. Gabby is outgoing and sometimes witty, whereas I am somewhat quiet and reserved. Over time, our personalities have merged to some extent and she has taught me things about myself

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Content-wise, here is what Trace would like to see from potential entrants: “The Content While the general idea is to write about something that happened on the specific day you are writing for, this should be more than just a ‘what day is it?’ project. Tell us who you are. Not just in the virtual world we inhabit, but also in real life– what did you do? What did you think? How did you react? We want this to be a glimpse into your everyday life, a small window into your mind. How a necklace you wore in SL has a RL backstory would be a better subject than say, the new 2.0 viewer. Be daring and raw. Think of it as a journal entry that just happened to make it onto this blog. While we don’t want to censor or restrict you, there are some key points that must be addressed– first of all, this is not a place to promote your hatred. Bigotry, racism, intolerance and homophobia will not be accepted. While every post doesn’t have to be uplifting and happy, we also don’t want this project to devolve into a cesspool of drama. (And remember, nobody wants to scroll through a blog with 365 whiny posts.) Please keep that in mind when constructing your piece. Adult (explicitly sexual) content is discouraged, as this should be an open, public forum for everybody. Please remember that your full SL name will be attached to the piece you write.

I might otherwise have never discovered. I’ve learned how to relax and take each moment as it comes. I’ve learned to communicate, even when I’m upset or angry, instead of shutting down. And, I’ve learned to love and to allow myself to be loved. Which brings us back to the park. As I sat there in the sun, I wasn’t thinking about the projects piling up on my desk, the voicemails and emails that will take hours to wade through when I return to the office or the kitty litter that will undoubtedly need to be changed when I get home. I was only thinking that, in that moment, I felt loved and free to return that love. And I have Second Life to thank for that. ____________________ Gabby Panacek was born in Illinois, USA and during the day works as a practice coordinator for a regional healthcare system and lives with a dog and two adopted cats. In Second Life, Gabby blogs at Couture Conundrum, writes for Second Style Magazine and assists her partner, CodeBastard Redgrave, with the management of MechanizedLife.”

You may attach one piece of visual material to accompany your post if you wish– either a photograph / drawing that you have done, or a creative commons photograph. If you are using a creative commons photograph, please include the link to the original artist so we can give proper credit. Youtube videos of songs, photographs of yourself, and “all rights reserved” images will not be accepted as visual material. Please note that visual material is not a requirement. Along with your story, please include a little information about yourself including where in the world you are from, and what you do (in SL or RL, it really doesn’t matter). Feel free to include links. This will not be part of your 365-word count. If you have any questions at all, please send an email to twothreesixfive[at]”

Project Two Three Six Five gives a glass window into an otherwise inaccessible thought process of the Second Life residents. I encourage all of you to visit http:// and view the fantastic insights Second Life residents are generating there.

Every day, a different volunteer writer is featured, each story under 365 words, minimum of a paragraph. There have been both essay and poetic entries. Second Style Magazine | 63

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