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issue 29

By Surarin Piek

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editor’s note The best of Second Life clothing, hair, skins, accessories, and more

Issue #29 Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Senior Layout Designer HeatherDawn Cohen Managing Editor Felicity Blumenthal Senior Staff Writers Ana Lutetia James Schwarz Staff Writers Amika Jewell Dancien Graves Lordfly Digeridoo Brigitte Belgar Juana Manue Gabby Panacek Guest Columnists Surarin Piek Founder Josie Hamilton

Welcome to Second Style’s November issue, and with that welcome I’d also like to say “Hello!” I am the new Managing Editor for the magazine. However, I am not a stranger as I’ve been with Second Style for quite a few months now, just in a different role. I also have a lot of magazine experience as I’ve worked with 2 other Second Life magazines in the past. This is however my first “go” at editing. I remember when I first joined Second Life, one of the very first blogs I ever read was Second Style. It truly is a surreal and exciting time for me to be part of something I admired so long ago! I think so many of you share that sentiment, Second Style was the first for so many of us… I am looking so forward to not only maintaining the already well known magazine, but helping us to grow even further then we have in the past 29 issues. Hopefully over the next few months you will see exciting new content, as well as some good oldies brought back! We have an amazing team in place, and Second Style continues to be everyone’s go to magazine in-world. For our 29th issue we are opening up and expressing ourselves, with a bit of a free-for-all issue. Our guest contributor Surarin Piek comes to us this month with her take on a girl’s night out fashion spread, while Gabby Panacek’s To Top It Off focuses on accessories this month. As always James Schwarz gives us some eye candy in the way of a Fall Walk in the Park. Amika Jewel takes us on a tour of the all new Amerie sim and Lordfly Digeridoo’s Architect Square focuses in on what makes for a good shopping sim. Ana Lutetia takes a look at Boudoir with this month’s Fresh Faces, and Dancien Graves hits the Open Road. Style Icon this month, sits down with Grady Echegaray, and Juana Manuel debates the diverse culture behind Broken Dolls. Enjoy all of that and more with us this November!

~Felicity 6 | Second Style Magazine

fresh faces | Boudoir By Ana Lutetia

Boudoir Vitabela Dubrovna is a new designer on the Second Life™ fashion scene. She creates couture clothing based on her own RL designs. Vitabela is just starting out, but in Boudoir’s shop you can find some beautiful dresses. All of the fine details on the dresses are what draw your attention to them. As for improvements that might be made; Vitabela could add more layering options, but I believe that might be a matter of personal taste, as all the dresses come with the necessary layers to make them look beautiful. Boudoir Noir The dress comes with shirt, system skirt, prim arm flower and prim skirt. As mentioned before, a pants layer to wear as glitch under the prim skirt would make me feel a lot more comfortable but wearing some tights would also work. The use of the system skirt to make the top flow better is a detail not be overlooked. Hommage Noir This dress comes with top in the shirt layer, glitch pants and an asymmetrical prim skirt. It is an outstanding dress to wear to a cocktail party. Illustrated dress The Illustrated is an art piece in SL clothing. It comes with shirt, system skirt, prim skirt, and left and right arm prims. This dress is so pretty but, again, I’d love to have some pants to wear as glitch under the pencil skirt. Taking a drawing and creating a dress in SL from it, to me, is going beyond the hand drawn clothing. Plisse Dress Finally, the Plisse is made with shirt, pants and prim skirt. I like the way the huge skirt flows almost like a train. The textures used in this dress are beautiful and do deserve a closer look.

Boudoir Noir 8 | Second Style Magazine

Hommage Noir

Illustrated Dress

Plisse Dress Second Style Magazine | 9

By James Schwarz

Hair: Uncle Web Studios, Mask: Paper Couture, Jacket – Barerose, Pants – Zaara, Boots: Exile.

Textures and Tones

Day Tones On James: Hair: Armidi – The Grammar – Platinum Skin: Ironic Birds – Oscar – Light Stubble Shirt: Unknown Boutique – Gillet Red Tie Sweater: Sey – Retro Border Shirt Pants: Coco Homme – Slim Fit Pants - Olive Suitcase: Magi Take – Brown Suitcase Shoes: House of Curio – Leather Loafers On Ambrosia: Hair: Truth – Linda – Caramel Skin: Dutch Touch - Caramel Necklace: Zaara – Balini – Multicolor Cardigan – Nylon Outfitters - Patterned Cardigans – Pink Cheetah Tank: – Basic Cami Skirt: Madsy – Peplum Skirt – Purple Shoes: Periquita - ChickyChic Pumps Second Style Magazine | 13

Hair: Mad Designs, Jacket: Michami, Coat: Barerose, Pants: Whippet & Buck, Boots: Exile. 14 | Second Style Magazine

Evening Tones On James: Hair: Uncleweb Studios – Dan – Angel Shine Skin: Ironic Birds – Oscar – Light Stubble Sweater: Laqroki – Deep V-Neck Sweater Pants: Meriken Co. – Cell Gy Shoes: House of Curio – Leather Loafers On Ambrosia: Hair: Truth – Peaches – Caramel Skin: Dutch Touch - Caramel Sweater Dress: Fishy Strawberry – Cuddle Maxipull – Black Belt: – Wide Waist Belt – Fruit Punch Shoes: House of Curio - Chunky Stilettos


Lordfly Digeridoo


Shopping is, it can be fair to say, a major pastime amongst us at SecondStyle, and also among our readers. We all love to teleport into our favorite stores, drop a few thousand lindens, and play with our new toys. Anyone who does any amount of shopping in Second Life will no doubt run into malls. Malls are a dime a dozen on the grid, and it’s no surprise that most of them are absolutely terrible. Resembling third-world flea markets rather than designed shopping experiences, these spots can make even the most hardened bargain-hunter want to burn their worldly possessions and join a monastery. Most people designing malls go for the brute-force efficiency method: cloned, tiny open-air stalls lining blocks upon blocks of pathways that go nowhere in particular. This usually results in thousands of items shoveled into view with no order whatsoever, leading to shopping chaos, anger, and apathy. After all, who really wants to go digging through a garbage pile for nice shoes? 18 | Second Style Magazine

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The truth is, a wonderful shopping experience can be had if only sim builders followed certain tried-and-true rules of design. By voting with your wallet, you can change the way malls are built in Second Life. A good mall has at least the following characteristics: Easy navigation. This is probably the foremost problem in many malls. While grid-like patterns cramming stalls next to one another might maximize the amount of tenants you can have, it makes navigation outright terrible. A better solution would be signage at any teleport spots and path intersections, showing people where to go. The best solution, however, is to make a design that doesn’t even need signs. What does that mean? It means knowing where shops are going to be located and building visual cues to guide people to those destinations. For instance, an area of the mall dedicated to prefab buildings might have a lot of construction elements about it – hard hats, sawhorses, caution strips, and so on. People looking for hair aren’t going to wander in there, unless their head adornments require cranes. Design with tenants in mind. While most malls simply clone the same stall over and over, different vendors have different space requirements: a house designer needs a bigger vendor than someone selling hair, for instance. Take these into account when designing rentable areas. Also, try to cluster similar product lines together. A fan of clothes is not going to be as interested in patio furniture, so avoid putting wildly different sellers next to each other. 20 | Second Style Magazine

Come up with a theme. Whether it’s Steampunk, Victorian, ultra-modern, or chic, coming up with a motif for your mall can make it stand out from everyone else. It can also attract like-minded tenants and, most importantly, shoppers. Keep it simple, stupid – Some designers want to get all fancy on designs, making them multi-level, weaving in and out of other pathways, exploding into the sky, and so on. While this may look great on paper, it makes your mall impossible to navigate (see above). Some of the best designs I have seen (and the best ones I’ve come up with myself) follow a simple path; ICOW Island, for instance, had a simple gently-curving main boulevard, where all the shops lined up along the edges. Simple, to the point, and allowing for some great views, the ICOW design was elegant for letting shoppers walk up and down the pathway and discover all of the shops in mere minutes. Some other great designs are Lalique and The Abyss (pictured), forgoing complex pathways for simple shapes. Constrain the shoppers – this ties into the last tip. If you funnel your shoppers into one or two main paths, you can maximize the exposure your tenants will have to eyeballs. While you may be tempted to use all 65k square meters of space, you might be able to elegantly pile everything into half that size, or even a third. It all depends on good design and how many tenants you’re going to have. Smaller sizes mean less walking for your shoppers, meaning increased sales and efficient marketing. Don’t forget to hide your empty areas – I can’t tell you how many half-empty malls I’ve seen, with nothing more than a floating sign prim saying “STALL FOR RENT”. This is ugly and puts off shoppers who see nothing but wasted space. If you have a lack of paying tenants, hide your empty areas. Put in props (crates, trees, etc), place signage over the empty area (advertising, notices for your existing tenants, or other messages), or simply close off that area of your shopping area. Making your mall look full regardless of how many tenants are in it make the shopping experience better for everyone.

Lalique Layout

A Walk in the Park by James Schwarz

24 | Second Style Magazine

Models: Brigitte Belgar, Felicity Blumenthal, Ana Lutetia

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by Brigitte Belgar Dear Brig, I’m happy to report that this holiday season holds promise like no other for me; I finally have arm candy to parade around at gatherings! Of course, it means that I’ll be asked to function as arm candy, too. For a debutante such as myself, this normally doesn’t present much of a dilemma; I have a talent for bewitching a crowd and can fall back on my enchanting charisma even in the most challenging of social situations. My dilemma, I’m afraid, is a wardrobe-related one. My beloved has declared that he wants me to meet his family for the first time breaking bread at the Thanksgiving table, which means I’ll need to have my game face on to charm, amongst others, his mother, six sisters, grandmother, and former housemaid-turned-stepmother. I had an array of pleasing outfits picked out, but my dearest chimed in and indicated that he’d be hurt if I didn’t wear at least some of the “accessories” he’s purchased me in recent months. (I use the term “accessories” rather loosely). I fear there’s no way to wear what he’s picked out for me without coming across as, pardon my French, a cheap harlot. I’m sending in snapshots of what I’ve got to work with in the hopes that you can help arrange an ensemble fit for what promises to be an interesting occasion-- me stuffing my face at the Thanksgiving table with my lover and his family. My heart would break if I brought dishonor to any of us. Dear Pleasing Princess, Your dilemma, I fear, is one shared by women of the grid (and world) over. Though we all adore having a man who takes the initiative to think about, choose, and procure clothing for us, few of us adore the results of his undertaking. Luckily, your paramour seems to have good, if illicit, taste. Your vest, skirt, socks, top, and even your heels are all excellent foundational wardrobe Continued on page 32 > 30 | Second Style Magazine

pieces, even if they might make you come across as a concubine when worn simultaneously. What if your man had bestowed camouflage, crocks, or spandex upon you as gifts? Clearly, you have more than your meal to be thankful for this holiday season. I’ve put together three alternative outfits for you using the pieces you submitted to me. The first look is slightly more formal than the others. The frolicsome tulle dress-- perhaps slightly scandalous on its own-- is muted by the gray

turtleneck that, as a bonus, is very family-friendly. The slightly curled hair is festive for the holidays and would, I imagine, look charming with a headband or barrette, too. Your striped socks have you covered (literally) so that no one can make scandalous comments about your bare legs, and the black heels are classic whether you’re a sassy sister or sultry stepmother. The second look is more casual; I wore your skirt on top of a pair of tighter jeans and threw on a fitted blazer over your cropped shirt to make it slightly less provocative. The necklaces and your black-toed heels add a bit of

formality to the outfit. If you wanted to dress it up even more, a pair of earrings or a hairdo other than the ponytail I’m sporting would probably do the trick. Finally, I designed an outfit around your fur vest. These thigh flared pants are really the main event in this get-up; the layered tank tops I put on with it don’t command too much attention-- and shouldn’t. I used red and white but any colors would work. Perhaps it would behoove you to do a bit of detective work and wear the colors for the team your man’s family will be rooting for that day? The sprig choker adds pizzazz to what might otherwise be a casual outfit, and your fur vest covers your bare shoulders. A long-sleeved tee might be a better layering option if you anticipate spending any time outdoors because, let’s face it, goose bumps aren’t becoming. I couldn’t help being a little goofy with the bunny slippers; I tend to display snippets of my personality through my clothing choices, so that’s the story there. If you don’t own all of the pieces I used to dazzle up your ‘do’s, why not use it as an opportunity for a shopping trip funded by your man? You’ll get new things, he’ll take credit for them, and everyone will be happy. It’s a win-win, I think. Good luck at Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure to have an extra spoonful of gravy for me, and do all in your power to ensure that you aren’t seated between your love’s mother and stepmother, lest whatever outfit you sport become soiled from a food fight. Dear Brig, Last year I let my sister convince me that Black Friday shopping was a good idea. She summoned me out of bed at an unholy hour while my stomach was still digesting round three of Thanksgiving dinner for what turned out to be one of the most horrific days of my young existence. I’ll spare you the gruesome details because, well, they’re just plain upsetting to recall. Suffice it to say, I ended my day in a sorry state: my carefully straightened hair was disheveled with bits of receipts and food hanging from it like ornaments from a Christmas tree, the left sleeve of my tee was torn off, my sweatpants were stained with sweat and grease, I was missing a shoe (and part of my pinky toe), and I lost my pocketbook and dignity with the identity theft that ensued. I hardly tried on any clothes because it was too much work unfastening and refastening my jeans and coat-- which I ended up losing, too-- and I lost three of the precious early

morning freebies I procured because my Macy’s bag ripped during a chase in the parking lot. To my horror, my sister has already begun plotting for this year’s Black Friday and has blackmailed me to accompany her (long story). If last year’s situation taught me anything (other than the merits of hoarding up at home on the cursed day after Thanksgiving), it taught me that I need to be better prepared for the terrifying wildness I’m guaranteed to encounter, starting with being dressed properly. What advice can you offer me about my wardrobe choices on what will surely turn out to be a melodramatic day? Dear Scuzzy Shopper, I think I’m well-equipped to respond to this question because, really, the state you ended up in last Black Friday isn’t all that different from the state in which I return from most shopping endeavors-- save the identity theft bit. Seriously, though, this isn’t a tough one. Everything you wear is about practicality-- nothing should be put on your body that doesn’t or might not serve a useful purpose throughout the day. I put together a sample of something I might wear on a serious shopping day to inspire some ideas. Here’s your checklist: (1) Up-do: There’s no good reason to have your hair down on a day like this. It’ll only get in your face as you run from store to store and block your vision as your eyes dart around for deals-- and potential shopping rivals. Put it up or cut if off, period. (2) Sunglasses: I don’t care if it isn’t sunny where you’ll be shopping-- you need to wear or at least bring shades. Not only do they make you look slightly intimidating when they’re on-- an important bonus when you’re jockeying for deals-- but they disguise common Black Friday injuries such as blood-shot eyes and punches to the face. (3) Handkerchief and/or Scarf: Like the sunglasses, scarves are useful for covering shopping battle wounds. They’re are also incredibly multifunctional-- you can tie one around your head when your hair becomes unseemly, blow your snotty nose as you sob over missing out on deals, and tie it around your waist as a wrap if you lose your skirt. (4) Layered Clothes: Layered clothes come in incredibly handy when it’s time to try on garments in a hurry. They enable you to undress only partially, meaning you save time, can visit more stores, and Continued on page 34 >

procure more treasures. Here, Brig has on a buttondown jean shirt kept open for speedy removal, formfitting leggings, and a tight shirt underneath so that she only has to shed the jacket and her skirt when it’s time to try something on. (4) Canvas Tote: It’s eco-friendly, trendy, and won’t tear when it becomes sopping wet with rain, tears, or your enemy’s blood. Use it to stow your hairbrush, credit cards, purchases, and weapons. There’s no excuse for you to lose anything with one of these. (5) Flats: Everyone will foolishly tell you that you ought to sport tennis shoes on Black Friday for what seems like obvious reasons; you’ll be able to dash about efficiently and not worry about disgusting calluses and sore feet at the end of the day. Don’t listen to them, though. Who wants to untie and retie shoelaces every time you try something on? Why worry about tripping over the laces when they come undone or the gaping head wound that results from you falling violently to the ground? Not me. Wear a comfortable pair of slip-on flats, instead. You’ll hate when your enemy runs past you in her Nike’s, but you’ll laugh satisfactorily and victoriously when you pass her desperately lacing them up in the dressing room and tripping over her own clumsy feet in front of the sword display outside of Sharper Image. Ouch. You seem intimated by the gruesome behavior you encounter on Black Friday and, really, I can’t blame you. The first time I went out to shop on Black Friday I came home shaken up and upset, too. My advice for you is to embrace the wildness you see-become one of the insane shoppers and you’ll find your day can be quite pleasant. In fact, you’ll hardly remember the savage behavior you engaged in to fill your shopping bags when you’re home that night hugging your purchases to your chest while you eat leftover turkey in front of the fireplace. Trust me on that one.

34 | Second Style Magazine

36 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon

Grady Echegaray By Juana Manuel It is a great honor and a pleasure to interview Ms. Grady Echegaray, a style icon to me personally and to her countless other devoted fans. Grady is a very prominent figure in Second Life Fashion, probably most known for her fearlessly unique, peerlessly beautiful blog posts for Strange Pixels, the immensely influential fashion blog founded by Mourna Biziou. Indeed, in her capacity of blogger and style arbiter, her trademark features and personal style are frequently emulated, and it can be said (perhaps half in jest) that “her face has launched a million blogs.”

that piece. Q. If I may pry, can you tell us a little about the origins of your trademark style? My signifiers are my lip, originally seen on Slade Onizuka and derived from Japanese Kabuki makeup. I always wear platinum hair because when I started, it was extremely rare to see anyone wearing it. Eyeglasses used to be a signifier as well but less so lately because I usually do not want to obscure my eyes and makeup. My av is quite tall and slender, which is to say she has a model’s body. Those are the constants.

Q. So, you probably get this question a lot. How do you pronounce your name? My surname def falls under the “wtf was I thinking when I chose it” category and these days I generally go by GradyE, at least on forums. But I pronounce it esha gar eh.

Q. What brought you into Second Life, and Second Life fashion? I saw a piece that the BBC did on SL in early 06, and I read the Linden Lab White papers about new virtual world economies. The two got me so excited I had to try it. As for fashion, I have always had something of an interest in RL fashion, and when Mourna Biziou asked if I would co-post with her on her new blog strange pixels in July 08 I jumped. It has become a wonderful conversation.

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from when crafting your amazing and varied looks? Mostly from SL itself. I realized after a year in SL that what interested me the most, was how people chose to represent themselves through their avs. Usually what happen when I start a look is I will build it around a particular piece that has caught my eye. It could be a jacket, or a pair of boots. Or some astonishing attachment. Then I build the rest of the look around

Q. Who are your favorite designers? I think Munchflower Zaius of Nomine has to top my list, I also love the work of Alpha Auer, the eyes of Aura Falta and the accessories that Aio Mizuno of Le Petit Prince makes. Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude and hyasynth Tirimasu of Silent Sparrow are also huge favs of mine. It is a difficult question. There are so many incredibly talented designers working now.

Q. What are the things you like best about fashion blogging? I like to challenge myself and every post is a challenge. I get to make pictures I like to look at. But most of all I just love the attention.

Q. What advice would you give to our readers? *smiles Put strange pixels in your blog reader.

Second Style Magazine | 37

by Gabby Panacek

40 | Second Style Magazine

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Second Style Magazine | 43

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Second Style Magazine | 45


By Su

urarin Piek

Hair / >TRUTH< Claire - fudge Skin / ISSIGONIS Ayumi4 (high-con/eclipse1) Eyes / Unique Megastore Expressive eyes brown BIG by Nany Merlin Scarf / dEVOL Loose Scarf *check yellow Jacket / *COCO*_BlackLeatherJacket Dress / Emery - Dressy Top Face #1 Socks / Maitreya Prim Socks Grey Leggings / Emery - Legging Zip Shoes / Stiletto Moody Glam Bootie (Patent Colorset) Second Style Magazine | 47

Hair / LeLutka ULA Hair_S Caramel Brown Skin / ISSIGONIS Aska (natural/lioness1) Eyes / Unique Megastore Expressive eyes brown BIG by Nany Merlin Sunglasses / ROLE OPTIC SG-77 Escuda Dress / Tokeo Plastik Shredder Mini-Silver Vest / Mimikri Hotcouture Yeti Vest / gray Necklace / ICoN HA09 Necklace (Black) Bangle / Emery Square Bangle Multiple L #Gray Nails / bijou nail PS(warm)[Ruby] Second Style Magazine | 49

Hair / MADesigns Hair AKAMI ST I Skin / ISSIGONIS Aska (pale/eclipse1) Eyes / Glanz .::Eyes::. mid : DarkGray Coat / LeLutka GIGI trench coat/darkslateblue Pantsuit / MG fashion The Silk Collection 6 - Gillian pantsuit (black) Tights / bijou StockingD[Black]/Socks Boots / Jâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ankle Boots Round (11Colors) Necklace / ICoN HA Necklace(Gunmetal/Silver) Nail / Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails 5color change Second Style Magazine | 51

Hair / Exile Fiona/sambuca Skin / ISSIGONIS Ayumi4 (high-con/eclipse2) Eyes / Unique Megastore Expressive eyes brown BIG by Nany Merlin Dress / WigWamBam Sequin Mini Dress Belt / M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* Gloves / Fleur Gloves Short Black Necklace / {SMS} Diamond Necklace Silver Shoes / Red Grave London Heels Second Style Magazine | 53

by Dancien Graves

Open Road

Skin: Thomas SK2 - Belleza Hair - Bodhi - Damselfly Jeans - Ronin - WMD Tank - StainD Beater - FORM Vest - Death Rider Jacket - V-Twins Necklace - Dog Tags - SiniStyle Gloves - Biker Gloves - Tonktastic Boots - Biker Boots - [hoorenbeek] Tattoo - Rock & Beers - Garden of Ku Sunglasses - Vizion - Primoptic

The Chopper Almost like a uniform the outfit of your average chopper rider says several things. 1: It says “Don’t mess with me” 2: It says “I like to be comfy and don’t care what you think about it” 3: It says “Since I am on the road a lot and usually travelling great distances I can adapt to any temperature/weather situation”. The outfit usually consists of a tank top or T-Shirt, a leather vest usually with a motorcycle club’s patch on the back (if you are a member) and various other patches on the front of the vest. A well worn leather jacket is usually worn or rolled up on the back of the bike or in the saddle bags depending on the weather. Boots are pretty much required as if and or when your bike has issues you’ll be kicking it also on occasion some local may need wall to wall counseling. Despite their rather rough outward appearance these types of bikers are usually heavily involved in charity events and rides in order to raise money for worthy causes. 54 | Second Style Magazine

Antonio Babyface - FNKY Hair - Slide - Kmadd Eyes - Hazel - Exodi Jeans - Blue Jeans M2 - Kal Rau Tshirt - Hard N Fast - Gear Shift Shoes - Patagonia - [hoorenbeek]

The Corporate Biker You can spot these guys a mile away. Number one, they’re clean. Clean clothing, clean hair, clean shaven, usually sporting old spice. They also tend to ride the unmodified bikes or the full dressed bikes. Number two, On casual Fridays at the office you can see them “rebel” and come riding into their parking spot on their Honda Goldwing (with radio, gps, and blue tooth). Their “uniform” is pretty standard as well. Clean blue jeans, t-shirt, pristine leather jacket. On occasion you’ll spot them wearing chaps and gloves as well. You can most easily find these guys on the weekends, sometimes in groups while they cruise through their suburban neighborhoods. Much like the Chopper biker these types of motorcyclists are usually heavily involved in charity events and rides for worthy causes around the United States. Second Style Magazine | 55

Justin - Adam N Eve Hair - Billy - Kmadd Jacket - Wool Hoodie - Argrace Jeans - Flashback - WMD Shoes - Combat Boots - [hoorenbeek] Sunglasses - Crowe - Primoptic Eyes - Dark Green - Tea Lane

The Crotch Rocketeers You actually rarely see these guys. Mostly because while you’re stuck in your car in traffic they just hit Mach 1 whiles a foot from your car in between lanes. The ages of this type of motorcyclist run between 18 and 26 mostly because at that age you have almost no sense of mortality. When they manage to stop you’ll find them wearing clothing that usually doesn’t quite scream safety but whatever it is, it’s usually in style. Jeans, hoodies, hats are the common types of clothing seen. On occasion you’ll see the full leather/Kevlar suit and helmet. In Hair - Sebastian (Black) - Gritty Kitty some of the hotter areas of the United States you will see these guys flying down the road -inSwitchblade shorts, sandals, Sunglasses FNKY and a t-shirt. Skin - Gothica Bone BL Runny - Gothica Outfit - Cassock Male - Nomine 56 | Second Style Magazine

Dolls, or mannequins, being tiny representations of our human form, have existed since the world began. We tend to think of them as toys for children, but they have deeper meanings than that. Dolls have been used in diverse ways—sometimes in magic, to hurt or heal. Other times they are meant to educate people in anatomy. Or even in the case of the Pandora fashion dolls of the 18th century, they have also functioned as a kind of communication. It is strange, this fashion for dressing like dolls, but then again, what is an avatar but a pixel doll?

The first doll most people remember getting, at least when they have progressed past diapers, is a Barbie doll. Barbie is something of an avatar in her own right—usually dressed in the fashion of the day, and with an utterly distorted and unrealistic female form that almost parodies western beauty standards. Translated into a Second Life broken doll avatar, she is a bit ragged, though she keeps that cool late 50s early 60s vibe. Essentials for this look: big hair (beehives are good), a pearl necklace (broken is best), a pair of retro heels, and retro sundress.

Asian ball jointed dolls come dressed in the height of fashion, either fantasy or real, and they are a sort of a departure point for recreating a broken dolls look in Second Life. The broken doll look, with its suggestions of vulnerability and tragic gothic associations, is somewhat tied to the Gothic Lolita look, though it can be magnified and applied to various doll styles and archetypes for an entirely different take on a popular style.

The influence of Japanese fashion and doll culture is fairly widespread. It is hard not to encounter an exquisitely and exotically dressed Geisha doll, under glass and fairly high up and inaccessible, in some aunt’s house or restaurant. And how we wanted to take her out of the glass case and touch her gorgeous garments, and examine the minute details of her face. The Broken doll Wa-loli look is a contemporary reference to these kinds of dolls, taking inspiration in the vibrant blending of western Victorian clothing elements with traditional Japanese garb worn on the street in the style districts of modern Tokyo. Essentials for this look: a kimono styled or Victorian styled dress with a full skirt and petticoat, elements of Japanese clothing, or historic Japanese clothing and accessories, and little girl styled hair with ponytails and curls.

The base of the Broken Doll look is the skin. Therefore to succeed with this style, one must have a good skin to serve as the foundation for the look that is being built on the avatar. As of this writing there are several elegant and innovative skin designers with gorgeous doll skins. In particular the Nomine Doll Skin line and the May Doll Skin are highly recommended for the ball jointed look. Other recommended skins with a broken doll look and feel can be found at Rotten Toe, Tacky Star, and Violent Seduction. 60 | Second Style Magazine

Some dolls have other “adult” uses. The Broken Continued on page 62 >

Second Style Magazine | 61

Doll Cabaret look is a tribute to this often maligned and parodied doll genre. Unlike other dolls these are dressed with a very specific function in mind, often in fetish clothing, with the goal of looking as lifelike as possible. If a doll like this is broken, it is most probably a tragedy for the poor owner who regards this doll as their romantic partner. Essentials for this look: Corsets or Burlesque influenced clothing, platform or fetish type boots, fishnets, and other accessories. Another more innocent historical â&#x20AC;&#x153;adultâ&#x20AC;? use for dolls were the Pandora dolls, most prevalent in the 18th century, that served as fashion messengers/magazines/pattern books. These dolls, normally sent in pairs (one dressed in day clothes and the other in formal dress) were shipped far and 62 | Second Style Magazine

wide and disseminated popular fashions in an era before widespread literacy and indeed even advanced forms of communication. The Pandora dolls were so important that even wartime did not interrupt their regular arrival. Second Life is blessed with many excellent historical costumers, and so dressing like a Pandora doll is no major inconvenience. However, being broken, perhaps she has run into some revolutionaries in her long journey through time. Essential for this look: 18th century garb, historically styled hair or a modern counterpart, high heeled historic shoes, and a red ribbon (a la victime). The Broken Doll Gothic look hearkens back to the original source of the Broken Doll styling that is Continued on page 64 >

Second Style Magazine | 63

so prevalent. However the blood/ gore and heavily gothic spooky or creepy influences normally present have been downplayed a little to lighten up this look. This Gothic Broken doll has some tongue in cheek references in her accessories, though her pink hair announces to the world that she isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t entirely domesticated yet, either. And if she is broken, she is surely seeing her therapist about it. Essentials for this look: Doll or Gothloli hair in punk style colors, demure yet edgy dresses, tasteful and playful yet goth inspired jewelry. Last but not least, the Broken Doll Ballerina. Most commonly found in broken music boxes, spinning endlessly to the same tinny little tune, this doll is dressed like a ballet dancer. Doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t everyone have a tutu and tiara in their closet? The image 64 | Second Style Magazine

of the ballerina is an intriguing one, as they project a kind of delicate ethereal quality that is very much not the case. Take a closer look at the developed musculature of a ballerina and note her stamina as she dances for hours. But as a broken doll she is fragile indeed. Essentials for this look: Tutu, leotard, ballet slippers, hair dressed in a bun.

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Hair:((JUNWAVE))Shell snail *BROWN* Glasses:*ottico* numero79 *modello di natale* Tops:(Spice & Sugar) Simple women Muffler:{CREAMSHOP} Linen stole muffler (Rouge) Arms:[Sweetest Good-bye*] Finn - Grey Bottoms:AMERIE - Loose pants Long_Ladys(Blue) Shoes:SOREAL Superstars WHITE/Red-Suede (SSP012) Hair: >TRUTH< Tahlia 2 >black & whites< Jacket: (:;S&S;:) Short Parka_Black Bottoms: AMERIE - LP Long_Ladys_no pocket(Camo) Shoes: UBU Drunks

by Amika Jewell Second Style Magazine | 67

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Hair:AMERIE Pudding_Cherry Jacket & inner:(parts of)AMERIE Stripe Rocker Pants:AMERIE Hotpants_black Boots:[Sweetest Good-bye*] Get on! - Boots/ Black Glasses:*ottico* nuemro79 *Black Style* Hair: Aitui - Hair - Goodmorning - Pink Jacket: AMERIE M - Parka(Fur) Inner: Emery - Outfit Dora Bottoms: AMERIE M - Loose pants_Black Leggings: AMERIE M - Leggings(Stripe) boots: *COCO*Homme_Lace-UpWorkBoots

Lots of fun at - AMERIE You might have heard of “amerie’s NAUGHTY” before; It’s a great shop that has various kinds of clothing styles like NEKO, PUNK, CASUAL or CHIC. Amerie Spitteler, the owner and creator of the shop just recently relocated to her own sim, which is called AMERIE, and her shop has aswell been renamed to “AMERIE”. In store you will of course find her brand line called AMERIE, and you will also find some of the other lines she has worked on - - Spice & Sugar, and SOUPTOIC. The sim itself is very well organized and really nice to take the time and walk around while shopping. This time around I choose to take pictures at the AMERIE sim, so not only will you get to see some of her great style, but I hope you can enjoy the scenery as well. Ameri Spitteler has created not only clothes but also shoes, hairs, bags, and accessories. So you can get the full shopping experience when you visit the sim. All of her items are so original and have tons of color; they definitely give you a fun, energetic vibe. AMERIE has the ability to make girl’s look and feel cute, cool and spunky! AMERIE (

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