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By Iris Ophelia

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The best of Second Life clothing, hair, skins, accessories, and more

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Celebrity Trollop

Issue #19

Director of Operations, Advertising Sales and Senior Layout Designer HeatherDawn Cohen Managing Editor Iris Ophelia

Cover Credits Photographed by: Torrid Midnight Model: Tuli Asturias, Skin: Prototype Skin S6 Line, Tuli Asturias The Soho in Dark Auburn, Armidi Rosette, Paper Couture

Advertising Assistant Devotchka Dagger Columnists Justine Babii Senior Staff Writers Ryan Darragh Haver Cole Staff Writer Scarlett Niven Gillian Waldman Milla Michinaga Ana Lutetia Puma Jie Founder Josie Hamilton

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publisher’s note We’re lucky that Second Life has such a thriving fashion scene. I know in our real lives that a lot of us are thinking carefully about what we spend our money on - and clothes certainly aren’t immune from that thoughtfulness. But it is a little bit easier to splurge on a pair of L$400 shoes than a pair of US$400 shoes, isn’t it? I always feel a little bit freer to spend in Second Life than in my real life and that provides the kind of support to content creators that makes the dynamic cycle of new releases possible. There’s plenty of great ways to get more involved with Second Life’s fashion scene than as a consumer and people watcher. A good example is Frolic Mills’ “Best of Second Life Fashion Awards” which will be held later in May. You can submit your votes for winners and, of course, attend, meet and greet a lot of the nominees and winners too! Finally, I wanted to mention that I had the honor of taking the third spot in Patty Cortes’ “Miss SL Ebony” pageant. Congratulations to Kurvy Rhodes, runner up Midori Leandros and all of the other 30 contestants. It was a wonderful experience to meet and share with you all. you

12 | Second Style Magazine

Enjoy this Second Style - we’ll see again in a month.

Celebrity Trollop

editor’s note I suppose that in spite of myself, I’m a bit of a romantic. I love that old cliché “April showers bring May flowers”, and I find the blossoming of nature at this time of the year to be truly inspiring. Not just inspiring, but it’s an incredibly uplifting time of the year. Seasonal Affective Disorder has absolutely no place in the sunshine and sweet breezes at the peak of spring... Didn’t I warn you I was a bit of a romantic? Well to celebrate this wonderful time of year, we’ve imbued a bit of an outdoorsy vibe in this issue. The idea of the “outdoors” is a bit paradoxical in Second Life. You’re always inside, even if you see what you recognize as the outside. So much of SL is based on these visual representations of the familiar... like Second Style itself! So enjoy the feelings of the outdoors and the height of spring that we’re sharing to you in issue 19, and I’ll see you next month for issue 20!

Iris Ophelia

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mini-guide garden shops

Straylight Botanicals

By Gillian Waldman

Fallingwater Flowers

Gardens of Bliss

Botanical Shop at Straylight (Straylight 153, 81, 25) Perhaps the most renowned stop for sculpted trees and water in Second Life, Straylight has seasonal offerings for every budget. It’s also a beautiful place for photo lovers to try to capture that perfect spring day snapshot in a completely immersive environment. In addition to trees, flowers, water and other greenery, Straylight offers some of the most innovative lighting and particle systems for your outdoor spaces. Fallingwater Flowers at Shiny Falls (Shiny Falls 210, 229, 231) Most know that shoes and jewelry aren’t the only precious finds on Shiny Falls. Fally has created a wondrous garden full of brightly colored florals for both home and garden. Carrying offerings big and small, sculpted and non, and every flower you could imagine – it’s also another favorite stop to admire your new Windlight skies in a beautiful, surreal and special build. Gardens of Bliss (Gardens Of Bliss 210, 229, 231) The Bliss Garden sims continue to amaze both the oldbies and the newbies – as well as provide beautifully textured garden fixings in multiple sims. Most people don’t just shop and go, but spend hours exploring and immersing themselves in the ever changing natural landscape.

Nirvana Garden Fantasies

Nirvana Garden Fantasies (Flora 139, 142, 21) Garden Fantasies is four sims of some of the most creative garden and floral accessories in Second Life. There’s even a sim exclusively dedicated to creatively crafted and “adoptable” animals. Still a too wellkept secret, there are treasures around every turn. Heart Garden Centre (Heart 1,125, 124, 29) Heart Garden Centre is 4 sims of tropical palms, plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and potted plants. Arguably the best stop for building out your beach living, Heart palms are some of the best in SL. One visit and your private oasis is complete.

Heart Garden Centre

Spring has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere and my thoughts are already moving towards a full summer; for warm and long sun-soaked days. So, today I’m working with sundresses and I’ve picked out three, which all have knee-length flexi skirts and bold prints in common. I’ve styled all three differently as per usual, but with daytime activities in mind; like shopping, lunching or sightseeing, for all of them. The Sophisticate Starting from the left we have the elegant, classy and very chic Sophisticate. I’m wearing the Halter Neck Dress in black from Muism here, which I thought lends itself beautifully to this kind of look. The classic and slightly 1950’s cut of the dress, combined with the bold animal print really makes it stand out. For that summery feel, I accessorized with white details, from the earrings, necklace and bangles, to the shoes and the little chic handbag. I liked this big and messy updo on my head to really underscore that this is a daytime look, and therefore, immaculate grooming is not required. Additional Credits Supernovas (sandals) in white from Shiny Things, Croissant Satchel (bag) in blanc from Miam Miam Luxe, Towanda Quintet Bangles in white and Valencia Pearl Necklace in classy from Armidi Gisaci, Lulu Chunky Hoops (tinted white) from Celestial Studios, Aiiyanna (hair) in Blonde from ETD and Lulu Manicure in Darkred from Celestial Studios. The Casual In the middle we have the cute, comfortable and stylish Casual. Here I went with the Leila dress from Tuli, which I really adore for its hip-hugging yet modest cut. The print is particularly nice, and I chose to pick up on the creamy colors for my accessories – we have the slouchy bag, the ivory wedges, and the necklace and bangles in 22 | Second Style Magazine

white gold. I put my hair in a messy braid and stuck a pair of white sunglasses on my head to finish. Additional Credits Hampton Wedge in Ivory from ETD, Porta Corsico Bag in crème, Metallic Tres Bangles and Pearl Egg Necklace in white gold, and Fi Umo Sunglasses in white turtoise and gold lenses from Armidi Gisaci, Nadia (hair) in Blonde from ETD, and Deviant Nation Manicure in Karma from Celestial Studios. The Boho Finally, we have the funky and colorful Boho look. My choice here was the Poppy dress in magenta from PixelDolls, because I adore the vibrant color and the black leather details. I worked with those black details in my accessories, with a choker and a long necklace (attached to Spine and Chest) with matching hoops, and double bangles in black and pink (attached to Hands and Forearms). The bag is big, black and roomy and the stiletto sandals, with their many straps, echo the leather details of the dress. I loved this big, bold and beautiful hairdo, and I really think it makes this look. Additional Credits Viniani (sandals) in black with gold from Armidi Gisaci, Lucy Horseshoe bag in black from Barerose, Chakra Boho Beads (long necklace and earrings) set in black/gold from Earthtones, Yuriko Choker in Black from Alienbear Design, Healing Giraffe Bangles in onyx and pink from Armidi Gisaci, Jadyn (hair) in Dirty Blonde from Goldie Locks, and Deviant Nation Manicure in Karma from Celestial Studios.

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fresh faces

Dulce Dulce is a sweet mini dress with a flower pattern and a retro circle design belt. This dress can also be worn as a top with your favourite jeans or shorts. Dulce is available in three different colour combinations and comes with top in the shirt layer, two belts in the jacket layer, glitch pants, shirt bottom, prim skirt and prim frills.

24 | Second Style Magazine

Lilyana Dryke is the creative mind and colourful creations. Overall, and her first outfit was for a frie eLDee saw the light of day in O appeal are the vibrant colours. S By Ana Lutetia

Kiki Kiki is a simple and classy outfit with high waisted pants and a top in a floral pattern. It is available in 8 different colour combinations and it can be combined to make new outfits. Kiki comes with floral top, pants, high waist in the jacket layer and prim polka dot kerchief for the neck modifiable for you to change its colour. In this particular outfit, it would be perfect if we also had prims for the legs even though the design gives it the loose look.

Pomme Pomme is an adorab worn with pants or wi in 4 different colour includes top, pants, g and prim sleeves. Th without the puffed sl amazing. Like Kiki, it w have some prims for t

d behind eLDee. Lilyana is not even a year old in SL but she has already made quite an impression with her fresh her clothes are very good and available in very attractive colours. Lilyana started making clothes last September end, followed by a little dress for herself. Before she realized it she was making dresses, skirts, tops and belts. October. The inspiration for Lilyana comes from a print, a nice colour, an accessory or a painting and the main Soon, eLDee will be showing her work in a fashion show with some brand new designs.

Poppy ble outfit that can be Poppy is one of the early creations released ith skirt. It is available by eLDee, another cute mini dress that rs. The Pomme set features a huge poppy. Poppy comes with glitch pants, prim skirt top, pants, prim skirt and prim poppy. he outfit can be worn Since the poppy is a prim attachment it leeves and still looks can be placed wherever you would like would be great to also to see it in the outfit. The top has detailed the legs. crochet pattern with poppies and a sash that combines with the skirt.

Fleur Fleur is a mini dress with a flower pattern and tulle overlay. This dress has a more casual feel and it is perfect for a walk in the park. It is available in three different colours and each one includes top, pants, prim skirt in tulle and prim tulle frills for the shoulders.

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Second Style Magazine | 27

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: SPA-002 Commercial #3 by Arwen Epin of Millage Valenti Hair: Viktoria in Darkbrown by Sunnivah Jiutai of Mau&Mej Clothes: Blossom in Pink by Constanza Volare of Alchemy Shoes: Verve in Green by Onyx Leshelle and Beauvoir Rousselot of Maitreya

garden glamour By: Iris Ophelia 28 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 29

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: SPA-002 Commercial #3 by Arwen Epin of Millage Valenti Hair: Kira in Cafe by Trinitee Trilam of Refuge Clothes: Petals by Simone Stern of Simone Accessories: Kanzasi Sakura by Nico Rotaru of Kurotsubaki

30 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 31

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Nari 3 by Keri Clip of Detour Hair: Hope in Pearl by Keri Clip of Detour Clothes: Olde World Bridal Fae by Violaine Villota of Fancy Faerie

32 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 33

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Queen Bee by Violaine Villota of Fancy Faerie Hair: Xaria in Blonde Orange by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD Clothes: MarshaM by LeeZu Baxter of LBD Accessories: Wild Petal Scarf by Tabris Pau of Japancakes Shoes: Juicy Classic Pump in Orange by Elven Dreamscape

34 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 35

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Samantha in Vanilla Moss by Sezmra Svarog of Nora Hair: Bell in Khaki by Sasaya Kayo of Happy Mood Clothes: Michella in Sundance by Katterina Dagostino of Archange Accessories: Dragonfly Broach by aoimizuno Meili of LPP Shoes: Spring Fever in Gold by Minke Bailey

36 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 37

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Mellie3 5 blk_trim by Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop Hair: Lady of Leisure in Brown by Ororon Kamachi of Animus Clothes: Miss Hathaway by Miko Omegamu of Icing

38 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 39

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Ivy by Gala Phoenix Hair: Elizabeth in Strawberry by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD Clothes: Lao-Tzu in Dragon by Naoki Ninetails of Gris Gris Shoes: Sandale Ribbon in Green Mixed by Hays Uriza of H&U

40 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 41

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Makoto by miula Jun of Issigonis Hair: Copper in Blonde Punk by Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties Clothes: Flora by Jamie Holmer of INDI Designs Accessories: AIR_Flower Dress_No1b by Aslan Kish

42 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 43

On Erin Shape: SugarBlue by Haver Cole of Lemon Skin: Essence of Earth by Canimal Zephyr of Canimal Hair: Honor in Mocha Splash by Shylah Honey of Damselfly Clothes: Zoe in Emerald by Karigan Ducatillon of Husky GFX

44 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 45

men’s corner By Ryan Darragh The last few days, I’ve been hoping on and off (more on than off) that the “unseasonably warm” temperatures in my RL home city (Los Angeles) will return quickly to milder and more usual weather. Please, God, let the meteorologists be meaningfully right, just for once. I know it will be 110 Fahrenheit degrees plus in September, but right now it is quite frankly too damn early in the season for this nonsense. Because, you see, as I write this it’s only mid-April, and the weather should be suitable for picnics and other casual outings—not roasting hot, miserably hot, hot as hell hot. And it’s been threateningly close, for too many days, although relief is said to be in sight. As always these days, when RL is in some way inhospitable, I find escape in SL. (Some psychologist will have a field day with that, but that’s okay.) This month I venture into the Great Virtual Outdoors, with a few suggestions for putting together your adventurer’s look, complete with accessories. The Safari ensemble by Froddo Beck includes shirt, vest and pants that can be worn in a variety of different combinations. You can choose from shirt and vest together, as shown, or either one alone; all are on the jacket layer. The pants come in both “intact” (though well worn) and slightly ragged versions, the better to depict your progression from the outset of your three-hour tour to its eventual but uncertain conclusion, days or weeks later. You also get a coil of prim rope to wear looped around shoulder and chest, so you can keep it handy in case of accidental fall into a tiger pit or unmarked cave. The only caveat with this nicely detailed and textured set is the logo screened on the back of both vest and shirt. It’s only partially obscured by the ropes, so fair warning to those who find brand logos objectionable. Available at TheZoo (Gotlib 40, 83, 34). Also by Froddo Beck is this detailed prim backpack. The pack itself is textured with standard-issue camouflage fabric, and the padded straps will keep it comfortable on long hikes far from civilization. The accessories are what make it feel like it’s owned and used by a real person: the loops of nylon rope, bedroll, issue of National Geographic magazine, compass, water bottle, and various decorative buttons are all authentic touches that work. The backpack is provided in two starting sizes for your convenience, but you can modify it for a better fit if you like. Also available at TheZoo (Gotlib 40, 83, 34). I’ve searched high and low for good “Indy”-style adventurer’s hats and have yet to find one better than the Outback Hat by Raindrop Drinkwater. Its comfortably broken-in shape is simply but elegantly sculpted, and the brown suede texture is deep and rich. A glossy, chocolate-colored band marks the division between crown and brim. Two sizes are included, but the hat is easily resized for a custom fit. The hat’s shape 46 | Second Style Magazine

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Men’s Corner

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and proportions are such that, even sized up a bit to conceal my prim hair, it doesn’t look oversized. Available at A2NZ (Ufeus 35, 23, 35). I’ve had the Gestalt Binoculars by Jim Lumiere in my inventory for ages—it’s about time they got a serious workout. As with any of Jim’s creations, these are meticulously constructed and almost impossibly detailed. The gleaming brass and dark leather feel rich and luxurious rather than strictly utilitarian, and if you look closely you can see light “reflections” in the lenses. The integrated hold pose raises the binoculars to your eyes and lets you gaze searchingly into the far distance. Available at Gestalt’s This ‘N That Market (Yamato 216, 120, 28). The binoculars “standee” vendor is located just outside the glass-walled conservatory, near the landing point—look for the guy in the pith helmet. Another inventory staple for me: the BUKKA short hiking boots by yano Hyun. The leather uppers are realistically textured in brown leather in at least three different finishes. Other detailed construction elements include bright brass hardware, sturdy stitching, multi-colored laces, and braided piping. The chunky treaded soles will keep your footing sure while you’re out hiking. The set also includes high (almost to the knee) prim socks, touch scripted for color change—not my thing, but others may enjoy them. Available in Brown, Black and Beige at BUKKA (Baleful 74, 80, 31). Last but not least, you’re going to need some protection against the intensifying sun as we move through spring into summer. Like all of Fenigan London’s eye wear, his “Ottokan” glasses are stylish designs executed in highly detailed, all-prim construction. After all, there’s no reason your glasses can’t be just as attractive as the rest of you. Although shown here as dark sunglasses, they’re touch scripted for a variety of color options: you can choose from several lens and frame colors as well as steel or copper detail textures. Available at House of London (Monowai 252, 95, 69). Second Life isn’t just about dance clubs (not that there’s anything wrong with dance clubs). It also offers plenty of opportunities for exploration of virtual natural environments, both realistic and fantastic. Get some friends together and do something “outside”! Photographed at various locations in the Africa sim (Africa 189, 136, 27). An expanded version of this article will be published on the Men’s Second Style fashion blog at Be sure to look for it! Ryan is also wearing: Envision Platinum skin by Maximillion Grant (The Body Politik). “Jason” hair by Garbage Prototype (Random Fashions). Ryan is Editor in Chief of the Men’s Second Style fashion blog, available online at He lives in Otherland with his partner Sean.

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52 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style: Well Tuli, you’re hardly a new resident of SL, and “Tuli” is not your first line either. Would you like to give our readers a little bit of background on your involvement in SL and the growth you’ve gone through as a designer? Tuli Asturias: A friend I met in SWG [Star Wars Galaxies] alerted me to this new game called Second Life, and said it was free. I was tired of SWG and was looking for something new to explore, so I entered in October 2005. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen and I quickly realized it was no game at all. After 3 months of exploring and camping, someone told me to get off my butt and earn money. I had some experience in Photoshop making web site graphics, so clothing design was the most natural choice. My first brand was “Forgotten Kitten”. I kept learning new techniques over time by looking at other designers and tips people left on the forums, and started a new store called “Lollypop”, which had really colorful stuff *laughs*. After a bit I needed a break from SL (met the drama factor) but I came back and started anew with my current store simply called “Tuli”. TA: Not that I am a selfish person, I am just really bad with names. *Laughs* SS: “Lollypop” was a favorite of mine really, for one of the reasons that I think “Tuli” is so popular now-- You have so many really innovative and unique designs. Very few of your products could be considered typical or common in the fashion market. What influences your designs and your attitude towards fashion? TA: Aww thank you *smiles*. Actually I am trying to make more wearable clothing now. I see certain details on real life clothing and think, wow I can do that but make it like this and that. Often I get inspired by things other people make in SL, like shoes, hair, certain accessories. My attitude towards fashion is pretty simple-- wear whatever you like. If it’s not in fashion, too bad, just make it in fashion again. Continuedononpage page5454> > Continued Second Style Magazine | 53


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TA: The way I dress very much shows what mood I am in. I can go from classy lady to grunge chick.

which makes them look less far apart, you can adjust that by making your eyes more wide set.

SS: In part that’s the beauty of SL too!

SS: Very true!

TA: Indeed, no hassle with sizes and things not fitting.

TA: Some skins have eye makeup that makes your eyes look humongous. Make them a little smaller, and they look right again.

SS: As skin designers go, you update your line fairly frequently. What’s your philosophy when it comes to skin making? TA: I used to drool over Lost Thereian’s skins, and was making clothes at that time, and I just thought... I managed to make decent clothing, so why not try my hand at skins? My first skin was terrible *laughs*. But again, it is a learning process for someone without classic drawing skills. So each time I found I made a better skin, I retired the old line and brought in the new. I like trying to give avatars a fresh, pretty and approachable look. TA: Skin making is so personal, that’s why there can never be too many skins in SL. SS: It’s an interesting point. TA: What I don’t understand is, when people like a skin, but don’t like how it looks on the shape they are wearing, they don’t adjust the facial settings so it will look nice on them. TA: Every skin designer places the eye makeup, nose and lips differently. It means adjusting your sliders to put them back in the place you want them in. The skin wears you, I guess. TA: As it should, a skin makes you who you are in SL. SS: Good point! TA: A shape should work for the skin, not the other way around. TA: And many, many people do not grasp that. SS: I think part of that is that shapes can be very personal too. It takes a lot for me to want to alter my shape in any significant way. TA: You don’t have to change your body shape. But if for example, you have wide set eyes, and the new skin’s eyes are made up a certain way 54 | Second Style Magazine

SS: So what does the future hold for Tuli Asturias? Any hopes or plans you’re willing to share with us? TA: I really want to grow bigger, but as I am on my own and not able to do this full time, it will probably be a slow process. I would like to open a cute mall with designers I admire also. Product wise I am working on a new skin line, and have some ideas for new clothing. I try not to overdo it and get stressed out, SL should stay a fun experience. TA: I also hope to collaborate more with designers. SS: What designers do you admire? Let’s go a little farther than that, who are your top 5 favorite content creators in SL? TA: A top 5? I have to rank them? TA: Gimme a sec... SS: Well not rank them, maybe just pick 5. *Smiles* TA: One that I have been impressed with lately is eLDee... by Lilyana Dryke? I like what she does, it’s totally my style. TA: Annah Whitfield, damn her, I love her stuff. TA: Decoy, *grumbles* making shoes now too. Great stuff! TA: And I can’t help but admire Armidi, although I’d love to see more original designs there. But they make casual look good. SS: Very true. TA: And one more, yes? TA: Then it’ll have to be Caliah Lyon. That woman is amazing. Continued on page 57 >

56 | Second Style Magazine

Interview: Tuli

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SS: Caliah’s fabulously talented! TA: I am not sure if I should tell you this... but she is dabbling in clothes to see if she likes it. If her jewelry is anything to go by, her clothes will make us weep with joy. SS: Ooh goodness I really hope she does, she’s so imaginative and classy, we need more of that! TA: She is miss High Fashion-- and I mean that positively. SS: Well, any final messages for our readers and your fans? TA: I don’t bite!!! *laughs* TA: So philosophical. SS: I like it! TA: Just saying that because my friends keep telling me that people are too shy or scared to talk to designers. Like we’re deities or something? TA: Sure, some might believe that as well *laughs*, but most of us are just peeps. TA: And goofy ones at that. SS: Oh absolutely, there’s a lot of idolatrous worshipping of designers in SL just like RL celebrities. TA: Yep, I do not get it. SS: I like that side of SL, people are “worshipped” for skills and talents and effort, not for being tabloid fodder. TA: Well, worship goes too far for me *laughs*. TA: I love that people like what I do, but no need for ass kissing or feet kissing! TA: See Iris, I am a simple girl who does things for no purpose. SS: And there’s nothing wrong with that. TA: I want to be more interesting, but hey, I iz me!

style girl Dahlia Eilde and Nicolas Sinatra 58 | Second Style Magazine

By Haver Cole

NS: Hi.

NS coughs.

DE: Hello!

DE laughs.

HC: Welcome to this month’s daring and lovely style girl & guy! We are doing something new this month and having our very first couple!

HC: So how did you transfer your passion to fashion?

HC: Introducing Dahlia Eilde and Nicolas Sinatra, two very stylish people separate and when put together-a style tornado. Thanks for coming and let’s get started. How did you each find Second Life™? DE: I dabbled in The Sims Online, the gateway MMORPG, and a friend would not shut up about Second Life™. I resisted for a while but curiosity got the better of me. NS: I had just recently stopped playing Star Wars Galaxies, a MMORPG, and began looking for another medium where I could express my creativity. I ended up finding SL™ on Google. HC: Oo that’s the first time I have heard thatfrom Google, very interesting. So how did you two come to find each other? DE laughs. “Well, that is an interesting story. Nic and I were both RPing in the Crack Den (classy right?) and I was hired by two strip club owners to be the bait to bring Nic in for a good ol’ fashioned killing. I of course didn’t know him by anything but his name at the time.” HC: Did it work? HC looks at undead Nicolas NS shakes his head. “Don’t forget to mention that I wiped the floor up with those two ‘hit men’. Pansies.” DE: “Well he escaped, and came looking for revenge,” smiles “but he found something different.” HC: That is freakishly romantic! DE: It’s a pretty surreal love story, even for SL™. NS laughs. “Indeed.” HC: I think its lovely...*smiles*

DE: One of the first things we noticed about each other was our sense of style and he was the first guy I had met that actually liked and sometimes suggested shopping! NS: We were both quite fashionable before we met, and it was rather noticeable after we came together. DE: It wasn’t until a few months later though that we decided to go public and hit the blogosphere with it. NS: Even as such, fashion was always a big part of our relationship. NS: It’s something we both are interested in, and enjoy doing with one another. Be it shopping, or just sitting home and trying on different things. DE: I’ve been known to give Nic an impromptu fashion show in our living room after a big shopping trip. HC: You know now knowing your back story the Bonnie & Clyde theme seems to not come as far from left field as before. Are you the fashion bandits? NS laughs. “This is why we found the name “Bonnie & Clyde” so perfect. She’s my partner in fashion, and crime, but never fashion crime.” NS winks. HC: laughs.. Wow DE: Aw, now how can I top that? HC: Do you find coming from a RP background made it easier to slip into the different roles you seem to take on the blog? NS: I do, absolutely. HC: like the Hugh Hefner photo shoot HC: that must have been a streeetch DE: Totally, I think fashion for me has always had

HC: Death and sex always go together right? NS: They sure did that week.

Continued on page 60 > Second Style Magazine | 59

Style Girl <Continued from page 59

an element of make believe. Slipping on a certain outfit can alter and reflect your mood, persona, and certainly the way people look at you, so fashion and RP (for lack of a better word) are closely related. DE: The Hef shoot was less of a stretch for Nic I think...he got to release his inner porn mogul. hahah NS smirks. “The Hefner photo shoot was a stretch, for both of us. For me, since I was portraying an icon that I do not morally find appealing, and for her since it was one of the few times you’ll see me allowing her to be scantily clad without putting up a fight.”

through your style? NS: I find it allows me to show my style a bit more than I can in RL, since it is all so easily accessible. If I want to wear a nice vintage Italian suit one day, and an extravagantly exotic Indonesian suit the next, I can do so with very little work. HC: I am sensing you are more a suit guy then? NS: Not always, but I do love a good suit. DE: The suits love you back, trust me. NS: I have extremes, if it’s not a suit and tie; it’s a T-shirt and jeans. NS grins. “Thanks baby.”

DE: That’s true. I got the a-ok.

DE: You’re most welcome.

NS laughs. “My inner porn mogul ends with a camcorder at the foot of the bed.”

HC: I think there is something to be said for formality in men’s clothing. I love it in SL™ and offline as well. It says a lot about a man who can pull off a dapper look

HC: How closely related is this to your real life fashion tastes? DE: It’s certainly easier to express imagination and fashion sense on SL™, but I can honestly say that I have never put Dahlia in something that I didn’t wish I had hanging in my closet. DE: Or maybe DO have hanging in my closet! HC: What about you Nicolas? Men aren’t always known in Second Life™ for their fashion sense per do you find you express yourself here

60 | Second Style Magazine

HC: It lends an air of respectability at least *grins* NS: At the risk of sounding egotistic, I agree completely. HC laughs.. I don’t find that egotistic at all! DE: It certainly illustrates what a gentleman Nic can be. Chivalry is not dead. NS: It’s just unpopular.

Style Girl <Continued from page 60

HC: So what about major influences? I see on your blog you relate a lot to offline movies art and music...what would you say your biggest influences are? DE: Music definitely influences a lot of what we do. Luckily we both have very eclectic yet very similar taste in music and that gets reflected a lot in our overall style. NS: I would say some of our biggest influence comes from music. NS: We must both be listening to the same, mutually discussed and agreed upon song, before each blog shoot. DE: It really does set the mood. DE: Apart from fashion though, our house has a lot of art, again very eclectic. We love to be immersed. NS: Art definitely plays its part as well. DE: Movies, music, fashion...they’re all art mediums and so they influence each other, at least for us. HC: What have you been watching, listening to lately? DE: Well for music it’s been anything from Leona Lewis to Beirut...we are really loving the Beirut. We also have some really great radio streams at the house, scene and indie music mostly. We enjoy when the Go Team pops up on there. HC: That brings back some memories! DE: We’re a bit behind on our movies, the last one we saw and loved was Juno, and we both really loved Across the Universe. NS smiles and gives an affirming nod. HC: which makes sense because its music AND movie together

HC: People are always one or the other I have found HC: Although you can like both DE: It’s like lemonade and Iced Tea HC: it’s very telling HC: Yes! NS: Well put, love. DE grins. DE: Thankya HC: What was the tipping point where you decided to start blogging about style in Second Life™? NS: I think the tipping point for me was when I began viewing the very few prominent male style blogs at that time and saying to myself “What were they thinking?”

HC: Wait so Beatles or rolling stones?

DE: Well about the time we were hanging around KSU I started checking the blogs more frequently. We were surrounded by a fashionable community and I thought to myself “Hey, we could do that.” so we did.

NS: Beatles.

HC: What were they thinking Nicolas?

DE: Beatles!

NS: Not about fashion, that’s for damn sure.

HC: Ooo interesting

DE: Oh snap, Nic!

DE: Yeah it was pretty prime for sure.

Continued on page 64 > Second Style Magazine | 63

Style Girl <Continued from page 63

bald until they release those new hairstyles we keep being teased with. Nic and I both get pretty turned on anytime they release something. NS: I’m definitely awaiting more releases from Armidi, with their new line of multitalented artists; I’m more than excited. NS plugs in “ Like that Sweater Vest from Gisaci that had been in the display window but they refuse to release.” HC: Actually the blog where you deconstructed who made what at Armidi was one of my personal favorites DE: Thanks! I am really looking forward to the new G.L.A.M. release; Chloris Hathor is a very talented designer. NS nods in agreement. “Yes, I am highly anticipating the next men’s release from Indigo.”

DE: We also wanted something to set us apart, and I hadn’t seen couple’s fashion so that was our springboard. NS grins. “And yes, being the first couple’s blog was a big motivation.” HC: You know the nice part is that I don’t get the feel that you two are dressing together necessarily but each of you has a certain voice that comes together nicely HC: It’s not like you guys are wearing matching holiday sweaters or anything. NS: We often compliment each other, but never dress each other. Well, except at bedtime. DE: Honey that’s undressing, de-fashionizing. NS grins. DE: But yeah, we didn’t want to be that annoying couple that goes jogging in matching tracksuits, but rather compliment one another. Something we could wear apart, but would look better worn together. NS nods. HC: So who or what have you been looking forward to fashion wise lately? DE: I’ve considered protesting outside of Armidi 64 | Second Style Magazine

DE: I was also a very big fan of Matireya’s clothing line, so hopefully Onyx Leshelle will invest some of her talent in that department once more. I would love a new clothing release from her. Garbage Prototype has been releasing some amazing stuff at her Random store as well. HC: You two don’t have any more hidden indie designers you can share with us? DE: Well there have been a few promising designers popping up. Giana Paine of GiGi Couture is hardly hidden but she is one of my favourite “indie” designers this year. DE: And of course the Japanese shops are still a treasure trove, Aoharau, Kurotsubaki, Shop Seu, etc. Shopping sims like Cherry Buttons, Starlust Motel, and Appearance Mode are a great way to expose yourself to new designers, oh and the new shopping/lifestyle sim, moosh! HC: Have you felt this style lull that other people have been feeling so far as Second Life™ fashion? DE: I was sad to see D!ff go, that’s for sure. DE: I hear that a lot, that people are bored with fashion on SL or uninspired, but I think that just means you’re stuck in a rut. Type something wacky into search, surf OnRez, look offline for inspiration. There is too much out there to be bored for me just yet. Continued on page 66 >

Style Girl <Continued from page 64

NS: It’s a time of recession in the SL fashion industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find new innovative clothing items to work with. As Dahl said, OnRez and the Exchange are wonderful resources. DE: Mashups are a big part of keeping things interesting for me too. Mixing designers can really triple your wardrobe. NS: Look, and you shall find. HC: I think that’s an inspired attitude..From you both! DE: Thanks! HC plugs in ORANGE in search HC: Any last words for our readers? What do you want people to know about you? DE: Though we are living in a virtual world we can’t fake what we love, and as far as loving each other that’s as real as it gets. ♥ NS: Awww! NS: Damn, I got nothing. HC laughs NS: To the readers… Well, thanks for reading! Keep reading! Remember kids, crack is whack. DE: Amen to that. HC: You are so Bobby and Whitney now! DE: Oh hell naw! NS: I feel a new blog post comin’. DE: LOL HC: We need to get Dahlia all sweaty though NS: I got that covered. HC: God I walked RIGHT into that NS: Sure did. DE: He will never miss an opportunity. NS: I couldn’t live with myself if I did. HC: Thank you both so much for sharing your story with us and see you next month for Gillian Waldman to do her thing in the June issue of Second Style! Keep nominating people or robots that you think are fashionable! 66 | Second Style Magazine

new years dressing theeve part

70 | Second Style Magazine

By: Iris Ophelia On the Harlot Skin: Sprye by Digit Darkes of Darkes Sisters Lashes: Widow Lashes by Keri Clip of Detour Hair: Beloved in Night by Keri Clip of Detour Clothes: Heart of Thorns by Kala Bijoux of Haunted Zuzu, La Clochette Bodice by Naoki Ninetails of Gris Gris Accessories: Teardrop Necklace by moon Ling of Moon, Silver&Feather Earrings by Cailyn Miller for Crimson Shadow

Second Style Magazine | 71

On the Virgin Skin: Aberdeen Basic by Smudoor Ashbourne of Xccess Hair: Deux in Blonde by Truth Hawks of Truth Clothes: Shift in White by Sh Oluja of Sheer Accessories: I Love Myself Necklace by June Dion of BareRose Shoes: Supernovas in Sand Bloom by Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things

72 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 73

On the Goddess Skin: Golden by Popfuzz Bamboo and Mimi Coral of <3 Cupcakes Hair: Anne by Garbage Prototype of Random Clothes: Circe by Devyn Grimm of Chaospire Accessories: Wing by Moeka Kohime of Edelweiss, Irima Headpiece by Siyu Suen of Illusions, Heavy Brasilian Rosewood Staff by Ack Mendicant Shoes: Bead-Draped Sandals in red by Sharda Mirabeau of Out of the Blue

74 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 75

On the Demon Skin: Brows Red by Minnu Palen of Minnu Model Skins Hair: Morrigan in Deep Brown by Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties Tattoos: Spiretribe Tattoo by Devyn Grimm of Chaospire Accessories: Mystic Ear in Elfin Naturals by Siyu Suen of Illusions, Slute 1.0 by Kan Greene of Poco a Poco Legs/Horns: Faun in Autumn Yellow by Riann Maltese of Titaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Court

76 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 77

78 | Second Style Magazine

On the Hero Skin: S5 Natural by Tuli Asturias of Tuli Hair: High Elf Hair in Brunette by Ororon Kamachi of Animus Clothes: Shieldmaiden Eowyn by Karigan Ducatillon of Husky GFX Accessories: Key to my Heart Necklace in Broze by Ameshin Yossarian of Curious Kitties, Noble Sword by Yabusaka Loon of Yabusaka

Second Style Magazine | 79

On the Aristocrat Skin: Knight by Digit Darkes of Darkes Sisters Hair: Madame Bertin Wig in Silver by Nonna Hedges of Details Clothes: Lady Bird Couture by livinglight Yiyuan of Crystal Queendom Accessories: Ever After Tiara by Evangeline Miles of Evieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Closet, Oriental Airen in Pink Coral by Alienbear Gupte of BijouxOr Design

80 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 81

On the Feral Skin: Torn in Whipped Scarred by Munchflower Zaius of Nomine Hair: Yellow Boomb Manish Look Short Hair by developer02 SeraKorea of Sera Boutique Clothes: Isis Revealing Shirt by June Dion of BareRose Accessories: The Song of an Island Necklace and Dove by June Dion of BareRose Shoes: The Song of an Island Blue Sandals by June Dion of BareRose

82 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 83

On the Nemesis Skin: Oden-02 F Heavy by Denchu Dench of Den-Dou Hair: Defiance Straight in Sasyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Black by Digit Darkes Clothes: AntiHero Galaxy Bodysuit by Nephilaine Protagonist of PixelDolls Accessories: Choker_F I N Reversed by Khai Sinister of The Abyss Shoes: The Catalyst in Black by Khai Sinister of The Abyss

84 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 85

On the Scientist Skin: Sayla in Azure by miula Jun of Issigonis Hair: Ivy in Blue by Kin Keiko of Kin Clothes: Fairweather by Naoki Ninetails of Gris Gris Accessories: Doll Digital Neko Ear Type Li, Doll Scouter, and Steampunk Left Armâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Armor by aoimizuno Meili of LPP

86 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 87

88 | Second Style Magazine

On the Adorable Sidekick Avatar: Acid 12Ganji by Karll Hammerer

Second Style Magazine | 89

mini-guide galleries By Gillian Waldman Gallery Diabolus, Benvolio (234, 123, 21) Gallery Diabolus is a young and contemporary art gallery that fills four floors in its SL location. It’s also the home base of the CARP group (Cybernatic Art Research Program) where a group of international artists work together, experiment, and develop new interactive installations for the residents of SL. The CARP group recently launched the live performance of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” which was received with rave reviews. You can visit the Diabolus Gallery web site at http://www. with links to the CARP exhibitions as well. Avatrait Gallery, Simuality (31, 203, 38) The Avatrait Gallery is a showcase of 30 of Second Life’s most gifted photo artists. The installations feature SLart exclusively, demonstrating each photographer’s unique view of SL. Each month one artist’s work is available for purchase exclusively – making you the only owner of that particular work in SL. Visitors can also purchase copies from the permanent collection featuring various artists. Cannery Rezzable, Cannery Rezzable (96, 143, 26) The Cannery is one of SL’s best known venues for revolving installations by some of SL’s most inspired photographers. To date, the gallery has featured original SLart by dozens of SL residents, all in themed installations. Each month features a new group of contributors – and with all Rezzable builds, even the surroundings could be considered art. Cetus Gallery District – Ruttan Lane Galleries, Cetus (216, 3, 40) Not just one but numerous galleries find their home in the Cetus Gallery District. As happens offline, budding artists are regularly scouted and discovered from the bevy of galleries that line the streets. Carve out an hour to browse and appreciate the relatively unknown and original SL artists showcasing their work all in one location. Xzavier Taov Photography, Poggiodomo (93, 205, 241) Xzavier Taov is a writer from NY who fuses emotion, his love of New York City and his unique photography at several gallery locations in Second Life. An homage to the city he clearly loves, Xzavier lets visitors explore NY from a distance but still acquire a feeling of closeness and emotion that can only come from special work. 92 | Second Style Magazine

By Justine Babii This month, fashion fans, I must say that I struggled with the shows I went to see. Those of us that came to Second Life during the giant growth spurt are used to grid stability issues, but I must admit I’m surprised that while the population growth has slowed, issues seem to have gotten worse intermittently over the past several months. Or maybe it’s just me. One of the fun things I saw last month was by Bianca F. As InStyle’s Kylie Gears said in the show’s patter, “A gal wearing this dress doesn’t just have her moment in the spotlight, she brings her own light show along for the ride!” The cocktail dress itself is a great design, and comes in several fun colors and styles. I’m not sure I would ever activate the lasers, except maybe to go completely over the top at a party, but it’s good to see designers pushing the boundaries of what one can do with clothing in Second Life.

94 | Second Style Magazine

Another design from Bianca F. I liked on the runway was the Dream 2 dress. Crazy amounts of tulle in the dress design and hat’s veil made this a fun and endearing bit of design for me. The Star motif is one you don’t see enough in high fashion and I was pleased to see the rich use of texture and color to make an outfit that is both frivolous and fashionable. From A Piece of Candy, criss cross my bosom, show my stomach, let all see me! This is what this erotic cocktail says. Not unsophisticated, with its short but flowing skirt, it is made to tempt, to seduce, but it’s seduction with class. The design’s beautiful lines, with a touch of color at the top of the bodice, low in the back, meeting the bottom of the dress that flows as if walking on clouds. Amazing. Well that’s what your date will be saying when you’re wearing this gown.

piece for a woman at the special event. The square cut bodice, soft embroidery just below the bodice, and at the hem, blending perfectly in a flowing gown. Amazing details, just by looking at the embroidery at the bodice. Embroidery enhances the beauty of each gown. Finally, from Slink we have SLink Skinny Jeans with Jane boots and Tan leather Jacket: this outfit starts with the Leather zip-up jacket in light tan, worn here with the short skirt option. This jacket features sculpted cuffs and a belt with metal buckles. The jeans are the Skinny jeans in brown, and are worn here with the Jane Cowboy boots “Eagle” in soft tan and brown for a little western chic.

Here we have the gown that makes the perfect Second Style Magazine | 95

Second Style #19  

Garden Glamour Dressing the Part

Second Style #19  

Garden Glamour Dressing the Part