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MILTON WONG A Salute From Your Friends at the UBC PMF

For Milt, from the students and alumni of the UBC Portfolio Management Foundation. You mean the world to us! 1






Milt, As I have been saying to you repeatedly in my annual note of thanks accompanying the new annual report I send to you, you have given me the best gift, certainly professionally, and probably personally as well, that I have ever been given. The photo I sent along hopefully shows my glee (if I ever actually get “gleeful”) at having a great discussion with three people I met as youngsters and now get to enjoy as young adults. The photo is from the 2004 San Francisco LWF Dinner with Carlee Price (LWF ’96), Keith Eadie (LWF ’99) and Paul A. Martin (LWF ’98). I have watched each class graduate and I’m sure that each of them will, at some point in their lives, have a significant moment and recall something that you said to them that will help them put that moment into perspective; you do have a profound effect on people. So, each of the grads will have grown from meeting you, and they will take that with them for their entire lives. You should be very proud and happy with your personal gift to each of them. The PMF you helped create changes lives.. I know of many LWFs who, even after 20 years have passed since graduation, still get together with their classmates, often with their families. The PMF bond never leaves the LWFs. You have had a tremendous impact on almost 170 LWF lives up to now, just with this one initiative. You’ve touched many times that number of lives with everything else you do. But I am most grateful for what you have given me. Each graduating PMF student has had this amazing PMF experience one time, thanks to you. I’ve gotten to have that experience over 25 times now, with more great years to come. Thanks Milt. Rob Heinkel



Milt – The mentors & graduates of the PMF program at Connor, Clark & Lunn want you to know that we are pulling for you and that you are foremost in our minds during this difficult period.   PMF Graduates: David George PMF Class of 1997 Martin Gerber PMF Class of 1991 Nancy Kwok PMF Class of 2002 Jocelyn Chu PMF Class of 2005   PMF Mentors and Graduates: (back left to right) – Larry Lunn, Steve Huang, David George, Martin Gerber, John Novak, Phil Cotterill & Mark Bridges (front left to right) – Nancy Kwok & Jocelyn Chu   Hey Milt,   Given the amount of personal energy you’ve spent for everyone in your community, your heart is not only big enough to pull you through this new challenge…but your achievements have made 5000 years of Chinese culture proud.   Nancy Kwok PMF Class of 2002 Hey Milt, For all the times that you have stood behind and fought for what you believed in – cultural diversity, social responsibility, sustainability – I can go on and on… this is just another fight and we are all here standing with you.   Jocelyn Chu PMF Class of 2005


Dear Milton, It’s been eleven years since I graduated from the UBCPMF; I’ve seen a couple of cycles, made a multitude of mistakes, and learned many hard lessons. Though much time has passed, my gratitude to the UBCPMF and its founders remains as strong and fresh as that first, exhilarating moment when I learned that I’d been accepted into the program. It’s difficult to understate what the UBCPMF has meant for my career. Given that I never had top-of-the-class grades, confidence, or connections, I credit the program for opening the doors, and opening my mind, to the art of investing. Your foresight and generosity along with Murray Leith’s and Mike Ryan’s sparked and nurtured my career in its most formative days. Just saying “thank you” seems wholly inadequate to me; instead, let me briefly share with you why I love what I do, and why I’m so grateful to the program. Two of the great joys I take from my profession are simple ones: I get to go to interesting places, and I get to meet interesting people. The photograph on the left was taken late last year. Those are my clumsy feet you see in the footwell of an aging helicopter, as I’m being hauled out to a mining site near the central B.C./Yukon border. If you told me as an undergrad that visiting such remote parts of the country would be in my future, I doubt I’d have believed it. But such experiences keep me on my toes; I relish the sense of adventure that comes with the territory. The picture on the left is of me and Max Lapierre, after he scored the game-winning goal in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals (little did I know how the rest of the series would pan out!) Granted, the picture has nothing to do with finance. But it does remind me of how lucky I am to have the career that I do; every day I get to meet and talk to interesting, intelligent, and motivated people who challenge the way I think and change my perspective on the world. The last time I personally thanked you for your contribution to the UBCPMF and to my career was at a dinner event in 2000, just as I was graduating from the program. It strikes me now that at the time, I really had no grasp of how grateful I really should have been. It’s taken a decade of experience and perspective to realize what a wonderful gift the founders of and the contributors to the UBCPMF have given me. Though the words never seem enough: Thank you! Best regards, Stephen Hui PMF Class of 2000 10

June 2011, London Dear Milt, I am writing to thank you for founding the UBC Portfolio Management Program and for giving me an opportunity to take part in this program. The PMF had opened a world of opportunities for me and it is the most lifetransforming experience I have ever had. During my two years in the program, I had the privilege to apprentice and learn from some of best people in the industry and that experience had helped jump-start my career. Beyond learning about finance and investment, I also took away invaluable life lessons. Among those lessons, I have a most vivid memory of sitting in a PH&N conference room with John Montalbano as he gave us a stern lecture about integrity, respect and code of conduct. I am grateful for John for delivering that wake-up call and his message had stuck with me and guided me in the years since UBC. These are some of the secret ingredients that made the PMF program unique and successful. The PMF is like a tree. Every year it grows new branches as it embraces new members. These branches reach high towards the sky and together they share deep roots. There is a Chinese proverb that says “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now�. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having planted this tree and for loving it all these years. Yours truly, Michelle Lee PMF Class of 1992 Left to right: Rodney Gray, Michelle Lee, Kim Dudra, Chris Cumming and their families (PMF Class of 1992) 11

Dear Milton, I remember the advice you gave on ethics and accountability in the finance industry when our Class first entered into the program. It was an amazing opportunity to speak with someone who has made a significant impact in the Vancouver community in many ways. As the Class of 2011 graduates and heads out into the industry, we will remember your advice and remain mindful of the high standards set by the Leslie Wong Fellows. Thank you for all the support that you have provided to the PMF from its very start. Sincerely, Jason Ng PMF Class of 2011

Dear Milton, Thank you very much for all the support and work you've put in the PMF as well as the community. You've taught us the importance of conducting business with integrity and are a great role model for integrating philanthropy and business together seamlessly. We appreciate you spending time with us and encouraging discussions about ethical behavior and sustainability, these are definitely important lessons we keep in mind for the rest of our careers. I wish you all the best in your health.    Best Regards,   Jenny Yan PMF Class of 2011 12

Milt I was shocked and saddened to hear about your cancer affliction.  Tracey suggested we find a picture of ourselves, but when I thought about what the PMF program has meant for me, I decided it would be more appropriate to include a picture of my family instead of just me.  Undeniably, the PMF provided me with a great opportunity to build a career in the investment business that otherwise would not have been possible.  With an undergraduate Commerce degree and my Leslie Wong Fellowship, I had a better knowledge of investments and markets than the recently-minted MBA graduates I worked alongside at the start of my career, proof that your vision of what the PMF should accomplish certainly met its objective.  For this, I am and will be eternally grateful.  The picture, including my wife, Michelle, and daughter, Elena, is meant to convey how the success of your PMF vision reaches beyond just the students in the program, touching the lives of the people that eventually become our families and close friends, long after graduation.   With gratitude and best wishes,   Jeff Clay PMF Class of 1988

"I have seen further because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." I am very fortunate to have met you while at UBC. By creating the Portfolio Management Foundation, you have helped PMF students succeed in ways that we never could have on our own. We learned what it means to be a team, to be independent thinkers and to be good teachers. In addition, you have opened my eyes to the world beyond investment and finance and have challenged me to think about how I can improve the welfare of the community. I can't thank you enough for inspiring us and supporting all our endeavors. I hope you feel better soon.   Best,    Andrea PMF Class of 2011 13

Milt, We all owe you so much for the opportunity you gave us, and for the guidance you provided. We are all thinking of you and are here for you. Keep your spirits up, and we all wish you nothing but the best.   Sincerely,   Nader Ahmed PMF Class of 2009

Milt, You are a great model of perseverance and will. Wishing you the best on your road to recovery. Brett Dley PMF Class of 2008  

Left to right: Brett Dley Eric Lee Yu-Jia Zhu Chris Maludzinski Hashem Aboulhosn (PMF Class of 2008)

Get well soon Milt, we're all thinking of you. Sincerely, Hashem Aboulhosn PMF Class of 2008


Dear Milt, It's been about 20 years since I last saw you in person, but I have been following your ongoing support and dedication to the PMF over the years. I remember how warm and welcoming you were to me during my two years in the program, and how generous you were with your time despite your many other commitments.  I hope that in this difficult time in your life, that you are surrounded by people who love you.  Please know that the thoughts and prayers of all the people whose lives you've touched over the years are behind you.  I am sending you a sunset from my house in Fiji, which I hope will be nicer to look at than the hospital room.  Keep up the fight!   Warmest regards, Yifen (Lin) Axford - PMF Class of 1990

Milt, Thank you for being such a positive and encouraging influence on my life. I read - from hardcover to hardcover - the book you gave to me on sustainable capitalism, written by Jonathon Porritt; it changed the way I view the world. Your generosity with your time and philosophy left a lasting impression on me. Thank you. I have no doubt this chapter of your life may be the most challenging you have faced. Though I feel I have experienced only one true acute period of adversity in my life, I found that what emerges during the adversity is a new experience of the world and myself that transcends the perspective I held prior to the period of adversity.  Unobtainable without the hardship, it is an invaluable silver lining. As you start from where you are today, I wish you a steady, courageous path through this chapter of your life. My thoughts are with you, Randy Steuart  PMF Class of 2007 15

Dear Milt One of my very first mentor meetings upon entering the PMF program was with you - the lessons I learned about business and being a good person in general continue to permeate my life. I thank you for helping me jumpstart my career and wish you the very best during this difficult time. Thank you, Arthur Lee, PMF Class of 2005

Milt, We are all behind you as you continue your fight.  I am sure you know the immense impact that you have had on all of our lives, both on a personal and professional level.  For me, your personal commitment has been a driving force behind the PMF, which I credit to where I am today.  Keep battling with the knowledge that we are all thinking of you.   Robert Kwan PMF Class of 1998


Dear Milt, We feel extremely privileged to have participated in this wonderful program.  You played an instrumental role in creating and growing such a successful program, which has positively impacted so many students over the years.  Through the PMF program, we have met some of our closest friends, as well as each other (that's our daughter, Riley, in the picture!).   We both fondly recall the words of wisdom and engaging conversations we had with you.   We wish you the very best, and know that your drive and spirit will help you overcome this unfortunate challenge.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time.    Matt and Rachel Russell PMF Class of 2004

Dear Milt, Thank you for everything you have taught us. More than anyone else I know you have a profound understanding of the world and our role in it, and your visionary thinking is something students such as myself aspire to. We are all behind you in your fight, my best wishes go to you and your family. Sincerely, Rose Tian PMF Class of 2011


It goes without saying that it is very painful to hear of Milt's illness. I hope that he can get some comfort from the thought that he is admired and respected in equal measure by so many people he helped with their professional and private lives.   I've picked a few photographs which I hope Milt might enjoy.  I graduated from the PMF in '91, and as you know have been involved in banking and markets ever since then.  I left Vancouver for London after UBC and have been living here now for 20 years, with 2 years in Hong Kong.  My marriage broke up under tragic circumstances but I have two glorious boys, Luke and Christopher, who sound like caricatures of English children when they speak.    I wish Milt the soonest possible recovery.      Bruno Vander Cruyssen PMF Class of 1991


Dear Milt, I hope you are feeling better! Your helpfulness, hardwork and generosity has touched and enriched the lives of many people and I wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers for your recovery are with you and your family. Roy Parapilly PMF Class of 2005

Dear Milt, I hope that you have a very speedy recovery. I am sure that I am not alone in writing that I am truly grateful for all you have done for so many UBC students like me by starting the PMF many years ago.   The PMF introduced me to careers that I didn't know existed, opened so many doors for people like me and importantly, introduced me to an amazing network of friends and colleagues that I would never have if it wasn't for your leadership in founding the program.   Rizvan Dhalla PMF Class of 1994

Dear Milt, The seeds that you planted and nourished over the years have grown into a flourishing forest, touching countless lives. As a student who was fortunate enough to participate in the PMF and work at M.K. Wong & Associates, there are many ways in which my life has been touched, the most meaningful being our two children who were born in Hong Kong, a place that I moved to because of the global doors opened through the seeds that you planted.  Thank you for teaching by doing! Sincerely, Tytus Michalski PMF Class of 1998 19

Milton - You are in our thoughts and prayers...I am sure that everyone you have touched and impacted are currently pulling for you this moment.   Ever since I could remember, you have been a tremendous source of strength and our great pride in the community.     You have taught me many things over the years: to trust my instincts, to cherish good ideas and to have a benevolent disposition.  From you, I have learned the idea that a business working not just in respect but in deep community with society could be a tremendous source of strength and the importance of future progress that respects the past.   You are a modern day Ulysses - having traveled greatly, seen and known much, drunk delight of battles with your peers, performing works of noble note, and strong in will still... You have dedicated your life to strive, to seek, to find...and now, the unrelenting will not to yield.   Our community needs you, we need you still Milton. Continued prayers from your friend, Carlos Chiu PMF Class of 2007

Milton, as students and graduates, we have received so much encouragement from you over the years, this encouragement is one of the keys that make the PMF program so succesful, and one of the roots of the success I and many others have had.  I want to bounce back some of that encouragement back to you, I know that even if you receive back a tiny fraction of all the positive words you once sent out, it would be sufficient to fill a lifetime of encouragement..  Hang in there, stay focused and just think of how many of us are cheering for you!   Jose Cuervo   PMF Class of 1998 Left: Jose Cuervo and Paul Martin


Milton, From sharing with us your art collection of containerships during our initial meeting with you, to inviting me and my peers to meet the management team of Seaspan, to making all of what I am currently living in a reality rather than a dream... I sincerely thank you for everything that you've done. The picture is of me and the rest of my class during our final dinner together before starting off in our careers. You have brought together 6 individuals unlikely to have been friends, to become some of my closest companions and people that I've shared my most cherished memories with. I will leave you this quote that has been a constant inspiration to me. I think of you when I read it and what you have done for all of us. A man's usefulness depends upon his living up to his ideals insofar as he can. It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. All daring and courage, all iron endurance of misfortune-make for a finer, nobler type of manhood. Only those are fit to live who do not fear to die and none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life. You continue to inspire us as we read about your courageous fight! Andrew Tian PMF Class of 2010 Below: Andrew Choi, Ane Launy, Eric Fang, Andrew Tian, Derek Ching, Jasmine Wong

Milt I am very thankful for all that I have in my life and I often reflect on how instrumental the PMF was in enabling me to be where I am today. Thank you for laying the foundation for so many students to learn about investing in the spirit of Leslie Wong.  My family and I have you in our thoughts and wish for your speedy recovery.  Paul Martin PMF Class of 1998


Milton, We're here for you and will be in our prayers. Aland Wang PMF Class of 2007 Below from left to right:Â PMF Class of 2007: Kyle Berg, Carlos Chiu, Shirley Luo, Emil Khimji, Aland Wang, Randy Steuart, Samuel Jang

Dear Milt, While your were never officially my mentor in the PMF Program, I would say that you have had the most profound impact on me of all people I have encountered through my career. You have taught me so much just by being who you are and living such an honourable and meaningful life. I have watched from afar your kind, gentle but firm interactions with people. I have always been so touched by your loving nature with your close family. Â I have been inspired by your ongoing entrepreneurial spirit. You showed me that even finance people can be entrepreneurial! You spread a feeling of happiness and warmth to all those around you as you live your life guided by such an open and genuine heart. You have made such a difference in the lives of so many people through your mentorship and the positive changes that your businesses have brought to the human race. I am so sorry that you are having to face cancer. We are all sending you back that positive energy you've shed on all of us for all these years in hopes that it eases some of your pain. I know there are no words to write to make this feel better. All I can do is let you know what an amazing man I think you are and I will always keep close the things I learned from you. All my admiration and gratitude, Christina Anthony PMF Class of 1996 22

Milton, You epitomize all that is good and beautiful about Vancouver. You are a beacon for the arts, business, science, and culture. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Kim Dudra PMF Class of 1992

Dear Milt, Your encouragement and guidance during my internship at MK Wong in the summer of '90 were a life-long gift for which I am eternally grateful. You bring out the best in people through your incredible ability to listen and your gentle persuasion that is hard to resist! I know that the countless successes of the PMF graduates scattered around the world are in large part due to your influence. They say "what goes around, comes around", so I am certain that your lifetime of goodness will help you get better.   Anne Russell PMF Class of 1991


Dear Milton, I last saw you at the annual PMF Alumni Dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel last year and hope to see your same warm smile for many more Alumni dinners.   I first met you as a young finance student about 24 years ago and soon learned of your strong leadership, entrepreneurship, and selfless commitment to the Commerce Faculty, UBC, and the BC business community.  Upon graduation, I continued to follow your greater generous contributions to many charitable and humanity organizations throughout the country.   I am so fortunate today to call you one of my mentors and continue to respect your philosophy and leadership in the global business and humanitarian communities.  It is a blessing to meet people of such good integrity and citizenry as you, Milt.   I join with so many others who have benefited from your hard work and courage to wish you great strength and ultimate success in your fight to regain your health.  I am sure that your family and closest friends are right beside you sharing this struggle with you.   Milt, I truly wish to see that same warm smile of yours at the next PMF Alumni Dinner and look forward to listening to more of your philosophy and wisdom.                                                   Respectfully yours,                                                   Wayne Chiu                                                 PMF Class of 1989

Dear Milt, The success of both the PMF and the graduates all started with you.  Thank you for everything.  Our thoughts are with you.   Fabian Taylor PMF Class of 2001


Milt, Ever since that summer of 1987 at MK Wong, you really have been the most significant mentor in my life. I am so grateful and appreciative for your early words of wisdom that have stayed with me, for showing me what a true creative visionary is and for your ongoing support and interest in me, my family and my business. You are an example of what it is to be a good human - living well, working well, seeing what others don't yet see and igniting change.   With a thankful heart, love, thoughts and prayers for continued wellness. Ronna Chisolm PMF Class of 1989

Dear Mr. Wong, Thank you for all of your work and dedication towards the PMF program. You hold the respect and sincere appreciation from each and every alumni. We wish you good health from all over the world, our best wishes are with you. Sincerely, Tanya Messinger PMF Class of 2004


Milt, You were such a positive role model for me and my classmates when we were in the PMF program. I still remember the first time we met and I learned all about sustainable living and investing! I am living and working in New York now and enjoying it very much, which would not have been possible without your dedication to the program and its students. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Kyle Berg PMF Class of 2007

“Best wishes from the Thong Family. My daddy, Adrian wanted to find a photo of himself from the early nineties, but I think this photo is much cuter because I’m in it.” Grace Thong Adrian Thong PMF Class of 1994


Milt, Some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from you and the PMF are the importance of perseverance and overcoming adversity. We’re all thinking about you in this tough time and wish you all the best.   James Rife PMF Class of 2006

Milt, with great sincerity I thank you for your incredible vision in founding the PMF. Ok perhaps the vision was slightly flawed when it was originally called the PMS but that oversight is a minor detail (however traumatizing it was for us pioneers!) You must take incredible satisfaction when you review the careers of the now hundreds of graduates from the program. While it was a happy moment for me to be accepted in the first class of the PMF, in 1987, the moment I knew that I "had arrived" in my career was just a few months ago, when you came calling upon me to assist you in the management of assets for a national foundation you chaired…if you only knew what a high that was for me. Thank you Milt. You are a difference maker. John Montalbano PMF Class of 1988 27

I have tremendous respect for Milt Wong; he and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. Audrey Alscher PMF Class of 1990

Dear Milt, You may recall that in the early '50s I was Les Wong's student and he hired me in 1957. Following his untimely death in 1968 I became Division Chair and later Dean in 1977. It follows that from 1970 on our paths often crossed and I always found your ideas and gentle prodding invaluable. In particular, your creative thinking leading to the establishment of the PMF programme turned out to be THE highlight of my years at UBC. Not only has your vision significantly enriched the undergraduate experience of scores of young men and women  but their internships afforded them unique employment opportunities on graduation. Additionally, it greatly enhanced our 'town and gown' relationships. Clearly, your PMF initiative will live on to the benefit of future generations of Leslie Wong Fellows and to the Sauder School more generally. Peter Lusztig

Dear Milt, You were the first person who ever told me I could make it in the investment business! When I reflect back on the people who have inspired me, you are at the top of the list. When I was 24, you convinced me to volunteer in the community when I didn’t think I had anything to offer. Now I can’t imagine what life would be like had I not sought out so many rich experiences. I have marvelled at your genuine interest and engagement with the young people all around you, and I know what a difference you have made to so many. I am so proud to call you my mentor and friend. Thank you and be well - you mean so much to so many. Tracey McVicar PMF Class of 1990 28

Dear Milton, I wanted to wish you all the courage and strength to recover.  Not only have you been an early inspiration to me in my career, from the days I would visit your office at HSBC to graduating from the PMF Program that you had the vision to create, but I know and appreciate how you have continued to do such great things for lung cancer research including your work with Perceptronix.  My father, Terry, and I are rooting for you Milton.   Warmest wishes on your path to recovery, Maili Wong PMF Class of 2001

Milt, I was very sad to hear of your illness but optimistic that everything possible is being done.  The investment management industry is a notoriously tough industry in which to find a job unless you know people.  Thanks to you, the many graduates of the PMF did know someone, they knew Milt Wong, and that meant a lot.  Thank you for all your support and wisdom over the years. Rob Edel PMF Class of 1987

Hi Milt, From four former students who became friends through the PMF programme we want to let you to know that you have touched our lives in many ways. Your enthusiasm for the capital markets is something that was clear the first time we had the chance to meet you, but we also grew to appreciate the values that you as a founder embedded within the PMF programme.  These founding values shine through when we see you lead by example, support the search for knowledge, and continue to work for the betterment of the larger community. This is an inspiration for us, not only in our professional lives, but our also personal lives, and for what we still strive to become.  For that we thank you.  Our prayers are with you and your family and we wish you all the best.   Nelson Ng, Louis Chan, Nabeel Rajan, Alex Schwiersch  (PMF Class of 2002 - names arranged from left to right in the photo)     29

Milt, It is with great sadness I received the news of your illness a few weeks ago. You have throughout my career, ever since I had the pleasure of working for MKW back in 94’, had a profound impact of my professional career path, thinking, and subsequent choices in life – and you don’t even know it :) Again, when we met at Granville Island for lunch during my visit to Vancouver during the Olympics, our discussion left lasting impressions. I have attached a picture from my ski-trip through the Swiss Alps which I completed a few weeks after meeting you the last time. I have the two framed prints you gave me when I finished at MKW hanging in my office, -  forever reminding me where my career started.   Your experience, your thoughtfulness and subtle way of conveying  “the message” as a mentor and speaking partner has always been hugely appreciated.  I wish you all the best in your recovery!   Best Regards, Erik Syvertson PMF Class of 1995

Milt, We will always cherish our summer internships at MK Wong -- where you graced us with your amazing energy, generosity, and integrity. From the bond of that experience sprang new lives: our sons Adam and Kevin. We hope to instill in them the qualities we learned from you, including your strength, which we know will pull you through this difficult time. David & Pennie George PMF Class of 1997


Dear Milt, I am saddened to hear that you are battling with cancer. My own father has struggled with both prostate and bladder cancer so I have firsthand experience of this terrible disease. From his fight I also know that although it can be very difficult it is also possible to beat it. Stay as positive as you can, we are behind you 100%. I also wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for founding the UBC Portfolio Management Foundation. The PMF created options for my personal life and career that may not have otherwise been possible, and I am intensely grateful to your vision.  With gratitude and best wishes, Nicolette Beyer Clunie PMF Class of 1994

Milt, My thoughts are with you and hope they give you strength.  We are all behind you and wishing you a full recovery.   Although I haven’t followed the path that I was set on by the Portfolio Management Society (now Fund), the experience was one that I will never forget.  The lessons I learned from the education this Fund gave me – plus the friends that I made – will last me a lifetime.  I don’t believe my career in real estate could have been so successful without the foundation that was built by the Finance department and by the program.  I owe so much to you – so thank you.   Again, I wish you the best and thank you once again for creating such a fabulous program.   Sincerely, Lisa Salt PMF Class of 1989


Milt, Wanted to pass on that my family and I are thinking of you during this difficult time. I want to also let you know how much your involvement in the PMF has affected myself and my career. You have positively affected so many of our professional lives through your mentorship and your foresight in creating the program. Good luck and best wishes in your fight. Cheers, Brian Woo PMF Class of 2004

Milton, just wanted you to know that your passion for philanthropy, the PMF and of course, renewable energy have inspired all of us to better ourselves in our daily lives. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon!" Best regards, Derek Ching PMF Class of 2010


Dear Milton,  Through your legacy at the PMF you have a significant and formative impact on the lives of many young people, including me. I count myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in the program and I am still using the values and skills I learned today. When I met you, I was so impressed not only with your vision and ability to see the bigger picture but also how friendly and approachable you were. I am sending you my very best wishes and thoughts for a full recovery.   Moritz Krautkraemer PMF Class of 2006

Milton, Thank you for all the time and work you have put into the PMF. Through the program and through meeting with us, you have directly impacted the careers we could pursue - ultimately the lives we could lead. Your example has taught me the importance of volunteerism and the value of giving back - that life is about more than oneself. I hope you get well soon. Best wishes to you and your family, Michael Liu PMF Class of 2010


Dear Milt, I cannot believe it has been 25 years since I walked in to your office at MK Wong and Associates for my first job in the financial services sector. 25 years! I cannot possibly be that old.  I still remember vividly the experience, and am so completely grateful for the opportunity you gave to me and countless other students.  Without the PMF Program I am sure I would not have ended up at Goldman Sachs in New York, thus I would never have met  my husband or had the two beautiful children pictured here.  ( Matt age 14 and Allie age 11) You truly not only changed by life, but made my life, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.   I left Goldman Sachs almost 10 years ago now and have been dedicating my time and energy to create a more gender balanced world.  I am passionate about the advancement of women and girls and as such I serve on many nonprofit boards, consult and write. It is people like you that have taught me that it is not what you have, but what you give, that defines you.  Again, thank you.   I am so sorry to hear of your illness. Please know that I will be praying for your recovery.  You are one special and spectacular human being.   Sincerely, Jacki Hoffman-Zehner PMF Class of 1988

Milt, I am truly grateful for the decidedly different role you took in mentoring the students in the PMF. You have helped to instill in many a sense of community and responsibility that extends beyond the investment community and career goals.  Your insights provided me with a different perspective in regards to priorities and the scope of each individual's potential contributions. Now, with two daughters, I can look back at past conversations with you and can appreciate even more than ever, just how important it was to receive such guidance at that stage in my development. My thoughts are with you. Candice Williams  PMF Class of 2003 34

Hi Milt, I wish you well during this difficult period and would like to remind you that you have the constant support and encouragement from all of us on your road to recovery. I want to also express my gratitude and appreciation for your work with the Foundation and the time you have given to help build it to what it is today. Get well soon! Sincerely, David Hu PMF Class of 1999

Dear Milt, With your vision and wisdom, your grace and humility and your generous spirit, you have touched so many lives, both near and far, including mine.  As you bravely journey through this time of illness, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  May God's strength and peace be upon you every moment of every day.   Sincerely,   Woon Ai Tsang PMF Class of 1996


To a guy who's always beaten the odds; wishing you all the best. Paul Lee PMF Class of 1987


Hi Milt, It’s hard to say just how much we appreciate everything you’ve done for us and for founding the PMF program. You’ve improved our lives in so many ways – not only through the tremendous career opportunities, but also through the incredible network of talented, dedicated, and intelligent people and the great friendships we’ve developed along the way. Our thoughts are with you and we all wish you well.   Sincerely,   Eric Fang (LWF 2010) Jasmine Wong (LWF 2010) Jason Ng (LWF 2011) Nader Ahmed (LWF 2009) Aaron Carter (LWF 2009) Andrew Choi (LWF 2010)

Milt Wish you all the best. Will always appreciate the time working with you at MKW&A!  I was at a ranch in Colorado this past weekend and my favorite picture is attached (my feet) - a lot better view than turning the camera around. Kindest regards, Geoff Clark PMF Class of 1994

Left to right: Peleg Bartfeld, Aaron Carter, Derek Schouten, Pegah Soltani, Nader Ahmed, and Dave Gens. You are an inspiration and you have taught me that there is more to business than making money. The world would be a much better place if there were more MIlton Wongs! Dave Gens PMF Class of 2009

Dear Milt, We just want to send you our thoughts and care, you probably understand by now that you have A LOT of LWFs thinking about you and hoping that you get well soon. You mean so much for the program and the alumni and we miss all the interesting conversations that we had with you while at UBC. Always learned something new from meeting with you (especially when talking about climate change and China’s inevitable path to taking over the world!). Hope to see you well and recovered soon.   Big hug from Shirley Luo (PMF Class of 2007) and Ane Launy (PMF Class of 2010) 37

Dear Milt, Hi Milt, I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I wanted to send along my best wishes and to thank-you for everything you and the PMF have brought me.  I certainly would not be where I am without you.  Our first orientation/ethics discussion with you is something that will always stick with me, and I think helped make me a better person. Best wishes, Craig James PMF Class of 2008

Please know that I have been praying for you and your family. I pray that God will grant you His peace and comfort. I know that God is sovereign, loving and compassionate and I know He will take care of you and your family. I don't think there are enough words to express how grateful I am to your immense and selfless contribution to the PMF program. Thank you for being such a great leader, mentor and friend.   Through your involvement with the PMF, you have played an important role in both my professional and personal development.  I will forever be grateful to you.   Chris Li PMF Class of 1999


Dear Milt: I heard the news about your health from Tracey a few weeks back. My family and I hope that miracles do happen and that you make recovery from this terrible disease.  I am sure my thoughts are shared by numerous people who's lives have been touched by your vision, your words of wisdom and your dedicated work throughout your lifetime.  I am one who is the recipient of your generosity.  At this time, I can only hang on to the words that 'good things happen to good people'.  Thank you for all the things you have done for me and thank you for all that you have done for society.   Cheers, Peter Lee PMF Class of 1989

Milt, We all owe a lot of our success both professionally and personally to you. Your commitment and passion has allowed the PMF and all the the Leslie Wong Fellows to flourish. Personally, my closest friends are people I met through the PMF, they have been a part of my wedding and my daily life in New York. We wish you all the best and am sure with your energy that cancer will be just another battle where you will come out on top.   Rick Chan PMF Class of 2002 Photo at left includes PMF alumns: Fabian Taylor Rick Chan Kevin Chan


Dear Milt, It was with saddened heart when I heard of the illness you are now battling. I am comforted that you have the support of your family and close friends and hope that you know that there are a lot of us pulling for you. I am constantly reminded of the number of people from all walks that you have positively impacted through your professional, philanthropic and personal life. It is truly admirable and you are a great role model to all. Thank you for all that you have done for the PMF and the most memorable summer of my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Fei, Andrea, Liz and Sarah as you go through this difficult time. Hope to see you soon. Doug King PMF Class of 1987 40

Dear Milt, Though we only met briefly … I was always impressed with the kindness you showed us (by generously hosting us at your home!) and your inspiring enthusiasm for investing and business in general. You’re in my thoughts. Geoff Gribling PMF Class of 2004

Milt, Although you have probably heard this countless times before, I wanted to write and let you of how grateful I am to you, to the program, and how fortunate I feel to be a LWF. Your generosity and selfless efforts in creating the PMF has certainly touched many of our lives, and I think it is fair to say that many of us owe a lot of what we have achieved today to the opportunities you helped to lay the groundwork for. In a world where many youths are simply asking for a simple chance to develop and fulfill their potential, you have given us much more than any of us can ask for, and I would certainly be proud to hopefully be able to provide an opportunity as profound for my own children one day. Thank you once again for everything you have done for the students, and God bless to a speedy recovery sir. Sincerely, Augustine Fan PMF Class of 2002

Dear Milton, I was moved when I learned about your fight against cancer. It is a fight that my family, too, knows all too well. When the class of 2007 first met you, your first question upon greeting us was "what do you do for fun?" And that made me think that when people have fun and come together with a common goal, they can do amazing things, like the stuff you've done with your life. From your unrelenting support of the PMF to the little things, like showing up at every alumni dinner, your special brand of mentorship taught us not just how to be good investment managers, but ethical custodians of wealth. May love and grace shine upon you, and may God look kindly upon you and aide you. Sincerely, Samuel Jang PMF Class of 2007




From the Previous Page.... Amardeep PMF Class of 2012 (G):

Daria PMF Class of 2013 (W)

Dear Milton, Ever since our first meeting I have been motivated by your spirit and character.

How are you doing? I hope your health is getting better and better every day!

Therefore I wish you strength in your battle and hope you continue to inspire

I am currently in Toronto doing my first internship and truly enjoying each and

young people to simply make our world a better place, whether through our

every minute of it. I am doing my utmost to make the best of this unique

career or the community. Your vision remains at the core of the program and

experience but I also remember that there are people without whom this would

we will work beyond the boundaries of finance to realize our greater potential. I

be impossible and you are definitely one of them! I wanted to thank you for

will always remember your principle of recognizing how our common humanity

putting your energy and soul into the program that has already helped so many

far exceeds all of our differences as I navigate through my future. I hope you

people and will help even more to find their way and meaning in life, just as it is

get well soon and keep inspiring!

helping me right now. Although we only met a few times, I was fascinated and inspired by your

Amelia PMF Class of 2013 (E)

incredible well-roundedness. It seems like you’ve done everything from

Thank you for showing me what limitless means. From your work in

managing $4 billion to opening an experimental theatre in Downtown Eastside

philanthropy, and commerce, to education, you inspired me with your ability to

to helping immigrants to settle down in the new country. I remember our first

cross boundaries and achieve success in the many fields you have ventured in.

meeting when you were talking about family, art, nature, harmony, peace and

The PMF Class of 2013 walked away our meeting with you filled with respect

many other important things in life. Your wise words resonated with me at that

and a lasting impression of your thoughts, values and passion. Stay strong

moment and I will always think of them whenever in doubt.

and get well soon.

Once again, I wish you to recover soon and hope that we will see each other in September!

Andrew Park PMF Class of 2012 (T) Dear Milt,

Dion Chen PMF Class of 2012 (E)

Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for us.  You have

Your support of the PMF program and your dedication towards giving back to

taught us the importance of giving back and helping others in need. You have

the community truly inspires us. We aspire to live up to the high standard that

positively altered generation after generation of students who continue to

you have set. We hope you get well soon.

look up to you as a mentor.  Your strength and undying will to help others have pushed us all to being better people.  Above all, you have always been there to support us and guide us down the right path.  Get well soon!  We look forward to seeing your cheerful smile all across Vancouver again!


Jacyli PMF Class of 2013 (L) In our first meeting, you talked about how you were fighting the government to

Jeff PMF Class of 2013 (I)

let Perceptronix join the public health care system. You taught us that one’s

The most memorable thing about Milton Wong is what he’s done for the

faith in oneself is the best weapon to win any battle. Now, it is one of the most

Chinese community. While the PMF may know him for his work in finance, his

important battles you are fighting against. With your strong faith, I believe that

generosity that has changed lives, or his entrepreneurial spirit, Milton is an icon

you can win it!

in the Chinese community. Close family members, my father for one, have struggled in Canada. There was a time, not long ago, when it was dangerous

Jason PMF Class of 2013 (L):

to be Chinese in parts of Vancouver let alone build a career. But Milton is the

Hi Milt,

story of what happens when you persevere. When you have a vision for

something better. And when you give back to your roots.

In the few times I have met you, you have already left an impressionable mark

Thank you Milton. It’s tireless individuals like yourself, my father, and many

on my career and life philosophy. I admire the application of your

others that have created a future for myself and other young Chinese-

entrepreneurial skills to your philantrophic ventures, such as helping found the


Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival, the Laurier Institution and the PMF, to name a few. You are a community leader and forward thinker, and have

Josh PMF Class of 2013 (L)

changed the way I view the relationship between the business community and

Hello Mr. Wong, my class and I were only able to meet with you once, but I’m


grateful for that meeting as it has impacted me significantly. One of the main

things I took out of the meeting is your advice on always understanding people

Get well soon Milt

when communicating with them because everybody has a different background that shapes them differently. You’ve had a plethora of success, but what I

Jayden PMF Class of 2013 (M)

admire most is your capacity to give back. It has strengthened my desire to

We have always been amazed at your contributions to immigrants, education,

make positive change in Ethiopia. Your words and actions in starting the PMF

sustainable living and the finance community. Despite of your busy schedule,

have dramatically altered my life and that of many others, and for this I would

your passion for philanthropy and holistic charities —support of the

like to say, thank you. I wish you strength and all the best.

impoverished Downtown Eastside, promotion of multiculturalism and guidance to Portfolio Management Foundation (PMF)—has never abated. As students of the PMF, we not only see you as a founder, but also as a mentor and role model.  We hope that you will get well soon and that your spirit stays strong and vibrant as always! Thank you 45

From the Previous Page.... Ralph Yang PMF Class of 2012 (N) Noam Gilead PMF Class of 2012 (T)

Dear Milton,

Thank you for teaching us about the importance of giving back to the community. You inspired us while organizing our annual charity event, and your

I would like to thank you for your constant guidance and support to the PMF

support was instrumental to our success. Thank you for giving us the chance

students. It is through your hard work and entrepreneurial nature that has

to learn from your experience and for sharing your life perspective with us. We

formed a program unparalleled in it's ability to teach aspiring students about

are lucky to have you as a mentor and a friend.

finance, and more importantly, about integrity and growing to be members of

We all wish you to get well.

society. You have been instrumental in our growth and for that, we thank you for your continued guidance. You are a great role model to us students

Tony PMF Class of 2012 (O)

especially in always reminding us to have a big heart. I truly thank you for being

Hello Milt,

a great teacher and a mentor. I wish you all the best and I will pray for you to get well soon. God Bless.

Thank you for everything that you have done in founding the PMF, a program that has truly changed my life, as well as the lives of over 100 program participants that have graduated in the past 25 years. Furthermore, your work in the promotion of multiculturalism and contributions in the fields of education and health care have also taught me the importance of community involvement outside of finance. Thanks again and I hope you get well soon.












Milton Wong: A Salute From Your Friends at PMF  

UBC's Portfolio Management Foundation Celebrates Milton Wong's Invaluable Mentorship

Milton Wong: A Salute From Your Friends at PMF  

UBC's Portfolio Management Foundation Celebrates Milton Wong's Invaluable Mentorship