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The Service Excellence Journey 2020 The Vaughan Momentum Report

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A Message From Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua Vaughan is a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We can take great pride in knowing our most recent Citizen Satisfaction Survey found that 97 per cent of residents are happy with their quality of life in Vaughan and 91 per cent are satisfied with the excellent public services the City delivers. As we continue our journey toward creating a modern, dynamic and thriving municipality, we do so with the knowledge that great cities are built by remarkable individuals who work hard to create a meaningful life for our community. Every day, I have the pleasure of working alongside councillors, staff and engaged citizens who put heart, passion and professionalism into everything they do. Together, we will continue creating a city respected for its entrepreneurial spirit, urban planning, economic leadership, environmental stewardship, management of taxpayers’ hardearned dollars and the dedication of its people to be agents of positive change. We have already laid the foundation for a strong future. Our vision for 2020 is clear: we continue moving our City forward without leaving anyone behind. With values rooted in hope, optimism and determination, we are leading with purpose, making Vaughan one of the best places to live, work and play. Sincerely,

Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, P.C. Mayor


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A Message From City of Vaughan 2018-2022 Council Members It is an exciting time in Vaughan. We’re experiencing unprecedented growth and we continue to see the City evolve. We now have a thriving downtown core. Construction of our first hospital, a vibrant 900-acre park and a new university are all underway. As we embrace the year ahead, we’ll all have many more exciting milestones to look forward to that will continue positioning Vaughan as a world-class city.




Momentum Report The 2018-2022 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan serves as a map to guide the City through the next four years.

Each four-year Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan incrementally contributes toward the achievement of the Vaughan Vision. This plan builds off the 2014-2018 plan, continuing the alignment of people, priorities, processes and technology. It outlines Vaughan’s vision, mission and values, and identifies the strategic key activities that staff will focus on to enable the execution and


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implementation of projects related to Council’s commitments to the citizens of Vaughan. The 2018-2022 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan is aligned with the 2020 Budget and 2021-2022 Financial Plan, and will position the City to deliver on Council-approved priorities while continuing to keep the tax rate increase among the lowest in the Greater Toronto Area.


The Strategic Plan was shaped by a number of factors: • The City’s vision, mission and values • The 2031 Official Plan review • The 2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results • The 2018 Business Sector Survey results • The 2018 Employee Engagement Survey results • The business plans from each portfolio, office and department • The budget and financial plan

The priorities identified by the Mayor and Members of Council The 2018-2022 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan provides the overall direction that is then executed through the activities identified in departmental business plans, which are aligned to individual performance goals. A sound governance structure of both internal and external reporting is imperative to the City’s success in achieving this four-year plan.

Breaking down the strategic plan The 2018-2022 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan is guided by the City’s mission, vision and values. It is then divided into nine strategic priority areas: • Transportation and Mobility • City-Building • Environmental Stewardship • Active, Safe and Diverse Communities • Economic Prosperity, Investment and Social Capital • Good Governance • Citizen Experience • Operational Performance • Staff Engagement Six of the strategic priority areas primarily reflect Council’s objectives and three are Service Excellence objectives. Each strategic priority area is further broken down into result statements that articulate the outcome that is to be achieved at the end of this Term of Council. The result statements enable the organization to cascade the strategic goals into clear, focused and measurable performance results.

Vision, Mission and Values Vision — A city of choice that promotes diversity, innovation and opportunity for all citizens, fostering a vibrant community life that is inclusive, progressive, environmentally responsible and sustainable. Mission — Citizens first through Service Excellence. Values — Respect, Accountability and Dedication.

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Achieving Real Results for Vaughan On behalf of the City of Vaughan’s Senior Leadership Team – Executive, I would like to welcome you to the Momentum Report. This is one of the many tools we use to report back to the community throughout the year on the progress we are making as an administration to serve you — the residents, businesses and visitors of Vaughan. Our direction is clear. Early in 2019, Vaughan Council approved the 2018-2022 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan, which is a roadmap for City staff. It outlines our mission, vision and values as well as the priorities Council has set for us to focus on. Everything we do is in support of furthering the objectives of our strategic plan. Our business planning and budgeting processes have been enhanced to ensure better alignment with Council’s nine key priority areas: Transportation and Mobility; City-Building; Environmental Stewardship; Active, Safe and


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Diverse Communities; Economic Prosperity, Investment and Social Capital; Good Governance; Citizen Experience; Operational Performance; and Staff Engagement. Through this report, you will learn more about the work that is underway to realize our goals. We are committed to achieving results — with more than $725 million in capital projects to be delivered in this Term of Council, we must remain focused, accountable and responsible. This administration is proud of the progress that was made in 2019 to deliver on Council’s priorities, and is well positioned to respond to the evolving needs of the community moving forward. We have the right people, processes and plans in place to make Vaughan a city of choice. Tim Simmonds Interim City Manager On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team – Executive


THEMES: ☐ Improve local road network ☐ Support regional transportation initiatives ☐ Advance active transportation

Transportation and Mobility

OBJECTIVE: To be a fully connected and integrated community, the City will undertake initiatives to improve the municipal road network, support the development of transit and increase cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. MILESTONES ☐ The extension of Bass Pro Mills Drive easterly to Jane Street was completed in December, expanding the existing transportation network, improving mobility and supporting growth and development. Any remaining work will be finalized in the summer. ☐ An update to the 2012 Transportation Master Plan has been initiated to lay the foundation for improving the transportation systems that residents and businesses rely upon. It is being completed as part of the update to the Growth Management Strategy and will be closely aligned with

the Official Plan Review. The Vaughan Transportation Plan is expected to take two years to complete. For information: vaughan.ca/TransportationPlan ☐ The City has awarded the Environmental Assessment and preliminary design for the widening of Kirby Road between Jane and Dufferin streets, the grade separation of the Barrie GO rail line and the elimination of the jog at Jane Street — all of which will support the projected growth in population and employment in the area, plans for a new GO station at Kirby Road and regional transit initiatives. This project is expected to take two years to complete.

☐ The SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal opened on Nov. 3, 2019, in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). It will be used by YRT buses and transit customers. ☐ Working collaboratively with York Region, SmartCentres and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the City has constructed and opened the following new roads in the VMC — Applewood Crescent from Highway 7 to Portage Parkway, Commerce Street from Highway 7 to Apple Mill Road, and Apple Mill Road from Edgeley Boulevard to Applewood Crescent.

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THEMES: ☐ Develop the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital precinct ☐ Develop the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) ☐ Elevate the quality of life through city planning


OBJECTIVE: To build a world-class city, the City will continue its planning and development in support of key city-wide developments and initiatives that encompass good urban design and public spaces that foster community well-being. MILESTONES ☐ On Oct. 2, 2019, the city formally signed a memorandum of understanding with Mackenzie Health, York University and ventureLAB to complete a Feasibility Study on the lands surrounding the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. The study — which is targeted for completion by Q4 2020 — will identify transformational opportunities to maximize the use of lands at Jane Street and Major Mackenzie Drive, transforming it into the Vaughan Healthcare Centre Precinct. ☐ The City has completed the sale of a five-acre parcel of land at the southwest corner of Jane Street and Major Mackenzie Drive to York Region. The site will soon be the home of a bus transit terminal near the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital for YRT, Viva and intercity buses. ☐ The City continues to support the Metrolinx Barrie Regional 36

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Rail expansion project and York Region road widening projects, including Major Mackenzie Drive, Rutherford Road and Bathurst Street. ☐ The New Community Area Block 27 was approved by Regional Council in April without an appeal. The New Community Area Block 41 Secondary Plan was adopted by Vaughan Council in October. These secondary plans form part of the implementation of the Vaughan Official Plan 2010. ☐ In June, Council approved Development Planning’s recommendations for 2,502 residential units city-wide (including 554 in the VMC), 45 of which are rental units; 72,774 square metres of new commercial space; and 23,166 square metres of industrial space. As well, 560 new parking spaces in the VMC

and an above-grade parking structure for the Rutherford GO station were also approved. ☐ Development activity in the VMC has already exceeded residential targets for 2031 with 15,502 units of housing and an estimated 30,694 people in the development pipeline. This includes seven residential developments that are currently built and occupied or under construction. ☐ The Development Liaison Committee (DLC) “think tank” was established in June 2019 to consider and discuss a wide range of topics relating to the city-building process. The “think tank” is the first of its kind in York Region and provides for dialogue and information sharing. Members work collaboratively towards mutually acceptable solutions and continuous improvement.


THEMES: ☐ Protect and respect our environment ☐ Proactive environmental management ☐ Build the low-carbon economy and a resilient city (respond to climate change)

Environmental Stewardship

OBJECTIVE: To protect the environment and foster a sustainable future, the City will act as a steward to preserve the natural environment by encompassing principles of environmental protection into our social and economic initiatives. MILESTONES ☐ The City has been converting streetlights to Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology, which will result in significant energy and cost savings. ☐ Green Directions Vaughan 2019, the City’s updated environmental sustainability plan, was approved by Council in December 2019. One of the highlights of the community engagement effort for this process was the Greenbelt Urban River Valley Open House in September supported by funding from the Greenbelt Foundation. ☐ A number of environmental events took place throughout the year, including the popular Earth Hour event in March. In recognition of Earth Day, schools, businesses, residents and local groups in Vaughan

were encouraged to come together, get outside and participate in the 20-Minute Makeover, which took place in April. Last year, Vaughan staff had an impressive turnout. More than 300 City employees — in 38 groups — joined in to clean up litter in our community. ☐ The City created three pollinator gardens: one at Vellore Hall, one at City Hall and one at Doctors Mclean District Park. This project supports the City’s commitment to the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge. ☐ The services of CIVICA Infrastructure Inc. have been acquired to help the City install flow monitors in strategic areas that tend to flood in Vaughan, specifically in five ponds. This

will allow Public Works staff to collect and analyze data and to monitor ponds remotely during storms, positioning them to concentrate on areas that require immediate attention. By proactively monitoring these areas, the City will strive to decrease emergency responses. ☐ On June 4, 2019, Mayor and Members of Council unanimously passed a Members’ Resolution to declare a climate emergency in the City of Vaughan, after a deputation by students from Thornhill Woods Public School. Members of the school’s EcoCommittee first delivered a presentation about the impacts of climate change, and then requested Mayor and Council to declare a climate emergency. 2 0 2 0 · C E L E B R AT E VAU G H A N



THEMES: ☐ Enhance community well-being ☐ Enrich our communities ☐ Maintain safety in our community

Active, Safe and Diverse Communities

OBJECTIVE: To ensure the safety and well-being of citizens, the City will commit to engagement and cohesiveness by supporting and promoting community events, arts, culture, heritage, sports and fire prevention awareness. MILESTONES ☐ Short-term rentals are allowed in dwelling units as of Jan. 1, 2020, provided that a licence is obtained. For more information: vaughan.ca/ShortTermRentals ☐ Recreation Services has a new brand: Vaughan Fitness, Find Your Strong. The launch included a new look, updated equipment, new member perks and a successful Return to Routine fall promotion. For information: vaughan.ca/fitness ☐ The City and community hosted many events and initiatives in 2019 to showcase their excitement for Rogers Hometown Hockey in Vaughan. It featured meetand-greets with NHL alumni, a live viewing party of the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Florida Panthers game and much more.


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☐ The City celebrated many park openings, expansions and improvements in 2019. This includes the grand opening of the Agostino Park expansion and a number of new parks. Park improvements included Keffer Marsh bridge replacements, Marco Park redevelopment, Alexander Elisa Park playground and basketball court rehabilitation, a new fence at Tudor Park ball diamonds, tennis court reconstruction at Conley Park South and Promenade Green Park, basketball court reconstruction at Dufferin District Park, Marita Payne Park, Rosedale North Park and Joseph Aaron Park, playground rubber-surfacing replacement at Matthew Park, and playground replacements at Almont Park, Fossil Hill Park, Princeton Gate Park, West Maple Creek and Vaughan Mills Park.

☐ Vaughan City Hall has been certified gold by the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) program, making it the first RHFAC Gold City Hall in Canada. Accessibility enhancements include automatic door openers, tactical walking surface indicators at stair areas and accessible seating, among others. ☐ A new park is being developed in Block 18 at the northwest corner of Peter Rupert Avenue and Rutherford Road, directly south of the Cook Woodlot. This park is proposed to include playground structures, water play, new trail connections and places to gather and connect with family and friends. The park is expected to open in two years. For information: vaughan.ca/PeterRupertPark


THEMES: ☐ Advance economic opportunities ☐ Attract new investments ☐ Enable a climate for job creation

Economic Prosperity, Investment and Social Capital​ ​

OBJECTIVE: To ensure Vaughan continues to be the place to be, the City will undertake initiatives to ignite economic prosperity and social capital, and celebrate Vaughan as an entrepreneurial city and the gateway to economic activity in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and Canada. MILESTONES ☐ The City has entered into a strategic partnership with ventureLAB to increase support to Vaughan’s technology entrepreneurs. Through 2020, local technology entrepreneurs will have access to ventureLAB experts and advisors in Vaughan with dedicated consulting hours and training sessions. ☐ Activate!Vaughan — a pitch competition — launched to connect entrepreneurs with Vaughan's businesses to advance sustainability and transform manufacturing, supply chains, business processes, revenue models and customer engagement channels. ☐ The Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) came into effect in Vaughan on April 1, 2019. A four per

cent tax now applies to hotel, motel, bed-and-breakfast and short-term rentals stays. The revenue collected from the MAT — estimated to be approximately $3.4 million in 2020 — will fund tourism efforts for the City and assist in city-building initiatives. ☐ The City took the next steps with the Tourism Vaughan Corporation (TVC), which has been officially incorporated as a registered not-for-profit corporation. Its mandate is to govern and manage 50 per cent of the MAT revenues for the purpose of tourism promotion and business development. ☐ In partnership with the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce, the City of Vaughan undertook a trade mission to Israel from Nov. 22 to Nov. 30, 2019. Led by

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, and joined by thought leaders from Mackenzie Health, ventureLAB and York University, the trade mission’s mandate was to encourage job-creating trade, build alliances, pursue investments, support the growth of local companies and globally recognized institutions taking part in this effort, and strengthen relations with Jewish and Israeli communities. ☐ A feasibility study for a Cultural Arts Centre in the VMC was undertaken to examine potential models for cultural hubs and how they can contribute to city-building and placemaking; investment attraction and job creation; tourism attraction; academic and social innovations; and civic pride.

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THEMES: ☐ Ensure transparency and accountability ☐ Commitment to financial stewardship and sustainability

Good Governance

OBJECTIVE: To effectively pursue service excellence in governance and fiscal responsibility, the City will hold the public’s trust through inclusive, transparent and accountable decision-making, responsible financial management, and superior service delivery and effective communication. MILESTONES ☐ The Office of the City Clerk held extensive recruitment processes for several Council-approved task forces, including the Older Adult Task Force, Transportation and Infrastructure Task Force, Smart City Task Force, and Effective Governance and Oversight Task Force. These opportunities allow residents to share their expertise and help advise the Mayor and Members of Council on relevant matters impacting the city and other citizens. ☐ Council approved the 2020 Draft Budget and 2021-2022 Financial Plan on Dec. 17 setting both the property tax budget and the water, wastewater and stormwater


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budgets. The budget process is an important part of governance. The City is committed to advancing major city-building initiatives while continuing to support the more than 200 programs and services people rely on daily through integrity, fiscal responsibility and accountability. For information: vaughan.ca/budget ☐ The City’s online Lobbyist Registry was enhanced and includes a user-friendly interface and video tutorials. The registry is a tool that provides accountability and transparency to lobbying activities by giving the public access to information about who is communicating with public office holders.

For information: vaughan.ca/LobbyistRegistry ☐ Amendments to the Procedure By-law, administered by the Office of the City Clerk, were approved by Council in June 2019. The committee structure was revised to enhance efficiencies and meet legislative timelines for decision-making. Each meeting cycle includes two Committee of the Whole sessions and one Council meeting. ☐ The Office of the City Clerk undertook a review of the Ratepayer’s Policy. This included two successful public consultation meetings in October along with a survey.


THEMES: ☐ Commitment to citizen service ☐ Transform services through technology

Citizen Experience​

OBJECTIVE: To ensure citizens receive the best experience in person, by telephone and electronically, the City will provide exceptional end-to-end citizen-centred services, enhance access and streamline services with the use of technology. MILESTONES ☐ Service Vaughan, a selfservice online reporting and follow-up tool for residents to submit service requests or comments, launched to the public. This is Phase 1 of the Citizen Relationship Management initiative, which is part of the Service Vaughan Strategy.

☐ Recreation Services hosted many successful events throughout the year, including the 30th annual Vaughan Celebrates Winterfest, the 25th anniversary of Concerts in the Park and Canada Day, which was held at North Maple Regional Park for the first time.

☐ Recreation Services had its busiest summer camp season to date with about 18,000 registered campers, generating approximately $4 million in revenue. A number of new camps were introduced, including Handson-Tech Camp, Nature Chasers and Aquatic Leaders of Tomorrow.

☐ Fans from across the community attended Jurassic Park Vaughan and Rogers Hometown Hockey – two signature sporting events. ☐ The City developed an online development charge estimator that was made public on the City’s development charge webpage. This tool allows the public to estimate the amount

of development charges for a particular development proposal before applying for a building permit. ☐ Access Vaughan continued to provide Service Excellence to residents, responding to more than 211,000 calls, 7,500 emails and 23,000 inquiries at the information desk from January to October 2019 alone. ☐ More than 100 seasonal employees were hired last summer to help maintain the City’s extensive inventory of municipal parks, open spaces, sports fields, playgrounds, splash pads and cemetery services, which enhances the quality of life for citizens and visitors.

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THEMES: ☐ Leverage data-driven decision-making ☐ Promote innovation and continuous improvement

Operational Performance

OBJECTIVE: To continue to foster a culture of continuous improvement, the City will support competencies and practices in innovation and process efficiencies. MILESTONES ☐ Richmond Hill Fire and Emergency Services and Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service communications centres have been testing their mutual evacuation procedures to evaluate abilities to relocate to the back-up site and maintain critical communications centre/dispatch functions in the event of a significant emergency at one of their facilities. The two services continue to be collaborative and provide back-up support. ☐ Building Standards successfully launched the mobile inspection application called mobiINSPECT. This application is improving the building inspection process


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and efficiency in the field for inspectors. ☐ The Water division completed 20 kilometres of unidirectional watermain flushing within blocks 8, 26, 44, 45 and 51, creating flow in a single direction to quickly and efficiently clean the pipes. This leads to improved water clarity and reduced chlorine levels. ☐ The teams in Transportation and Fleet Management Services and Parks, Forestry and Horticulture Operations are providing some of the highest levels of winter maintenance in the GTA, including windrow-clearing services to every residential driveway in the community.

The program also includes plowing, salting and snow removal along more than 2,000 lane-kilometres of roads, 1,000 kilometres of sidewalks and at City facilities. For information: vaughan.ca/snow ☐ Throughout 2019, the Office of the Chief Information Officer upgraded the network speeds and Wi-Fi at Vaughan fire stations. As well, all Wi-Fi IDs and passwords have been synchronized, allowing staff to reconnect seamlessly when moving to different stations. ☐ GPS installation continues on the City’s fleet, with about 400 installed to date.


THEMES: ☐ Empower staff ☐ Develop leadership ☐ Manage performance

Staff Engagement​

OBJECTIVE: To ensure an engaged workforce, the City will continue to foster initiatives that create a positive work environment through staff development, and workplace health, safety and wellness with strengthened leadership, communication and engagement opportunities. MILESTONES ☐ On June 12, 2019, Council approved a refreshed organizational structure that positions the City for future success. It is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how the City delivers services while increasing accountability and transparency. ☐ The 2019 Staff Forums were the largest ever with more than 1,000 people registered for one of four sessions held at the City Playhouse Theatre. A highlight was keynote speaker Andy Worshek who focused on intent-based leadership and how each member of the team has the power to make a difference.

☐ The Employee Engagement Survey was conducted in November 2019. Run by the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer, the survey provided staff with a vehicle to voice their opinions confidentially. The results will inform an action plan to enhance the corporate culture. ☐ The Above and Beyond Recognition Program was launched in June 2019 to give staff the acknowledgement they deserve. Its design is based on feedback staff provided at past Staff Forums. Recognition toolkits have been delivered to each department, recognition ambassadors have been trained and the recognition postcards are being sent.

☐ The first-ever full-day Manager Forum was held to bring the leadership team together to foster collaboration and share information on key projects. Investing in leadership and especially managers who deal with the day-to-day operational delivery of services is integral to the success of the organization. ☐ To build on the commitment to attract the next generation of talented, enthusiastic and inspiring publicsector leaders, the City is developing a new internship program, an integral component to the talent acquisition initiatives.

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