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The Service Excellence Journey 2018 The Vaughan Momentum Report 2016/2017 REPORT 2 0 1 9 · · CMOMENTUM E L E B R AT E VAU GHAN

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A Personal Message from the Mayor BUILDING ON OUR SUCCESS

As we reflect on 2018 and the past four years, we continue to go above and beyond in our efforts to deliver a level of service for Vaughan citizens, visitors and businesses that is second to none. City-building is a labour of love and, each day, I have the pleasure to work alongside committed Councillors, professional staff and engaged citizens who put passion and determination into everything they do. As we begin this new Term of Council, we already have so much to be proud of. According to the 2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 97 per cent of residents continue to enjoy their quality of life in Vaughan, where 91 per cent are satisfied with excellent public services we deliver each day. As you will read throughout the 2018 Momentum Report, our success is the result of hard work, focus and a dedication to city-building through good governance. No one builds a city alone. It is the manifestation of all of our collective efforts concentrated on the ultimate goal of making our city the best it can be. The Vaughan we are building is a city with limitless possibilities. It is a place that is respected for its spirit of innovation, acclaimed for its responsible planning and economic leadership, admired for its environmental stewardship, renowned for its first-class administration and respect for taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars, and transformed by the will of people to be agents of change. This will position Vaughan at the forefront of 21st-century municipalities capable of capturing the imagination of the world. My pledge to you has not changed since I was first honoured and humbled by the people of Vaughan to serve as their mayor in 2010. We will continue to create a community where citizens can live happy, healthy, safe and fulfilling lives, and where no one is left behind. I look forward to building on our shared successes. I am excited for Vaughan to continue to rise to its full potential. This is my city, your city, our city — and the best is yet to come. Sincerely, Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, P.C., BA, MA, ICD.D Mayor


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City of Vaughan Members of Council

91% satisfaction with the delivery of services



Our City continues to experience tremendous growth and we are excited about the many changes taking place. We have worked to make progress on the priorities that are important to Vaughan citizens. Construction is underway on the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and new developments are taking shape in our downtown, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The TTC Line 1 Extension is open and is one of several new transit initiatives that will make getting around the community easier for residents and visitors. All of this is contributing to Vaughan’s transformation and our goal of building a world-class city.

of residents continue to say life is good





77% of residents are satisfied with financial services

Fiscal Responsibility and Respect for Taxpayers’ Hard-earned Dollars The Facts ☐☐ Since 2015, the City of Vaughan has achieved approximately $30 million in savings ☐☐ For the last eight years, Vaughan has passed budgets that kept the property tax rate increase below three per cent per year ☐☐ Vaughan has one of the lowest property tax rates in the Greater Toronto Area ☐☐ Vaughan continues to do its part with a special dedicated, accountable and temporary levy of $80 million to construct the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

☐☐ The City of Vaughan has received the 2018 Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award (AEP) from the National Procurement Institute. Vaughan is one of only six agencies in Ontario and one of 65 cities in North America to receive this award ☐☐ For 10 consecutive years, the City of Vaughan has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, an international award of excellence in budgeting, from the Government Finance Officers Association

Vaughan has a long-standing dedication to financial management through progressive best practices. We use fiscal performance indicators, multi-year budgets and a series of proven policies designed to guarantee financial sustainability and credibility."


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Unleashing Economic Prosperity and Job-Creating Investments The Facts ☐☐ M ayor Maurizio Bevilacqua established a Smart City Advisory Task Force to advance a culture of knowledge and pursue continuous improvement ☐☐ Vaughan leads with an employment growth rate of 3.6 per cent — far outpacing Ontario and Canada ☐☐ V aughan has the highest employment in York Region and is home to nearly 12,000 businesses that employ more than 218,000 people ☐☐ S mall business remains the backbone of our economy — representing more than 80 per cent of all Vaughan job creators ☐☐ I n its 16th year, the Vaughan Business Expo continues to be well attended, with approximately 100 exhibitors and hundreds of participants. This year’s expo focused on business growth by facilitating collaboration and strategic partnerships between local companies ☐☐ D uring the City of Vaughan’s 2018 Mayor’s Gala, held on June 21, 2018, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua announced Vaughan will be home to the world’s first-ever indoor Cirque du Soleil CREACTIVE family entertainment centre, scheduled to open in September 2019 at Vaughan Mills

☐☐ V aughan Small Business Week is an annual event that supports entrepreneurs and smallbusiness owners with personalized learning and networking opportunities. Mayor Bevilacqua delivered a statement in recognition of Small Business Week. Small business remains the backbone of our economy — representing more than 80 per cent of all Vaughan job creators ☐☐ Since 2010, the business advisory services provided by the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre have helped entrepreneurs start or expand nearly 3,300 businesses in Vaughan ☐☐ S ince 2010, nearly 55,000 new jobs have been created in Vaughan

Vaughan’s robust job creation figures — and outstanding construction values — represent a strong economy, a destination of choice and a prosperous place to call home. Job creators can confidently invest in Vaughan because we have built the right environment for economic prosperity.” 2 0 1 9 · C E L E B R AT E VAU G H A N



Vaughan Metropolitan Centre – Vaughan’s Emerging Downtown The Facts ☐☐ T he City of Vaughan won the Ontario Traffic Council’s Project of the Year Award for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Mobility Hub ☐☐ C ranes tower over the future nine-storey mixeduse building housing a YMCA, a Vaughan Library branch and PwC office space scheduled to open in 2019 ☐☐ Edgeley Pond and Park is the largest openspace, City-owned piece of land in the VMC

☐☐ T he VMC is the largest and most ambitious project in the City’s history, with projections that include a minimum of: • 1.5 million square feet of office space • 750,000 square feet of retail space • 12,000 residential units to be home to 25,000 people • Employment targets of 11,500 jobs, of which 5,000 will be new office jobs

Vaughan remains the first, and only, municipality outside of Toronto to be connected by the TTC Subway service. There are three stations within our borders, including the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station — located in the heart of our emerging, world-class downtown.”


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76% of residents are satisfied with general road conditions and maintenance of local roads

Improving Public Transit Connections and Infrastructure The Facts ☐☐ The City has nearly 150 kilometres of new roads ☐☐ Highway 427 is being expanded ☐☐ Highway 400 is being widened ☐☐ T he Stormwater Charge has funded more than 300 initiatives ☐☐ V aughan has three subway stations including the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Highway 407 and Pioneer Village Stations ☐☐ The City of Vaughan’s Public Works Portfolio won the 2018 Peter J. Marshall Innovation Award, the highest honour bestowed on a municipality for developing an innovative process to serve the public ☐☐ The City of Vaughan received the John Niedra Award for the Equipment Innovation/ Made in House Solution Category from the Ontario Good Roads Association. The City was recognized for the Vaughan Inventors Program and two ideas that were presented as part of the program: the Easy Mulch Wheelbarrow and the Bull’s Eye Marker ☐☐ T he City of Vaughan received the 2017 Management Innovation Award for the Winter Road Maintenance Services and Waste Collection Contracts, as well as the 2017 Project of the Year Award for the Civic Centre Resource library from the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA)

☐☐ T he City of Vaughan has more than 475 public works professionals that do important work. To honour this profession, Vaughan kicked off National Public Works Week with a flag-raising ceremony at the Joint Operations Centre ☐☐ T he City of Vaughan is replacing the watermain along Major Mackenzie Drive, between Jane and Keele Streets. This project will become the main source of water supply to Vaughan’s first hospital, the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. This will be Canada’s first hospital with fully integrated smart technology and will employ more than 1,800 full-time staff with up to 550 hospital beds ☐☐ T he City of Vaughan believes all rail-related accidents are preventable. Mayor Bevilacqua delivered a statement in recognition of Rail Safety Week

We continue to make long-term investments to ensure we have reliable infrastructure and public transit that breaks gridlock and moves goods, services and people to where they need to be.”

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91% agree that Vaughan is a welcoming community

74 % are satisfied with building permits and inspection services

Improving Affordable Housing and City-building The Facts ☐☐ A new policy allowing secondary suites was approved — part of Vaughan’s commitment to create, manage and provide for safe and affordable housing options ☐☐ M ayor Bevilacqua joined leaders from the Building Industry and Land Development Association to renew Vaughan’s commitment to investment-ready planning best practices ☐☐ T he City launched a secondary plan of Weston and Highway 7 to develop an enhanced vision of what the area can become within the next 20 years and beyond

☐☐ T he City of Vaughan is exploring the emerging use of short-term rentals along with any issues, opportunities and best practices that come with it ☐☐ S ince 2010, Vaughan has issued close to $10 billion in building permits ☐☐ V aughan launched a new online service to purchase visitor parking permits, expanding the limits for more flexibility and making it easier for enforcement officers to check if a vehicle has permission to park

We are building with a mindset that goes beyond mere structures. Vaughan’s future planning efforts embody a higher purpose of public service. It reflects planning decisions rooted in convictions that seek to protect and elevate the quality of life for our neighbours. People dream of calling Vaughan home. Urban planning is a force for good that can be used to help people reach their full potential."


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100% satisfaction rating given to the VFRS from residents

77% Resident satisfaction with By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services

Keeping Neighbourhoods Safe The Facts ☐☐ A ppointment of Deryn Rizzi as Chief of Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) ☐☐ B roke ground on the new 10,250-square-foot VFRS station in Kleinburg, scheduled to open in fall of 2019 ☐☐ A ccording to York Regional Police, Vaughan is one of the safest communities in Canada ☐☐ F ormer Vaughan Fire Chief Larry Bentley presented Kris Simpson with the Fire Chief’s Commendation for saving a woman from a burning building ☐☐ T he fire service held a ceremony for 12 recruits, who will continue the City of Vaughan’s tradition of Service Excellence, nine promoted firefighters who champion teamwork and integrity, and three recently hired support staff who are invaluable members of the fire service team

☐☐ VFRS received a $15,000 grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The grant allowed VFRS to purchase more than 2,700 fire alarms for distribution to the community, through the Vaughan Food Bank, as part of the Alarms for Life program ☐☐ VFRS unveiled a new $1.2-million training tower allowing VFRS staff the ability to train firefighters on all types of hazard responses in a controlled environment with conditions similar to actual fire calls

With growth comes both opportunities and challenges requiring experienced, trusted and tested leadership. As we continue to plan Vaughan’s promising future, I know Council has a true city-building partner in Chief Deryn Rizzi.”

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Spirit of Generosity The Facts HOSPITAL: ☐☐ Mayor Bevilacqua serves as chair of the $250-million Mackenzie Health Foundation’s Exceptional Care Belongs Here Campaign. The campaign has raised an astonishing $118 million of the overall goal thus far ☐☐ Cranes tower over the 1.2-million-square-foot site of the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, which can house up to 550 hospital beds and is expected to open in 2020 ☐☐ The new hospital is a $1.6-billion initiative that will employ more than 1,800 full-time hospital staff. This will be the first hospital in Canada to feature fully integrated smart technology systems and medical devices that can speak directly to one another to maximize patient care ☐☐ In October 2018, a topping off ceremony took place with Mayor Bevilacqua, Members of Council and other dignitaries to mark the final pouring of one of the final concrete slabs at the top of Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital at 11 storeys high

Since 2011, the Mayor’s Gala and Charity Golf Classic have raised more than $30 million for more than 150 charities, not-for-profits and community organizations.”


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HOSPICE: ☐☐ Mayor Bevilacqua serves as Honourary Chair of the Hospice Vaughan Campaign through the Spirit of Generosity commitment. Mayor Bevilacqua announced that the Cortellucci family generously stepped forward with a $3-million donation toward the building of the new Hospice Vaughan Mario & Nick Cortellucci Hospice Palliative Care Centre of Excellence, expected to open in 2019 ☐☐ In April 2018, the community broke ground on the future site of Hospice Vaughan ☐☐ When complete, this new state-of-the-art facility will be home to 10 beds and have a reach that goes far and wide into our community and beyond COMMUNITY EXCELLENCE: ☐☐ Every year, City of Vaughan employees spearhead an annual United Way campaign that supports organizations that are committed to helping members of our community by providing them with resources to improve their lives and build a better future ☐☐ In 2018, 81 people were honoured with the Volunteer Recognition Award. Mayor Bevilacqua and Members of Council presented the award to 68 people who attended the annual event ☐☐ Golfers hit the fairways at the Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua Annual Charity Golf Classic to raise much-needed funds for more than 150 charities, not-for-profits and community organizations. The annual event was held at Copper Creek Golf Club and the money raised goes towards providing the gift of hope to thousands of people



91% of residents are satisfied with maintenance of parks and green space

97% are satisfied with garbage, recycling, organics and yard waste collection

Vaughan: The Green City The Facts ☐☐ T he City opened Phase One of the new 900acre North Maple Regional Park — surrounded by community partners championing a brighter future for Vaughan. Once fully complete, Vaughan’s North Maple Park will be larger than New York City’s very own Central Park ☐☐ M ore than 21,000 trees have been planted as part of the City’s tree replacement plan ☐☐ V aughan has more than 230 kilometres of signed cycling and pedestrian routes, including 60 kilometres of multi-use recreational pathways ☐☐ C ity operations efforts have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 22 per cent ☐☐ T he City completed a business case for LED streetlight replacement that will save the City an estimated 9,000 MWh annually and approximately $1.5 million in electricity costs each year once completed ☐☐ In 2018, more than 17,000 people participated in the Earth Hour event across the city

Our record on environmental stewardship is second to none. Vaughan is a green city.” ☐☐ S ince 2010, more than 127,000 citizens have participated in the 20-minute Makeover all across Vaughan ☐☐ T he City of Vaughan was recognized for being a founding member of the ClimateWise Business Network and for its influential role in supporting and advancing this crucial work ☐☐ A more than 170-year-old Bur Oak was designated as a Heritage Tree. It measures 24 metres tall and 23 metres at the widest point of its branches, and is believed to have taken root just after the village of Kleinburg was founded in 1848 ☐☐ I mprovements to the existing triple tennis courts, located at Torii Park, were funded in large part by a $50,000 sponsorship by Saputo. This marks the first corporate naming of a City facility since the launch of the Corporate Partnership Program in 2017

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90% of people are satisfied with arts and culture

A Commitment to Accountability and Transparency

91% of our citizens are satisfied with our recreation and fitness service programs

The Facts ☐☐ T he Vaughan Accord was endorsed at a special signing ceremony at the 2018—2022 inaugural. The Accord outlines Council’s commitment and dedication to the task of city-building, and states that “a vibrant and successful city depends on a Council that is prepared to work together, constructively, and always in the best interest of the City of Vaughan"

☐☐ S uzanne Craig, Integrity Commissioner and Lobbyist Registrar, presented the 2016—2017 Integrity Commissioner Annual Report. The annual report details the Integrity Commissioner’s activities, Code of Conduct complaints and inquiries, along with a statement of expenditures. In 2017, the Integrity Commissioner received four formal complaints and 12 informal complaints

☐☐ The results of the 2017 Internal Audit Governance and Accountability Survey show that there has been a significant improvement in employee morale from previous years. More than 900 staff participated, which demonstrates a positive sign that people are more comfortable voicing their opinions on the organization

☐☐ O n Oct. 22, 2018, under the guidance of Todd Coles, City Clerk and Returning Officer of the City of Vaughan, an election was held in which residents voted on their representatives for the 2018—2022 Term of Council

Maintaining faith in public institutions has been a hallmark of our efforts. From the Office of the Integrity Commissioner, to the Office of the Internal Auditor, to our Anonymous Reporting System and now our Lobbyist Registry, Vaughan continues to deliver a governance framework unmatched anywhere in Canada.” — Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua


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Public Libraries, Recreation and Culture The Facts

☐☐ Vaughan’s public library branches house countless opportunities for neighbours to celebrate and learn more about diversity and the trailblazers of history whose sacrifices have been enshrined in pages for future generations to understand and appreciate ☐☐ The City opened the Vellore Village Library — the 10th branch in Vaughan ☐☐ Festivities like the Christmas Tree Lighting, Lunar New Year and Menorah Lighting Ceremony have become annual traditions, as have celebrations of Black History Month, along with many of Vaughan’s cultural and community organization flag raisings ☐☐ Mayor Bevilacqua founded and launched the Order of Vaughan — the City of Vaughan’s highest honour. This is the third year citizens have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the City ☐☐ Annual Culture Days foster a greater sense of community, awareness and appreciation for the diversity of cultures, creeds and faiths that thrive throughout our city ☐☐ During the ninth annual City of Vaughan Toy Drive, in support of the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish, Mayor Bevilacqua announced that Tony Romanelli and family of the RCC Group of Companies donated $5,500 toys, valued at $105,000 — the highest contribution ever made to the City's Toy Drive by a single donor! ☐☐ Residents were invited to learn about Vaughan’s Smart City initiatives. This included a smARTcities SALON, which featured a panel discussion and exchange of ideas about art, innovation and citybuilding, as well as The smARTcities: exploring the digital frontier art exhibition. This demonstration was part of Vaughan’s ongoing work to use technology, innovation and digital solutions to become a smart city and elevate the quality of life for all citizens

☐☐ The City opened the new Pierre Berton Heritage Centre — Vaughan’s newest multi-purpose, accessible community facility celebrating the works of Kleinburg native Pierre Berton ☐☐ In honour of Sergio Tagliavini’s service to this city, the square surrounding the Monument for Fallen Italian Workers was designated Piazza Tagliavini

Additional Milestones ☐☐ T he City of Vaughan launched the 2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey to get input from residents on quality of life, delivery of City services, use of tax dollars, availability of online-based services and more ☐☐ During the final scheduled City Council meeting of the 2014—2018 council term, Mayor Bevilacqua spoke in detail about the recordsetting achievements made by Council and members of the administration ☐☐ F or the fourth year, the City of Vaughan invited visitors and staff to write a personal message on paper poppies to be displayed on a poppy wall in the atrium of Vaughan City Hall to commemorate Remembrance Day; this year also marked the centenary of the First World War ☐☐ Mayor Bevilacqua delivered the keynote address, on behalf of the 42 municipalities of the Archdiocese of Toronto, to an audience of 1,600 people during the 39th Annual Cardinal’s Dinner

Our community centres, public libraries and recreation programs provide countless opportunities for all citizens to come together, develop their skillsets and make new and cherished friendships.” 2 0 1 9 · C E L E B R AT E VAU G H A N