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At TRAVELSAVERS we’re committed to serving three primary customers:


of independent agents organizing into a cooperative or consortium was relatively new to the travel industry. TRAVELSAVERS





agency owner, A.J. (Rick) Mazza, embraced

TRAVELSAVERS is dedicated to directing business to a group of committed suppliers by increasing sales volume through our agencies. With a combined method of marketing to both our agencies and directly to their consumers, we have the ability to build brand awareness, sales volume and market share of our preferred supplier partners.

this concept and ultimately took it one step



further to create the first sophisticated global travel marketing company. The company’s primary goal was to help its agencies increase their market share as well as their overall profitability. TRAVELSAVERS’ vision is as relevant and focused today as it was back

A.J. (Rick) Mazza, C.E.O. TRAVELSAVERS

then: to drive new customers directly to the licensees’ doors, and keep them coming back.


By providing a wide array of marketing and technology tools, we are committed to help our agencies increase their share of the market through TRAVELSAVERS preferred suppliers while increasing the profitability of their business.

Now in its 37th year, TRAVELSAVERS is a leading international marketing organization with a retail chain of more than 3,000 independently owned travel agencies, in 12 countries, that generates more than $18 billion+ in annual travel sales. With the TRAVELSAVERS organization behind them, licensees have the resources and the power to stand out as travel leaders in their local communities — and


As a result of TRAVELSAVERS marketing programs, the customers of TRAVELSAVERS agencies will reap value-added benefits and substantial savings while enjoying high quality travel products. A high level of information and service is provided by our agencies in a combination of on-line and direct business. Our leisure and corporate customers are also afforded special travel opportunities offered exclusively through TRAVELSAVERS agencies. 2

When TRAVELSAVERS opened its doors in the early 1970’s, the idea

around the globe. TRAVELSAVERS offers a complete range of marketing and sales support services to help our preferred supplier partners maximize both leisure and corporate sales (online and offline) through our network of travel agencies. Through our marketing, technology and media companies, we promote your products to our agents, who close the sales on your behalf.

TRAVELSAVERS GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION MAP Unique to TRAVELSAVERS, agencies are given an exclusive territory in the United States, and is based on population of approximately 50,000. This territory, and all business leads generated from it, are theirs for as long as they are affiliated with TRAVELSAVERS and adhere to basic requirements, such as selling a large percentage of their business through TRAVELSAVERS’ preferred suppliers. We believe that independent travel agents, with strong local roots and relationships complete with a “click and brick business model,” are well equipped to fully serve their customers.

TS CANADA est. 2000 with 216 agencies

TS US est. 1971

with 2295 agencies

TS INTERNATIONAL est. 2001 with 132 agencies

TS MEXICO est. 1997 with 131 agencies

Additional Distribution Opportunity NEST est. 2004..............................420 agencies TRAVEL HELPLINE est. 1983......475 agencies AGENT 24 est. 2006 ...................800+ agencies

TWIN est. 2001 with 14 AGENCIES Argentina............................1 Canada ..............................1 Dominican Republic ...........1 Hong Kong ........................1 Indonesia............................1 Malaysia .............................1

Mexico ...............................1 Singapore...........................1 Thailand..............................1 United Kingdom .................1 United States .....................3 Vietnam..............................1 Figures as of June 2007


STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS: Working for You Around the World TRAVELSAVERS, INC. We have positioned ourselves, as an international leader in marketing travel. In addition to the U.S.A., we currently have agency locations in over 12 countries including Canada, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

TRAVSTAR TECHNOLOGIES, INC. The brightest travel agency technology, TravStar is a technology company developed by travel agents for travel agents. In today’s complex and changing industry, there is a need for a simple, agent-friendly, affordable way to manage your business. Travstar has the solutions.

NEST (Network of Entrepreneurs Selling Travel) The NEST focuses entirely on helping leisure home-based travel agents achieve greater success financially, professionally and personally by championing solutions and opportunities just for them. The NEST is comprised of true entrepreneurs with annual sales greater than $500K – these are not hobbyists.


GLOBAL HOTEL PROGRAM The TRAVELSAVERS Global Hotel Program offers best available (BAR) and negotiated rates. Agents are able to provide their clients with competitive rates from independent hotels and hotel chains with accommodations that range from budget to ultra-luxury, throughout the world in 124 countries and in 2,500 cities.



Across the Street

TRAVEL HELPLINE and AGENT24 24-hour worldwide global emergency assistance services that give client’s peace-of-mind while traveling and protecting agencies’ ticketing service fees.

THE AFFLUENT TRAVELER A collection of luxurious travel suppliers — from hotels and resorts to cruise lines and tour operators. The Affluent Traveler program offers a consumer program comprised of a coffee-table quality book distributed through newsstands and bookstores nationwide as well as a dynamic booking engine.

TWIN (TRAVELSAVERS Worldwide Independent Network) TWIN is designed to give independent agencies a competitive edge when soliciting and servicing multi-national corporate clients. This dynamic program helps agents find new accounts, service multi-national accounts, obtain foreign business from other members, take advantage of inbound business, and coordinate joint RFPs.


TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS has brought our exclusive territory system (e-territoriesTM) to the web, and delivers e-commerce opportunities to you. All marketing efforts at refer consumers to TRAVELSAVERS agencies, preserving their commissions.

TRAVELSAVERS AGENT EXTRANET Our exclusive extranet provides 24/7 access to frontline agents, agency managers and owners. Information including consumer advertising initiatives, access to web exclusive specials from preferred suppliers, current incentives, preferred supplier commission rates and programs, as well as supplier and web training and much more is at their fingertips. The TRAVELSAVERS extranet is the agent’s greatest information resource tool.


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TRAVELSAVERS uses the latest technology to rapidly deploy information and time sensitive promotions from our preferred suppliers to agents and consumers. Whether you’re looking to target market or to get the word out on a buzz worthy promotion, these banner ads help you reach your specific audience.


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CRUISEXPRESSPRO An innovative b-to-b live cruise booking and management solution. The system is a one-stop, online cruise management engine designed for travel pros. This Web-based application supports you in marketing and selling cruises both online and offline by providing live access to inventory along with real time booking and management capabilities.

CUSTOM E-MAIL EDITOR TRAVELSAVERS agencies can keep customers up to date while promoting special offers in a cost effective, consistent, and efficient manner. They stay in constant contact with their customers while advising new special offers, including weekend getaways, luxurious journeys and romantic retreats with the use of E-Mail Editor. Vivid imagery and highlighted information such as pricing and availability can spark imagination and success.

CORPXPRESS by TRAVELSAVERS A suite of state-of-the-art online corporate travel management tools designed to affordably give you a competitive edge in the global business travel arena. This product allows you to offer your corporate clients online booking and travel policy compliance capabilities at the lowest possible price point. The system also delivers the latest in automated global data management and Web reporting tools.


CONSUMER SOLUTIONS Club TRAVELSAVERS Club TRAVELSAVERS is a complete turn-key database and direct-mail program that communicates with our agencies’ targeted clients a minimum of 28 times a year. Club TRAVELSAVERS is an effective way to increase your business while tracking your advertising expenses. The Club consists of: • JOURNEYS Magazine — A customized quarterly consumer publication featuring preferred supplier coupons redeemable exclusively through a TRAVELSAVERS agency. • Direct Mail – Based on an agency’s client travel profile, Club consumers will receive direct mailings throughout the year featuring preferred supplier specials. • E-Promos – Each month Club consumers are e-mailed e-promos containing supplier product information and offers. Each promo is customized to drive business back to their TRAVELSAVERS agency, and ultimately to book your product.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS DIRECT MAIL This direct mail program allows the agency to qualify and target their clients to fit the demographics for each mailing. TRAVELSAVERS offers two different types of consumer mailings for the agencies to participate in. 1. Exclusive promotions and offers 2. Multi-branded mailings that target 6 lifestyles. The lifestyles include: Romance, Family, Weekend Escapes, Luxury, Fall Savings and Baby Boomer.


NATIONAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS TRAVELSAVERS is advertising nationally through Magazines, Billboards, Newspapers, TV, Radio and Outdoor Media. All ads will feature preferred supplier product and direct clients back to their local TRAVELSAVERS agencies through an online and phone referral system.

CONSUMER E-PROMO Agencies will be able to download e-promo fliers from the MYOB (Market Your Own Business) section on the agency extranet containing supplier product information and offers. Each promo will be customized to drive business back to their TRAVELSAVERS agency and ultimately to book your product.


TRAVELSAVERS E-FOCUS — CORPORATE AGENT E-NEWSLETTER An excellent marketing tool to reach the travel agent’s business traveler/ road warrior clients. Designed to be a quick-read newsletter, it is the power of suggestion and seeing the travel suppliers brand that prompts the client to contact their agency.

CORPORATE SOLICITATION KIT TRAVELSAVERS Corporate Solicitation Kit is designed to reach decision makers in corporations to inform them of travel programs and corporate services their organization will receive from a TRAVELSAVERS agency. A supplier’s product sheet insertion exposes your travel product, program or service to thousands of domestic and international companies.


AGENT SOLUTIONS OPERATIONS MANUAL An online policy and procedures directory, that gives the front line agents all the necessary telephone numbers, procedures and selling points for each preferred supplier. As a preferred supplier, you receive a full listing detailing important information from our preferred contract and important selling opportunities. NEW expanded version for 2008 including booking engine links, group booking policies, niche marketing tips, and training opportunities

TACTICAL PROMOTIONS TRAVELSAVERS is a leader in segmentation and target marketing. Our program tracks consumer demographics and agencies’ production and usage levels over a three-year period. By using these criteria, we are able to populate a highly targeted list of consumers and agencies to run a smart, tactical promotion—resulting in a higher return on investment for our preferred partners.

AGENT COMMUNICATION — Agent E-Newsletter, Agentflashes and Hot Topic Short, Precise, Effective. TRAVELSAVERS’ agencies receive “qualified” messages via faxes and e-mail. These vehicles are restricted to exclusive TRAVELSAVERS promotions ONLY, which have proven to be the most effective.

AgentEdge AGENT NEWSLETTER AgentEdge, a 4-color newsletter, is published 6 times a year. This publication is used as a training and resource tool to educate our agencies on how to maximize profits with preferred suppliers. The editorial covers supplier spotlights, sales and marketing tips and current industry information, all of which help the agencies stay competitive and generate more sales. 10

TRAVELSAVERS MICRO SITE TRAVELSAVERS dynamic e-campaigns are an innovative fresh way to get your message out to the agency community. Each campaign is customized to fit your look and significantly increases the effectiveness of your marketing message. These are a fresh approach to help you stand out from your competition.

SUPPLIER OF THE MONTH Every month we highlight a specific supplier with exclusive promotions to the agency and consumer databases. As a supplier of the month your promotional message will be advertised in the following vehicles, reaching our agencies and their consumers: Full page ad and editorial in AgentEdge agent newsletter, full splash page on the agent extranet and consumer site, Consumer E-Promo, and premium ad placement in the Agent E-Newsletter.

FOCUS ON BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY CORPORATE AGENT NEWSLETTER Focus On Business & Technology, a 2-color newsletter, is published 8 times annually including a special NBTA issue, with editorial covering all aspects of the corporate market such as, Meetings, Incentives, Groups, Global Business & Technology. This publication is used as a training tool to educate our agencies on how to maximize profits from their corporate clients.


TRAVELSAVERS Corporate Services‌ Business Solutions, Technology Platform and Global Networking

Corporate Services Division serves TRAVELSAVERS corporate-oriented travel management companies and travel agencies regardless of size. Our comprehensive technology platform provides: multiple booking engines, GDS solutions, front, mid and back office solutions/software, web-based management reporting at discounted pricing through service bureaus, assistance with requests for proposals/bids, and a global networking program which includes hundreds of agency members in 12 countries.



SALES/SERVICE SUPPORT TEAM TRAVELSAVERS has a dedicated sales and service team. This highly qualified team acts as an extension of our preferred suppliers sales team, constantly promoting our preferred supplier product. The service team is comprised of former travel agents who comprehend the needs of our agencies and preferred suppliers. Joint sales calls and training are available.

REGIONAL EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS Held throughout the year, TRAVELSAVERS conducts educational and networking seminars for its agencies within the key U.S. markets. These events are a platform where agencies convene to bolster sales and strengthen relationships. The focus of the seminars is marketing and technology. Attendees participate in hands-on sessions throughout the country. Topics include: database marketing, direct mail programs, online leisure and corporate booking engines, cruise booking products and meetand-greet sessions with preferred suppliers.

WEBINAR TRAVELSAVERS has the ability to host web seminars for agency managers and front line agents. These sessions are 45 minutes in duration and are invitation only. These online training seminars offer the supplier to train the agents on sales and marketing strategies to increase their revenue potential.



THE AMG FAMILY OF COMPANIES: Gives you the power to profit around the globe

NEST The Network of Entrepreneurs Selling Travel (NEST) is the industry’s first and only marketing group exclusively for home based travel agents. The company focuses entirely on helping home-based travel agents achieve greater success financially, professionally and personally by championing solutions and opportunities just for them. From supplier negotiations to marketing, education to networking and a complete portfolio of technology solutions, NEST delivers what home-based agents need when they need it. NEST also supports the changing needs of suppliers, helping them to effectively reach the rapidly growing, home-based distribution channel to train, motivate, cultivate and compensate them.


s a TRAVELSAVERS agency, you may or may not be aware of the broad global network and resources that you have at your fingertips. The American Marketing Group (AMG – the parent company of TRAVELSAVERS and several other top travel companies) spearheads our family of cutting-edge companies, encompassing an entire spectrum of products and services that place your agency in the strongest competitive position possible in both the leisure and corporate sectors.


AMG puts all of its incredible resources to work for you, providing the infrastructure, technology, marketing, sales, service, networking, and business operations support that you need to increase sales and build your brand. Our established global organization works on your behalf around the clock, consistently driving new and repeat customers to your door.

TRAVEL HELPLINE & agent24 After-Hours Services These two top after-hours services work hand-in-hand to provide your leisure and business clients with peace-of-mind while traveling. With just one free call from anywhere in the world, they receive on-the-spot assistance from our experienced consultants for virtually any travel-related problem that they might face. Utilizing state-of-the-art communications technology, TRAVEL HELPLINE and agent24 operate on a single phone switch (including its 130 travel consultants in three call centers in New York, Colorado, Ireland, plus home-based consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada). No one else in the industry today can offer a rollover between three distinct call centers as well as a home-based team, providing total coverage — even in the event of a major emergency that would shut down a single call center. This positive redundancy allows you to offer your clients the strongest possible sense of security as they travel around the country or across continents to conduct business or enjoy leisure time.

Read on to find out about each diverse division under the AMG umbrella…

Acclaim Meetings TRAVELSAVERS Headquartered in historic Oyster Bay, New York, TRAVELSAVERS is a multi-billion-dollar, international travel marketing company with offices in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Our organization includes a chain of more than 3,000 independent travel agencies in 14 countries around the world. Our long-standing relationships with leading travel suppliers and our global buying power give you the ability to offer your leisure and business clients the best travel products at the best prices available today. With nearly four decades of proven success behind us, we look forward to sharing a dynamic and prosperous future with our travel agency and preferred supplier partners.

TWIN Global Travel Management Company TWIN (TRAVELSAVERS Worldwide Independent Network) is a global travel management company. Leading travel agencies participate as licensees in an international network. Upon joining the organization, they instantly become partners with other top agencies around the world, and gain the ability to engage in global account sharing and data consolidation. TWIN provides the infrastructure and resources for larger independent agencies to offer multi-national corporate clients superior account management and customer service. This dynamic organization helps agents like you find new accounts, service multi-national accounts locally, obtain foreign business from other members, take advantage of inbound business, and coordinate joint RFPs. TWIN membership includes: the TRAVEL HELPLINE global after-hours service, TRAVELSAVERS’ proprietary global preferred rate hotel program, CorpXpress (a policy-compliant, automated self-booking tool), and personal assistance in coordinating RFPs.

The first of its kind, Acclaim Meetings provides you with the end-to-end education and tools you need to capture the lucrative and rapidly growing meeting and incentives business. There is a tremendous opportunity today for travel agencies to generate entirely new revenue streams for their businesses, especially by booking small to mid-sized meetings and groups. This initiative provides the infrastructure, tools and support to help you begin or increase your meeting and incentives planning services. Acclaim Meetings is free of charge for TRAVELSAVERS, TRAVEL HELPINE, NEST and agent24 agencies.

Affluent Traveler Affluent Traveler is a unique marketing and booking company targeting the global, upscale luxury market. By participating in the network, you can quickly establish yourself as a luxury specialist — and enjoy the vast business opportunities and personal rewards that come with cultivating this evergreen travel niche. The program includes: 1) An acclaimed consumer travel magazine called The Affluent Traveler that showcases world-class luxury travel experiences and is available at major bookstores and on newsstands around the country. 2) An enriched amenities program that encourages customer loyalty. 3) A state-of-the-art booking engine that empowers you to capture luxury travel business 24/7. At Affluent Traveler, the “good life” awaits you and your clients.

TravStar Technologies, Inc. TravStar is a technology company developed by travel agents for travel agents. In today’s complex and changing industry, there is a growing need for simple, agent-friendly, affordable ways to manage your business. TravStar has the solutions, including proprietary online booking and management products.

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