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Questionnaire on Design of Websites Objects (visible on the home page) 1. Logo

If you have a logo, please submit it in the digital form; CDR would be the best format. If you do not have it - please give your exact company name, which will be used in your website design. 2. Briefly about the company and its activities Please tell us briefly about your business activities, with emphasis on what we should highlight when creating the website design? Note. You can specify the source of the internet, where we can find this information. Briefly about imaginary website: • To what audience will the website be focused (who is predicted to be a visitor of the website (a businessman, the youth, middle-class ordinary people, or people with a certain profession ...)). • What is the aim of the website (to sell more goods or services, attract more customers, create a good image on the Internet, ...); • Website type (more beautiful, creating the desired image of the company with a small amount of information; more practical, convenient, with a large volume of information) • Website mood (more original, more modern, more solid, more playful, more ….) • Maybe there are sites whose styles you like or dislike very much, and maybe you can give examples (please reply to this item) You can mention not the whole website, but part of it (for example: I like menu buttons, I like structure, I like mood, colours and so on) 3.

4. Websites of competitors, partners or friends which you want to surpass / be equal (similar) to. If you do not want to compete, please list some (if possible) "related" pages. 5. Colours (What colours would you like to see in the website?) If you have your own corporate identity, please provide the names/codes of your brand colours (RGB or CMYK). If you do not have them - provide the names / codes of the desired colours (RGB or CMYK), or at least a simple description. If you have no wishes - leave it “at the designer's discretion”. 6. Is SEO very important to you (search engine, for example.: Google.) Do you agree to simplify, sacrifice the website design because of it? Please specify the main keywords (or phrases), which are especially important to you (up to 8 keywords).

Example of presentation

7. Design Type There are 3 main types of websites: 1. Website with a home page, where the home page consists of artistic image, with or without menu buttons: a. (image without menu buttons) b. , (image with the menu buttons) 2. Website without a home page. a. 3. Website with a home page with a small amount of text information: a. b. Note 1. If you have selected the type of website "without a home page", underline the main internal page, in item 8 of the questionnaire (menu structure). The main internal page is the one which accessed by entering the address E.g..: (news) (Non-Home) (independent main page). Note 2. If you have selected the type of website “with a home page and text information”, write in brief what type of text will be on the home page. (independent text, "Welcome to ... text", text about the company (, the main news, abstracts (, or any other text) 8. Menu structure a) Structure. Please submit the structural tree of the menu of your website. For example ..: 1. About Us 2. News 3. Services a. Internet b. Press c. Multimedia 4. Portfolio a. E-shops b. Web sites b. banners c. Press d. Multimedia CD e. logos 5. Prices 6. Contact Notes: • Catalogue (Category/ sub-category/product list/detailed product description)) structure is independent of the overall menu. It is presented separately. • The first-level menu cannot be changed independently (we'll

do it, if necessary), and therefore please provide more accurate names of the buttons. • lower-level menu (a, b, c…) – you will be able to create / remove / edit it by yourself • If the menu may change in the future (more first-level menu buttons may appear, 3rd or even 4th levels of menus may appear or the like - indicate it) 9. The main blocks of information (if available). Information unit - a text- or graphical information field (can be framed or not) which may be both on the home page and on all pages. Popular information blocks: a) the unit of main contacts (e.g.: b) main news (3-5) or special offers ( in any internal page) c) groups of goods ( d) introductory text (Welcome to ...) ( e) the goods or services to be emphasized f) the suppliers (partners) or their logos ( g) Banners ( h) running line (, This question can be put up in an easier way - the text information (in addition to buttons, language flags, etc.) should be on the home (or initial) page. 10. The company's slogan/ motto If you do not have it, you can use a short description of the company's activities, or a greeting - "Welcome to 12. Languages

Lithuanian (indicate the main), English, Russian,

Specification (issue joining 7-12 items) Please state again what should be on the home page and internal pages. EXAMPLE. On the home page there must be: 1. beautiful artistic image – e.g. facade of a building 2. slogan (motto) / subtitle 3. buttons of the first-level menu 4. language buttons 5. block of (main) contacts 6. .... On internal pages there must be: 1. menu buttons 2. language buttons 3. block of contacts 4. ... 13. Earlier production If there have been issued booklets, posters or any other promotional material, whose design you like and would like to keep it ...

If there are – please give examples in the digital format. 14. Visual material Is there any visual material (pictures, objects, drawings, or something similar) that we should represent (convey) in the design of your website? If information is available on the Internet, then it would be fine if you would specify the website addresses that can be used. If there are no specific addresses, maybe you could specify exactly what should be highlighted (emphasised) on the home page and what cannot be used. 15. Additional Information: • What else must be used in the design of the website, which has not been mentioned in the questionnaire (it can be both text information and graphical information, as well as buttons. They can be either active (i.e., by clicking them it routes to somewhere) and inactive. • are there any other wishes regarding the website design? Customer’s contact(s) First Name Last Name Address Mob. Phone E-mail ICQ, Skype, Msn (if available)


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