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Foundry Workshop Second Edition Date: Tuesday 26th June 2012 Venue: Worcester Warriors Rugby Club, Sixways Stadium Warriors Way, Worcester, WR3 8ZE Organisation: Cast Metal & Diecasting Times and supported by the Foundry Equipment & Supplies Association (FESA). The Institute of Cast Metal Engineers (ICME) and the Diecasting Society

17 papers lead by Professors Nick Green and John Campbell; President of ICME Steve Bell; Ian Nicholls of Sheffield Forgemasters and Michael Bone of HSE. The day’s event will include three papers, which all delegates attend, and 14 papers in breakout sessions when two to three papers at a time are given simultaneously and delegates select the paper to attend of their choice.

Delegate fee: The delegate fee for UK foundry managers and operators, foundry students includes daytime refreshments and buffet lunch, will be charged at £49.50 + VAT. Overseas foundry delegates €86 euros including VAT Other categories such as equipment and material suppliers will be charged at £120 + VAT. (€210 euros) Complete the form please on page four of this leaflet and return to or Modern Media Communications Limited, publishers of Cast Metal & Diecasting Times Gresham House, 54 High Street Shoreham by Sea BN43 5DB United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1273 453033 Fax: +44 (0) 1273 453085 e-mail:

Foundry Workshop, Second Edition Venue: Worcester Rugby Club, Sixways Stadium, Worcester, WR3 8ZE, United Kingdom. Situated by side of M5 at exit 6 Tuesday 26 June 2012 Organised by Cast Metal & Diecasting Times and supported by the Foundry Equipment & Supplies Association (FESA). The Institute of Cast Metal Engineers (ICME) and The Diecasting Society

Programme 08.00 to 08.45 Registration/Coffee 08.45

All delegates together. Welcome from FESA President Laurie Palmer


All delegates together to hear Paper one by Professor Nick Green, Head of Technical Centre Doncasters, a new department situated at Droitwich


First Breakout Session Paper 1.1: Steve Bell is Managing Director of Union Electric Steel. President of ICME, 2011-2012. ‘Gateway to the World - How sales, around the world, can be achieved in both high technology and low cost areas. How to get started in exporting and help that is available’ Paper 1.2 : Stuart Gregory and Gregory Matthey of Petrofer, ‘Biostable die face release agents’


Second Breakout Session Paper 2.1: Karl Hopkins of Foseco ‘Novel method for ductile iron production – the Initek process’ Paper 2.2 : Steve Hill of Inductotherm (Europe) Limited Title to be advised Paper 2.3 : Dr. Pam Murrell of ICME ‘Training and Education for casting engineers in today’s industry’


Third Breakout Session Paper 3.1 : Simon Adlington and Chris Collins of SynchroERP, ‘ERP scheduling specifically for the cast metal manufacturer’ Paper 3.2 : Chris Wilding, Sales Director of Omega Foundry Machinery Limited ‘Latest technology used in No-bake moulding with references of two new moulding lines and sand reclamation plant in an automotive foundry’ Paper 3.3 : Kevin Hawley of GOM UK Limited ‘Optical 3D measurement techniques in casting process chains’

Laurie Palmer

Nick Green

11.00 to 11.30 Tea and Coffee Break 11.30



All delegates together to hear Paper two : Ian Nicholls of Sheffield Forgemasters, Managing Director of Vulcan SFM, Technical Director of the foundry. ‘Technology based manufacturing of steel castings’ The paper looks at the influence of technology and technical capability in influencing manufacturing strategy and satisfying market demand and focuses on three particular examples: Developing a market by exploiting weakness in existing technology and offering castings as an engineering solution. Developing manufacturing capability to meet market demands Developing new opportunities through technical capability. Fourth Breakout Session Paper 4.1 : Tim Butler of Ultraseal International, ‘Water-free electrostatic spray for high pressure diecasting’. Paper 4.2 : Laurie Palmer, Managing Director of Metalscan Limited ‘Analysis a need or a luxury?’ Paper 4.3 : Michael Bone, HM Inspector of Health & Safety/Manufacturing Sector ‘HSE long latency health risks project in foundries and HSE approach to the molten metals sector over the next few years’

Steve Bell

John Campbell

Fifth Breakout Session Paper 5.1 : Andy Busby of ASK Chemicals Paper title to be advised Paper 5.2 : Simon Olive of Maxima Engineering, ‘Simulation of core shooting with Magmasoft®’ Paper 5.3 : Bob Sims of P.S. Auto Grinding ‘Grinding machines reduce cost, increase quality and improve safety on even small batch sizes’

13.00 to 14.15 Lunch 14.15

All delegates together to hear Paper three from Professor John Campbell OBE,FREng. ‘Recent casting developments’ ‘The realisation that oxide bifilms are the damaging features of most castings, including Al alloys, Mg alloys, irons and steels, has led to developments in the design of filling systems that are revolutionising the achievable properties from castings. Examples include Mg alloy fracture specimens which could not be fractured and Al wrought alloy castings with properties in the cast state exceeding those of wrought alloys. For super-duplex stainless steels the use of the naturally pressurised filling system together with the vortex step gate is achieving results exceeding those using expensive AOD treatments. All of these benefits are achieved at high yield and reduced costs. These are, according to Professor Campbell, ‘ exciting times for castings (and foundry operators).’

15.15 END The organisers may add further papers where two papers are in parallel to provide a choice of three simultaneous presentations.

Kevin Hawley

Steve Hill

Table top exhibition Exhibition table tops will be positioned in the catering room where teas/coffee and lunch will be served. Exhibitors to date include the following:Nederman Limited,

manufacturers of fume and dust extraction. Dantherm are now part of Nederman

GOM (UK) Limited,

optical measurement solutions in 3D

EMSCO Limited,

repair of induction furnaces and associated systems

Omega Foundry Machinery Limited,

complete range of continuous mixers, sand reclamation, mould handling systems and core shooters etc.


supplier of consumables to the iron, steel and aluminium industries


manufacturing control software for the cast metal industry


supplier of ladles, cupolas and molten metal distribution systems

John Winter & Co. Limited,

supplier of agents, binders, oil, and many other foundry requisites


manufacturer of (foundry) industry robots

Inductotherm Europe Limited,

electric melting furnaces, coreless induction pouring systems

ARUN Technology,

manufacturers of spectrometers for analysis and identification of metals

FTL Foundry Equipment,

manufacturers of foundry plant such as No bake mixing, no bake moulding, green sand moulding etc.


the professional institute for the foundry industry

Ajax Tocco Limited,

manufacture induction heating and melting systems

The Diecasting Society,

represents the interest of manufacturers and suppliers to the diecasting industry

P.S. Auto Grinding Limited,

provide grinding, fettling and cutting equipment for castings

Cast Metal & Diecasting Times,

publish five times a year to ferrous. non-ferrous and diecasting foundries

James Durrans & Sons Limited,

manufacturer of refractory coatings for moulding media, graded coals, carbon and graphite

Molten Metal Products Limited,

market leaders in crucibles and crucible furnaces

Simon Adlington

Chris Collins

Chris Wilding

Ian Nicholls

Tim Butler

Michael Bone

Simon Olive

The Foundry Workshop, Second Edition Delegate booking form The second edition of the Foundry Workshop takes place on Tuesday 26 June 2012 at the Sixways Stadium, home of Worcester Warriors Rugby Club, Warriors Way Worcester WR3 8ZE, situated by the side of Exit 6 roundabout on the M5. Delegate fee for foundry operators £49.00 + VAT (£58.50) €86.00 euros (including VAT) for overseas delegates. All other employment categories £120 + VAT (£144.00) €210 euros (including VAT).

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Foundry Workshop  

Foundry WorkshopSecond EditionDate:Tuesday 26th June 2012Venue:Worcester Warriors Rugby Club, Sixways StadiumWarriors Way, Worcester, WR3 8Z...