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What is the admission criteria for the professional phase? In order to advance to the professional phase of studies during the student’s junior and senior years, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Understanding technology to meet the needs of our society and workforce

• Technology management student in good standing with the College of Education and Human Development • Minimum 2.0 GPR based on all coursework completed at Texas A&M University

• Completion of the following subset courses (or approved substitutes): ENGL 104, HIST 105 & 106, POLS 206 & 207, MATH 141 & 142, two 4-hour natural science courses, INFO 209 and either ACCT 209 or MGMT 209. A completed professional phase admission packet consists of the following: • Completed online professional phase application • Completed online “course planning” form

• Two completed applicant evaluation forms. Forms must be completed by individuals in one of the following categories:     •  Instructor at Texas A&M University     •  Instructor from a transfer institution     •  Nonprofit/volunteer agency or organization     •  Current or past supervisor or employer

For Appointments: Advising Office Department of Educational Administration & Human Resource Development College of Education & Human Development 112 Heaton Hall Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843-4226 Phone: (979) 862-2763 E-mail: For more information on this degree program, visit the following Web site:

Bachelor of Science in Technology What is technology management? The field of technology management is one of the most exciting areas of development in today’s working world. Whether in the fields of business, education, government or health care, the need for personnel to install, support and manage technology is ever increasing. The College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University is striving to meet this need with a new Technology Management Program. The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management is designed to prepare graduates to address the needs of our society and workforce and was developed for students interested in a career in technology management in both the private and public sectors. The degree is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a variety of roles in which technology applications are the process by which information and training are delivered and productivity enhanced. Since technology is a part of the productivity environment in all segments of our economy, the degree demands both managerial and technical skills. A strong internship program provides the graduate with direct experience in the development and management of technology in a real work environment.


What will the Technology Management Program teach?

What jobs are available to technology management graduates?

Students completing their studies in technology management will be capable of demonstrating the following competencies:

Potential placements for graduates in the Technology Management Program include the following:

• Possess a basic understanding of computers and networks from the perspective of management and support • Understand design and convergence issues in the application of a technical network

• Exhibit skills in the area of multimedia development and deployment • Apply the appropriate practices for procurement, funding and other business applications related to technology

• Guide the development of network policy and security standards and deliver appropriate training to end users on a network

• Demonstrate competence in the design, implementation and support of technical networks in both educational and workforce environments

• Large Corporations such as the Bell companies, Verizon, Dell Computer, Polycom, Tandberg USA, RADVision and Vtel Products

• Private businesses that need network development, management and security, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and service industries • State agencies with networks to manage • Public schools and community colleges • County/city government • Hospitals and clinics

• Public and private broadcasting * Student internships follow the interests of the student and reflect the list above.

How do students enroll in the Technology Management Program? Programs of study in the College of Education and Human Development are composed of two phases—the preprofessional phase and the professional phase. The preprofessional phase consists of basic University Core Curriculum requirements and introductory courses in the major field of study. The professional phase consists of advanced work in the major field of study, courses in the foundational disciplines and professional studies courses. articles/tech_mgmt

Upon entering the College of Education and Human Development, students are assigned a general college major that tracks the preprofessional phase of their chosen program. To advance to the professional phase, students must meet program entry requirements and be accepted by program faculty.

Senior technology management major Matthew Johnson won the “Why I’m An Aggie” video contest sponsored by Texas A&M.

Technology Management Major Brochure  

Is a future in technology management right for you? Learn about the technology management major at Texas A&M University.

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