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Advancement of STEM Education Research Our college plays a vital role in the generation of new knowledge that influences pedagogy and curriculum reform in the field of math and science education. The following is just •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

a sample of the kinds of innovative research being done to better prepare our teachers and our students in math and science classrooms:

College of Education & Human Development

Analysis of mathematics curriculum Communication and discourse in mathematics instruction Effective curricular and instructional practices Innovations in technology and inquiry in secondary science Investigation of mathematical representations and their early development Research that informs Texas science education policy Technology for adult education and learning

International Engagement in STEM Education In July 2008, our college hosted the first International Seminar on Mathematics Education at Texas A&M University. Faculty from East China Normal University in Shanghai came to campus to share with faculty how Chinese math and science teachers were teaching STEM subjects in their classrooms. The three-day seminar provided a forum for the discussion of

retaining and recruiting quality math and science teachers, advancing math and science curriculum in the classroom, and engaging students in STEM careers.   In 2010, our faculty will travel to East China Normal University to participate in the second International Seminar on Mathematics Education.

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Development Transforming lives through math and science education

Preparation of High Quality Teachers that Impacts Texas Education

Engagement in Texas K-12 STEM Education

In the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University, our work has been transforming lives for 40 years. More than 3,000 Aggies have been certified as teachers between September 2004 and August 2008. In 2007, the college certified 909 new public school teachers and currently leads Texas public universities in certifying teachers in the high-need areas of special and bilingual education,

The college knows the importance of producing quality math and science teachers, so that is why we are activley

math and science. All of our students participating in a traditional certification program are English as a Second Language certified, and our students have a 98 percent pass rate on the certification exam. With more than 8,000 former students currently working in public schools in 207 Texas counties, we pride ourselves on always expecting more of our Aggie teachers.

Teacher Certification Programs that Foster Excellence in STEM Teaching In order to produce the highest quality math and science teachers to serve the children of Texas, our college offers several paths to certification that allow students who are interested in teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to do so.

Many of these programs are developed and implemented in collaboration with STEM colleagues across Texas A&M. We offer both traditional, graduate and online certification opportunities.

Middle School Math/Science Certification Program (Undergraduate Certificate Grades 4-8)

engaged in outreach and research efforts to enhance math and science curriculum in all classrooms.

North Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Center researches, creates and provides professional development on the most effective teaching and learning practices to enrich math and science education. It is a collaboration between the Colleges of Education and Human Development and Engineering, Business Partners, Region X Educational Service Center, Dallas Independent School District and other school districts. >>

Partnership in Environmental Education and Rural Health produces and trains teachers in interdisciplinary curriculum modules for middle schools centered on problem solving in environmental health science. It is a collaboration between the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Education and Human Development. >>

Policy Research Initiatives in Science Education

Graduate Certification Program (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Grades 8-12)

is an innovative science education research project that seeks to improve teaching and learning in high school science with two goals in mind—research and graduate preparation. >>

Accelerate Online (Alternative Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Grades 8-12)

Center for Mathematics and Science Education

326 certified since Sept. ’03 >>

69 certified since Sept. ’03 >>

94 certified since Sept. ’03 >>

University Studies (Undergraduate Certificate Grades 8-12) This degree program includes an area of concentration in a STEM subject with a minor in applied learning in STEM from the College of Education and Human Development >>

Math and Science Scholars (Undergraduate Certificate Grades 8-12) A collaboration between the Colleges of Science and Education and Human Development to increase the number of math and science teachers in Texas 134 certified since Sept. ’03 >>

is dedicated to supporting the ever-changing needs of Texas public educators who teach K16 science and mathematics. It is collaboration between the College of Science and Education and Human Development. >> default.asp

STEM Work in the College of Education and Human Development  

The College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University is a leader in training teachers in STEM (science, technology, engine...

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