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camille lagrange graduate architect -

cover page : roofs of Nara, Japan

This portfolio highlights a selection of academic and professional work realized over the past 7 years. Graduated with a Master’s degree (2015) and an European Architect Licensure (2016) from the Architecture School of Versailles I lately had the opportunity to work with MU architecture (Paris) and Studio GA (Sydney). Thanks to these experiences I continued to increase different design and construction skills working on numerous project typologies and phases. Passion for architecture pushed me to travel around the world, discovering different cultures and ways to do architecture. I am always seeking new knowledge through travelling, meeting new people, reading, designing and practicing.

contents 6-7


part one, professional projects 10-11

physiotherapy clinic, medical facility


38 housings, intermediate housing


municipal technical center, municipal facility


50 housings, social housing

part two, student projects 20-25

apparitions, public facilities & housing


volcanic filter, public facility


along the canal, public facilities & housing


in the shade of trees, public facility


from the inside to the outside, public facility

camille lagrange


seeking an architectural project assistant/junior project manager position I am highly motivated and interested in an architecture firm engaged in architectural qualiy and collaborative projects +33 (o)6 59 04 66 79 clagrange

work experiences march 2017 - sept. 2017 6 months

sept. 2015 - july 2016 11 months

july - sept. 2014 3 months intership

feb. & july 2013 2 months internship

feb. 2012 1 month internship

Studio GA, Sydney, Australia junior project manager physiotherapy clinic in Sydney - schematic design to construction and site supervision architectural project assistant queenwood school’s offices in Sydney - feasibility studies private house in Sydney - preliminary studies MU architecture, Paris, France junior project manager public library in Epernon - construction documents to bidding phase 38 housings in Chevilly-Larue - competition to design development municipal technical center in Morsang-sur-Orge - competition architectural project assistant boarding school in Chelles - competition 36 housings (including alteration) in Marines - competition «Réinventer Paris», site : Morland - competition, phase 3 website and portfolio design & public tenders application files MU architecture, Paris, France architectural project assistant retirement home in Semur-en-Auxois - feasibility studies 50 housings in Tours - competition technical center in Fondettes - competition portfolio design & public tenders application files Architecture Là, Anglet, France architectural project assistant larrauri house in Anglet - construction and site supervision chassagny house in Anglet - schematic to design development 44 housings in Boucau - schematic to design development Betiko, office of engineering and consulting, Bayonne, France architectural project assistant argia hotel in Hasparren - construction and site supervision 16 housings in Labenne - construction and site supervision 6




english - full professional proficiency TOIEC : 890/990

CAD - AutoCAD, Rhino, Archicad, Allplan

Treks - 1 month in Nepal (nov.2016) & 1 month in north India (aug.2015)

french - native language spanish - elementary proficiency

3D - Rhino 3D, Sketchup, Artlantis, Kerkythea Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Office - Windows & Mac OS

Travels - road trip (6 months) in Australia & New Zealand, HongKong, India, Japan, USA, Singapore...

education 2015 - 2016 oct. 2016 2013 - 2015 july 2015

feb. 2015 april 2014

European Architect Licensure, « Habilitation à la Maîtrise d’Oeuvre en son Nom Propre », ENSAV-Versailles School of Architecture, France HMONP thesis « Paths of young architects seeking architectural projects » Master’s degree, ENSAV-Versailles School of Architecture, France diploma project, graduated with honours « Apparitions, value the landscape to unveil a new imaginary » masters thesis « The Airport, urban fiction » international exchange program with the Kyoto Institute of Technology

2010 - 2013

Bachelor’s degree, ENSACF-Clermont-Fd School of Architecture, France

2007 - 2010

High school certificate, St Thomas d’Aquin Institution, France sciences and maths specialty & option in arts

skills teamwork and project managment

Team spirit & efficiency in independent work Independent and partnered projects during my time at Studio GA & MU architecture. In fine charge of exchanges with clients, engineers, landscape designers... Responsibilities extended beyond conceptual design Construction and site supervision of the physiotherapy clinic in Sydney. Exchanges and meetings with suppliers, construction companies, administrative body for the public library of Epernon.

computer and graphic skills

Proficiency in major 2D and 3D softwares & post-production of graphic and composing text

hand skills

1:1 scale design & construction Temporary open-air stage for the « Bellastock » event (may 2014) Urban furniture for the ENSACF courtyard (march 2013)

open-minded and learning attitude

Favoring innovative & context respectful designs 7

part one professional projects -

physiotherapy clinic 110 sqm - $200K

medical facility - Sydney, Australia

schematic design to site supervision - winter to summer 2017 junior project manager - Studio GA

This project is the refurbishment/alteration of a previous restaurant into a physiotherapy clinic & sports injury centre. It is located inside a small commercial centre in one of the northern suburbs of Sydney. With a limited floor space and only one facade with natural light coming through, our intention is to work on transparancies and light structures and to include the privacy matters needed for medical purposes. One structural polycarbonate wall acts as a spine and separates the treatment rooms from the common areas. It holds full-height translucent sliding doors that provide a diffuse light and intimacy inside the rooms, while creating fluid paths inside the clinic.



38 housings 2 350 sqm - 3,7M€

intermediate housing - Chevilly-Larue, France

competition to design development - winter to summer 2016 junior project manager - MU architecture

The first intention is to create a link between the Anatole France Development Zone and the neighboring pavilions. The work on alignments, heights and volumes brings a smooth transition between those two spaces. A porosity settles in the plot’s heart and the residence’s life overflows on the street. Beyond the horizontal sliding, the offsets also bring a vertical rhythm in the project. They clear views, lights, green roof terraces and keep the apartments away from each other. The green spaces take many forms: shared gardens, south-oriented private gardens, green terraces and roofs. The green structure offers uses, atmospheres and a continuity of the biodiversity. The apartments, numerous on the ground floor, decrease on the upper floors to the benefit of planted or private terraces. The density becomes lighter, the volumes are released. This imbrication of green roofs highlights the landscape continuity from the surrounding gardens to the heart of the project.

© Viktor Fretyán 12

summer winter


municipal technical center 2 715 sqm - 4,75Mâ‚Ź

municipal facility - Morsang-sur-Orge, France competition - spring 2016 junior project manager - MU architecture

The technical center works as a set of connected entities, a composition of different volumes. Whether on the courtyard or on the pedestrian walkway, the structure extends outside and offers protection. The wooden structure is part of a sustainable development approach, the one of the dry process. A municipal technical center needs large spaces, inside and outside, in direct connection. The need of clear and simplified accesses completes these requirements. We designed this project as a linear building, between a lower courtyard and a high street. Working as the spine of the project, the pedestrian street is the heart of exchanges. It serves the different rooms from the entresol to the first level. Moreover, the numerous voids slicing the project are filled with staircases, creating a link between the low court and the high street. Thus, everyone is free to move easily from one space to another, according to his requirements and schedules.

Š Viktor Fretyån 14

summer e

ll winter ce ar

m Li



Faรงade Nord


50 housings 3 600 sqm - 5,1Mâ‚Ź

social housing - Tours, France

competition - summer 2014 architectural project assistant - MU architecture

The site is located at the intersection between two major axes of the Monconseil Development Zone. Thus, the intention is to work on the articulation of different scales and contexts in order to express a balance and give the same qualities to all spaces: private, close neighbourhood, collective, urban public. The richness of the sober volume resides in a grid which reveals different depths (loggias, transparency of angles). The facade is animated according to the interior uses and the housing units are directly projected towards the distant views of the gardens.

Š Michel Kafassis 16

T3 T3 T4

T2 T1 bis




T2 T2 T2

Š Michel Kafassis 17


part two student projects -


public facilities & housing - Grangent, France diploma project - summer 2016 with Jacques Longo

The natural reserve of the Loire gorges reveals a surprising microcosm. Once a canyon landscape, the territory brutally changes in 1957 when the Grangent dam engulfs a landscape made of fields, houses, factories and a railway. Nowadays, the dam regulates the water level in order to produce the necessary electricity and thus creates three temporalities. The project seeks to give another vision of the site and glorifies this ever-changing landscape. According to the temporality and the water level fluctuations, uses and programs appear and reveal a link between past and present.





Water level : 419 NGF.

Water level : 411.5 NGF (- 7.5m)

Water level : 404 NGF (-15m)

Tourists are coming to the beach of Saint-Victor to enjoy many activities such as games on the floating platforms. On the Loire, motorboats and sailboats navigate under the sun. A cultural center, with exhibition halls and laboratories, faces the mineral horizon. Inside, a path takes the visitor to an underwater observatory. The cultural center is the extension of the village center, located higher on the cliff and designed to federate a scattered countryside.

The southern part of the site is revealed : the floating platforms become the artists studios roofs, invited in Grangent for an annual workshop. A new route appears for a few months, it’s then possible to discover the former landscape and stroll from the beach to the cultural center by walking on the old railway.

Due to a draining imposed by the State, the entire site and railway are now accessible. Many visitors flock to the site which momentarily becomes a regional attraction. At the end of the railway, an open-air stage reveals itself near the dam. It takes advantage of the acoustics and the mystery of the place.


village center

relation between the village center and the cultural center

the village center : a door toward the landscape

4b 5 4b

7 3 1

5 4

6 7

2 8


1. public square 2. market place 3. bar 4. restaurant 4b. hotel 5. city hall 6. post office 7. medical center 8. supermarket 9. bank 22

cultural center

permanent access

route inside the cultural center




5 4

6 7

1. belvedere 2. laboratories and administration 3. restaurant 4. reception 5. auditorium 6. exhibitions rooms 7. learning center 8. water observatory 9. temporary square

8 9


temporary access

open-air stage

historic site

existing dam


anchoring system

artists studios

rebuild the village


submersible space







volcanic filter

public facility - Clermont-Fd, France second year of Master - winter 2015 with Jacques Longo « Built Climates » : experimental studio under the direction of Philippe Rahm

Nowadays what you cannot find on the internet are the physical experiences, those of human relationships and land. The project’s aim is to use the non-relocatable strengths of the Auvergne territory, balneology and cheese’s expertise, in order to revitalize and expand the traditional activities of the Virgin Megastores. The geological heritage of Auvergne has different properties. First, it is an excellent fertilizer for the local cultivated lands. The grass becomes the first link in the development of the Auvergne’s cheese and gives the taste to each « PDO ». Then, the rainwater is naturally mineralized in contact with volcanic rocks. This process is reproduced in the project’s roof which acts as a second ground. Therefore, various uses appear in relation with the purity of water. Gravity allows the water to spread from the top to the bottom and the thermal stratification clarifies the different levels and uses.


integration in the site

relation with the public space

rainwater harvesting

2 rocks : X effects

space structuring

purity of water

thermal stratification 27



along the canal

public facilities & housing - Kyoto, Japan first year of Master - summer 2014 international exchange program with the Kyoto Institute of Technology

The site is located in the historic neighbourhood of Fushimi, south of Kyoto. The sake distilleries make it a touristic place but it is also a largely residential zone. The intention is to improve the relationship with the canal and mix different generations in the neighbourhood. The program is divided in three parts corresponding to a particular scale: child, community, family. In the childcare center, the roof protects and frames the views over the canal. The courtyard is isolated from the street and creates a comforting and secure space for children. The community center is thought as a privileged public space. Each box contains a separate program that corresponds to different people sharing this indoor / outdoor space. In the housings, near the canal, each family member has his own space. Hidden from the street, large openings are canal-sided, around the loggia.





in the shade of trees

public facility - Bures sur Yvette, France first year of Master - winter 2014 with Jacques Longo & Maxime Trouilleux

Located within the «Plateau de Saclay», the Paris-South XI’s university is in the heart of the Grand Paris project. Our programs analysis on site revealed a striking reality: the presence of microcosms separated by an abundant nature, almost wild. This observation gave us the desire to unify the actors of this territory: inhabitants, students and researchers. The creation of an incubator seemed obvious to combine these three complementary profiles. This project takes place at the junction of these entities. It is respectfull of the contextual elements and works as an analogy of the glade by offering an incubator in the shade of trees. Thus, the ambiguity between inside and outside is voluntarily permeable. The project is closely related to public space. An internal street articulates the different elements of the incubator: auditoriums, Start-Ups, fiscal space, brasserie, lounge area...


interpretation of the glade

adaptation to the site

conservation of the existent routes

new connexions


upgradability of the building

site’s improvement

Plan RdC - Échelle : 1/250e

Panneau photovoltaïque

Structure porteuse des panneaux

Structure secondaire Acier Fenêtre pivotante


Coupe - Un lien étroit avec l’Yvette - Échelle : 1/250e


Finition béton taloché Bac Acier


from the inside to the outside public facility - Corent, France

second year of Bachelor - summer 2012

In the heart of Corent, a dormitory village invaded by cars, the project fits into the interstices of existing buildings. The first intention is to create a transversal axis in this village built along a cliff. The buildings creates the path. Simultaneously floors and roofs, they form a promenade between the bottom of the village and the nearby cliff and a place dedicated to the inhabitants. The agora is located on the heights. It overlooks the town. Treated as a cave carved into the mountain, a patio brings a zenithal light inside, in the middle of the forest. The associative space is located further down. There, the idea of the patio is used in double height. The polycarbonate highlights the heart of the village, now dedicated to inhabitants. The project is structured as an ÂŤintersectionÂť that connects streets, built or natural spaces and also neighbours, friends and inhabitants.


1 - reception


2 - maternal assistance unit


3 - association aera 4 - exhibition hall 5 - agora


5 4

39 -

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