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BOOKS & MUSIC REVIEW “The Shack” by William Paul Young draws you in, breaks your heart and heals it all in one read. It’s hard to put the book down after a certain point. It grips the soul to its very core and the reader is able to relate to the main character throughout the book. I dare say that I actually experienced the emotions and began to ask myself the same question the book tries to answer…‘Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?’

The Shack By William P. Young Review by Roz Humphreys

The book provides a glimpse into the devastation that the main character, Mack, experiences. Although few of us have gone through his tragedy, the raw emotions are relatable. After the loss of his youngest daughter, he cocoons himself into a world of hurt and blames God for all that has occurred. After 3 years, he is challenged when a mysterious note appears in his mailbox signed Papa. This note becomes an intense challenge and struggle because it brings Mack back to the place of his devastation so that he could receive his healing. It reminded me of how often we’d rather run from our hurts, die to our hurts or live with our hurts than face them. From that point on, the process of Mack’s transformation is intense. The Shack has a clear, constant and consistent explanation throughout the book that

The Fight of My Life By Kirk Franklin Reviewed by Jennifer Reyes

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THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE by Kirk Franklin was released in December 2007 and it is still relevant today. So much so, that in early 2009, this album was awarded a Grammy for best contemporary R&B gospel album. Kirk titled this album THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE after one of the most difficult and troubling times of his career. In fact, he seriously contemplated not making this album. He considered giving up but at the right time God stepped in and a slew of songs such as DECLARE IT and HELP ME BELIEVE (another Grammy winner) was eventually created. The Fight of My Life doesn’t cater to the surface issues but rather ministers to those painful areas in our lives that can really make or break us. It’s these lyrics that encourage you to not only worship

echoed God’s love and desire to be relational. It was overwhelming. As I rode home from Tampa up in the clouds somewhere over the Eastern seaboard, I could not help but cry. I cried tears of sadness, tears of joy and tears of gratitude. My heart was just totally consumed with the knowledge of God’s love towards me. The depiction of the relationaltrinity and their love towards humanity will take the reader by surprise. They challenge Mack on different levels, all to get him to the point to trust God once again. There is a word of caution. Although the book is very well written, it should not be taken as gospel. Discernment of what is fact and what is not is important. If in doubt, refer to your Bible or one of your church teachers/leaders. The Shack is a great read that can raise those that are dead at heart and challenge those who have forgotten to live…really live. William Paul Young is married and has 6 children. He wrote The Shack for his children and a few friends and printed 15 copies. His book was rejected by 26 publishers before it was picked up by a newly created publishing company where it eventually hit number one on the New York Times trade paperback fiction best-seller list in June 2008. You can read more about this book here. but to believe that you can make it another day and that God will get you through. Whenever I need a little help coming into agreement with what God’s word says about my situation I put on this album and I get the nudge I need to lift up my hands, sing my heart out, and lift my eyes to my helper, the Lord Jesus Christ! The next time your situation has you exhausted all you need to do is pop this on and listen. You will soon be given the energy to recall that God will make you the winner in the Fight of Your Life.

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Soar Magazine Fall 2009 Premiere Issue  

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