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to fight. Eliminate these when designing your daily menus.

weights, safely strengthens it (Figure 3). Soleus – This muscle is fully en-

Nutrition Mission: How can you

gaged when the knee is bent: seated

help your body fight? Start by

calf raises, with or without weights,

replacing one food item that inhib-

safely strengthens it. (Figure 4).

its with a food item that heals. An example could be replacing candy bars with fruit. Food coops are an excellent way to buy fresh, organic foods. They are family owned farms that grow organic foods. The following website helps to locate

from physical danger and the stress of not having enough time for a project. To the body, stress is stress. When stressors are experienced for an extended period of time without a break, the body “defends”

Tibilias anterior –Does not need

itself by continuously producing

to be overloaded: walking at a fast

cortisol which can cause unhealthy

pace (making sure the toes point

weight gain (especially around the

upwards as soon as the ball of the

abdominal area) or prevent some-

foot is lifted from the ground) will

one from shedding weight. All of

safely work it. (Figure 5).

these are not things we desire so the goal here would be to reduce stress. Balance Mission: How do you reduce stress? Prayers are not in vain (Jeremiah 33:3). In your quiet time with the Lord, lay everything before

the one nearest you: http://www. Exercise: Understanding Muscles Exercise is very valuable in helping us deal with general mental stress. Walking/running on a treadmill, jumping rope, getting on a versaclimber, and resistance training for at least 30 minutes a day are great examples. Movement Mission: What’s the best way to exercise these muscles? Gastroc – This muscle is fully engaged when the leg is extended: standing calf raises, with or without

Him. Do you need to let go of Get those muscles working! If you

any grudges? Do you need to “do

don’t use them, you’ll lose them.

less?” Ask the Lord to point out any

Keep in mind that exercising without giving the body time to rest and heal is stressful for your body.

stressors in your life. Let Him help you let go of unnecessary baggage. And don’t take them back!

When starting an exercise program

Are you going to fight by dealing

for the first time or when changing

with stress constructively, or are

an existing program (that’s not a

you going to die by rendering

progression from the current one),

control to them?

always start easy. Give muscles at least 24 hours to recover and repair. Rest & Recovery: Maintaining Balance

1. P  lease consult with your physician before starting an exercise program. *** Clipart courtesy of Physigraphe Clipart

Your body does not know the difference between the stress of running

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Soar Magazine Fall 2009 Premiere Issue  

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