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WHEN THERE’S NOTHING BUT SILENCE The three years that followed were one of the most tumultuous times in her life as she struggled to maintain balance while dealing with the barrage of emotions that constantly erupted. “As a mother, I grieve and mourn the loss of my healthy child. There’s the feeling of frustration that one experiences when setting up appointments and procedures, and then waiting on approvals from the insurance company. Then the horror stories of straightening out unpaid bills though we knew that the insurance had already paid. However, nothing compares to the agony of having to see my son endure many hospital stays, painful procedures, and even experience heart failure while taking over 22 pills a day to improve his condition which only got worst with every doctor visit. His

Iris and her son Joshua

organs were failing rapidly.” When it looked like Joshua would be placed on a machine while waiting for a new kidney, Iris became desperate and cried out to God. “I kept saying, ‘God, here I am. I’m coming to church and I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to do. I don’t want to see my son placed on a machine. You tell me You’re my healer. Lord, it’s hard for me because I’m standing on Your word but You’re not doing anything. I hear what the doctors are saying but I don’t hear You.’” At this point, Iris could have become angry and bitter but instead she found a way to fight through the various emotions that threatened to consume her. She found a way to survive. WORSHIP UNLOCKS SHACKLES When Iris was unable to hear God, she put on worship music. She would soon find herself singing which released Iris to bear her heart to God. Worship unlocked the shackles of fear, pain, and anguish that all too often threatened to take permanent residence in her heart and soul. Not only did worship draw the presence of God but the lyrics often reminded her of the God who can and still works miracles. This eventually brought her to a place of truly learning to trust God.

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Lord, it’s hard for me because I’m standing on Your word but You’re not doing anything.

Soar Magazine Fall 2009 Premiere Issue  
Soar Magazine Fall 2009 Premiere Issue  

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