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Woman in Motion

Iris DeJesus-Nieves is a woman on the go. With a husband, three kids, work and

by Jennifer Reyes

Surviving the Silence

ministry she rarely has a moment to herself. But the last five years have brought heart-pounding and heartbreaking changes that have impacted her

family and her relationship with God. Her first born son, Joshua Mariani (D-Kid) was born healthy and vibrant. At the age of 15 he was diagnosed with Renal Artery Stenosis, Thrombosis with hypertension. This condition is so rare for someone his age that case studies are very limited, forcing Iris to truly walk by faith. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED! “One of my greatest regrets occurred around three weeks prior to Joshy being admitted to the hospital when he complained of a headache. I thought it was an excuse for him to try to get out of school. But the headache became so severe that his vision became blurred and he couldn’t walk home from church. I took him to an ophthalmologist believing it had something to do with his retina; little did I know that it was his blood pressure that caused the blurred vision and headache. My son’s blood pressure was so high that when the nurse was taking it, the machines became unreadable. The nurse kept bringing in new machines thinking that they were broken. When the doctor came in, he took Joshy’s pressure manually and that’s when we learned the truth. According to the doctor, Joshy could have had a stroke or died in his sleep. If I could give parents one advice, I would encourage them to take the complaints of their children seriously.”

According to the doctor, Joshy could have had a stroke or died in his sleep.

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Soar Magazine Fall 2009 Premiere Issue  
Soar Magazine Fall 2009 Premiere Issue  

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