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N e w s f r o m t h e E u r o p e a n H e a d q u a r t e r s o f C h i l d E v a n g e l i s m Fe l l o w s h i p ®

CEF equips for the ministry

Autumn 2011

A word from Gerd-Walter Buskies

CEF European Director

“For all nations shall come and worship before You.” (Rev. 15:4)

The strategy of Child Evangelism Fellowship® is to support, to train and to equip. All three have to go together to maximise the effectiveness of the ministry. Last time while you were reading the Kilchzimmer Echo you have learned about the SPAN™ programme and how we definitely need more “feet of those who preach the gospel of peace …” (Romans 10:15). These feet on the ground need to be well equipped with the best literature to evangelise and teach boys and girls. In CEF® we are convinced that children deserve the best and so we aim for the best possible production. This is why we work with very gifted artists and experienced graphic designers. Our writers are carefully chosen and they represent the highest possible level of Bible knowledge and experience of working with the little ones.

The most beautiful times in the literature production is not when a new item sits on the shelf, but rather when a dedicated and trained worker gets it in his/her hands and uses it to reach or teach precious children. Ana, Monica, Greg and Fred—these are just names of four children in various countries who came to know Jesus Christ as Saviour recently through the reading of our literature like Meet the King! which explains the Gospel in a clear and obvious way! 8,2 million copies have been distributed so far! Many more have accepted Him. What a thrill and a motivation to further equip the workers on the field. Our aim is that every CEF national office would have Gospel literature available for anyone who wants to distribute it. Our devotional books (The Wonder Devotional Book and Every Day With ❭❭

Dear Friends! What a great Bible verse, especially when we consider the situation before us—great tribulation in the time of the Antichrist! Will the pressure let up at all? It is so difficult to remain faithful to Christ. But God’s grace sustains those who believe in Him. And now they are standing before the throne of God, freed like Israel after the escape through the Red Sea. The thanks in their hearts must come out in songs of praise. With words from Psalm 86:9 they praise the Lord: All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord. All nations – now that is they themselves! Fulfilled prophecy! They stand together before the throne. Different languages – joined in praise! Jesus got them to their goal! Through all tribulations! Us too! We will come and worship before Him! Yet the gathering is not quite complete. This is why we proclaim Christ, the Saviour. Among the children in the 45 countries of CEF Europe. So that they also can come and worship before Him! Thank you for your help! Yours,

CEF Centre, Kilchzimmer • 4438 Langenbruck, Switzerland • Tel: +41 62 387 30 10 •

Continued ❭❭ God) are changing lives of children in a big way. Recently little John said, “Thank you for helping me to learn about Jesus.” These booklets are now in almost 30 European languages and add tremendous value to our other ministries, as well as making it possible for children to be influenced by God’s Word 365 days a year! We are committed to equipping all the children who attend a Good News Club® (and others too!) with a copy of a booklet that would explain the Word of God to them and will help them to make life choices. We also believe that, unlike our workers or training, our literature (currently available in 38 European languages) as well as our Internet ministry (currently in 19 languages in Europe) will go to places that we will never dream or be able to go. It was a great surprise to me to find a copy of an evangelistic series of lessons A Saviour for You (published by CEF) in one of the most remote areas of Europe where there is almost no evangelical presence.

No-one was able to explain how this flashcard book arrived there. This is the power of the printed page! We thank the Lord that there is enough literature to equip teachers with materials which will help them to cover almost the entire teaching of the Holy Scriptures with the children they are teaching. We praise the Lord that since the start of CEF, the production of literature has been a high priority, so that we can now choose from a wide selection of well written and well illustrated items. In Esther 8:9 we read that the Persian Emperor had a letter with an important news to be delivered to “ … one hundred and twenty-seven provinces in all, to every province in its own script, to every people in their own language …”. We have a much greater message to communicate to the 157 million children of Europe. We need and are committed to producing multimedia items to equip workers and to equip as many boys and girls as possible, so they

will hear the Gospel and would not be able to resist it. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this plan. Bogdan Bassara, Multimedia Director

Ed u c ati o n r e p o r t This autumn at the CMLC in Kilchzimmer we had 14 students in the German language class and 8 in the English. They came from Germany, Switzerland, N. Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Austria/USA and the Netherlands. Praise God that 109 people have attended CMLCs across Europe this year in Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia and Georgia. Several years ago we started to offer students the opportunity of taking our 12-week course in two 6-week parts. From 2012 it will be possible to take the same course in four unique modules. We still recommend students complete the whole course in one block but we realise this is not possible for everyone who would really like to get this training. A new promotional video and information about dates, prices, etc. can be found at

Parli italiano? (Do you speak Italian?) If yes, or if you know someone who does then you may find this very interesting. In summer 2012, the first two modules of the summer CMLC at Kilchzimmer will be taught not only in English but also in Italian! The final two modules are planned for summer 2013. Join with us in asking the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to evangelise the children of Italy. More information available at our website Gary Cousins, Education Coordinator for Western Europe

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Again this year we held our children’s programme in the summer at the camping site in Avenches, Switzerland. For six weeks, children heard Bible lessons, learnt Bible verses, sang, played and did crafts. Many children have come with their parents for many years just because of the children’s clubs at the camping site. We show the children how necessary their need of salvation through Jesus Christ is. We are able to speak very freely about God, Jesus, sin and also salvation. When I think about Avenches in 2011, I remember this particular incident. For 4 years a girl has been coming for a few weeks each summer to the camping site. In the first year she only came to the children’s meeting during her first week. In second year, she came every day of her holiday and really absorbed everything she heard. The third summer, the girl came to faith in Jesus. We gave her a Bible and since then, she always came with the Bible to the children’s meeting. One day she told us she observed two other girls who were fighting and shouting at each other. She went with her Bible in her hand between the two fighters and read from the Bible. Both were so amazed that they immediately stopped fighting. We continue praying for this girl, that she will hold on courageously to Jesus and grow in her faith. Stefan Jossen

Last year 114 Christmas Clubs took place in different parts of France. One was organised in an isolated village, far from any evangelical church. The mayor’s son, Hugo, heard the Gospel and wrote, on the

When the CMLC takes place in Russia, we are used to the fact that our students come from different parts of this enormous country. Many also come from other Russian speaking countries, in this case from Latvia and Moldova. But we have never before had a group of deaf students with their own interpreter, who translated everything into sign language. Can you imagine following 12 weeks of 6 hours per day of “silent” lessons? Not receiving anything from the variation in the teacher’s voice either lowering or rising? A particular challenge! Also for us teachers. They could not write at the same time as “listening” to their sign language interpreter. We were able to train this special group for their ministry among deaf children in Russia.

“The Lord came in the night, The Lord came into our lives, The Lord came into our hearts.” spot, a short poem for the teacher: “The Lord came in the night, The Lord came into our lives, The Lord came into our hearts.” Back home he asked his father to find a Bible and read him the entire Christmas story. Now the mayor is very open. Recently Hugo and other young teens from the village have joined Youth Challenge. The French team has 25 workers serving in 10 local areas. Two have started recently, one in the North and one in the South (the Basque area). Evangelistic campaigns have been organised to reach other parts of the country. 130,000 envelopes with Meet the King!, Wondersurf cards and gospels were distributed over the summer. Philippe Mayhew Switzerland

Turkey How does CEF reach children in Turkey? We provide teaching materials to the churches, hold teacher training classes and organise residential camps in the summer where children from a Muslim background also attend., the CEF website for children, is also available in Turkish ( Every month we receive more than 300 clicks and have nearly 500 registered users. One of the most exciting ministries we have is using television to reach children in the comfort of their homes. Our 13-episode TV series called Noah’s Ark is broadcast from outside Turkey via a Turkish Christian channel. Our daughter, acting as a traveller, finds the Ark and asks Noah questions about different issues in life. Noah gives God’s solution by using related Bible stories. You can watch these programmes via this link: nuhun_gemisi_tv. Episodes have been downloaded more than 1,800 times in the first 6 months. We thank the Lord for opening many different doors for us.

kil c h z i m m e r N e w s Volunteer service as training for life Ilja Hartig from Germany is a new face in Kilchzimmer since June. He writes about his volunteer service: “I’m here completing 11 months of my “alternative service abroad”. Many different practical and social activities are included in the tasks. Amongst others, this includes garden work, Ilja clearing snow in the winter, repairing machines and furniture,

The Kilchzimmer Echo is distributed three times a year free-of-charge by the European Headquarters of Child Evangelism Fellowship®. Please designate your gifts “European Headquarters”, quoting any specific project for which you wish your gifts to be used. Your gifts may be sent to any of the addresses mentioned. Thank you! Bank transfer information: UBS AG, 8098 Zurich, Switzerland Account: KEB Zentrum IBAN: CH97 0024 5245 9257 2141 C BIC Nr. UBSWCHZH80A or Post Office Account: 46-4843-2 Our Address: CEF European Centre, Kilchzimmer, 4438 Langenbruck, Switzerland Tel.: + 41 62 387 30 10 Fax: + 41 62 387 30 40 Email: Web-site: USA: CEF, PO Box 348, Warrenton, Missouri 63383 Canada: CEF, PO Box 165, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2G9 Ireland: CEF, 199 Templemore Avenue, Belfast BT5 4FR Britain: CEF, 73 West Coats Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 8AW The Kilchzimmer Echo is available by e-mail as a PDF. To receive it electronically, send an e-mail to, along with your full name and address in the message text. Your information will remain confidential. Editorial/layout: Gerd-Walter Buskies, Felix and Diane Dürrenberger, Brent Hautle

sorting rubbish and collecting teachers and students. This all combines with wonderful fellowship among believers in a multicultural setting. This volunteer service has challenged me many times during my stay in Kilchzimmer. But new challenges give me a good opportunity to develop personally and spiritually! Also I daily discover new handwork abilities and learn more about them. This is a service, which is shaping my future life.” We will gladly take volunteer workers for the coming years, particularly 2012/2013, who, for example, would like to complete a voluntary social year or something similar with us. Anyone who would like to give some time to the Lord is very

pray e r r e q u e sts for kilchzimmer Sonja Ballou returned to work on 20th November after breaking a bone in her foot. Please pray that her foot is soon pain-free and the swelling goes down. Another request is for the open positions. Pray that a second cook,

welcome. We will take care of your room and board and a little pocket money.

a caretaker (perhaps part-time for a sprightly pensioner) and a housekeeper will soon be found. Possibly you already know the people we are searching for! Pray for sufficient finances, so that the important work here in Kilchzimmer can be done for the whole of Europe.

t h a n k s t o o u r v o l u n t e e rs Heartfelt thanks go to our volunteer workers. They were a great help and a blessing to us. Lina Töws helped for 19 weeks in the kitchen and spoiled us Lina with specialities from her home region. Grace Hughes and Andrea Weir worked in the Multimedia Department and Brigitte Kreuzwirth took on the laundry and Grace helped in the house. We


wish them God’s blessing and guidance for their future. We are thankful to God that He moved the hearts of David Austin (kitchen, house & garden), Rui Santos (cook), Boris Janzen (house & garden) and Katharina Petkau David (housekeeping). At our call for help they quickly decided to pack their bags and used their holidays or free time to help us.

Please consider CEF as you write your will and leave a lasting gift that will work on for eternity in the hearts of precious children who respond to God’s loving message.

2011 Autumn  
2011 Autumn  

2011 Autumn