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BUYING A BLACKBERRY? By: Crystal Sanders

Recently, Samsung released its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3. The latest iPhone 5 also completes theroaster of the iPhone series. It’s apparent that many smartphones are released and modified to catch up with people’s demands. Out of all the smartphones that manufacturers provide, why would you choose a BlackBerry? Does BlackBerry offer something that other smartphones do not? When you sell used BlackBerry, would you get as much money? Do BlackBerry’s features match your lifestyle? These questions need to be asked especially when buying a BlackBerry or any smartphone. However, buying a BlackBerry

should be considered because BlackBerry phones can offer basic smartphone stuff and more. BlackBerry offers quite the ride when you buy their phones. They boast of offering the following that keeps them a trailblazer in the smartphone industry:

PRODUCTIVITY People have been repeatedly saying that their BlackBerry phones have helped them conveniently finish their work. And, it still stands true until today. The BlackBerry phones offer many functions like checking your email, SMS, making and editing documents, joining and initiating conference calls, planning a trip, and navigating your way through traffic. The BlackBerry is basically designed for these types of functions. That is why BlackBerry phones are a favorite. Other smartphones may have these features but none do them better than the Blackberry.

VALUE AND CHOICE The iPhone series looks almost the same. Samsung’s Galaxy S series have similar appearances and functions. Yet, the BlackBerry doesn’t offer one similar phone design for everyone. Each BlackBerry phone is an individual. The best part is you get to choose BlackBerry units according to your preferences. Keyboard lovers will love the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve designs. If you want a larger touchscreen, the BlackBerry Torch is your thing. Different

models showcase various offers depending on budget, needs, and design. You will surely sell your BlackBerry phone and get money from that. You can certainly get cash for Berrys. How can it not get distinction if it gives you the best the BlackBerry can give?

CONNECTIVITY Smartphones have apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for users to connect to their personal networking sites. But, BlackBerry gives you more than just Facebook or Twitter with their own BlackBerry Messaging (BBM). The BBM makes communication quick and easy. This unique app not only allows you to connect with your friends but also connects one app to another. This will enable you to share posts, chat with online friends, and update your social networks all within BlackBerry Messaging. Everybody and everything is seamlessly connected. You don’t need to close one app just to open another one. Your BlackBerry keeps you connected to your business, social networks, and your loved ones. The BlackBerry makes it easier done than said. Will you buy a BlackBerry? You definitely should. Its unique features and superb functions

make the BlackBerry a smartphone in its own right. When you wish you buy another one, you may even want to sell old BlackBerry and buy another new and better BlackBerry phone to enjoy and love. Sources: Sassygeek4tech Blog

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Buying a Blackberry?  

It’s apparent that many smartphones are released and modified to catch up with people’s demands. Out of all the smartphones that manufacture...