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A Bigger iPhone Screen? Not a Bad Idea! Is the Apple iPhone yet to change the industry standards in the world of smartphones? It seems it is heading that way. (Implicit meaning: Sell an old cell phone now!) According to Yahoo News, the tech juggernaut is planning to amp the size of the next generation iPhone. The rumors are supported by confirmations that Apple has begun placing orders for the alleged new displays from suppliers in South Korea and Japan. Sources say that the next generation iPhone screen will span 4 inches from corner to corner. This only means that there is roughly 30% rate of display expansion of the original 3.5 inch display area. If this ever happens, Apple will be in a hiatus of producing the same size of iPhones since2007. It is said that the production of new displays has already been in the works in LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc. from South Korea and Japan, respectively. If the rumors aren’t true, then it is likely that the production will commence sometime in June. This means, that the newesti Phone may be taking shape by the month of August. This is also possible provided that the company will follow its precedent in moving from orders to prototypes for essential parts to release. This unexpected maneuver of Apple seems to be a resolution to trundle Samsung’s success in producing smartphones whose power is magnified by larger screens. Recently, Samsung launched the newest Galaxy Smartphone line boasting of an illustrious 4.8 inch touch screen and a more powerful processor. Is it now time to make the choice of selling an old phone for the new iPhone? Now that Smartphone users are now seeing the compatibility of their handsets in doing activities they usually do with their laptops and PCs,manufacturers are also seeing the enhanced business opportunities in smartphones with bigger displays. According to the Yahoo News article: “A likely shakeup in the design of a larger-screen iPhone could go a long way in boosting its "wow" factor, convincing fans to trade in their old iPhones for new ones, said Shaw Wu, an analyst at SterneAgee. "Not only do users pay for features, but they also pay for aesthetics and design. That's as important, or more important, than features," Wu said. "People love the current design -- but it's 18months old."

The latest iPhone 4S was introduced in October of last year and essentially has the same form factor as the iPhone 4, launched in 2010. Read more about the article here.

A Bigger iPhone Screen? Not a Bad Idea!  

Is the Apple iPhone yet to change the industry standards in the world of smartphones?

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