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In the Spotlight: Privatization Plan for 2011 The main objectives of privatization are to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of companies, to promote foreign investment and entrepreneurship in all areas, to increase employment and to improve the standard of living. All privatization that is to be carried out in 2011 will be based on the methods of implementation and the type of privatization. The companies that are selected will be adjusted to meet free market requirements which will include the following: the sale of shares and assets by public tender, the sale of shares through the stock exchange, and the sale of shares and assets by public auction. The models for restructuring companies in the area of public utilities will only be defined after the new Law on Utility Activities has been adopted and after a new strategy, aimed at involving the private sector in public utility activities in Montenegro, has been implemented. The Privatization Plan anticipates that, regarding companies that are being privatized by public tender, the resolution of social issues should be included as a contractual obligation. It is also expected that, in such cases, credible guarantees and termination clauses to cover the breach of contractual obligations will also be included. Furthermore, regarding other types of implementation and other types of privatization, with the exception of the stock exchange, the resolution of social issues will also be an essential and compulsory requirement. A public auction procedure will be used for the sale of part assets, shares or stakes in companies, on the basis of prior decisions made by their owners. Decisions on the sale of assets exceeding €50,000 will be subject to approval by the Privatization Council in cases where the state or state funds are the majority owner. Regarding the valorization of tourist locations/ companies through public-private partnership and the sale and valorization of former military assets, the tender commission in charge will conduct the selection procedure, based on decisions made by the Council for Privatization and Capital Projects, by international public tender for the following locations/companies:

Based on a decision brought forward by the Council for Privatization and Capital Projects, the methods for implementing privatization in certain specific companies are presented in the table below: Companies to be privatized by public tender AD "Montecargo" Podgorica ( railway transport)

"Port of Bar" JSC Bar

"Montenegro airlines", JSC Podgorica (air transport)

N.I.G. "Pobjeda" JSC Podgorica (newspaper publishing)

"Montepranzo-Bokaprodukt" JSC, Tivat (agriculture, trade and services)

AD "Zora" Berane (production of dairy products)

JSC "Container Terminals and General Cargo" Bar (railway transport)

HG "Budvanska Rivijera" JSC Budva (tourism- hotels and other similar accomodation)

"Main Post of Montenegro" LLC Podgorica (postal services)

HTP " Ulcinjska Rivijera" JSC Ulcinj (tourism–hotels and other similar accommodation)

"Maintenance of railway vehicles" JSC, Podgorica (railway transport)

" Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy JSC Nikšić (technical research and analysis)

"Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro" JSC Podgorica –Maintenance Unit (railway transport)

Electroda Plant "Piva" JSC Plužine

"Adriatic Shipyard" JSC Bijela (construction and repair of ships)

"Barska Plovidba" JSC , Bar (maritime and coastal transfer of cargo)

Companies to be privatized through trade on the stock exchange Građevinsko Preduzeće JSC „Gorica“ Podgorica (construction industry/civil engineering)

Metalprodukt JSC, Podgorica (repair of household tools)

JSC Papir, Podgorica (wholesale trade)

Montenegrosport JSC,Bijelo Polje

JSC Rudnici Boksita, Nikšić (mining and quarrying)

Pekara JSC , Nikšić

Agrotransport Podgorica,Podgorica (road transport of cargo)

Poliex JSC, Berane (production of explosives)

Berane JSC Berane

Sokara JSC Nikšić

Dekor, Rožaje (production of paper products)

Trgokoop JSC, Podgorica (retail trade)

HTP "Velika Plaža" JSC Ulcinj (tourism) Company to be privatized through sale at auction: "Petoljetka stan" LLC, Bijelo Polje

Sale and valorization of former military assets Military-tourist complex "Valdanos", Ulcinj

Lalovina Headquarters - PKL, Herceg Novi

Warehouse "Kožara" – Nikšić

Warehouse "Dobre Vode" – Bar

Military-tourist complex "Ostrvo Cvijeće" and land "Prevlaka" – Tivat

Lalovina – above the main road - Meljine, Herceg Novi

Shooting Range "KunovoLukovo" – Nikšić

Building Facility UPT "Crnci" – Podgorica

Military-tourist complex "Bigovo" Trašte, Kotor

Warehouse Studeničke Glavice – Nikšić

Motel Šas with Vladimir Farm – Ulcinj

Island Mamula - Herceg Novi

Barracks "Orjenski Bataljon" - Kumbor

Warehouse "Moćevac" - Mali logor, Pljevlja

Barracks “Mediteran”- Žabljak

Warehouse "Rakite" - Herceg Novi

Barracks "Gornji Klinci" - Herceg Novi

Warehouse "Kopita" – Kolašin

Warehouse "Morinj"- Kotor

Valorization of tourist sites/companies through public-private partnership Ada Bojana; Velika Plaža: Site located between Njivice and Herceg Novi; Cove Masline- „Utjeha“ for Cape Odrač in Bar; Institute for Physiotherapy and Rheumatology Dr „Simo Milošević“ Igalo AD; Bjelasica- Komovi Site

Source: Privatization and Capital Investment Council of Montenegro,


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