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Company presentation: Global Ports Holding About GHP

Security & Safety

Global Ports Holding (GPH) is a unique port group and operator in Turkey, established in April 2004 as a part of the Global investments holding (GIH). The Global Ports Group has developed a portfolio of strategically located ports in Turkey, each providing exceptional hinterland access with strong market demand fundamentals. This group is currently managing three leading cruise and commercial ports in its portfolio: Ege Ports-Kuşadası, Bodrum Cruise Port and Port Akdeniz-Antalya, and GHP manages 50% of the cruise traffic of Turkey.

Global Ports Holding has benchmarked its services with international quality standards and has emphasized security and safety. GPH has maintained standards of security at its terminals and port territories that meet or exceed those generally adopted in the industry. Global Ports Holding's state-of-the-art facilities, well-trained workforce and exceptional security support its highly efficient, world-class operations, which are compliant with both globally accepted industry standards and its own stringent internal guidelines. In particular, to meet the demands of shipping and cruise clients, Global Ports Holding has made security a core area of operational excellence.

Table 3: Port Akdeniz Cargo Handlings Port Akdeniz: The Port of Antalya

Ege Ports: The Port of Kuşadası

Bodrum Cruise Port

Total wharf length (meters): 1,732

Total wharf length (meters): Total wharf length (meters): 1,437 660

Port area (m2): 166,778

Port area (m2): 23,000

Port area (m2): 22

Max draft (m): -10

Max draft (m): -19

Total ship capacity (per year): 800

Total ship capacity (per year): 2,970

Total ship capacity (per year): 2,000

Date of acquisition: 2008

Total handling capacity (TEU/year): Date of acquisition: 2003 400,000

Investment term: 16 months

Date of acquisition: 2006

Concession term: 30 Years

Concession term: 12 years

Concession term: 30 Years

Concession ends: 2033

Concession ends: 2019

Concession ends: 2028

Facilities: Scala Nuova Shopping Mall (4,600m2)

Shareholding Structure:

Facilities: Marina

Shareholding Structure:

GPH (60%)

Shareholding Structure:

GPH (72.5%)

Local partner (30%)

GPH 99.8%

RCCL (27.5%)

Setur (10%)

Services GPH's proactive and dynamic marketing campaign targets container shipping lines, cruise lines and travel agencies. For its commercial business, GPH performs extensive market research and hosts industry presentations in each respective port's region to meet with prospective customers. GPH management actively promotes containerization, which results in higher margins for the port and creates economic incentives for container shipping lines to add the port to their itinerary. This is achieved through marketing efforts and effecting upgrades to the ports' container handling capacity.

Port Akdeniz Cargo Handlings Port Akdeniz Antalya’s location and its surrounding mineral wealth and mining operations have enabled the port to position itself as a strategic gateway for exporters to diverse global markets for cement, clinker, alluminium, marble and chromium. The rise in exports of these goods in turn increased the demand for the Turkish port. In order to cope with this increasing demand, substantial investments in infrastructure,

equipment and labour efficency have been made. The major increase in volume was caused by containers, therefore GPH has bought two mobile harbour cranes in the last three years, along with many forklifts and reachstackers. These investments made their operations much more efficient. In 2011 GPH invested in warehouse for stocking goods - an area of 50.000m2, made it totally flat and concrete to ıncrease the area of our container freight station along with more efficient container stocking. Future plans of investment inculude a new terminal for liquid bulk handling and the lengthening and dredging of piers. Graphic 20. Port Akdeniz Cargo Handlings

Awards Over the years, the Group’s success has been recognized with numerous awards: In July 2007, Kuşadası Cruise Port was named the Best Cruise Port in Turkey and awarded a Golden Anchor, beating out 499 other nominees across nine categories. In May 2008, Ege Ports was awarded Cruise Terminal of the Year by Lloyd’s List in its 2008 Turkish Shipping Awards. In October 2010, Ege Ports was nominated as Europe’s Leading Cruise Port by the World Travel Awards. In November 2010, Port Akdeniz – Antalya received the “Logitrans 2010 Logistics Award” at the 4th Logitrans Transport Logistics Exhibition owing to the increase recorded in its container volume by 122% compared to previous year’s numbers and ranked as the 240th in the world ranking. In March 2011, Port Akdeniz- Antalya well received the prestigious “Most Improved Terminal Facilities” award, owing to its significant progress in port operations and management within a short period of time. Head Offices Global Ports Holding Rıhtım Caddesi No: 51 Karaköy 34425 Istanbul – Türkiye Tel: +90 (212) 244 4440 Fax: +90 (212) 244 6047


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