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Chad & Alicia Edwards

Church Planting in Taiwan


JUNE 2011 Forwarding Agent Don & Judy Hampton 16625 Hwy. FF Thompson, MO 65285 (573)582-0404

Field Address Chad & Alicia Edwards

P.O.Box 1-34, Yong He District, 23499 New Taipei City, .Taiwan, R.O.C.


St. Louis, MO We arrived in St. Louis on the 6th of June and are all ready well into our summer schedule. Our first few days back were spent in St. Louis catching up with family and some new cousins. Hagerstown, IN After attending Emily Atkin’s wedding in Fisher, IL, we headed east to Hagerstown Indiana for our first Sunday back. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and encouragement we received from this amazing church. Terre Haute, IN From Hagerstown, our journey headed back west to Alicia’s parents home in Terre Haute. We spent some beautiful days at a local lake and enjoyed time doing some yard work. These are some activities we truly miss while living in the big city. Louisville, KY (Team Expansion Home Office) At the home office, we spent time with our coworkers debriefing from our last two years on the field and received prayer and helpful direction as we head into our next term. We are so blessed to have such a committed team. We are also very thankful to Tom and Mindy Crawford for housing us for the two days we were there.

Albion, IL On the way across Illinois, we stopped the town of Albion to visit Alicia’s relatives and the Little Prairie Christian Church. We enjoyed our visit with the new pastors and their wives and had a lot of laughs sharing stories from from the past. Mt. Vernon, IL After visiting Alicia’s grandfather, we worshipped at Central Christian Church at their Friday night service. This church has been with us from the begining and we so grateful to them. Ferguson, MO My home church is currently worshipping at St. Louis Christian College while their facilities are being rebuilt after the April tornado. Though our surroundings were different, God’s family remained the same. This week we are sharing about Taiwan at Ferguson’s Vacation Bible School. Radio Opportunity After sharing at Ferguson, a lady from the congregation was moved and shared our story with a friend who hosts a local Christian radio show. We have been invited to share about the work God is doing in Taiwan on August 9th.

Header Photo: Heading into the sunset on one of our trips through Illinois.

Transforming communities among the unreached by planting churches.

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& on the FIELD! We have some really great news to share from the new work that has begun in Feng Yuan. In less than a year, we now have three missionary families living in this city reaching out to the community through Bible Studies, guitar lessons TaiKwanDo and a newly started Kid’s Club. God had been working through His Word and the testimonies of the missionaries there. Just last week, we got the message that they were having their very first baptism. A young man named Kevin, who works at a local coffee shop and who has been coming to the weekly Bible study, decided to give his life to Christ as they were reading through Mark. This first decision is so exciting and we pray that it will be a spark leading to something even greater to come! Please thank God for His work in Kevin’s life and that God would begin to grow His church in Feng Yuan!

Co-worker Jon Ralls baptizes Kevin on their apartment roof.

The BIG Picture Dear friend of the Great Commission, I’m sure that somewhere in the world, there is a big non-profit organization with hourly employees who open the mail with very little thought as to individual donors. With near robotic detachment, they enter gift amounts and prepare reports for higher-ups who have no relationship with those writing the checks. *** Team Expansion is NOT that organization. *** As a Team Expansion missionary myself for 33 years now, I can testify that whenever we receive a gift of any amount, it’s like Christmas all over again. My mind recounts, “Someone cared enough to sponsor our work!” or “Someone sacrificed for Jesus so that others can know His love.” “Someone gave up coffee (or a new boat), and I won’t forget it.” Your favorite Team Expansion missionary is exactly the same. How do I know? Because I talk with them every day. Like Paul, they “give praise to God at every memory of you,” (Philippians 1:3, Bible in Basic English). So next time you send a gift, please realize -- the person opening that envelope knows you, thanks God for you, and praises God because of you. With a grateful heart, Doug Lucas President, Team Expansion

PRAYER C h a l l e n g e


-Encouraging visits with churches -Quality time with family -New ministry partners -Opportunities to grow our faith -Experience God is a new way


-Unity and vision of local leaders -Passion for the lost -Faith to use their gifts to serve -Housing for good friend LARRY.

Edwards in Taiwan Newsletter June 2011  

Updates from our Home Service.