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Chad & Alicia Edwards

Church Planting in Taiwan

TAIWAN March 2010

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Field Address Chad & Alicia Edwards P.O.Box 1-34, Yong He City, 23499 Taiwan, R.O.C.. 011-886-2-2928-4794 Growing Together Having a healthy body is key for the growth of it’s members. One of our main focuses this next year is the development of the church leadership. We are currently creating a timeline to set up ministry teams formed under the spiritual guidance of a Biblical Eldership. We desire to help all our church family discover their spiritual gifts and use them as part of His body. Am I growing? Are you growing? Is our church growing? Do we Right now we are praying for wisdom and truly desire growth? It is our prayer that as we partner together with guidance as we implement this process. you to share Christ here in Taiwan, that God would cause the people, Praying Together the ministry, our partnership and His church to GROW. Not so much We feel a strong burden for all of our for numbers sake, but because growth usually implies something is current cell group leaders and teachers to healthy. It suggests that maturity is taking place. It is evidence that come together once a month for focused we are being fed and moving forward. As church planters, we want to prayer. Prayer to celebrate. Prayer to cultivate a “fertile environment” that will facilitate growth among the humble ourselves before God and each Taiwan people long after we move on to a new area. other. Prayer for wisdom and vision. We I was very encouraged this last month when one of our church brothbelieve as we seek God TOGETHER, we ers Hsieh Jr-Ding, presented a book to me as a possible guide for our will not only grow closer to Him, but also next sermon series: How People Grow, by Henry Cloud and John to each other. Would you pray specifically Townsend. We are excited to see God already using the truths from this month for God’s Spirit to humble and our messages to encourage people along this path of growth. I am unify us as we seek His will for the leaderso thankful we have a God of grace, who has “given us everything ship of Taiwan Christian Church? Only we need for LIFE”, has filled us with His Spirit and has surrounded God can grow His church. May we be us with a body of believers who will support each other through this faithful as He GROWS each and every one daily process of knowing God and living the life He created us to live. of us through this season of transition. Header Photo: Forest in central Taiwan near Jade Mtn.

Team Expansion / Taiwan






CA Caitlyn continues to grow up right before our eyes. She loves her youth group “Righteous Generation” and just finished playing soccer for the school team. Caitlyn tried out for the school’s big production of Peter Pan, and too her suprise, was cast as Wendy, one of the main characters. We are very proud of Caitlyn and so far, having a teenager in the house hasn’t been bad at all!

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Allyson continues to adjust and learn how to meet the expectations of her 4th grade teacher. One of Allyson’s meal time prayers this month that gave us all a chuckle was, “Dear God, thank you so much for these delicious left-overs that my mom re-heated in the microwave.” We are thankful for her encouraging & joyful spirit.

Eight year old boys have LOTS of energy. Cole is no exception. He loves to get to school early and stay late, so he can play more dodge ball, kick ball...any kind of ball. Cole and Chad made some new friends in the park last weekend when they joined a group of Chinese boys and their fathers for a game of baseball. Cole hopes they remember to call us next time they play!

P RAY E R We will be opening registration for camp on April 1st. Pray that God would already begin to prepare the hearts of those who will experience this year’s camp theme: “The Journey” !

Perhaps you’ve seen these notes in multiple Team Expansioners’ newsletters. You might have wondered why we include it each month. The truth is -- we’re a team! ... a global team. This enables us to reduce duplication, avoid “re-inventing the wheel,” and share common resources and tools. In turn, this enables us to save valuable time, resources, and money -- which, for you and your local church, means better stewardship and more effective Kingdom outreach. At the same time, our workers around the world have a ton of flexibility. Nobody micro-manages; nobody hands out arbitrary orders from some armchair in a faraway land. Teams function according to time-tested principles of strategy, accountability, and teamwork, but on a day-today basis, God is the one honored as Chief Executive. It’s a great system... and it’s all possible because of you and others like you who empower Team Expansion with your prayers, gifts, and encouragement. So thank you for being a “force multiplier” for Team Expansion... and thank you for helping your favorite Team Expansion missionary change the world! Doug Lucas President

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Weekly Discipleship

lWe meet weekly with several individuals for accountability, prayer, mentoring and discipleship. Please pray that these times would be fruitful, that we would have wisdom and insight to counsel & instruct, and that Truth would take root and grow.

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lStudent group arriving from Central Christian College of the Bible

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Edwards March 2010 Newsletter  

March 2010 Forwarding Agent Don & Judy Hampton 16625 Hwy. FF Thompson, MO 65285 (573)582-0404 Field Address Chad & A...

Edwards March 2010 Newsletter  

March 2010 Forwarding Agent Don & Judy Hampton 16625 Hwy. FF Thompson, MO 65285 (573)582-0404 Field Address Chad & A...