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>>>See More Of VY LED Headights<<<

>>>See More Of VY LED Headights<<< The VY Holden Commodore was the first major upgrade to the third series of Commodores. The outside was completely redesigned and updated with more angular features in contrast to the rounder style of the VT and VX Commodoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. The VY LED Headlights were a more sharper, angular styling. The VY LED Headlights on standard versions retained the teardrop, however once again more luxurious or sportier models did not have this feature.

If you were lucky to grab yourself a top end model of the VY LED Headlights you would have the projector lights included in the headlights, something not seen before. These once again gave the Commodore a more aggressive look but were also styled to fit in with the popular European luxury vehicles that were gaining momentum in Australia. A notable tail lights step up was the appearance of triangular tail lights, which gave the tail of the VY LED Headlights a new look. Once again different models received slightly different taillight designs. The VZ Commodore was the last of the III generation Commodores and overall the model looked pretty much the same as the VY LED Headlights Commodore but did receive a slightly updated front end and the teardrop was removed from all front-ends. The projector lamp was kept on the more luxurious models.

Not yet witnessed in previous models, the rear end of the VZ was also been given an upgrade, now featuring a unique tinted feature to the lower half. There was a huge gap between the VZ and the VE with some 9 years of enhancement. With close to One Billion Dollars invested on the development of the VE, Holden spend the time on getting this particular model looking just right. The VE was entirely madein Australia this time, a first for the Commodore. The brand new style of the VE looked beautiful. A seriously lower, broader stance paired with even weight allocation for better usage and blazed guards, the VE really looked the part.

Bigger and more blockish, the headlights on the VE were slightly larger then the previous designs. Projector headlamps once again made an appearance in extravagant designs in reason to the success in the years past. The VE Commodore taillights also took fresh treatment with the more luxurious designs receiving European style taillight while the flashier models including the SSV announced the amazing looking black reflector tail lights with centre lamp and chrome enclosing. The SSV tail lights has become a very familiar plug and play enhancement for the VE with the increased style these gave. In a new step for Holden the HSV designs of the VE Commodore had a totally changing back end sheet metal and taillight design. This was yet again a direction of HSV in particular changing to a more European plan.

VY Headlights For Commodores  
VY Headlights For Commodores  

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