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WHAT WAS YOUR LONGEST ROAD TRIP IN THIS CAR? 554 miles round trip to and from Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.

HAVE YOU VISITED THE FACTORY? No but I would love to make that my first trip outside the U.S.

DO FOLLOW FORMULA ONE? WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DRIVER? Yes. My favorite current driver is Kimi Raikkonen. Favorite all-time: Michael Schumacher (Get well soon Michael!)

DO YOU TAKE YOUR CAR ON THE TRACK? Yes. All of my cars go on track at least once, even my F-150 4x4.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CAR? I currently have eight cars and have owned over 40. I’ve loved them all but this 12C is my all-time favorite. Favorite car I’ve never owned: McLaren F1.


WHO INSPIRES YOU? God. My dad – he is possessed of tremendous creative energy and genuine goodwill towards his fellow man. My twin daughters and their inseparable bond of friendship.

RESUME YOUR CAR IN 3 WORDS. Engineering excellence, uncompromised.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT McLAREN YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW? Can I please get an extended warranty? I’d really like to keep this car for a long while. I am happy to see McLaren getting into the FIA GT3 series – will McLaren ever challenge again in multiple series, like it did in the glory days of the 1970s (Can-Am, USAC, F1, etc.) I race in Lotus Cup USA – it would be great to see a similar, factory-supported series for McLaren here in North America. Will that happen?

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