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Kappa Psi Epsilon Mu !e F"r Pillars

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in !ont of me; I may not fo"ow. Just walk beside me and be my !iend.” - Albert Camus

2012-2013 Officers Regent: Timmy Do Vice Regent: James Love Chaplain: Michael Walsh Treasurer: Pamela Nguyen Secretary: Laurie Eng Sergeant-At-Arms: Jack He Pledgemaster: Jay Hazelcorn Historian: Cecily Edmond --------------------------Grand Council Deputies: Dr. Renee Rose Dr. Harry Patrick Marcelin

Table of Contents WhirlyDome Rush Event........................................................2 Family Picnic Rush Event........................................................3 Field Day Rush Event..............................................................4 The Four Pillars........................................................................5 The Epsilon Pledge Class........................................................8 Hiren Our Newest Edition ....................................................9 Southeast Province Fall Conclave 2013.................................10 A word from Matthew Irwin..................................................11 Dominick Curry: The Four Pillars.........................................12


Pam Nguyen, Dominick Curry, Timmy Do, Cecily Edmond


By: B!an Li"lejohn In late  August,  I  a-ended  my  first  Kappa   Psi  Rush  event.  It  was  at  a  place  called  simply,   “TheWhirlyDome.”  I’m  not  from  Orlando,  so  I   had  never  heard  of  this  or  knew  what  to   expect.  One  of  the  Brothers  told  me  it  holds  a   game  called  Whirlyball.  My  first  thought  was   just  to  skip  it.  I  was  new,  already  had   schoolwork  to  start  on,  and  it  sounded  a  li-le   corny.  Then  the  brother  described  it.   Supposedly  it  was  a  combinaMon  of  basketball,   lacrosse,  and  bumper  cars.  Okay,  now  I  was   intrigued  and  had  to  experience  this  firsthand.   Plus,  the  first  40  guests  got  free  entry.  I  was   convinced.I  arrived  at  the  WhirlyDome  half  an   hour  early.  I  get  lost  easily  and  wanted  to  be  on   Mme  (I  also  wanted  to  be  one  of  the  first  40   people).  Some  Brothers  got  there  at  the  same   Mme  and  I  was  the  first  non-­‐Kappa  Psi  person  to   arrive  (by  like  20  minutes).  This  was  a  great   benefit  because  it  allowed  me  to  meet  and   socialize  with  a  lot  of  the  members.  I  had  met   some  of  the  Brothers  at  other  events  already,  

but this  allowed  me  to  talk  to  a  large  group  of   them  at  once.  Some  Brothers  gave  me  advice   and  showed  great  care  and  interest  towards  me   as  a  new  student.  Other  Brothers  talked  with   me  about  our  shared  interests  outside  of   school.  Everyone  was  there  to  have  fun  and   socialize  as  a  group  with  the  overwhelming   thoughts  of  school  temporarily  out  of  their   minds.  AVer  everyone  else  had  arrived,  it  was   Mme  for  Whirlyball  to  begin.  It  was  pre-y  much   like  the  descripMon:  a  game  of  lacrosse  on  a   basketball  court  while  Dubstep  was  blaring   through  the  loudspeakers.  Oh,  and  we  were  all   in  bumper  cars  that  had  metal  rods  for  steering   wheels.  It  as  like  a  game  from  the  future,  or   what  they  thought  the  future  of  sports  would   look  like  in  1985.  I  had  a  blast  and  would   definitely  do  it  again  (even  though  I  sucked  and   missed  every  shot).  WhirlyDome  also  had  pool   tables,  arcade  games,  and  basketball  games.  It   was  a  great  night  and  the  perfect  way  to  start   off  the  school  year  in  a  new  place  with  new  

Right: Staci Hall, Jeanine Garcia Left: Micheal Walsh, Daniel Morley, Kate Sullivan


friends.  AVer  a-ending  this  rush  event,  I  really   set  my  mind  on  becoming  a  Brother  of  Kappa   Psi.  Every  Brother  I  met  was  nice,  encouraging,   and  incredibly  approachable.  It  was  important   for  me  to  see  an  organizaMon  so  dedicated  to   scholasMc  achievement,  while  also  se]ng  up   social  events  for  people  to  have  fun  and  relax   during  a  seemingly  stressful  and  busy  school   schedule.  It  has  always  been  my  goal  to  stay  on   top  of  my  studies,  but  I  also  need  Mme  to   relieve  stress.  My  mind  works  more  efficiently   when  I  am  able  to  socialize  with  classmates  and   just  have  a  li-le  fun.  An  event  like  WhirlyDome   really  displayed  Kappa  Psi  as  a  group  dedicated   to  balancing  high  ideals  of  scholasMc   accomplishments  and  pharmaceuMcal  careers   with  the  fellowship  of  schoolmates  in  enjoyable   environments.  The  members  of  Kappa  Psi  truly   seemed  like  a  Brotherhood,  and  this  was  my   first  glimpse  into  the  type  of  organizaMon  for   which  I  had  always  been  searching.


The Epsilon Mu Family Picnic Fall Rush 2013

By: Adam Carroll

When I  heard  that  Kappa  Psi  was  holding  a  family  picnic  as  one  of  their  Rush   with  them  for  a  while,  we  were  greeted  by  a  few  more  members  who  then   events,  I  was  really  excited.  Family  is  really  important  to  me.  I  like  to  include  my  

introduced us  to  a  few  more,  and  so  on  and  so  on.  My  iniMal  thoughts  were  eased  

family in  everything  that  I  do,  so  I  was  happy  to  get  to  a-end  a  rush  event  and  

as I  realized  that  the  cliques  weren’t  cliques  at  all.  They  were  ever  changing,  

spend some  much-­‐needed  Mme  with  my  girlfriend.  Unfortunately,  our  daughter  

inMmate, small  groups,  with  people  going  in  and  people  coming  out,  all  in  

didn’t get  to  a-end  because  of  scheduling  conflicts,  and  because  of  this,  I  was  

equilibrium. As  the  day  progressed,  I  felt  more  and  more  comfortable.  Good  

apprehensive to  go,  but  I  decided  to  give  it  a  shot  and  meet  some  new  

advice, great  stories,  and  plenty  of  laughs  were  shared.  Everyone  we  

people. I  didn’t  know  what  to  expect  when  we  first  arrived  at  the   picnic.  When  we  first  got  there,  I  saw  different  groups  of  people   cha]ng  with  one  another.  Upon  noMcing  this,  I  remember   thinking  that  I  hope  these  groups  aren’t  cliques,  and  if  they  are   cliques,  I  hope  they’re  not  too  terribly  closed  off  from  one  another.  

met was  really  nice,  but  more  importantly,  everyone  seemed  


So my  girlfriend  and  I  walked  up  to  the  gazebo  and  were   immediately  approached  by  two  very  friendly  members  of  Kappa  Psi.  We   were  welcomed  and  offered  food,  drinks,  and  anything  we  wanted.  AVer  cha]ng  

genuine. My  girlfriend  was  welcomed  with  open  arms  and  treated   like  any  other  member  of  the  pharmily,  and  this  is  something  that   impressed  me  most.  Good  food,  great  people,  and  family  were  the   theme  of  the  Kappa  Psi  family  picnic.  And  while  many  groups   throw  events  like  this,  I  believe  Kappa  Psi  did  an  exemplary  job.  Their   dedicaMon  to  family  and  making  everyone  feel  welcome  is  

commendable. They  truly  are  a  great  group!


Kappa Psi Field Day By: Jeanine Garcia

FIELD DAY!!! FIELD DAY!!! Field day was a favorite of mine in elementary school. I have fond memories of jumping rope faster than I thought possible, competing in the long jump with a broken arm, running wild and free in the 50-yard dash, and racing relay style. There was always such excitement and electricity in the air! The smell of grass and dirt and FUN! FIELD DAY! When I heard that Kappa Psi was holding a field day as one of its rush events, I did not even consider not going. Perhaps it was a longing for days past. After all, I had kissed those carefree grade school days goodbye a few decades ago. Maybe it was because I wanted to get to know some people in my class, as well as upperclassmen. I had attended a Kappa Psi event a few days prior and had really enjoyed making connections with the members of the fraternity. Whatever the reason, I am so glad I did not hesitate. Field day, for me, was a time to relax and let loose. I felt comfortable just being myself, without feeling like I had to impress anyone. I knew somewhere in the back of my head

Bhavin Patel Ravi Bacchus Laurie Eng

that I was probably being scrutinized, but everyone was just having so much fun that I did not even give it a second thought. What did we do, you ask? Oh, my. We PLAYED! Imagine that! A bunch of 20 and 30 year olds playing! We did the dizzy bat, during which I laughed harder than I had in years. The amount of people running sideways and falling down was the stuff of comic genius. We ran a 3-legged race. We played tug-of-war, which was extremely intense and exciting to watch. We filled a bottle with water using a sponge. We played Capture the Flag! How fun! There were heroic dives, amazing moves, and agility unparalleled by most athletes! What else did we do? Well, here’s the moral of the story, and the really cool part: We worked together in our teams. We cheered each other on. We supported each other, mentally and physically. We bonded. I felt the beginnings of a family away from my family. And I felt like a kid again. Until the next day, when I could hardly move. (And I can’t wait to do it all again next year!)

ss a l C lon i s p E The

s n Clas o l i s p E itiated n I y l ew The N

The Four Pillars: from our point of view The Fellowship of Brotherhood

There is nothing more genuine than the bond formed through shared struggle. Fellowship isn’t something that can be synthesized. It takes the collective strength of a pledge class to be there for each other even when that means they must sacrifice their own

y r t s u d n I

3 1 0 2

time. Just as we invest in our schoolwork, investing in strong bonds of friendship through picnics and socials are an integral part of forming a support system. Throughout the pledge process, we have leaned on each other and pushed each other to levels of success we couldn’t have even imagined. It is the strength of these

As ambitious pharmacy students, we strive to make a difference in the healthcare profession. Our first step in achieving this goal is to be available to our community by participating in local health screenings. With this experience, we are determined to represent the field of pharmacy as a profession that the public can turn to for healthcare needs. Since we are the future of pharmacy, we continue to promote the field of pharmacy by making ourselves easily accessible to patients. With the ability to educate patients, we hold the power to encourage patients to be proactive with self-care.

bonds that we have formed between each other that makes our unit dynamic and strong. With this sense of fellowship we have for each other, we will move forward into our future careers as pharmacist and as friends for life.



Sobriety with its many meanings promotes clear mind, proper judgment, and professionalism in all settings. In addition to this, sobriety is the proof that we can enjoy life and have deep connections with others without the infiltration of alcohol. Sobriety is the fuel to professional status where one shines due to his or her expertise. Here, the Epsilon Pledge Class symbolizes sobriety with glasses of water held up high to represent our clear-mindedness even after a difficult exam. We each have professional goals to accomplish and will not let difficult trials infiltrate our minds with discouragement as we continue our journey.


The Epsilon class is diverse and has many different goals in life. With each hardship bloomed special bonds and memorable lessons. Each lesson drove our pledge class closer to fusing our values with the values of the fraternity. During this transition, we decided that in order for us to aid in the betterment of our profession and the fraternity, we first must better ourselves. With the focus on the four pillars, we agreed that we would aim to incorporate High Ideals into all aspects of our life. Being an accomplished student is just as important as being a loving parent. Being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy is also just as important as being kind and having compassion. Our goal is not just to aim high with every position or role we hold, but to also be well balanced in every part of our life.


EPSILONCLASS Congratulations to: Michelle Rowland, Lauren Bartolome, Phil Nettle, Brain Littlejohn, Trang Conn, Carlos Walker, Merieme DrhouriBengara, Daniel Morley, Silvia Kim, Stacy Garced, Amy Carroll, Jeanine Garcia

Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.� The Epsilon Class Another year, another journey and our Family grows bigger! Through UNTY and perseverance, the Epsilon S.T.A.R set their "lucky 13" foot prints into our history. They have grown so much and we are excited to see their growth as Brothers! Welcome to Kappa Psi, welcome to Epsilon Mu.

! ! ! HIREN SHAH September 2013


THE ADOPTION OF A BROTHER By Jessica Wu Brother Hiren  Shah  from  Epsilon   Sigma,  University  of  Florida  St.   Petersburg  campus  sought  adoption   into  the  Chapter  of  Epsilon  Mu.    A   Brother  wishing  to  be  adopted  into   another  chapter  must  seek  approval   into  of  the  Brothers  that  are  in  it.   The  Brothers  of  Kappa  Psi   Pharmaceutical  Fraternity  Inc.  do   not  judge  others.  Hiren  is  the  only   one  who  can  attest  to  his   commitment  to  bind  to  the   Ordinances  of  Epsilon  Mu  as  well  as   the  Constitution  and  By-­‐Laws  of   Kappa  Psi.  Now  that  we  have   adopted  Hiren  into  the  Chapter  of   Epsilon  Mu,  we  will  extend  our  hand  

in fellowship  and  Brotherhood.   Adoption  of  a  Brother  from   another  chapter  demonstrates  the   fraternal  bond  that  is  shared   between  Kappa  Psi  Brothers.  The   ritual  ended  with  everyone,   including  the  adopted  Brother,   renewing  their  vows.  Finally,    we   added  this  adopted  Brother  to  the   Square.  The  Square  reminds  us   that  we  are  all  Brothers  of  Kappa  Psi.   The  Order  of  our  Chapter  will  be   strengthened  by  Hiren  Shah.    As  of   September  19,  2013,  Hiren  Shah  has   been  extended  the  full  liberties  of  an   Epsilon  Mu  Brother.  

Hiren, we welcome you to our Chapter. Epsilon Mu is now one stronger

S O UTH EA S T P RO V IN C E F A LL C O N C LA V E S T. P ETE F LO RID A A Conclave to Remember By Stacy Hall The Brothers of Epsilon Mu journeyed back to St. Pete on October 13, 2013 for one of the most anticipated events of the season; The 2013 Southeast Province Fall Conclave. Brothers gathered from all over the southeast and beyond to share in honoring our four precious pillars. Friday night fellowship kicked off the event at Tampa’s ‘Jacksons’ overlooking the water. Joyful greetings to old friends and new meetings filled the night. In the morning Brother Satrap, Leah Sautman, and Brother Jenny Carrillo lead an interactive workshop to explore individual leadership styles. Leah shared her own qualities as a visionary, where she gave personal insight to her strengths and weakness. Later, an eye-opening ritual presentation was given by Brother Elizabeth Warren with the aid of Grand Ritualist Harry Patrick Marcelin. Our noble Fraternity was based off these rituals and a variety of collegiate and graduate brothers delivered unique presentations to to demonstrate the sanctity of our noble Fraternity customary works. Later Brother Marvin Smith broke the province into groups and simulated our province committees. Brother Marvin explains, “our province committees are pivotal to Kappa Psi and any organization needs the strength of its members in active committees to become great. The greatness of Kappa Psi is not found solely in the executive officers but in the active Brothers that gather, collaborate ideas, and execute plans.” As for all conclaves it opened with fellowship and closed with fellowship forever fortifying our bonds of brotherhood. Saturday night Vue 19 was packed with Brothers laughing, dancing and just plan having a good ol’ time. As Sunday approached and Brothers traveled back to their home towns while some lingered for hot dogs and hamburgers by the water. Relaxing and trying to carry the weekend just a little further in anticipation for the next conclave.




MAT T H EW IRW IN Pictured: Tien Nguyen, Matthew Irwin, Jennifer Bahnmiller, Nam Vu, Richie Waithe

The Importance of Brother Involvement

on the Province & National Level By Courtney Willis Matthew Irwin aka “Mirwin” was selected to be apart the Kappa Psi Province Ritual Committee for 2012-2013 as well as the National Ritual Committee for 2013-2015. As part of the province committee, he aspired to open up communication amongst graduate Brothers and collegiate Brothers in near-by areas regarding the promotion of practice sessions for various rituals in the Fraternity. On the

national level, Brother Irwin has participated in creating ways for chapters to stay upto-date regarding the latest rituals of the Fraternity as well as providing chapters with insight and direction on how to meet these standards. Subsequently, he was able to increase Brother involvement in Kappa Psi ritual not only on the collegiate level but also on the graduate level. "Its been an honor to be apart of these committees.

I feel as though it has strengthened my dedication to this Fraternity. The more involved a Brother is, the more invested they will remain in the future with the Fraternity. Strengthening your involvement as a Brother will increase the amount of respect you will continue to have as well as increase retention rate.”

!e F"r Pillars: !eir meaning & modern a$lication By Dominick Curry

We all know the Four Pillars. We had them drilled into us

Brotherhood founded on leadership. When I entered the

could be a letter of recommendation or advice on what

as pledges, and we can recite them when called upon

College, I noticed that there were Brothers in leadership

to do in a tough time. It can mean picking up the check

very easily. How often do we sit down and actually think

positions spread around the entire campus. Witnessing

at dinner for your little, or staying with you for three

about them, their meaning, and their modern application

the great things they accomplish, raises the bar in your

hours as you wait for the police to show up at the scene

in our Chapter? How often do we take the time to think

psyche. It changes from, “I do enough, look at what I

of your car accident. This is Fellowship. Brothers are

about how these values actually define us as Brothers?

have done” to “I am not doing enough, what else can I

altruistic. They help you simply because you need it.

They are concepts, morals, principals, and they can be

do?” It makes you think you are not doing enough, and

They do not want anything in return, except the peace of

interpreted and applied differently depending upon the

you push yourself to do more. It forces development. It

mind that whoever they aid will be there to help the next

Brother or Chapter. I offer up my interpretation as food

is because of this that I originally began being involved.

Brother in need. It takes Sobriety to want to participate

for thought, to get you thinking about yours. If you

Now I have done things that I never thought I could

in this cycle. It requires a clear mind, one that is not

imagine a Chapter as a living entity, you realize that it

accomplish, and yet I am looking for more. This

intoxicated with selfish desires to take without

needs an environment where it can grow and thrive, and

environment resets the expectations you have for

reciprocation. It is not drunk with envy. The Sober mind

the nutrients to actually do so.

yourself and fosters your personal growth exponentially.

of a Brother wants nothing more than what is best for

This is my definition of Industry and High Ideals. The

the greater good. If the mind is sober, then it is second

fact that you hold yourself to a higher standard, morally

nature to pay it forward, to be a good Brother.

You are a product of your environment. Those who know me, know I preach this. They are probably tired of me saying it, but it is true. You are heavily influenced by the environment that surrounds you. I am a prime example of this. Before Brotherhood, I was not in an environment

and professionally makes you the most effective Pharmacist and person you can be, in whatever career path (industry) you choose to pursue

The environment and the essential nutrients required for a successful Chapter and Brotherhood go hand in hand. The environment of High Ideals and Industry provide

that pushed or challenged me. I was not active in

There is no ‘thank you’ among Brothers. There is only

opportunity for the nutrients of Fellowship and Sobriety

organizations, I did not seek out opportunities to grow,

an expectation that you will take the help given to you,

to be present. They often become interchangeable, a

and I did only what was necessary to get by. I did not

and potentiate the cycle of paying it forward. There is

fluid relationship exists between them, but all must

realize that I could be a leader, and handle so much

the hope that the investment of time to help a Brother

present. It is the duty of Brothers to continue to water

more. The environment provided by Kappa Psi is one of

will elevate them and drive them to the do same when

the plant that is the Chapter by living through our Four

constant growth and drive to be the best version of

presented with an opportunity. This can be anything. It

Pillars. When we do this, we all reap the rewards.

yourself. The drive to make you a better person, a better

can be something small like a ride to the airport, or

pharmacist, a better leader. This is because we are a

something as large and meaningful as mentorship. It

Willis, and Jessica Wu. The committee would also like to thank Matthew Irwin!

Calendar February 12th Zeta Delta Talent Show

The Newsletter and Publications Committee would like to thank the following writers and editors: Adam Carroll, Cecily Edmond, Jeanine Garcia, Staci Hall, Brian Littlejohn, Courtney

February 21st-23rd Iota Southeast Province Conclave

Fall newsletter 2013  
Fall newsletter 2013