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In 2013, CEDIA joined forces with the Joint Industry Board (JIB) to formally recognise the skills of technology integrators and develop the ECS Home Technology Integrator Card. Here, CEDIA answers the most commonly asked questions relating to the ECS card.

Why do I need an ECS Card? It’s now almost impossible to gain access to a construction site without proof of identification, your competence, and qualification levels. The ECS Home Technology Integrator Card is your passport for getting onto construction sites, but it also allows you to show your hard-earned credentials. Fully affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), the related discipline card not only gets you access to sites, but also allows you to display your occupation and CEDIA Certification with pride. It’s not just for a personal sense of achievement and site access, contractors whose qualified employees hold the ECS card have a distinct advantage over competitors who don’t. Your business can prove that its integrators are both qualified and health and safety aware — a must for all projects, not just those taking place on a construction site. It’s a real bonus to be able to confidently state to clients and customers that your team holds an ECS card and what this stands for. CEDIA members with an ECS card are also entitled to additional cost savings negotiated on cardholders’ behalf, including private health cover, public liability insurance, tax refunds and van insurance.

Do I have to attend a Health and Safety course before I take the ECS exam? CEDIA regularly hosts the one-day Health and Safety training course — included as part of its Boot Camp — which is designed to help integrators understand the industry’s necessary site competency skills. This course is not mandatory, however, and members can sit just the exam — either with CEDIA, or at any registered assessment centre. The ECS Health & Safety examination consists of 45 generic health and safety questions, which will be selected from a variety of 400. All questions will be randomly selected for each candidate, and cover all aspects of Health and Safety on site. This is controlled by the ECA and may include questions which are not covered in the one day course therefore revision of the booklet is essential. An ECS Question and Answer Book is available to help candidates prepare for their ECS Health and Safety Assessment.

What is the ESC-T exam? Once integrators have completed the Health & Safety course and exam, they need to gain ESC-T certification. The Certification Exam is held at one of CEDIA’s training centres. The session comprises 100 multiple choice questions to be completed within two hours. On successful completion of the exam, certified attendees will be eligible to apply for the ECS Home Technology Integrator card. Those already holding a CEDIA ESC-T certification will need to pass the ECS assessment in order to apply for their card.

My card is due for renewal, what do I do? CEDIA administers the process for ECS cards, so when the card is up for renewal, contact should be made with CEDIA. CEDIA Certification needs to be maintained with continuing professional development; attending events and accredited training all counts towards the maintenance of your ESC-T certification.

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CEDIA Communicates - EMEA - Quarter 3 2017  
CEDIA Communicates - EMEA - Quarter 3 2017