CEDIA Awards 2018 Yearbook

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High Tech Family Home


The client requested a smart home system that integrated beautifully and discreetly into the design of the room. To be controlled via iPads and touchscreens, Environ was requested to design a user interface that is styled on the Armani Hotels. The integrator replicated a photo of the interface in CAD and Photoshop, had it signed off by the client, and then built and programmed it. The house boasts two media rooms. The ground floor space is designed around Sonus Faber Aida speakers and a 75" TV, while the third-floor room features a Barco projector, Sonus Faber speakers, and a large dropdown screen. The windows in this property are listed and do not naturally lend themselves to having roller blind boxes installed at high level. In both media rooms, joinery and interior design were key, so integration into joinery was of paramount importance. The subs were hidden in both locations. Environ worked with the blinds specialist to deliver and control blinds that appear from floor boxes — effectively being installed upside down. Audio was of key importance in the relaxation area. Environ opted for statement CAT floorstanding speakers in the main areas, with secondary rooms featuring CAT in-ceiling speakers. The client requested that staff have access to the control for all systems from a central touchscreen. This allows staff to assist in any requests in any room, as well as preparing rooms for the arrival of the client. User control is provided through the Crestron app which was installed on multiple iPads throughout the property.