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finelife electronic lifestyles速 technology guide for home owners

CEDIA Certified Members are electronic lifestyle professionals They make technology work. Simply and efficiently.


f you’re building a home you’ll appreciate the need for synergy within a project. Dealing with architects, interior designers and builders; hoping you have communicated your vision and expectations clearly enough. Then placing your dream in the hands of a myriad of subcontractors and suppliers while all you can do is sit back and watch it come together. It’s nervewracking to say the least! And these days there are so many different technologies that you need to consider. Broadband, telephone, electrical, home automation, home cinema, security, intercoms, air conditioning… six or more different companies trying to get everything to work in harmony, but only ever concerned

about their own area. Is it any wonder that building a home is one of the most stressful times of your life? Wouldn’t it make sense to deal with just one organisation? Someone who will take responsibility for all of the technology in your home and make it work together seamlessly. Someone who considers energy efficiency as part of the equation? Someone who provides total accountability, one point of contact and one phone number when you need it? Someone who delivers peace-of-mind and assurance by having the training and accreditation of a global industry association that specialises in technology in the home? That someone is a CEDIA Certified Member!

Our dream home has the very latest technology... home theatre, whole-house audio, home automation, you name it! It’s so incredibly easy to use and enjoy; we are so glad we found someone who specialises in bringing everything together into a simple solution. Allen Sammut, Kangaroo Point, NSW

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow... today A CEDIA Certified Member will spend time with you to find out what you need, explain what’s possible and then provide you with a customised and user-friendly solution that delivers the maximum benefits for YOUR lifestyle and budget. What’s more they will work with your builder, architect and interior designer to ensure that it compliments the design cues of your home. Whether it’s transparent and blends into the environment or a standout feature of the space such as a home cinema – either way you’re in good hands. Take the risk, uncertainty and worry out of technology in your home. Speak to a CEDIA Certified Member today.

Who is CEDIA? CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association; an international industry body that provides training, accreditation and recognition for its members, ensuring they have the necessary skills and business acumen to deliver the highest quality and consistent level of work to their clients.

What can a CEDIA Certified Member do for you? • Ground-up home cinema design

from acoustic treatment, to technology integration and even staged seating to create that true theatre experience

• Home automation that provides control of lighting, motorised blinds and curtains, sweep fans, pool pumps and heaters, air conditioners, irrigation systems and a whole lot more • Audio and video storage and

playback systems to allow movies and music to be shared and streamed throughout the home

• Integrated security, door entry and

intercom systems that deliver the highest level of safety and convenience

• Discreet whole-home audio

systems that offer a room-byroom listening experience without ugly hi-fi components and cumbersome speakers

• Energy management solutions that ensure efficient use of electricity, thereby minimising wastage and reducing greenhouse emissions.

• Data networks that provide the

distribution of broadband, pay TV and telephones

Find your nearest CEDIA Certified Member Visit our website at You can also reach us by calling CEDIA on +61 2 9666 1677 or emailing

CEDIA Asia Pacific, CEDIA Training Facility and Headquarters Unit 2, 10-18 Ocean Street, Botany, NSW 2019, Australia

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electronic lifestyles: technology guide for home owners.


electronic lifestyles: technology guide for home owners.

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