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The Story of Western Red Cedar

Arborvitae - “Tree of Life”

Western Red Cedar is normally a fine-grained wood which exudes an aromatic odour, especially when freshly cut. In weight it is one of the lightest of the world’s valuable woods. It is characterised by a complete absence of pitch or resin. Its resistance to decay under most conditions results from the presence of natural preservative oils, some of which are phenolic compounds. It is also naturally resistant to termite and insect attack.

It has a seemingly endless variety of distinctive grains and textures coupled with natural colour tones ranging from light straw through buff and warm red to the occasional deep brown.


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The Aristocrat of External Wall Coverings

The advantages of using Western Red Cedar as a wall covering are: • Long life, insulation and greatly increased structural strength • The long life of Western Red Cedar is legendary • Insulation is a special benefit of the peculiar cellular structure Under the microscope Western Red Cedar reveals millions of tiny air-filled insulating cells. Western Red Cedar has a K-factor 12 times better than bricks


INTRODUCTION The founders of Cedarspan are from a long lineage of carpenters, builders, sawmillers and engineers. In 1976, they commenced to design, manufacture and construct large commercial based modular prefabricated buildings for both Government departments and private enterprise. In the early 1990's, Cedarspan introduced the unique concept of pre-constructed Cabins with a loft above. Cedarspan specialise in the construction of modular buildings which are supplied in panel form. All their buildings are easy to assemble and are demountable, extendable and relocatable. These cabins are proving to be very popular as home offices, teenage retreats, special care classrooms, after school care centres, weekenders and so on. The LOFT cabin range is the most versatile range. The high pitch roof allows good airflow and a loft which can be used for storage or sleeping. The size of loft cabins range from one-room to a two bedroom with living areas. Built of western red cedar (which is naturally resistant to termite and fungal attack), the buildings have good thermal properties, being warm in winter and cool in summer. A choice of western red cedar windows or colonial aluminium windows are built into the panels to achieve the style which suits. The western red cedar cladding is already fixed to the panels. All bolt holes are pre-drilled and the buildings require little skill to erect - just place the panels and bolt them together. These quaint and charming cabins suit any site location from suburban blocks to rural properties. Difficult sites are not a problem, due to the kit being in panel form. All panels can fit through a house doorway if required. Construction is quick, with minimal noise and disturbance to neighbours. Cedarspan buildings are manufactured to strict standards. All timbers are hand selected and materials, fixings and components are of select grade and high quality. Cedarspan have been manufacturing pre-fabricated buildings for over thirty years, which makes them professionals in constructing panel form buildings giving you peace of mind.




The COUNTRY RETREAT For those who have access to their own piece of rural land, what could be better than your very own "authentic style cabin" to retreat to each spare weekend and holiday. A cosy size for two people. With the optional loft kit, there is room for children as well.


“the original loft cabin”



The MINERS COTTAGE This charming little Colonial Cottage is reminiscent of the many original dwellings used by miners and farm hands during the development of this vast country. This compact weekender for your country block has the same 'footprint' as the Country Retreat but has much more living space due to the high walls and loft.



The COUNTRY COTTAGE When our old favourite "Country Retreat" just isn't quite large enough to fulfil your expectations for your block in the ranges, there is "The Country Cottage". Similar in every respect to the time honoured and well proven "Country Retreat". The "Country Cottage" is 50% larger, with even more features and includes a loft over the area partitioned ready for your choice of bathroom and kitchen.



The PIONEERS COTTAGE Based on the ever popular "Bed and Breakfast" cabins, this model had been developed after requests and consultations with many involved in "Host Farming". A booming new enterprise, now made more viable due to the economy and the convenience of Cedarspan Sectional Building Technology, which allows quality buildings to be installed in remote locations with minimal investment.



The FARM HOUSE From the comfort of your own cosy "Farm House", you can wake to the sound of the rooster crowing, your horses neighing, the stray notes of cowbells and the tinkling of the nearby stream. Watch the shadows move along the walls as the sun peeps over the hills and another beautiful day bursts into life.


Featured with optional stairs to verandah, and lattice infill at front of verandah floor.




Where cost is a consideration, Cedarspan now offers a smaller, more economical version of the Farm House - the Weekender. It still retains the traditional silhouette but incorporates powder coated aluminium windows for a low maintenance, economic weekender.


The FAMILY GETAWAY So much to see and do.......Lake at the front door and rolling green farmland over the hills behind. Such a nice Cabin to relax in. Make the most of the ample space this cabin offers, away from the crowds, comfortable and cosy. Just the wind in the trees, the distant lowing of cattle hangs lazily in the air. Spend the days blissfully pottering about, fishing, walking, swimming or just unwinding on the front verandah. Keep the family together for yet another memorable weekend.



The VINTNERS GRANGE Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Margaret River, Hunter Valley....tucked away behind the rolling grapevine laden hills lies The Vintners Grange. This spacious model provides that much needed accommodation for a more relaxed extended stay at the vineyard. With two extra large double bedrooms, your establishment can offer 'First Class' accommodation.



The GENERAL STORE Styled from the general store of yesteryear, found in most country towns, this traditional style cabin has proved itself as an excellent retail store for the small business, e.g. craft, nursery, car yard, giftware etc. Demountable construction for relocation after the site lease expires.

Generous [6'6'] 2m verandah, room for: • the easel whilst painting the view • sitting and savouring coffee with croissants • air drying pottery


Can also be used as a charming kiosk, cafe, o a resort or showground.

This shop studio affords an inspiring retreat for practising almost any of the arts and crafts, e.g. painting, pottery and sewing.

or barber's shop at 23


Trail bikes, ponies, hay rides, bush banquets, arts and crafts, meeting hall, common room.You name it, this is the barn for it. Just the thing to add value to your property in the hills. An attractive alternative, and far more habitable than your average garage. With all Cedarspan buildings, the panels will interchange. This allows you to change the position of the double doors to suit your own preferred location. 24


OTHER BUILDINGS The STABLES A truly presentable small to medium stable for your farm or holiday block. It offers a pleasant and roomy light-filled atmosphere for safe keeping of your mount. All Western Red Cedar wall cladding with hardwood ‘Anti Kick’ linings provides the most comfortable environment for your valuable horse or show pony. The clearspan roof design provides maximum headroom for spirited horses. These stables can be anchored onto an existing concrete slab or prepared strip footings if an earth floor is preferred. Hayshelters for one or both sides and a sturdy secure tack room extension on the rear can be supplied if required.

The WORKSHOP For the ambitious craftsman these buildings provide a sturdy workshop with plenty of room to handle timber. From the large range of sizes, you can order a model long enough to put boards through wood working machinery, and still have ample bench and storage space for your materials. The clearspan roof design gives plenty of head room for manouvering large or long projects. An excellent workshop for canoe making, furniture restoration or cabinet making.


Designed with you mind. The GARAGE After popular demand, we now have added a traditional garage to our range for installation on to a concrete slab. The perfect compliment to your cabin. Convenient sizes suit most small 4WD and family cars. Tall wall model also available to suit large 4WD's.

The PROSPECTORS BARN This barn cabin style provides a tight all season barn for the hobby farm. There is room for grain storage, animal pens and work area. Can also be used as a fossickers cabin for storing effects next to your claim. This model does not include windows as standard to ensure maximum privacy and security.


allows you to choose the style and features Historical Charm Cedarspan authentic colonial styles capture all the character and charm of yesteryear. Traditional window and door configuration and classic steep pitch roof all harmonise to recreate the charm of that bygone era.


that you want to suit your taste Hi-tech Design Cedarspan’s ‘Hi Tensile’ clearspanning roof design is unique to Australia and is by far the most modern, innovative and strongest design available for this type of building.




cabin, designed with you in mind


TRANSPORT We have a wide range of vehicle options available to ensure your cabin arrives safely at your site. As we send cabins everywhere, and every site is different, please send us your site address and access details for a freight quote.


Here’s how easy it is: ...a precision engineered kit system that is designed for easy assembly. 1. Starting with the elevated floor kit, simply bolt the precision components together. (The components are a combination of stress graded timber and high strength steel). 2. The pre-constructed wall panels with windows and doors already fitted are now bolted together. The steel roof frames are then bolted into position ready to receive the prefabricated roof panels. 3. Now the walls (including prefitted doors, windows, cladding) and roof frames are all installed. NO RISKY CUTTING AND MEASURING. All the hard work has been done by Cedarspan on precision machinery. You can forget problems associated with conventional building techniques. 4. Next step is to bolt the pre-clad “Colorbond” roof panels to give you covered protection ahead of any internal walls or fitout - unique and very convenient. You now have shelter for tools, materials and yourself. At this stage your Cabin is now weatherproof, lockable and draught free. 5. Last of all, install the loft, internal walls, lining and trim kit. 33



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Cedarspan specialise in the construction of modular buildings which are supplied in panel form. All our buildings are easy to assemble and a...

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