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Time Cannot Be Recycled:  Think Before You Spend

“Time Cannot Be Recycled: Think Before You Spend” was an event organised by  CEDARS ‐ Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) in 2010. The aim of the event  was to enhance students’ self‐understanding and time management skills so that  they can plan and manage their activities easily. This presentation captures the key messages of the event. 

Time Cannot Be Recycled:  Think Before You Spend h k f d Many of you know that good time management gives you a  better chance to succeed at university. But what you may not 

time management is more than a skill. Did you know that your character, personal beliefs and attitudes play a much greater role in effective time  know is that


Time Cannot Be Recycled:  Think Before You Spend h k f d Students who have a better idea about their personality, 

values, interests, abilities and life directions will  mainly invest their time in activities in alignment with them. As a  result, they are more likely to achieve success in life. It is very important to have a good knowledge about yourself.  Only with this profound  y p self‐understandingg yyou can  effectively master the skills of time management and better  prioritize what you need to do in order to achieve the results  you desire in all areas of your life you desire in all areas of your life.

Assessing Your Current Lifestyle Assessing Your Current Lifestyle You will see five types of students who have very different  lifestyles. They also have different ways to manage their time  and tasks and tasks. Let’ss read their daily schedules and assess your current lifestyle.  Let read their daily schedules and assess your current lifestyle.

Working Bee 努力經營 Working Bee 

Working Bee 努力經營 Working Bee  Positive Aspects: ‐ Efficient ‐ Well‐organized  Negative Aspects: ‐ Over‐emphasis on personal  success  success ‐ Rigid and self‐demanding

Tips on Self‐improvement: ‐ Set realistic goals and reasonable standards Set realistic goals and reasonable standards ‐ Allow yourself to relax and enjoy life

Free Spirit 樂得自在 Free Spirit 

Free Spirit 樂得自在 Free Spirit  Positive Aspects: ‐ Self‐assured Negative Aspects: ‐ Insensitive to criticism

Tips on Self‐improvement: ‐ Monitor your progress in achieving your goals M i i hi i l ‐ Listen to other people’s advice

Procrastinator 一拖再拖 Procrastinator

Procrastinator 一拖再拖 Procrastinator Negative Aspects: g p ‐ Stressful and overwhelmed ‐ Develop a pattern of avoidance  from difficult tasks ‐ Disorganized and unmotivated

Tips on Self‐improvement: Identify the hindrance to completing tasks on time ‐ Identify the hindrance to completing tasks on time ‐ Learn time management strategies

Opportunity Seeker 不甘後人 Opportunity Seeker 

Opportunity Seeker 不甘後人 Opportunity Seeker  Negative Aspects: g p ‐ Rich social life ‐ Diverse experience Negative Aspects: ‐ Over‐commitment ‐ Lack of a clear focus and poor  prioritization Tips on Self‐improvement: Know your priorities and make choices. You can’tt have everything have everything ‐ Know your priorities and make choices. You can ‐ Learn to say No. Commit yourself only to activities that are      important to you

Cyber Citizen 縱橫網絡 Cyber Citizen 

Cyber Citizen 縱橫網絡 Cyber Citizen  Negative Aspects: ‐ Good at using IT for  Good at using IT for communication, study and fun Negative Aspects: ‐ Limited social support and  opportunities for realizing  ‐ Lack of a clear focus and poor  k f l f d prioritization Tips on Self‐improvement: y g y ‐ Review your goals for university education  ‐ Unlock your potentials through participating in co‐ and extra‐ curricular activities

Other Resources Other Resources • Study Smart Self‐learning materials for enhancing your academic performance.

• Psychometer – Free Online Psychological Tests Recommended tests: My Study Style, My Typical Week, My Study  Timer, Thief of Time and Academic Well‐being Checklist for research  postgraduate students

• Person Enrichment Workshops Recommended workshops: Time Management, Improving your  Concentration, and Study Smarter, Not Harder: Knowing Your Study  St t i Strategies

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Time Cannot Be Recycled. Think Before You Spend.  

“Time Cannot Be Recycled: Think Before You Spend” was an event organised by CEDARS - Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) in 2010. The a...

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