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JUNE 2012

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TOP NINE EVENTS OF 2011-2012 Senior-Sophomore Rivalry It all started at the annual Powederpuff game with sore seniors and trash talking sophomores and a SJWBMSZJOQVSTVJU4FOJPSTHPUmSFEVQ BMMDPOUSPMXBT lost. Signs were in the hallways, dirty looks were exchanged, and there was chanting at an assembly. Thankfully the rivalry died down before things got serious.


Grant Baldwin comes to Sandpoint Better known as the “I pooped my pants at a water park� guy, the “motivational� speaker Grant Baldwin tried to rally up teenagers on the fact that “life is a highway.� Worst life experience: stealing his mom’s earrings. Oh yeah, and his wife is hot!


Senior Prank

A mob of seniors caught by the 40 plus cameras put their senior prank shenanigans to rest. 40 hours of janitorial man hours swept away any sign of the nights activities. The prank left the seniors with a multitude of consequences and news reports highlighted the seniors’ reaching all the way to Boise, ID.

4 1

Homecoming gets good

This year brought forth many new traditions, such as a new school carnival, a student parade marching to the Homecoming game, and the introduction of the SHS Men’s Dance Team.

Seniors & Juniors leave 36 minutes earlyThank you admin. for green lighted students, freedom now arrives earlier than years past. Otherwise, the study hall period is welcome to many, and the parking lot after school is given a healthy shot of decongestant. Upperclassmen that drove last year nod their heads in approval.


Roadtrip Nation

The BBQ fell through, but Dominos didn’t. Most remembered with an RV at the entrance, someone playing guitar at lunch, ice cream sandwiches, and a lot of green trucker hats.

Basketball National Anthem

A shining moment of patriotism at a home basketball game would bring a tear to the eyes of the founding fathers. When the music died, the National Anthem was still carried on by the SHS student body. After that, the Bulldogs ravaged the Lewiston Bengals on the basketball court. Go America.




Sandpoint wins Moose Madness

Ron Paul He scored 3rd in the state Republican Caucus, but his arrival won him Bonner County, as well as the hearts of the citizens of Sandpoint. For students that were able to see him, it was a moving speech and a rare opportunity.

  'PSUIFmSTUUJNFTJODFUIFCJSUIPG Moose Madness, the Bulldogs emerged victorious. Moose antlers held high in triumph, a precedent was set that day for future classes to follow.

Page design: Katie Gustafson Photos: Dylan Vogel Cartoon: Zach Envik & Savannah Pitts


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Artists unleash their potential

After a year of work, artists unveil the bulldog mural in foyer

Mackenzie Jones and Ben Dreier Editor-in-cheif and Staff Writer


n May 7, after nearly a year of work and four years of planning, the tile mosaic in Sandpoint High School’s foyer was un-

veiled. Nearly 30 students and staff were present as art-

ist-in-residence Lynn Guier, students Breik Stockdale, Emily Howerton, Sage Piatt and Stephanie Colin, along with volunteer artist Stevana Sego took off the banner covering the mural. Principal Becky Meyer first had the idea to “put something” in that space four years ago. The art teachers then chose four students who they thought were artistic, dedicated, and committed enough to take on the project.

The finished project includes sparkling tiles, the SHS bulldog and the school motto across the top. The student body also took part in the project as each student was asked to submit drawings and sketches of things that represented their time at SHS. Several of these drawings were incorporated into the project, however many were deemed inappropriate and were not included in the final product.


Q UNLEASHING POTENTIAL: With help from the entire student body, the mural in the foyer is unveiled. Years ago, the administration created a school motto, “Unleash Your Potential,” which they have been promoting ever since the saying was established.

StuCo election results It’s go time

Student council explains new goals Graduation is ahead ASB President: Brooke Obaitek

Senior Class President: Anna Andruzak

“I hope to bring new “I hope to bring ideas and school spirit more school spirit because that is what our and unity to the school needs.” school so that this up-and-coming year will be one of the most memorable for everyone.”

Junior Class President: Tyson Bird “I want to bring quality work and greater communication between the staff, student leaders, and the administration.”

Soph Class President: Pilar Harerra “I want to bring a creative outlook on things and a more unified student body to try to encourage inclusion between peer groups.”


What you need to know for the baccalaureate:

The baccalaureate will be held in the SHS gym on June 8 at 6 p.m. This ceremony is for graduates of the 2012 school year. It is a worship service with music and speakers. There will be a prayer involved with the service. “The Others”, this years winner of Battle of the Bands, will be playing. Mr. Brownell will also be choosing a student choir to sing. Seniors participating in the service include: Kevin Hutchens (emcee), Ryan Schwartz, Jackson Olin and Maggie Kircher. Students should wear their graduation gowns and must bring a senior poster. Picture opportunities will be available.

What you need to know for graduation:

QPractice is Friday June 8 at 9 a.m. in the gym QLocated at Memorial Field QStarts at 4 p.m. QStudents need to meet at the tennis courts at 3 p.m. QStudents will be seated in the grandstands (parents advised to bring chairs/blankets) QCeremony will last about 2 hours and finishing at 6 p.m. QDiplomas will be handed out at the concessions after everyone has walked QPerformance from the band


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Brooke Rockholm Photographer


hen I was getting ready to write about this photo column, I rolled through some of the photos on my FRPSXWHUWRÀQGSRVVLEOH ones to use, though I soon


found myself laughing and reminiscing over my last season’s ski photos and times I went to stay with some of my best friends in Spokane. It was weird to think that I had taken these photos



anywhere from two to six months ago. All these adventures and PHPRULHVÁHZE\VRIDVW leaving only more to come as the school year comes to a close and summer draws us in, promising days of


VZLPPLQJDQGFDPSÀUHV Life goes fast, today’s adventure become last week’s memories as it fades in your mind into its place amongst the rest of your past. Never let yourself miss the opportunity



for a new adventure because when you blink your eyes today will be yesterday. Make any day you can a story to tell. Without adventure, we have nothing.

2012 Election Politics: Obama’s stance on gay marriage

Brian Millar


s many may know, President Barack Obama has now stated his stance on same-

sex marriage. Whether this was a political statement or his own personal beliefs, is a little foggy. Some might say that he is just declaring his support for same-sex marriage as a political move, in an attempt to attract more voters and pull up his ratings.

However, when one thinks about it, all of the liberal and democratic supporters would have voted for him anyway. So, in essence, it seems as though his ratings would go down and that he would lose voters due to KLVQRZVROLGLÀHGSRVLWLRQ$VDSROLWLFDOÀJXUH-

head and current president ZKRLVUXQQLQJIRURIÀFH re-election, it is not a very wise move to situate himself on one side or the other of such a controversial topic. If anything, he will lose his platform because Obama voters on the line

of the subject will have likely dropped their support. Essentially, this will likely be a statement of personal belief. However, even if it is simply a statement of personal belief, it will only strengthen his backing of strong supporters.

Societal expectations of perfection are unrealistic and unfortunate

T Paula Reed

o the females at Sandpoint High School: stop trying to appease everyone in our society. It’s not worth it. Like it or not, I’m talking about the way our culture promotes sexuality in all media visible from life until death.

7KLVLQÁXHQFHGHÀQHVZKR we try to be and how we try to look. Yet we also live in a society where not too far back modesty was purity and purity was what was desired. Women now have to walk DÀQHOLQHEHWZHHQORRN-

ing the part of a model and avoiding moral criticism. I’ve often walked behind girls in highly fashionable short tight pencil skirts, my reaction being: “Wow, put some clothes on, or worse, what a s***.” Yet who am I to make that judgement?

Our society expects perfection; no woman ever will be. Aware of this double standard between women (supposedly) needing to be sexualized and between having moral values, I choose to be comfortable with who I am.


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The Editors’ colloquy

Caught red-handed: senior students were mislead about DUI video


ith graduation fast approaching and warm months just at our fingertips, seniors are being wrung out with last minute and frantic activities. With so much repressed excitement stagnant in the atmosphere, the school had one last lesson to teach us before we go crazy: Don’t drink and drive. With prom and graduation being events in which “traditional” debauchery occurs, this lesson is important to be stressed before our final send-off. It is a great message no doubt; our issue is not with the message, rather how it was presented to us. Last Tuesday all of the seniors met in the gym, listened to a law enforcement officer’s spiel on getting behind the wheel whilst intoxicated. However, we did not expect he would mislead a room full of students. We were shown a video entitled “Graduation Day” which showed footage of a group of teens getting into a car accident after drinking and driving. Ironically,

the camera was mostly unharmed and landed perrecommend you don’t preface the video with inforfectly in the view of the aftermath. We were shocked at mation to your teen for the best impact.” It does not such a graphic video. recommend to use scare tactics Before watching, the officer and untruthfulness to make an expressed to us that it was NOT a impact. reenactment, the kids were NOT This video would have been actors, this was a REAL situation. just as effective without a misleadAfter watching the video, many were ing preface. The seniors may have frightened of ever getting in a car been deemed naïve, however the intoxicated. So, it worked. But a few power of technology was overof us were skeptical. The teens looked looked by those who showed the a little too familiar. After a mere few video. The internet provides us minutes of Googling, we found that with all the answers at the tip of our suspicions were correct. our fingers. If we’re going to be The video is actually sponsored by presented with false material, the Troy and Alana Pack Foundation those who do that should at least and was produced to pass on a valube more media savvy. Google able lesson. The kids were actors. The prevents people from getting away ZACH ENVIK | CARTOONIST website for the video states that “We with false information.

Goodbye and hello: The future and past put into perspective

EDI OR Mackenzie Jones Editor-in-Chief


he future is frightening. The future is fascinating. The future is beautiful; it has me shaking. It so difficult to fathom what lies ahead, when we don’t even completely understand what is. Frankly, I am as breathless, as washed up, as fresh and brand new as the rest of us. We are suddenly thrown into a puddle of possibility. I urge you; don’t let it pass you by. I think more than anything, no matter your age, the future is exciting. Who doesn’t like the idea of “what could one day be?” It’s addicting to entertain different ideas. Don’t let it stop there. Don’t let ideas stop at the tip of your tongue or at the front of your forehead. It’s really not just the thought that counts. It’s the action. It’s the product.

letter from t he

I would say, don’t care what anyone thinks. But but you can still move forward. The best thing about you will. That’s okay. . .let it make you better. Have the top is well...there isn’t one. We can always do betthe strength and understanding to know when to ter, we can always do more. Now that’s exciting. listen and when to ignore. I’ve learned so much in my seventeen years of exisLife is so profound. Sometimes it feels like it is tence. But nothing compares to what I’ve yet to learn; smashing us into pieces. It breaks us, and tries to nothing compares to what I will one day understand. pour everything we have out, but we’re just empty, The funny thing is: I’ll probably learn the same and alone. things over and over again, and every time, they will Sometimes it feels like I’m the one with the seem like new lessons. We’ve seen a lot here, even in brass knuckles, hurting such a small town. We’ve my friends, my family, The best thing about seen people get burnt out, heck, even hurting people the top is well...there isn’t one. washed up. We’ve seen I hardly know. Sometimes excel, succeed. But We can always do better, we people I lose my temper, fall apart, let me tell you one undeand breakdown. Sometimes can always do more. niable thing, the penduwe all do. lum swings. That’s a fact. Mackenzie Jones Sometimes outside cirAs Bob Dylan put it: “The Editor-in-Chief cumstances force our lives slow one now will later be into an inherently painful fast, the first one now will limbo. Sometimes we do it to ourselves. later be last, the road is rapidly changing.” We’re all just trying to impress. We’re striving to Got a problem? Fix it. Feelin’ down? Change that. succeed, aiming for success and attempting to unaniGotta keep your nose to the grindstone, gotta stay mously please. humble, stay true to yourself, but be open to new Just as we’ve fallen, we’ve all stood with the world things. at our feet. Those are the moments we live for. Those Don’t let yourself fall into habits. Hedonism doesn’t are the moments we love for. The best thing about the last for too long. Don’t let yourself get led astray. You bottom is that you can only move up. The best thing don’t gotta have a goal, you just gotta be whole. Don’t about the middle is you’ve established yourself slightly, break.


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side note

as a

Bypass update


0UP[PHS;@*6HSI\TÄUKZZ\JJLZZ Local deejays sign a contract with Bomb Beats

It was two and a half years ago that TYCO first became a group and it started with just messing around and making music. After hours and hours of work Local DJ’s Lane Smith and Edwin Olding also and time, mixing, and trying new things TYCO is known as “TYCO” recently signed a contract with becoming more and more popular. “What makes us different from other artists is that Bomb Beats. we are young, and most others TYCO made an exare in their 20’s and 30’s” tended play or “EP,” a musiA couple of years ago I wasn’t Performing at dances and cal recording that contains more music than a single, expecting this to happen, but we places like The Knitting Factory, Smith likes the shows and seeing but is too short to be a full just kinda worked up to it. people and fans who are having studio album, and submitfun. TYCO both opens and headted the EP to various com- Lane Smith lines at various shows. panies. Many were interest- Student They are next being featured ed, but TYCO settled with at Headyworks’ “Never Say Die” Bomb Beats because it was Tour on June 4th at the Knitting Factory. the best selection out of all of them. What’s next for TYCO? Planning to just “keep “A couple years ago I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but we just kinda worked up to it,” said Smith. doing what they are doing and seeing where it takes After hearing from Bomb Beats, Smith and Olding them.” They are now offering shirts that can be purchased from Lane or Edwin. looked over the contract and finalized everything.

Kristen McPeak Photographer

The projected date for the opening of the Byway is June 29, 2012. There will be a dedication ceremony on that day and the byway will be open to clear traffic. “However, it may be a few days later than that, but that’s what we’re aiming for,” said Public Involvement Coordinator Barbara Babic. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has been constructing the 2.1 mile alignment which connects US 95 from the Northern end of the Long Bridge to Idaho 200 and US 95 north of Sandpoint during the four-year contract which officially ends November 2012. The recent plan of dedication of the bypass was delayed due to a crack in the South end of the bridge. A proposed restoration plan is estimated at $396,000. The project, being one of the largest single projects in Idaho’s transportation history, was approved by the Federal Highway Administration in 2000 and was budgeted at $110 million. Babic said that the most challenging aspect of the project after talking to the engineers is, “probably the light-weight fill and earthen wall around the Depot, known as an MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earthen) Wall,” it was geo-technically the most challenging. — Nichole Pagano, Business Manager

New superintendent

Effective July 1, Shawn Woodward will begin his term as new superintendent for the Lake Pend Oreille School District (LPOSD). Woodward will replace current superintendent Dick Cvitanich as he leaves for a new job in western Washington. Though experienced Superintendent Cvitanich is leaving, Woodward brings a wealth of knowledge from his 20 years of educational experience. Most recently, Woodward was assistant superintendent of the North Kitsap School District in Poulsbo, Washington. In addition to 10 years as a school administrator, Woodward also worked 10 years in the classroom. During this time, he filled positions where he was needed. As he told the Bonner County Daily Bee, he could be found “teaching middle school students one moment and first-graders the next.” There are number of things Woodward looks forward to in the Lake Ponderay School District, including their approach to learning. Woodward told the Bonner County Daily Bee he was, “impressed with the amount of data that provided the foundation for the educational policies implemented.” Woodward is also pleased by what the Sandpoint community has to offer. Woodard, along with his wife and three kids, are fans of the outdoors and also like the ski slopes. “I’m really looking forward to getting to know the community and being contributing members to it,” Woodward told the Daily Bee. — Kennedy Search, Staff Writer


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Behind the Mural

Kelsey Anderson Copy Editor


Q GETTING TO WORK: Senior Delaina Hawkins paints water on the senior mural. Hawkins is currently enrolled in AP Art where she is able to work on the mural during class.


alendar: June


Drama Oscars SHS Auditorium 7 p.m.


SAT Testing Sandpoint High School 8 a.m.


Senior Prom Night Stillwater Ranch 8:30 p.m.


Last Grad Night Meeting Library 6 p.m.


Choir Spring Fling Performance Panida Theater 6 p.m.


Baccalaurete SHS Gym 6 p.m.


SHS Senior Graduation Memorial Field 4 p.m.


Last Day of School Release at 12:40 p.m.

Kayaking This is good exercise and we have a few kayak rental businesses in case buying your own kayak is out of the question.

Go Herbal Learn how to grow \RXURZQIRRGRUÁRZers and if you can’t then support local farmers at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Farmin Park on Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

The Class of 2012 is keeping the senior mural tradition alive with their own fresh addition. This year’s mural will feature a panoramic scene of Lake Pend Oreille and the iconic Long Bridge. On the train cutting across the image, each freight car will represent a defining event of the seniors’ lives. The first permanent senior mural was painted by the Class of 1994. It was designed to memorialize the passing on Schweitzer Mountain of junior Tucker Taylor, for whom the school’s field house is also dedicated. Following years’ classes continued to contribute to the trend, although some murals were left incomplete and were ultimately painted over. In 2010, the location of class murals shifted from hallway walls to removable square canvases. These murals will each remain fixed to the wall leading into the art hall for four years, after they will be replaced by future classes. Seniors currently painting the 2012 mural plan to have completed their work by the upcoming weekend.

City Beach


BIG idea

Here are a few ideas the Cedar Post staff thinks are just great. Many students vocalize a frustration that there is little to do during the stretch of paradise called summer break. Here are some ways to combat boredom.

Lake Pend Oreille Our lake has all kinds of watersports including tubing, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing you name it. Rent a paddle board or go sailing and jump in for a swim.

This tourist attraction offers tennis, basketball and volleyball courts for the sporty, and tanning and swimming for the more relaxed group.

Roadtrip Go for a driving adventure, and discover a new place. Who cares where you end up. Blast the tun es, share some memories and kick boredom right in the kisser.

Scotchman’s Peak and Gold Hill These are just a few places to go backpacking and hiking, organize a group for the day or weekend. Page layout: Kristen McPeek

102 N. 1st Ave.

(208) 265-4311



Page 9

Festival at Sandpoint August 2-5 and 9-12

Ben Dreier Staff Writer


Every year, the Festival at Sandpoint proves to be one of Sandpoint’s biggest attractions. This year marks the event’s 30th anniversary and is expected to be the highest-grossing year in ticket sale history for the festival. “We are thrilled to present such an outstanding line-up for our 30th season celebration,” said Executive Director Diana Wahl. “We were able to get some amazingly big names this year.” This season’s line-up consists of several well-known artists from multiple genres of music. From the Barenaked Ladies and Counting Crows, to Alison Krauss and Kenny Loggins, there is something for everyone attending. Expectations are high for this season, with all 700 season passes sold out before the line-up was even announced DQG WKH ÀUVW ZHHN RI LQGLYLGXDO WLFNHW sales breaking past records.

LadysmithBlackMambazo AlisonKrauss&UnionStation BarenakedLadies SpokaneYouthOrchestra PinkMartini 10 CountingCrows 11 KennyLoggins 12 SpokaneSymphony



2 3 4 5 9



BRING MORE BLANKETS If you think you have enough, you don’t. Think warmth and surface area.

GET PAID TO WAIT IN LINE Our elders do not enjoy sitting in line all day. We do if it is for money.

BRING EXTRA MONEY The food booths are incredible plus they support local businesses.

TAKE YOUR FRIENDS Going to the festival alone is lonely. Take people for extra entertainment.

PACK A FANCY PICNIC Bringing tapas for the evening will make you feel sophisticated.

CAN’T PAY? TAKE A BOAT If you’re not in the market for a ticket, ÄUKHIVH[HUK listen from the lake!


Page 10 Gonzaga University Whitworth University Spokane Community College

Western Washington University

Sandpoint School of Hair Design North Idaho College

Shoreline Community College

Central Washington University

Page 11

Why did you choose your college?

Students’ post-secondary plans reach all corners of the United States

University of Idaho University of Vermont

University of Montana

Mayville State University St. Lawrence University


University of Portland Portland Community College

Montana State University Northeastern University

Willamette University

College of Idaho U of M - Rochester

Boise State University


Gusto Kubiak Denver University

Judson University University of Utah

Brigham Young University CSU East Bay

Graceland University

Washington & Lee University

Dixie State College Fort Lewis College


Trevor Litzell Northern Virginia Community College

Westmont College Santa Barbara City College Riverside City College

ALTERNATIVE PLANS Travel Tyler Ariss, Adam Couch, Kellsey Lester Marine Corps Jaraira Williams, Josh Allen, Clelsea Crouch, Robert Hesniewski, Trevor Guinard Army Chris Jones, Caleb Morrow Air Force Tim Hesselink, Terrance Brown Coast Guard Andrew Ward, Dan Firey Navy Annie Cardona, Dillon Fitzpatrick, Zach Envik

Florida State University

Aveda Institute University of South Florida


Courtney Windju University of San Diego

Datastream Who’s going where? University of Idaho George Wood, Leah Heer, Harrison Pugesek, Joshua Oppelt, Maria Guida, Ali Bensen, Katie Gustafson, Xena Lunsford, Laura Suto, Cole Kennaly Logan Cressey, Lilly McCoy, Colin Hanset, Chris Mann, Kevin Woodruff, Zoe Hartman, Nichole Pagano, Mikaila Bristow, John Bradley, Sam Nitcy, Nicholas Gill, Kelly Rhodes North Idaho College Heather Johns, Ben Dreier, Justin Orr Brandon Rhodes, Harold Townsend, Alina Terry, Kyle Bjorkquist, Dylan Murphy, Zach Combs, Ellie Engel, Jordan Palmer, Tasha Thissel, Dan Thompson, Jeremy Bravo, Nick Brogoitti, Tessa Potwin, Kyle Goodyear, James Douglas, Mike Gould, Kasey Collins, Rebecca Mulgrew, Tyler Howk, Aaron Warrer, Chelsea Johnson, Shea McCormick, Scott Cook, Justin Pepperdine, Jessica HawkiWns, Emmalee Bowman, Tucker Davis, Logan Cressey, Veronica Aispuro, Kayle Porter, Chase Leoni, Mikaela Tillberg, Zach Hazelgrove Boise State University Drew Buckmiller, Taylor Rorich, Brooke Rockholm, Tyler Brown, Ryan Schwartz, Delaina Hawkins, Anna Guida Brigham Young University - Idaho Chelsea Burnett, Jenna West, Kiley Nutt, James Reinhart Boise Bible College Brian Crase College of Idaho Caleb Nishimoto Sandpoint School of Design Emily Briggs Western Washington University Molly Rickard, Dylan Vogel Whitworth University Kevin Kirby, Ashley Olding Spokane Community College Nathan Welton, Austin Walker, Alex Bucholtz, Holly Wooden Central Washington University Kristi Mire, Peyton Dillon Shoreline Community College Mikaela Zener Willamette University Talbott Callister Portland Community College Jessica Riddle University of Portland Jackson Olin 3DFLÀF8QLYHUVLW\Benjamin Schmid, Kendall Stratton University of San Diego Courtney Windju California State University East Bay Heather Kramer, Damen Rodriguez Santa Barbara City College Kati Brent Westmont College Lane Smith Riverside City College Kane Wijngaarden University of Montana Emily Curtiss, Brayden Matthews Montana State University Andy Meyer, Michele Rockwell, Brynn Prophet, Luke Brandenberger Dixie State College Cole Cochran Brigham Young University Bill Myers University of Utah Matt Pfeifer Aveda Institute Buddy Chambers Judson University Paula Hendrickson Northern Virginia Community College Trevor Litzell Florida State University Kelsey McGuire Graceland University Paul Hill University of Minnesota - Rochester Rebecca Cloud Gonzaga University Julia Snider Northeastern University Mackenzie Jones University of South Florida Paula Reed Mayville State University Tyler Navarro, Rj Webber, Nick Magro, Jake Clad Fort Lewis College Allyson Armstrong University of Denver Gusto Kubiak St. Lawrence University Jenny Van Ooyen University of Vermont Keeley Pearlstein Washington & Lee University Jenna Faude

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AUGUST 2-12, 2012 Lady Smith Black Mambazo & Johnny Clegg 30 FESTIVAL CELEBRATION WITH MICROBREW TASTING TH


with BackBeat

Drum Group

Alison Krauss + Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas with Kacey Musgraves

FRIDAY, AUG 3 $ 59.95

Barenaked Ladies with


SATURDAY, AUG 4 $ 49.95

LeRoy Bell & His Only Friends Sugarcane Collins

Family Concert “Pinocchio” with the Spokane


An evening with Pink Martini THURSDAY, AUG 9 $ 34.95

Counting Crows with


FRIDAY, AUG 10 $ 59.95

• •

We Are Augustines Field Report Kasey Anderson & The Honkies


SATURDAY, AUG 11 $ 44.95

with • •

Stephen Ashbrook Doug Bond

Grand Finale “French Accents” COMPLIMENTARY WINE TASTING

SUNDAY, AUG 12 $ 34.95

featuring the Spokane

Symphony Orchestra , conducted by Maestro Gary Sheldon



Youth Orchestra


or Order Tickets Online:


SHS back then?

Page 13

what was

We asked alumni from each decade questions about Sandpoint High School in the past

Back in my day there was a dress code. Girls couldn’t wear pants up until senior year, but they could wear mini skirts because the seventies were tumultuous times.

Patsy Sletegar Class of ‘74

Marianne Love Class of ‘65

60’s 70’s 80’s

Our pep rallies were huge! They were comparable to college rallies. They were held every Friday before games. I’m sure the administration hated it, but the kids would hold screaming matches for each class rank. The cheerleaders were phenomenal and we all painted ourselves red.

Those were simpler times, and we’d be considered very naive about the ways of the world in comparison to students nowadays, who can reach out to the world and to a vast array of knowledge at the touch of a keyboard. When someone traveled to Europe, their experience made news headlines.

Katherine Gustafson Assistant Arts & Culture Editor Kelsey Anderson Copy Editor

Malia Meschko Class of ‘82

90’s 00’s

Christopher Andersen Class of ‘12

High school has been a dream. Not one of those fancy dreams, but more like a nightmare where you are being stalked by adults that you can’t quite move away from them. Everything we do we are being watched like we can’t handle ourselves.


The biggest difference that I can see between SHS then and the SHS that we know and love today is the faculty. Meyer came in at the end of my time there and ended an era of us having no clue who our principal was or what they did.

Isabella Guida Class of ‘08

Casey McLaughlin Class of ‘96

The last day of school when everyone was still being educated aside from the seniors, we would camp on the lawn. The rules were less strict on senior pranks back then because Columbine hadn’t happened.


Page 14

Seniors advance to play college sports One third of Sandpoint High School’s students participate in school sports, but only 16 senior athletes chose to take it to the next level.

Ben Schmid

Maggie Kirscher

Tyler Navarro




RJ Webber

Kendall Stratton

Kane Wijngaarden

Nick Magro





Jacob Clad

Alex Bucholtz

Molly Rickard

Emily Curtiss





Jenny Van Ooyen

Caleb Nishimoto

Ellie Engel

Kevin Kirby







Page 15

Go hard in the paint

Spring sports seasons come to a close Bulldog athletes gain state and Inland Empire League honors Bill Myers Sports Editor


As the year ends, the Cedar Post looks back on the successes of the spring sports teams and says goodbye to all the senior athletes.

The Sandpoint High School softball team improved a lot this season. The team, led by senior all Inland Empire League performers Maggie Kirscher, Kayanna Quigley and Laurel Presser, had one of their best seasons in recent memory. “We improved significantly this past year,” Coach Derek Dickinson said. “We beat a 5A team for the 1st time in over 5 years. I was hoping greatly to get to state this year but we competed strongly against our 4A level competition.”

Tennis According to tennis coach Kent Anderson, “This is one of the better tennis teams he has coached.”. The team was able to beat some of the tougher 4A and 5A league opponents on their way to a league championship. The team was well represented at state as many players competed into the second day of the tournament. The doubles team of Micah and Drew Buckmiller worked their way to a strong finish in the boys tournament.

Christian Cook third with 94, and freshman Taylor Martin scored a final 125 to lead the girls’ team. Head coach Tom Tharp attributed very favorable weather and dedication all season to an overall strong finish at Districts. Though no Bulldogs qualified for the State golf meet, all finished strong to end the season.


The lacrosse team had one of their best seasons in history behind a team that was dedicated to success. The team played very well during the season, but suffered a tough loss to Coeur d’Alene in the district finals that ended their bid for state. “At the end of the season they [the lacrosse team] chose not to have any nominations for all-league recognition from this team because they play, win, and lose as a team, and no one player deserves any more credit than any other,” Coach Matt Schreiber said.

Track and Field The Sandpoint track team had a very strong showing at state. The girls team led by the discus state COLE COCHRAN | PHOTOGRAPHER champion Nikole Alamillo performed very well. The Q CLEATS: After a long little league and high school careers, girls team had four relay teams finish in the top ten Sandpoint Seniors hung up their cleats. It is a bittersweet mo- at state. For the boys, Sam Levora finished 5th in the ment knowing that they’ll never play again. 1,600 meters and 3rd in the 3,200 meters. “The girls team really stepped up for the commitment to be champions, again we had a few boy individuals who did everything they could to be champions and set a good example for the rest of the teams,” The baseball team battled strong competition on coach Dave Demers said. their way to a third place finish in the Inland Empire League. The team had to battle poor field conditions during the early season, but they went on to be competitive against tough league competition. Bulldog Golf finished off their season May 8 at The team was led by a strong group of seniors in- the University of Idaho Golf Course for their discluding several all league performers. Representing trict tournament. Sophomore Jared Presnell led the the Bulldogs on this year’s all Inland Empire League Sandpoint team for the first time, shooting an 86 on team are senior pitcher Caleb Nishimoto, catcher his final tournament round of the 2011-12 season. Justin Orr, and infielders Ryan Schwartz and Sam Sophomore David Currie placed second with 89, Nitcy. Martin scored a final 125 to lead the girls’ team.




Q LACROSSE: Junior Lacrosse Captain Nick Nizzoli addresses the team after a game. The lacrosse team had a great season this year.

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2 3 4 5


Kevin Hutchens


“He’s got superior school spirit, is a great person, really cares, and makes it a great day to be a Bulldog!”

Ryan Schwartz

“Even though he has been through a lot this year, he keeps his grades up and follows through in all of his activities with grace and excellence.”

Cody Grover

Kevin - “He has a positive attitude ... Deep down he’s just a really good kid that looks for the best in people.” -Barb Oler Ryan - “He’s an amazing kid, considering what he’s been through... He’s second in the class!” -Patsy Sletager

6 Harry Pugesek

7 Chelsea Cable

8 Riley Hadeen

“He is a great friend and is super strong, even though he has been battling cancer.”

Cody - “I think he’s incredibly brave.” -Luera Holt

9 Emily Briggs

Emma Lee Bowman

“She is always happy and has an inspiring saying for any occasion... she can always raise my spirits when I’m down.”

Emma Lee - “She’s a very resilient person, and she’s always smiling. She’s just a really hard worker.” -Deb Nusbaum

Veronica Aispuro

“She’s the most beautiful, relentlessly sweet and happy lady I know.”

Veronica - “Veronica’s always very positive and [is] a spirited person.” -David Miles

10 Adam Couch

11 Holly McGarry

12 Paul Hill The Cedar Post polled government classes to collect data on the top 12 inspirational seniors of the Class of 2012. Those polled were asked to name the “one senior that sticks out in your mind as most inspiring, and your reasoning behind it.” BROOKE ROCKHOLM | PHOTOGRAPHER SAVANNAH PITTS | PHOTOGRAPHER








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Miles returns to classroom New approach to teaching Kristen McPeek Staff Writer/ Photographer

Next year David Miles will resume his position at Sandpoint High school as a teacher. He is looking forward to getting back in the classroom with students. Miles is leaving his old place behind as Interim Assistant Principal for Disciplinary Management and will teach World History and Sociology the next school year. His World History classes will consist of note taking and lectures as well as interactive activities. “I want to try to make the classes more fun next year,” said Miles. As for his Sociology class, a class that is designed for mostly juniors and seniors, Miles said

that students should “be ready to discuss and debate.” The class will challenge beliefs and lead students to consider new views and walk away with a different opinions on life after the class. Miles will also not be taking care of the bully hotline. “After this year, I will not have anything to do with administration duties, and be just a teacher,” said Miles. Leaving the office, he is most excited about being back in classroom and interacting with students in a positive way. The only difference this time is he holds a wide view of how the school works instead of just what goes on within his classroom.


Q MILES AHEAD: After the unexpected departure of Vice Principal Mitchell moving to Croatia, Miles stepped in to play a huge role as the new Vice Principal for the year’s remainder.

Eve’s Leaves

First in Fashion Proud to be an SHS Alumna 326 North First Avenue Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 (208) 263-0712 - Fax (208) 265-2490 Email: Marilyn Dalby Sabella Owner

Off the beaten path with a great vibe. Monarch Mountain Coffee is Sandpoint’s local spot. (208) 265 -­ 9382 208 N 4th Ave Sandpoint, ID

Buy one pizza, get the second free! (with this ad) 202 1/2 N. First Ave. Sandpoint, ID (Across from The Pita Pit)


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WhatNOW? Allyson Armstrong Title: Advertising Manager Fun Fact: Her favorite hobby is baking. Attending: Fort Lewis College Major: Business Administration

Maria Guida Title: Opinion Editor Fun Fact: She used to live in Switzerland. Attending: University of Idaho Major: Political Science

Bill Myers

Title: Sports Editor Fun Fact: His heaven is a planet. Attending: BYU - Utah Major: Physiology & Developmental Biology

Cole Cochran Title: Photographer Fun Fact: He has over 200 Arizona cans. Attending: Dixie State College Major: Automotive Technology

Cedar Post class of 2012 shares their future plans and some interesting facts

Zach Envik

Ben Dreier

Title: Cartoonist Fun Fact: He collects Idaho quarters. Attending: NAVY

Title: Staff Writer Fun Fact: He plays the guitar. Attending: North Idaho College Major: Undeclared

Katie Gustafson Mackenzie Jones Title: Asst. Arts & Culture Editor Fun Fact: She enjoys meditating. Attending: University of Idaho Major: Philosophy

Nichole Pagano

Title: Business Manager Fun Fact: She would rather be bitten by a rattle snake than doing Pre-Calc. Attending: University of Idaho Major: Business Administration & Marketing

Cole Kennaly Title: Staff Writer Fun Fact: He drives a 1981 Urban Express Honda Scooter. Attending: University of Idaho Major: Journalism

Title: Editor-in-Chief Fun Fact::OLOHZILLU[VÄ]L continents. Attending: Northeastern University Major: Undeclared

Molly Rickard Title: News Editor Fun Fact: She remembers at least four dreams a night. Attending: Western Washington University Major: Business

Paula Reed

Title: Staff Writer Fun Fact: She likes to make all her own natural products, including soap and lip balm. Attending: University of South Florida Major: Biochemistry & Plant Bio.

Jenna Faude

Title: Arts & Culture Editor Fun Fact: She loves Broadway shows. Attending: Washington & Lee University Major: Mass Communications & Journalism

Andy Meyer Title: Graphics Editor Fun Fact: He can solve an a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes. Attending: Montana State University Major: Undeclared

Brooke Rockholm Title: Photographer Fun Fact: She made her own prom dress. Attending: Boise State University Major: Fine Art


Dylan Vogel

George Wood

Title: Photo Editor Fun Fact:/LÄUKZJOHVZZVV[Oing. Attending: Western Washington University Major: Visual Journalism

Title: Staff Writer Fun Fact: He is secretly very fond of gingers. Attending: University of Idaho Major: Journalism Minor: Biology Q CP4L: The Cedar Post class of 2012 seniors gather together for a couple candid photos outside the high school.


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THEN then - chair five


e all can take a moment to recall the nostalgic yet somewhat unkempt nature of the Harold’s

Superfoods. Now replaced by a massive building, some love the new edition while others miss good old dirty Harold’s.



nce a sketchy two person chair, Schweitzer has updated chair five to one of its most sought-out attractions, Stella. This six person chair not only has a covered entrance but also a nice place to rest your skis.


When things change around us, sometimes it is so gradual that we fail to recognize the shift. Let’s take a look at what Sandpoint has become.

n Har old ’s



Panhandle State Bank

then - the old mill


ne of the oldest and fondest landmarks of Sandpoint is the Old Panhandle Mill. With not much action for many years, the lot now houses the small-town organic coffee shop Evan’s Brothers, which actually has a small branch in Seattle, called Cafe Abodega. If you haven’t been there, check it out!

Sand Creek


his most recent change has been going on since the launch of the Bypass project. Many once feared that beautiful Sand Creek would be torn apart by the construction, but we have since found that then - Sand Creek some nice editions have been made. (pre-bypass) These include a new entrance to the City Beach, and a boardwalk.

Page design: Molly Rickard and Maria Guida Current photos: Dylan Vogel


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9 Senior Tabloid  

The final edition of the class of 2012's Cedar Post

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