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ACCESS takes new form in 2012-2013 Afterschool teacher office hours to provide new form of support for struggling students Kennedy Search Staff Member

JULIE MENGHINI | CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER KRISTEN McPEEK | A&C EDITOR • A NEW BEGINNING: New staff and administration are abundant in this 2012-13 school year. From left to right, Records Coordinator Amanda Skinner, Activities Director Kris Knowles, Superintendent Shawn Woodward, Mathematics Instructor Jill Jacobs, and Girls Soccer Coach/Social Studies Insturctor Conor Baranski.


School year brings new administration, teachers, and staff, but big changes are not expected in the coming school year

Cymbre Martin Staff Member a principal, and four years as an assisJust as the newly completed Sand IN WITH THE NEW tant superintendent in Western WashCreek Byway changed the face of Sand- 2012-13 Staff Additions ington. Though still adapting to a new point’s downtown, new administrators, ADMINISTRATION environment, Woodward and his famteachers, and other staff are changing the Kris Knowles-Activities Director face of the Lake Pend Oreille School Dis- Derek Dickinson-Educational Assistant ily are already loving Sandpoint after just six weeks. Woodward rose from trict. At the district level, Shawn WoodENGLISH teacher to Superintendent because he ward has replaced Dick Cvitanich as suKelli Knowles desired to facilitate continuous acaperintendent. MATHEMATICS demic improvement outside of his own At Sandpoint High School, Tom AlCindy Smith classroom. bertson has become the Assistant Prin- Nanette Brothers Jill Jacobs Mike Givens Woodward researched communicipal for Student Management and AcaSOCIAL STUDIES ties across the nation and was attracted demics, with Kris Knowles serving as Conor Branski to Sandpoint because of the beautiful Assistant Principal for Student Activities outdoors, strong academic tradition, and Athletics. Derek Dickinson has reSPECIAL EDUCATION and community support of education. placed David Miles as Educational AsMike Givens Activities Director Kris Knowles sistant as Miles returns to the classroom OFFICE/SECURITY STAFF has been acquainted with Sandpoint full-time. Campus Security Monitor Skinner-Records Coordinator his entire life, having been raised in (CSM) Dennis Sanford will no longer be Amanda Paul Mares-Campus Security Coeur D’Alene. Knowles spent the last at Sandpoint High School, and students can expect Paul Mares to be roaming the SUPPORT/CUSTODIAL STAFF year in Bonners Ferry as Athletic DiBill Kent-Behavior Intervention rector, and prior to that taught history halls in his place. Cindy Dillard-Custodian and coached multiple sports at Lake With so many shifts high up on the ad- Henry Machado-Custodian City. Knowles and his wife Kelli cited ministration pyramid, huge changes to SHS would be expected, but Activities Director Knowles Sandpoint’s superior academics, leadership and athletics as their reasons for applying for their respective positions. states this is not the case. “This is a place we want to raise our daughters, we want “Tom Albertson did a great job. There’s no need for me to become a part of the community,” Knowles said. to change things,” Knowles said. Campus Security Monitor Paul Mares has a similar Superintendent Woodward doesn’t plan on any huge changes for the District in the near future either, though attitude toward Sandpoint and Sandpoint High School. he does hope to facilitate continuous academic improve- Mares has lived in Sandpoint for the past seven years with ment at SHS. his wife, son, and three daughters. Paul Mares plans to stick with former CSM Sanford’s Mares looks forward to the opportunity to work with methods until he becomes aware of changes that better teens, and to keep them safe. suit his strengths and weaknesses. “If parents don’t feel safe sending their kids to school, New superintendent Shawn Woodward brings a wealth and if students and teachers don’t feel safe at school, the of experience and knowledge to his position. He has seven school can’t be effective in what it needs to do,” said Mares. years of teaching experience combined with nine years as


Speaking If you could change one thing about SHS, what would it be? “I would change the size of the lockers.”

“The lunch tables.”



Alex Baker Mitch Wallace September 2012: Dates to Remember S 2 9 16 23 30






S 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 29 complete calendar on pg. 5

“I wish we had the same ACCESS as last year”

4 School Begins 7 Varsity Football, 7pm 8 XC@Silverwood, 8:30am 10 Open House, 5:30pm 11 Boys Soccer, 6:30pm 13 Girls Soccer, 6:00pm 17 Volleyball, 6:00pm 19 1:15 Early Release


Aaron Crossingham

“Have the school day start later”

As the 2012-2013 school year begins, students at Sandpoint High School will have to adjust to a new school schedule. ACCESS will still be in effect, but with new procedures. The school day will now start at 7:50 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m., with buses coming to pick up students at 3:00 p.m., rather than 2:50 p.m.. The shift in time schedule all revolves around new policies and procedures for ACCESS. ACCESS will now take place after school hours, from 2:30p.m. untill 3:15 p.m.. Unlike last year, ACCESS will not be mandatory for students to attend. Students can visit a teacher during ACCESS office hours of their own volition, or they may be requested by a teacher. Similar to last year, students will be expected to go see the teacher that has requested them and will be held accountable if they refuse to meet the teacher that has sent a request for them. Science teacher Mike Martz says he is glad that he only has to worry about the students he requests and who really want extra help. Because students are not assigned an ACCESS class, teachers will not have to worry about managing an ACCESS in addition to providing help to the students that want and need it. Assistant Principal for Student Management and Academics Tom Albertson said ACCESS is being changed this year, “To add more instructional minutes back into the classroom, with students still having the ability to seek assistance from teachers.” The new ACCESS time slot was chosen by a vote that consisted of SHS staff members, the majority of which supported increasing the number of instructional minutes in the school day. Albertson believes having ACCESS benefits students by letting them get extra help from teachers and letting those absent get caught up on their schoolwork. Since ACCESS ends later than when school ends, activities/ practices will not start until 3:30, allowing students involved in extracurricular activities to get help and get caught up on their work without missing their activities and practices. Junior Brighten Miller enjoys how ACCESS really benefits students that are in sports and activities. “If you were gone for sports, it helps you get caught up [on your work].” Miller is also glad that all students can leave after school ends, instead of essentially having another extra period of school, a complaint shared by students regarding the original ACCESS. “The after school ACCESS is an intervention for all students to keep their grades in good standing and maximize learning,” Albertson said. 2012-13 SHS BELL SCHEDULE 7:00-7:45 Early Bird 7:50-9:18 1st Period

9:23-10:55 2nd Period 10:55-11:29 1st Lunch 11:29-12:57 3rd Period 11:00-12:28 3rd Period 12:28-1:02 2nd Lunch

Buses arrive at 2:50 for pick-up Practices may begin at 3:30

1:02-2:30 4th Period


Molly Lorden

TEN CHANGES FOR THE 2012-2013 YEAR as compiled by the SHS Cedar Post staff

1. New Superintendent

6. The locker rooms switched

2. New Activities Director

7. The lunch halls switched

3. School day ends at 2:30

8. Spanish IV isn’t offered

4. ACCESS isn’t mandatory

9. C.A.R.E. parent program

5. SHS is on Facebook/Twitter 10. School board has new chair

2:30-3:15 Afterschool ACCESS (Teacher Office Hours)


• Photo gallery from the Bonner County Fair • The first day in pictures

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First Day 2012

Q&A WITH DR. MEYER, PRINCIPAL Entering seven years as principal of Sandpoint High School, Dr. Becky Meyer shares her vision for the 2012-13 school year and beyond Q. What are you looking forward to the most about this school year?

A. Continuing a trend of academic excellence, and raising the bar for student achievement. This year we are really working hard to integrate Common Core standards, which make students really think and dive deeper into what they are learning.

Q. What has been your impression of the new staff joining SHS and the school district this year?

A. I’ve spent about a month working with our new Superintendent, and that time has been fantastic. He is very positive and forward thinking, which I think is great. Mr. Knowles, our new Activities Director, has a strong focus on not just athletics, but raising the academic bar as well. The new staff that we’ve hired this year are stellar and I can’t wait to see all of the good they bring to Sandpoint.

Q. How do you feel about ACCESS/teacher office hours this year?

A. I think this year it will be better utilized by the students who truly need it. Because it’s not mandatory, the people who truly need help will be able to receive it, and teachers will be able to give more help to the students that need and want it.

Q. What advice would you give to an incoming freshman at Sandpoint High School?

A. I know I said this last year, but I would tell them to get involved and explore all that you possibly can. When high school is over, you will look back and wish that you would have taken more classes or been in more clubs. Make Sandpoint High School a better place through what you do, because your time here is actually pretty short.

Q. How has recent proposed legislation for mandatory online learning affected SHS?

A. Not too much yet. The incoming 9th graders will be the first class that is required to have online credits to graduate, so

there has not been a huge change here yet. The biggest impact I can think of is that this year we have two sections of online health for freshmen to take.

Q. Would you consider Sandpoint to be a 21st century learning environment?

A. As I told parents and students at Freshmen orientation, we are the best school in the whole state! We have a 5-star rating, higher-than-state-average ACT scores, we met AYP, our students are proficient, and more! As far as technology, we surpass other schools and school districts that I have talked to. We have a great PTE program with incredible technology, we are on Facebook and Twitter now, and we are even starting to have paperless meetings.

Q. What is one book that you think everyone should read?

A. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. The “four agreements” are to be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best.



as a

Spanish IV Gets the Boot

As students began signing up for their classes last spring it was still unknown whether or not the Spanish IV course would be an option. The decisions have all been made and it’s now official that the class will not be offered in the 2012-13 school year. The past year Spanish IV was offered as an early bird class taught by the one and only, Mary Imaz. Principal Meyer has explained that due to the resignation of Mrs. Imaz and the lack of students signing up for the course, it had to be cut for this coming year. Fortunately there will be some alternatives to taking the course that will provide students the opportunity to further indulge themselves into the Spanish language and culture. For those interested in the alternates, contact Mrs. Bocksch who will be working with a few interested students to continue Spanish informally and possibly work it into the senior project. In the years to come, the staff is hoping to bring back the option of the full course as long as the number of interested students rises.

— Maddie Russo, Staff Member

NEWS AROUND THE NATION The summer of 2012 has been a memorable one to say the least. Here are five events that should be remembered for the people lost and the wonderful memories gained. MEGHAN O’HARA | STAFF MEMBER

1 2

O’Donnell Leaves SHS

Former Sandpoint High School mathematics teacher Cheryl O’Donnell has accepted an engineering position at Micron Technology Inc., in Boise, ID. O’Donnell has taught math in Sandpoint for the past seven years. Before her teaching career, O’Donnell worked as an industrial engineer. Her classes have been absorbed around the math department, and new hires have taken place to fill her position. Jill Jacobs and Nanette Brothers are new additions to the mathematics department, with Cindy Smith returning to the classroom part-time. — Tyson Bird, Editor-in-Chief


Colorado Shooting

Out of more than 50 people that went into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater not one entered with the thought of being involved in a shooting. However, a day later the death toll would mount to 12 with around 58 wounded. The suspect, James Holmes, was charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder, 116 counts of attempted murder, one count related to an assault weapon, and one count of possession of explosives.

London Olympics

At the end of the games, the United States walked away with 104 medals: 46 gold, 29 silver, and 29 bronze. Athletes such as Sanya Richards-Ross, Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix, Missy Franklin, and the women’s soccer team helped to bring the gold home for their country. Usain Bolt also proved to the world that he still is the fastest man in the 100 and 200 meter dashes taking home gold’s in both. Overall the London Olympics were a big hit, and the world will be watching as these athletes come together for yet another three weeks of games in Rio de Jeniero in 2016.

Summer Wildfires

The dry, summer heat has caused droughts in the South and terrible wildfires in Arizona and New Mexico. The fire increased radically covering hundreds of thousands of miles, and the high winds were no help to fire crews. As of late the winds have died down aiding the fire crews, but the late August heat is no help when trying to quiet the blaze. The heat has even been so erratic that children have died while waiting in cars for their parents. With fall on the way people can only hope that the fires will soon be in control.

DON BARTLETTI | Los Angeles Times/MCT

n FIGHTING FIRE: A firefighter from the Norco Conservation Camp shields his face against the heat of a backfire his crew intentionally set in Ranchita, California on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

4 5

Olympic Athletes Missing

Throughout the olympic games athletes and coaches from several countries in Africa disappeared. By the time the games ended a total of 21 people were missing; all of which were reported missing from the olympic village. According to several British sources the athletes visas expire in November of this year. Therefore, these athletes were hoping to stay in the U.K. so they wouldn’t be forced to return to their home countries at the end of the games.

Sikh Temple Shooting

On August 7, seven people, including the gunmen, were shot in a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The police say this shooting was an act of domestic terrorism.

First Day 2012


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VIEW The Times, our


Editorial Board

They Are a-Changing. A

s you’ve probably noticed by now, things around good justments, and neither should anyone else. It’s too early to say that old SHS have changed a little since we said goodbye in these new changes will doom SHS, or that the new AD will be the June. These new changes will be the things that make best ever, or the worst ever, that the Luna Bills will make public or break the following years for many people. Some will succeed, education better, or break it in two, that the new Access will fail, or others might fail, and a few might stand somewhere in the middle. do even better than before. All we, as high-schoolers, can do is sit Take, for example, the administration’s retooling of Access, now and wait and hope that all these changes are for the better. After all, refered to as “teacher office hours”. Most sophomores and freshmen as the old saying goes, only time will tell. are probably overjoyed that they no longer have to hang around But is all of this change really going to, well, change anything at all? It seems like year after year, day afschool for thirty-five minutes after the bell rings, but the extra parking lot traffic might put cause ter day, all of these changes just amount to “But is all of this nothing in the end. The new Luna educaadditional problems. Two years ago, the lot after school was a crowded mess of teenage drivchange really going tion plans have been hanging over our colers trying to get home, parents picking up their to, well, change anything at lective head for years now but they never seem to fall into place. And despite all the children, and school buses traveling in an impen- all?” etrable pack of yellow, refusing anyone who tried new coaches, staff, and teachers, is anything really going to radically change? to inch their way in to the lane. Access fixed that It seems like the more things change the last year, but it’s still up in the air how bad the more things stay the same. But maybe the traffic will be with the admin’s new plan. And, of course, Access isn’t the only thing changing around here. change is just hovering beneath our noses, almost perceptible, but New faces on the school board, a new Superintendant, new teach- just out of reach. Maybe one day we’ll look back and realize that ers, new coaches, new campus security and a new Athletic Direc- while nothing was changing, everything was changing. Perhaps the best way to say it is by quoting a man named C. S. tor: the times around here are definitely a-changing. And then we have the Luna bills being put together in Boise, which might for- Lewis who once said “Isn’t it funny how day by nothing changes, but ever change the face of schooling in Idaho, and probably not for when you look back, everything has changed.” The times, whether we realize it or not, are slowly a-changing, for better or for worse. the better. But we shouldn’t be too quick to pass judgment on all the ad-

Welcome back from Student Leadership!

I would like to start off by welcoming everybody back to Sandpoint High School after a short three months of summer bliss. Coming into this year, Student Council plans on making SHS a school that students want to return to in the fall. With each consecutive year that has gone by, the school pride and school spirit have improved. This year will be no exception. Student Council and the Pep Club have been talking since the end of last year, discussing concerns and ideas for school activities. This year, we have Pep Club members who will be a part of Student Council meetings and be present in the class; Including Pep Club in our discussions help us to see a larger variety of opinions. We want more people involved this year as we plan events such as Homecoming and Moose Madness. We would also like every student to know that we want, and need, your input in order to make this year fun and memorable for everyone! If you have any event ideas or concerns, let your Student Council representative know about it. Your 2012-2013 Student Council Representatives are: ASB: Brooke Obaitek - President Emily McKay - Vice-President Madi Contor - Secretary/Treasurer Senior Class: Anna Andruzak - President Annalisa Armbruster - Vice-President Brian Millar - Secretary/Treasurer Kelli Plaster - Representative Junior Class: Tyson Bird - President Jahna Briggs - Vice-President Collin Jurenka - Secretary/Treasurer Lucas Richardson - Representative Sophomore Class: Pilar Herrera - President Sadie Nitcy - Vice-President Rebecca Klopman - Secretary/Treasurer Trinity Young - Representative Freshmen Class: Caroline Suppiger - President Shania Lies - Vice-President Nan Kiebert - Secretary/Treasurer Pep Club: Carli Giard - President Dean Knaggs - Vice-President Cody Millard - Secretary/Treasurer Sammy Russell - Representative Adviser: Malia Meschko Sincerely, Brooke Obaitek - ASB President

T EDI OR letter to t he


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The CP strongly encourages you to voice your opinion through the student paper. E-mail your letter or bring it by E8.

Chick-fil-gay? Public figures should keep their opinions to themselves.



he iconic southern style fast food restaurant known as Chick-Fil-A has always put its principals before profit. But just recently, company president Dan Cathy has publicly remarked that he is against gay marriage. On a radio show he stated that, “we’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.” I should consider myself lucky that the nearest Chick-Fil-A is in Boise. Dan Cathy has also funded some of the most aggressive anti-gay and lesbian groups who have advocated for their abuse, and even death. Among the list are groups such as Exodus International, the Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family which all stand out for their extreme intolerance and have been know to try to “cure” homosexuals. Businesses like Chick-Fil-A, ones that fund hate groups of any kind, should be boycotted. They deserve all of the pressure that they get from protestors. People like Boston mayor Thomas Menino and celebrity Ed Helms have all stood up to Chick-Fil-A. Others, however, have mistaken this for a issue of freedom of speech. Now I love the freedom of opinion as much as the next person, but I draw the line when it comes to outright bigotry and intolerance. Businesses should be held up to an expectation of equality among its customers and not discriminate against a population of people. There was once a time in the U.S. when such prejudice occurred in all sorts of businesses. We can’t forget about what happened when places like restaurants were allowed to openly discriminate against certain people. Luckily, the U.S is now at 53% acceptance of gay marriage. So the next time a business leader with a diverse customer base has an opinion on what constitutes a family, they should probably think about keeping it within their own.

Gays should learn to accept other people’s views too.



s you’ve probably heard, Chick-Fil-A came under fire this last July by expressing their antigay marriage stance in an interview with the Baptist Press. You’d figure that the LGBT community would respect Chick-Fil-A’s views on life, just how they want people to respect their alternate views, right? Wrong. They staged a childish “Same-Sex Kiss In” to boycott the restaurant; the BAPTIST restaurant who respects the Sabbath by closing on Sundays. If the LGBT community really wants to be accepted, why can’t they accept other people’s beliefs as well? Are they not guilty of the same actions they are accusing Chick-Fil-A of? Why should they ask Chick-Fil-A to keep their views to themselves, when gays can’t keep their views to themselves? Why should Chick-Fil-A change their views based on religion to accommodate someone’s choice? Besides, it’s just an opinion! Chick-Fil-A still continues to serve anyone, no matter your sexual preference. It is the Christian religion to consider those who sleep with the same sex to be engaging in an immoral act. If you ask a Christian to disregard that thought, might they as well forget about not murdering, lying or committing adultery? I, personally, find the idea of gay marriage wrong. However just as I might lie or disobey my parents, we all sin in some sense. I may not approve of said lifestyle, but a participant in it is still human just as I am. I feel that Mr. Cathy, the founder and president of Chick-Fil-A, meant for his views to be seen in the same stance. I feel that I speak for Chick-Fil-A and many other Christians (hold Westboro Baptist) when I say that gay marriage is wrong, but the Christian religion is all about acceptance; accept our views just as we are learning to accept yours.


The Mission of the Cedar Post Editorial Board, through the Opinion Page, is to provoke thought and discussion among the student body regarding issues of social, political, and educational concern.


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First Day 2012

Rural royalty

Senior Carli Giard reigns as fair queen Kristen McPeek A&C Editor



n Taking a break: Carli Giard, the 2012 Bonner County Fair Queen, lounges with her pig after a day of showing. Giard not only shows animals but enters cooking, sewing, and other various projects in the fair.

any families have traditions, for Carli Giard’s family it’s reigning as queen at the Bonner County Fair. Taking place at the end of August, Giard has attended the fair since she was born. “The fair has helped me become a better person, that we can all be good people. It has taught me responsibility and I enjoy being around all my family and friends”, says Giard. Holding the title before her was her grandmother, her aunt, and her brother as fair king. Another previous related reigner was her mother who has helped from giving pointers to “just about everything”. “Everything”, includes interviews,

building resumes, filling out questionnaires, and volunteering. Most of her volunteering takes place through the fair’s junior advisory board, in which Giard is currently president of. Now that she has gained the title, she continues to help out at the fair by taking tickets, handing out ribbons, and helping kids get ready for show. When she is not helping out at the fair she shows many various animals such as pigs, rabbits, chickens, and her favorite project-milking goat. Outside of the fair, she enjoys horseback riding and is currently president of pep club, looking forward to getting the school’s spirit up. Giard feels honored to represent our county and show people what the fair can do for them.

Summer Supposition A view of summer through the lens Krsten McPeek A&C Editor


he human mind is always wanting more, what’s better, and the latest. Whether it’s scientifically programmed into our brains or spiritually lifted in our hearts I honestly cannot tell you. The one thing I do see is the pattern in everyone; sports, grades, and even material goods. This summer, I wanted better. I wanted better experiences that I can look back on and think “to be young again”. More memorable

experiences I gained? I got to meet some amazing people, see exotic places in North Idaho I never knew existed, and had one of the best summers ever. This was all because I tried not to expect much so that in the end I wouldn’t be disappointed if the turnout wasn’t as expected. Now that the school year is finally here I am hoping for the best, and just like I did this summer I want to capture every moment with my camera.


etting amped for school? Stressing about what supplies you need? Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial but most likely these are thoughts that have gone through your high school brain. Truth is you probably have plenty of materials lying around that can be used for this year, just as well as it was last year. You can save money and not only help yourself but the environment as well.

Old binders? Take a trip back to middle school and grab some fancy duct tape to repair any damage. Considering duct tape comes in almost every color and pattern, I’m sure anyone can find exactly what they are looking for at local craft and hardware stores, and stores like Wal-Mart.

How To

Reuse School Supplies


I’ve discov- ered recently is the use of school supplies in other forms. I have found that old erasers, really of any shape or size, can be made into creative stamps by cutting out any image of your choice with an X-Acto knife.

For any of you photo grab

bing and memory keeping students, old books can be turned into picture frames! Simply cut out a square (or any shape) in a couple of pages and place a photo of your choice underneath the pages you just transformed and viola! You got yourself a good lookin’ vintage photo frame. Now that we live in an age KARLEE PETERSON | Staff Member of washers and dryers, there is really no need for old wooden clothes pins. Dress them up with any color paint and glue a magnet on the back for hanging any photos or important papers in your locker.


First Day 2012

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Junior Joab Logan, a three year varsity soccer player, is once again trying to provide the attacking presence this season’s team needs. Last year Logan was named for the Spokesman-Review All North Idaho Team and the All IEL Team. This year he looks to propel his team to the state tournament and bring home his first banner.


When did you start playing soccer?


In your mind, what is the most challenging aspect of playing soccer? A. The most challenging aspect of soccer is the mental aspect, not letting the pressure get to you on breakaways, not giving up when you’re losing, and staying focused in general, whether you’re winning or not.


A. I started playing soccer at age 6. Do you have any pregame rituals? A. Yes, before every game while standing on the field I say a short prayer as I touch my toes and do a knee tuck jump. I also do a sweet three clap handshake with Aaron Crossingham.

Who has been the most influential person for your soccer playing carreer? A. The most influential people for my soccer career would have to be my parents because they got me into it [soccer] and have put in the time helping me such as driving me to away games when I was younger and helping me raise money for going to Arizona this spring.

What has been your most memorable soccer moment?

What inspires you to succeed on the field and play to your full potential?

A. My most memorable soccer moment would have to be making the all-star pullout team at O.S.U. soccer camp and starting in the game against the O.S.U. Beavers.

A. My teammates inspire me to play better, and my past failures because they are always there to remind me and drive me to keep getting better.

Q. Q.



State: main focus of coaches, players

By Nathan Schwartz Sports Editor


andpoint High School has asserted itself as a powerful sports presence, and nothing has changed this year. With several teams already off to a good start and more teams just starting thier seasons, it looks like this fall sports season is going to be exciting and memorable.

Cross Country Coach: Matt Brass

Coaching at SHS for seven seasons

Key Runners:

Sam Levora (Jr), Tim Prummer (Sr), Sydney Foster (Jr) and Mikhaela Woodward (So)

Outlook: Although Regional Champion and 5th

place State Medalist Sam Levora is leading the boys team, Coach Brass says the boys team is very young and inexperienced, but every day of practice they are proving to be a State caliber team. Returning team captain Sydney Foster and newcomer Mikhaela Woodward look to carry the already talented girls team this season.

final of State two years in a row. So I think there is only one option for us: win the State Title.”

Boys Soccer Coach: Adam Tajan

Coaching at SHS for three seasons

Key Players:

Austin Keyes (Sr), Raleigh Hanson (Sr), Jeffrey Rokstad (Sr), Joab Logan (Jr), Jeremiah Gagnon (Jr) and Aaron Crossingham (Jr)

Outlook: After coming off of unexpected District


Championship losses the past two years, the Boys Soccer Program is trying to live up to tradition and make it back to the state tournament. A strong returning senior class looks to develop the team’s potential throughout the season.

Coaches Take: “I expect nothing short of a

State Championship this season. I believe we have what it takes to put a banner in the gym.”



Coach’s Take: “My expectations are individual Coach: Mike Brosnahan regional title for both boys and girls, and for the girls team to win regionals and the boys team to qualify for State.”

Volleyball Coach: Karen Alsager

Coaching at SHS for eight seasons

Key Players: Seniors: Beth Lewis, Megan

Rockwell, Maddie Russo, Teresa Young, Kelli Plaster and Maddie Suppiger


With only the loss of three players from last year’s team, this senior stacked team is looking to get to the state tournament for the eighth year in a row. Coach Alsager says that this group of girls has a complete family atmosphere and everyone is working together to reach the main goal: win state.

Coach’s Take:

“[Our] expectations are to win Districts and place as high as possible at the state tournament.”

Girls Soccer Coach: Conor Baranski

Coaching at SHS for first season

Key Players:

Megan Pagano (Sr), Jennifer Meulenberg (Sr), Emma Weme (Jr), Kendra Corless (Jr), Alanna Robinson (Jr) and Corinne Ariss (So)


This year’s team is a mix of both experience and youth. This combination of returning seniors and juniors, and impact underclassmen players are looking to break free of their previous two year second place finishes at State.

Coach’s Take: “The team has gotten to the

Meet the Bulldogs

Sandpoint fall athletes line up for a picture during the ‘Meet the Bulldogs’ event on Monday, August 20. All sports were represented and announced that day.

Page 5





Girls Volleyball

Coaching at SHS for 16 seasons

Key Swimmers:

Madi Contor (So), Alex Krames (Sr), Kaitlyn Wallis (Sr), Shanna Crayne (Jr), Cassidy Story (Fr) and Jake Sweezy (Jr)

Outlook: Although the swim team has graduated

many primary swimmers, this young group is looking to continually get stronger as the season progresses. The girls, led by Kaitlyn Wallis and Alex Krames, have a strong core pack that perform well in both relays and individual events. Captain Jake Sweezy, leading the the two man swim team, looks to use his breaststroke to propel himself to state this year.

9/06 9/15 9/17 9/25 9/27

Girls Soccer

Coach’s Take:

“I would like to bring as many kids to state this year, I know that some are going to be close, but hard work will prevail.”

9/04 9/13 9/15 9/18 9/20 9/27

4:30 p.m. 6 p.m. Noon 4:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Newport Centennial Ferris Memorial Moscow Centennial Lake City Centennial Coeur d’Alene Centennial Lakeland Centennial

9/05 9/06 9/11 9/22

4:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Noon

Lake City Centennial Bonners Ferry Centennial Lakeland Memorial Post Falls Centennial

9/07 9/28 10/12

7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m

Post Falls Memorial Cheney Memorial Moscow Memorial

Boys Soccer


Coach: Satini Puailoa

Coaching at SHS for ten seasons


Key Players: Seniors: A.J. Buratto, Tim Pays,

Todd Pays, Justin Puryear, Matt Lockey, Nick Prindiville and Nik Feyen


With the hiring of Coach Puailoa, the football program has seen a remodeling, including new coaching staff and new weight room equipment. This year’s group, a combination of experienced seniors and talented young players, are are looking to win the 4A IEL Championship and make it to state.

7 p.m. Lakeland Les Rogers 5 p.m. Lewiston Les Rogers 7 p.m. Post Falls Les Rogers 7 p.m. Coeur d’Alene Les Rogers 7 p.m. Moscow Les Rogers

Cross Country

Coach’s Take:

“This season I want my players to improve every day of practice, to learn how to better prepare and compete. I want them to look inside themselves to be the best, be the better student and better athlete.”

9/08 8:30 a.m. 9/15 9:45 a.m. 10/06 9:15 a.m.



9/19 4 p.m. 10/03 4 p.m. 10/10 4 p.m.

Silverwood Invite Silverwood Cd’A Invite Ramsey Park Sandpoint Invite Riley Creek

Lake City Sandpoint West Coeur d’Alene Sandpoint West Post Falls Sandpoint West


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First Day 2012

Spud’s Waterfront - 102 N. First

Pita Pit- 116 N. First

Potatoes, rotisserie chicken, salads, soups, sandwiches, oh my! Spud’s is just under a ten minute drive from campus and offers a great lunch for $5-10.

Just about seven minutes from Sandpoint High, Pita Pit offers made-to-order pita sandwiches, salads and a selection of soups. Try a chicken caesar pita for about $6!

the longest drive, but some great food options

Starbucks - 108 N. First

Joel’s- 329 Church

This national chain coffeehouse offers more than just espresso drinks and is a great spot to relax before driving back to SHS. Try their sandwiches and pastries that pair perfectly with a great cup of coffee.

A Sandpoint standby for generations, Joel’s offers delicious and fresh Mexican food for a really reasonable price. Try their enormous burritos, fish tacos, specialty plates or just some chips and salsa to go!


first avenue

restaurants are QUICK these less than a 5 minute TRIP journey from SHS ZONE


New to Sandpoint High School? Not sure what to do with your off-campus privileges? Wanting something new for the new year? Let the Cedar Post guide you in your quest to find the finest cuisine-from school hamburgers to Spud’s baked potatoes.

Dub’s Drive-In - 703 Highway 2 A Sandpoint classic for generations. Cheap ice cream, huge burgers, great fries and more, with a location that is perfect for a SHS lunch period. Grab the chicken strips and fries basket for about $6.


Dairy Depot - 1105 Michigan Hamburgers, ice cream, Arizona tea, bags of chips, candy bars, gasoline and other convenience items. Stop by if you are in the mood for snacking, but not necessarily a big lunch.


Bab’s Pizzeria - 1319 Highway 2

quite as close as A not the “quick trip”, but LITTLE still not too far to go FARTHER in a lunch period Tango Cafe - 414 Church

A taste of New York within walking distance of Sandpoint High School! Serving up New York-style pizza by the slice, hero sandwiches, salads, pasta and a large selection of desserts. Subway - 1319 Highway 2

Kessa’s Coffee - 120 S. Division

Serving savory cheesesteaks, quarter-pound hot dogs, third-pound burgers with fries. They also offer madeto-order hoagies with your choice of toppings. Less than ten minutes from SHS, this is a great spot for a sandwich!


Right across 5th Avenue from Tango Cafe, the Pie Hut offers sandwiches, soups, grilled paninis, and of course, fresh-made pie! Plan on under ten minutes of travel time, and expect to spend about $5-10.


The Pie Hut - 502 Church


Winter Ridge Natural Foods - 703 Lake Located off of Highway 2 by Dub’s as you head toward Sandpoint, Winter Ridge serves organic and natural foods to grab for lunch. They offer a daily salad bar as well as made-to-order sandwiches and a juice bar! Joe’s Philly Cheesesteak - 102 Church

In the same building as Panhandle State Bank, Tango Cafe serves up salads, sandwiches and pasta. They also offer a variety of baked goods and espresso drinks to go.

Walk or drive to this national chain sub shop. Endless madeto-order combinations of meat, cheese and vegetables served at great speed. Can you sing “Five Dollar Footlong?”

Super 1 Foods - 624 Larch

In front of the bowling alley (but still walking distance from SHS) is Kessa’s Coffee stand. Try delicious drinks like a quad-shot Snickers latte, or grab a muffin for something more substantial.

The nearest grocery store to SHS, Super 1 has everything under the sun! Pre-made salads, soups, sandwiches, candy, doughnuts, soft serve and more!

division street

ch ips

Bulldog Grill

The Red Zone

Run entirely by the SHS Business Program, the Red Zone offers pizza sticks, fresh baked cookies, slushies, and more!

Deli Central

Located in front of the trophy cases on the East wall, Deli Central serves up sub sandwiches, salads, sack lunches, Pop-Tarts, and a wide variety of drinks, including Snapple.


Campus Cuisine

In the same line as ‘Daily Specials’, the Bulldog Grill serves cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches with fries on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with bean and cheese burritos with chips on Tuesday and Thursday.

Located by the Bookkeeper, look here for Arby’s Melts, Domino’s Pizza, and soup.

Daily Specials

On the West wall of the Commons, the ‘Daily Specials’ line serves up schoollunch classics like chicken noodle soup, chicken nuggets, ravioli and more. Selection changes daily, calendar available at

Local. Natural. Delicious. 703 W. Lake Street (208) 265-8135


Sandpoint, ID 83864

“the lawn”

During the warmer months, don’t limit yourself to the crowded Commons! Bring your sack lunch or cafeteria food outside and enjoy the sunshine! Just remember to “pack it in, pack it out”, and keep the noise down...classes might be going on just inside those windows.

1 First Day '12  
1 First Day '12  

The first edition of the 2012-2013 SHS Cedar Post. This issue was released in print on September 4, 2012