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September 2012

Cedar Park Neighbors Newsletter President’s Message: What’s Your Favorite Part of the Week? By Michael Froehlich ou know what my favorite part Y of the week is in Cedar Park during the summer? Saturday morning. Everyone is out on their porches and sidewalks. They’re sitting at the tables outside the Gold Standard or Satellite or Atiya Ola’s. It’s elbow-to-elbow at the counter at Cedar Park Café. Children are starting to filter into Cedar Park playground. Neighbors are streaming down Baltimore Avenue towards the Clark Park farmer’s market, stopping to talk with one another along the way. Saturday morning is just one of the things I like about my neighborhood and why


I’m excited about serving as the President of Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN). We hope that you were able to come out and enjoy Friday night jazz in Cedar Park this summer. I’d like to give an enormous thank you to Algernong of Elena’s Soul for organizing the series. It certainly would not have happened without Algernong—and your donations in the red buckets during the show! (And speaking of Elena’s, have you heard that their house-made veggie burger is back on the menu? Go try it. It’s the best veggie burger in West Philly.)

Welcome to new CPN President Michael Froehlich.

Hopefully, SEPTA’s track replacement project didn’t inconvenience you too much this summer. SEPTA came out to our June board meeting to talk about their project. continued on page 2

COMMUNITY GARDENS Warrington Community Garden members Peggy Kovich and Carol Bowers, and garden president Michael Williams stand by the City Harvest plot. See story on page 4.

Story on page 6.


State Representative James Roebuck, a Cedar Park Neighbor and scholarship contributor, congratulated recipients as the CPN Scholarship Committee presented this year’s scholarships. See story on page 3.

President’s Message continued from page 1 They’re done replacing the section of track in Cedar Park. The whole project should be done by mid-September. At that point, they’ll be removing their trailers from Baltimore and 49th Street. And we’ll all be riding the trolley once again. Have you had a chance to drop into the new Seeds Gallery at 5011 Baltimore Avenue (owned by the inimitable Saba, proprietor of Aksum on Baltimore Avenue) or Starr’s Boutique at 5015 Baltimore? They’ve got some beautiful art and clothing. You need to take a look if you haven’t yet. And speaking of new businesses, we’re excited that Milan Marvelous has moved The Marvelous Records and Music shop to Cedar Park. Need some new records? Check ’em out. Finally, I wish to thank the 48th Street Neighbors Group for the fun Porch Hops that they sponsored this summer. The 48th Street Neighbors group was formed after a tragic crime in Cedar Park last fall. They realized that looking out for your neighbors (and your neighborhood) starts with

getting to know each other a little bit more. So on two Saturdays this summer, a dozen neighbors held mini-open houses on their porches and invited everyone to drop by. My family and I had a great time at the first one in June. (Sadly, we were out of town for the second one!) I want to acknowledge Monica Allison one more time for the extraordinary work that she did during the last four years as president of Cedar Park Neighbors. There’s no way that I will ever match her energy and skill at bringing people together to improve Cedar Park. But I’ll give it my best shot. And if you have any thoughts on things Cedar Park Neighbors should be doing to improve your part of the neighborhood, please let me know. You can reach us at 267-531-4147 or by email at

Need some new records? The Marvelous Records and Music shop has moved to Cedar Park.

I’m looking forward to being President, because…

There is always something good happening in Cedar Park!

Great Food. Great Drinks. Cedar Park's Neighborhood Bar. 4912 Baltimore Avenue

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CPN Newsletter

Congratulations, Scholars! 2012-2013 Cedar Park Scholarships Presented By Laurie Friedman, Scholarship Chair he CPN Scholarship Committee was T proud to present scholarship awards of $1,000 this year to each of the recipients named below. We recognize these students for their hard work and success in high school, their service to the community, and their continued commitment to furthering their education at the postsecondary level. We truly appreciate the support of all our neighbors and local businesses who contributed to supporting our youth! Since 1989, Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) has raised money and given modest scholarships to support students from the neighborhood in their pursuit of higher education. Unlike many restricted scholarships, Cedar Park’s scholarship offers students funds to pay for any and all school-related expenses, which could be anything from tuition and books, to something as simple as transportation to and from school. Congratulations to the following Cedar Park Scholars!

Sara Ghebremariam is a graduate of West Catholic High School and will be graduating in December from the University of Pennsylvania where she is majoring in Psychology. Dung Nguyen graduated from West Catholic High School and is headed into her senior year at Temple University where she majors in Pharmacy. Antoinette Trott graduated from the Philadelphia High School for Girls and is starting her senior year at Hampton University where she majors in Political Science. Hanh Nguyen graduated from West Catholic High School and will begin her junior year at Temple University in the Fall where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Nursing degree. Zachary Spence graduated from George Washington Carver High School for Engineering & Science and is heading into his junior year at the Howard University School of Engineering. Briana Lane graduated from West Philadelphia High School and is heading into her sophomore year at Widener University. She is majoring in Psychology.

THANKS FROM A SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT irst off, I would like to thank you for selecting me as this year’s recipient of the Cedar Park Neighbors Scholarship. As tuition continues to increase, the scholarship is greatly needed. This academic year was successful! I had a number of accomplishments, one becoming a member of the 1867 Howard University traveling basketball team. Not only do I have a passion for the game, but it keeps me focused in all things I do. I have learned in college that time management is crucial. From balancing practices, game days, and my studies I have developed a skill that has proved to be effective. This semester I received all A’s and a C, my best performance thus far. I received a C in my Differential Equations course. It was challenging but with my dedication and the help of my professors and colleagues I received an overall score of a 78. In all, I finished my semester with a 3.5 GPA and made the Dean’s List.


This summer I am back in Philadelphia continuing my internship at the Navy Yard. My role as an intern gives me hands

Make a scholarship donation through the CPN website or send a check to CPN marked “Scholarship.”


Friday Night Jazz Reunion Party on experience as a & School Supply GiveAway computer engineer and with Denise King allows me to obtain valuable knowledge Fri, Sept 28 5-9 outside of the classroom Sat, Sept 29 Noon to 8PM setting. I have been given Sun, Sept 30 TBD the task to help develop a simulator for the Navy’s Neighborhood Jazz Festival, submarine ships. The poetry, ethnic dance & more. simulator is composed Free book and school supply of two tanks, which giveaway for kids. transfer water between themselves and a reserCedar Park voir. My responsibility 50th & Baltimore is to construct a computer program that will control the simulator and allow users to conduct preferred functions. I am excited to see my final results at the end of the summer. Once again I would like to thank the Cedar Park Scholarship Fund for selecting me as a recipient of this scholarship! Best Regards, Zachary Spence September 2012

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Beautiful and Bountiful Gardens of Cedar Park By Andrea Saylor, CPN member and newsletter reporter ummer provides a beautiful opportunity to observe one of Cedar Park’s great resources: gardens. Usually grown on once-vacant lots, often tended by groups who collaborate or individuals who share their crops with the community, gardens create green spaces and provide fresh food. Here’s a sample of some of Cedar Park’s gardens.


Warrington Community Garden, 47th & Warrington The Warrington Community Garden began 40 years ago, on a large vacant area which once held a factory that had burned down. The gardeners didn’t own the land, and their efforts were threatened in the early 1990’s when developers expressed interest in the lot. With porch sales, donations from neighbors, and a private lender who helped them with a mortgage, the gardeners raised enough money to buy the land. The Neighborhood Gardens Association, a Philadelphia land trust, holds titles to 29 community gardens in the city, including Warrington, and now the garden can’t be sold to developers.

Garden at 50th and Baltimore Last fall, Vanessa Jerolmack began a private garden on a Baltimore Avenue lot she’d purchased with her husband. The land borders their back yard on Catherine Street, and the garden’s first full season started this summer, thanks to a PHS grant. Vanessa joined the City Harvest Grower’s Alliance, part of the City Harvest program that supports individual gardeners. PHS provided soil, hay, manure, raised boxes, and seeds, and in return, Vanessa sells her produce to neighbors at an affordable price. You can find her at 51st and Chester on Thursdays Vanessa Jerolmack from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the farm stand in her garden on called Farm 51, which is another City Baltimore Avenue. Harvest grant recipient.

Nearly 65 gardeners build and decorate plots here, often in unique ways—notice the Cambodian theme on one plot the next time you walk down Warrington. Gardeners contribute annual fees based on plot size, participate in workdays to keep common areas tidy, and attend a harvest dinner together in October. There is a wait list for plots. The garden also dedicates space to the City Harvest program, a partnership between the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and others, including 45 city gardens. PHS donates seedlings, grown at other locations, and volunteer gardeners plant them, tend them from spring to fall and harvest and donate the crops. Warrington Community Garden’s City Harvest crops go to the food pantry at the nearby Paradise Emmanuel Tabernacle, where 30 families benefit from the food donations. So far this year, the garden has donated over 600 pounds of fresh vegetables. Carol Bowers and Mary Wallman, who run the City Harvest plot at Warrington, say that other gardeners often donate some of their personal produce, too. Page 4

CPN Newsletter

St. Bernard Community Garden This community garden of 47 plots is over 15 years old. Near 49th Street and adjacent the train tracks, the garden sits, often unnoticed, several feet above street level. Gardeners can tend up to three plots per household, pay annual dues of $15, attend workdays, and water their plants with water donated from a next-door neighbor. They have access to a shared tool shed, compost pile, and a shared plot of herbs and berries. Community members began the garden after the house there burned down and the lot stood vacant. The garden has formed a task force to explore how the Neighborhood Garden Association might help them purchase the land. Individuals on the waiting list can expect to get a plot in about two years.

Thanks to these three gardens and all the others in Cedar Park, including the folks on the 4700 block of Chester, Farm 51, and the Pentridge Children's Garden, who enhance the beauty of our neighborhood.

How To Get a Trash Can for Your Block any residents who are interested in M taking on the litter challenge have asked about how to get a trash can for their block. There is more to this issue than meets the eye. We have asked experienced block captain Beth Ellerby, of the 4900 block of Larchwood Avenue, to share her wisdom.

Block Captain, Beth Ellerby, responds: The process for obtaining trash baskets for our block was actually quite easy. We have been an active block association and a member of the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC) since 1995. We participate in all of the clean-ups and applied through their Adopt-a-Basket Program. During our monthly meeting, we discussed how many baskets we wanted and where would be the best place to put them. We also discussed how the cans would be emptied and the care of the area around the cans. As block captain, I wrote a letter to PMBC requesting the necessary paperwork and contract to apply for the baskets. Once the paperwork was received, it was filled out and the homeowners on whose

property the cans were being placed signed the contract accepting responsibility for the can on their property. The cans were delivered within two weeks. We tried several different ways of scheduling the emptying of the cans. Monthly rotations turned out to be the best solution. Knowing you have a particular month cuts down on the confusion. We schedule two people each month, one for each can. We soon realized that we wanted the dome for each can. Without the dome the cans filled up with rain, sleet, snow or ice causing the bags to be very heavy for lifting out as well as messy. We also bought chains and locks for the cans to secure them to the poles. We are very pleased with having the cans and have seen a big decrease in litter on our block.

Place a trash can on your block and reduce litter.

Note: The PMBC is a project of the Philadelphia Streets Department. To learn more about PMBC, call 215-685-3981.

CALLING ALL BLOCK LEADERS! hether you are a registered block captain with W the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee; the main person who gathers the block for meetings, block parties or cleanups; or just interested in getting more involved with your block, we need you! Contact us at and put “block leader” in the subject line. We will tell you what we have in store for block leaders. Come on, get involved!

VOTERS, BRING YOUR PHOTO ID ON N O V. 6 e sure to register to vote and bring a photo B ID with an expiration date on it with you to the polls. Bring one of the following forms of identification and make sure it has not expired. A driver’s or non-driver’s licence has an expiration date and can be used as long as it has not been expired for more than 12 months. A U.S. passport has an expiration date on it and may be used if the passport is still valid. An active duty U.S. military ID, retired military ID, or military dependent’s ID has an expiration date and may be used. Photo IDs issued by federal, state, county or municipal governments, and IDs from accredited Pennsylvania institutions of higher learning do not always have expiration dates. If yours does not have an expiration date, you can have a sticker with a current expiration date put on it. September 2012

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Zoning News: New Zoning Code Goes Into Effect Maureen Tate, CPN Zoning Committee he CPN Zoning Committee took a T brief respite in August after a very active year to rest up for what will surely be another. The new City of Philadelphia Zoning Code went into effect on August 22. While the new code will resolve much confusion and ambiguity in the old code, it will likely present initial challenges as all parties make adjustments to new processes. The new code calls for the establishment of Registered Community Organizations (RCO’s) to represent community concerns before the ZBA. RCO’s were required to meet particular criteria and make a formal application to the Philadelphia Planning Commission. CPN met the criteria and was approved as an RCO to represent our community on zoning matters within our established boundaries. The following issues have been considered by the CPN Zoning Committee in recent months. 4925 Pentridge: An application to convert a large former industrial building into individual studio/workshop spaces was granted by the ZBA. CPN entered a letter of support. 5027 Baltimore: Application for a take-out certificate for proposed gourmet hot dog/ sandwich business with 4 dwelling units in an existing structure was granted by the ZBA. CPN entered a letter of no objection.

4907 Catharine: An application for a take-out certificate for a counter service vegetarian café with smoothie bar was granted by the ZBA. CPN filed a letter of no objection. 5114 Hazel: A hearing before the ZBA on an application for a conversion from single family to a triplex was scheduled for July 18. Following notice of objection by many neighbors and a letter of objection by Cedar Park Neighbors, the applicant sought and was granted a continuance until September 19 at 5:00 p.m. CPN is seeking to clarify the applicant’s intent and will attend the continuance hearing. 5016 Walton: An application for legalization of a two family dwelling was granted by the ZBA. CPN filed a letter of no objection. 5103 Pentridge: CPN received notice of intent regarding an application for a use permit for a banquet hall that will also serve as meeting facility for girls mentoring program. There is no hearing scheduled at this time. The Zoning Committee will work with neighbors to schedule a meeting so the applicant can present about the proposed use to local residents. Note: The CPN Zoning Committee generally meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. The September meeting will be held Wednesday, September 19. If you have questions about any of these issues or are a CPN member interested in serving on the committee, contact the committee at:

Cedar Park Welcomes Seeds Gallery By Monica Allison, CPN Vice President aturday August 11, 2012 marked the S fruition of a dream. The Seeds Gallery located at 5011 Baltimore Avenue opened its doors with four artists featured. The opening exhibit featured works by Charles Barbin, Artist/Public Murals Designer, Robert Brahin, Documentary Photographer, and Russell Brodie and Jeremy Fahringer, West Philly artists. Upon my arrival, I was happy to see families both inside and outside of the gallery. The gallery was inviting and relaxed. The food was good as was the choices of wines. The mission of the Seeds Gallery is to create a networking forum for local artists and to help seed them into the community. The aim is to seed local artists by helping to create exposure for their Page 6

CPN Newsletter

work, develop their business skills, and present their work to clients. They will help foster relationships between artists and their client base and assist with transactions. The Seeds Gallery is not a traditional gallery, so check it out! The Seeds Gallery will have showings of local artists and educate them in business practices. The Cedar Park area is full of unsigned, but noteworthy artists who could take advantage of the offerings of The Seeds Gallery and its staff. We are excited to have them in our community. For more information regarding The Seeds Gallery, contact: Nori James, Executive Director, Seeds Gallery at 267-289-2705 or

The Seeds Gallery opened on August 11th. Check it out!

Go West Craft Fest at the Woodlands: Food, Fun, Family-Friendly O WEST! Craft Fest features over 50 G of the Philly region’s most inventive vendors of original arts & crafts, plus live music, food and family-friendly fun. It’s all at the Woodlands in West Philly, 40th & Woodland (across from the main trolley portal) on Saturday, September 29 (rain date September 30). Find a multitude of local wares handmade with care: original artworks, cards, prints, hand-constructed and upcycled clothing, screen printed tees, ceramics, home goods, jewelry, accessories, cozy knitwear, natural bath & body products, candles, toys, edibles and more. Keep your holiday shopping list in mind, as a handmade gift is not only unique and special, but also supports local, independent small business. There’s live entertainment too! Four amazing acts will perform for your diversion.

Black Orchid’s vegan specialties and West Philly’s own award-winning Lil’ Pop Shop for dessert! We are looking to accept one or two more food trucks or vendors for lunch/brunch main courses, preferably those that emphasize local, sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients, presented in a skillful and original way.

3 p.m.: Tinycircus, aerial flights of fancy presented by Tangle Movement Arts

The Fest’s location, the Woodlands Cemetery, Mansion & Historic Landscape, is one of West Philly’s sweetest spots. A true urban oasis, its 54 wooded acres are home to an 18th-century neoclassical mansion (open for tours), a community garden, historically significant trees and an apiary, as well as over 30,000 eternal Philadelphians since 1840. The Fest will be near the main entrance, just inside the fence along Woodland Avenue.

There’s also a handful of food vendors for your physical nourishment, including

Proudly presented by VIX Emporium and As the Crow Flies & Co.

Noon: Perseverance Jazz Band, swinging NOLA-style standards 1 p.m.: the Citywide Specials, authentic bluegrass that’s finger-pickin’ good 2 p.m.: Jay Sand of “All Around This World” engaging world music for kids and their families

Drexel Seeks Members for Community Families you enjoy meeting new people, learning Iyourfabout different cultures while sharing interests, hobbies, and the culture of West Philadelphia, then check out Drexel University’s new pilot program, the Intercultural Community Bridge Program! This new program is a partnership between Drexel’s English Language Center and IForum that will give participants an opportunity to learn about different cultures as well as a chance to share their unique experiences with each other. Moreover, participants will be able to build meaningful and lasting relationships as they enjoy activities in their community. The time spent with community members faculty and staff will give Drexel students a sense of stability and a much-needed support network.

Participants will be placed into “community families” that will consist of three international students, two domestic students, a faculty or staff member, and one member from the West Philadelphia community. Each family will meet once a month from October to April. They can attend a variety of Drexel I-Forum events for free, meet for dinner and conversation, take part in West Philadelphia events, etc.

Drexel University’s English Language Center Launches a New Program Bridging the Gap Between Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members.

As you can imagine, we need as many participants as possible to make this program a success. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Bethany Shaw-Fallon at 215-571-4139 or September 2012

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Cedar Park Residents Respond to CPN Neighborhood Survey By Ray Murphy, CPN Board Member t the beginning of the summer Cedar A Park Neighbors launched a survey to gather residents’ thoughts about the future of Cedar Park. This information will enable the CPN Board to best represent the interests of all neighbors in regard to issues that come before the association. It will also inform our participation in Philly 2035, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission process that will result in a new city plan for Philadelphia which includes plans for each neighborhood. Along with other organizations, CPN will participate in creating the plan for our area. Therefore, your participation in this survey is very important. If you have not yet taken the survey, please go to for an easy to access online survey. The survey is also available on our webpage at Hard copies are available upon request by calling Cedar Park Neighbors. Although we will analyze responses in greater detail, we want to share a selection

of quotes that reflect a range of answers thus far. • I think diversity here is people from all over the world coming together because of similar interest and working together to achieve those interests. That’s why I live here. I think affordable housing and commercial spaces, safe streets to raise a family, and communication from all who want to be a part of the collaborative effort is a good way to keep diversity here and keep it coming back. I’m not a fan of the property taxes going up and people who lived their whole lives here getting pushed out though. There has to be a balance, but need to communicate their needs just like everyone else so there can be a balance. • We love it here. The urban mix of density nestled among green space, main street familiarity, the close connection to the city, diversity of neighbors and the overall walk-ability make Cedar Park a lovely place to live. We want to raise our family here, but the school choices make this a struggle.



Zft-!xf!TFSWF! hsfbu!gppe/ JuÖt!cfdbvtf!xf! QSFQBSF!hsfbu! gppe!pvstfmwft"

Find our designs online. 215-476-4040

the Logos


Websites Banners Brochures This Newsletter!

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CPN Newsletter

Cedar Park Residents Respond to CPN Neighborhood Survey, continued • Violent crime in the nearby vicinity. Doubts about the quality of local neighborhood schools. Too expensive and too much house for the monthly payment. • Having a wide range of residents in terms of age, class, and race. One thing that is required to keep the neighborhood diverse is to support existing/long term residents to stay in their homes rather than sell. We need to make the neighborhood more hospitable to long-term residents than to college students, and we need to keep property values stable/reasonable/ affordable rather than taking every chance to inflate them. • It’s in the city, but you can have a yard and park in front of your house, but also still walk to get groceries, Vietnamese food, a drink, whatever. Super diverse and with a progressive history. • I love this neighborhood! It is the first place I have lived that feels like home. The architecture, the trees, the folks who live here, it is a wonderful neighborhood full of beauty and life. • The primary school options are not sufficient for a family-friendly neighborhood. Families are moving here, yet supporting schools has not been a priority of CPN. • It is not very affordable for middle/low income folks to rent alone or even with one other person; I know a lot of people who have been mugged or experienced some sort of violence, robbery or vandalism (including myself); the split between the classes is very evident and cause for a lot of the previously mentioned troubles. • I like that on any walk in Cedar Park, I see diversity in terms of race, class, gender and sexual orientation. It makes the neighborhood feel real and like a city. I think Cedar Park needs to make sure there are affordable properties and take a nuanced view of both the benefits and challenges gentrification (as it is already well under way in West Philly) can bring.

When you live here long enough you know everybody. • The neighborhood is changing and, with rising rents and property taxes, the folks that make this neighborhood great aren’t going to be able to afford to live here. I want to fight for the folks who have been living in this neighborhood for years and not just make it a “safe” and nice college area for Penn students. • I want to live somewhere where development is controlled by the people most severely impacted by it: long-term poor residents of color, not middle-class white residents. I’m not sure if this is that community or not.

Respondents Top Three Answers:

Did YOU Take the Survey?

How much do each of the following impact your decision to live in Cedar Park? Public Transportation


Parks/green space






As part of the neighborhood plan, the Planning Commission will be addressing the issue of zoning to individual properties within both residential and commercial areas as well as the character of our main streets (Baltimore Avenue, 52nd Street, etc.). Please rank the following characteristics: Locally owned and operated businesses within our main streets 67% New construction (buildings) and new businesses should fit the scale and character of the neighborhood


Provide all necessary shopping needs and services along our main streets


Help to guide the future development of Cedar Park by filling out the online version survey at

How long have you lived in Cedar Park?

• I have to ship my child across the city and back every day so she can go to a decent school. Also, everything is getting more expensive. We can’t pay rent any higher than what we have. • I live in the Cedar Park neighborhood because I feel it is a friendly neighborhood, it’s not an anonymous cityscape.

17% Years 0-2








10-20 20-40 40+ September 2012

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IN MEMORIAM s our newsletter is going to press A Cedar Park Neighbors was saddened to learn of the recent death of Rosa Basley Thomas, a long time member and community leader from the 5000 block of Walton Avenue. Rosa died at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital on Friday, August 3, 2012 after a brief period of illness. Rosa Basley was born in Macon, Georgia on December 4, 1941 and was one of 10 children. Her family moved to Philadelphia when Rosa was four years old. She graduated in 1960 from West Philadelphia High School and, shortly after graduation, enlisted into the United States Air Force from which she received an honorable discharge. She married Freddie Thomas, Jr. in 1961 and was blessed with a daughter, Lisa Michelle. In 1964, Rosa enrolled in Drexel University’s Engineering Night School Program and in 1966 joined the Philadelphia School Board as an accountant and later worked in their engineering department as an Administrative Assistant. She worked for the School Board for more than 20 years. In addition to work, Rosa had many other passions. She was an accomplished clothing designer, with a large following

Page 10 CPN Newsletter

who sought her out to design and make wedding and prom gowns, dresses, suits and coats and other items for special occasions. An avid gardener, Rosa not only cared for her own garden but encouraged other beautification activities among her neighbors. Rosa was a resident of the 5000 block of Walton Avenue for 35+ years. She was an energetic advocate for her block and served as Block Captain for over 20 years and was considered the “go to” person and the party person. As a Block Captain she coordinated block meetings, clean-ups, parties, tree planting and other greening projects. Because of her effective block leadership she was the keynote speaker at CPN’s 2005 Block Leaders Conference. She was always interested to do her part to see our community move forward in a positive way. Rosa also served as a member of the CPN Board of Directors from 2007 to 2009. We have lost a wonderful neighbor who inspired and encouraged many with her hopeful spirit and enduring commitment to community building. Cedar Park Neighbors extends our heartfelt sympathies to Rosa’s family in this time of sorrow and loss.

Rosa Basley Thomas 1941-2002

Membership Update: Greetings From Our New CPN Membership Chair By Marcus Presley, CPN Membership Chair ello All! I’d like to take this H opportunity to introduce myself as the new chair of CPN’s Membership Committee! I am very happy to be taking on the job, and as a relative newcomer to the neighborhood I’m looking forward too getting to know even more of you. I also want to thank Laurie Friedman for her fantastic leadership while chairing the committee over the last several years! Over the next year, the board of CPN will be making a big push to increase membership so that we can better serve the community. Between the long term city planning work being done through the Philadelphia 2035 project and the changes to the city’s zoning code, as well as the general increase in real estate activity in our community, we have a unique opportunity to come together to shape the future of our vibrant neighborhood. CPN is consistently looked to as a voice for the residents of Cedar Park, and as such we believe that it’s critical to increase both our numbers as well as the overall engagement of our members so that we can truly represent our community.

Our new table at the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll (where you can procure a membership for only one dollar!) has gone a long way towards helping us achieve this goal, and we have added 45 new members over the last month through this outreach! It’s been a lot of fun to connect with so many new members in this way. We are working to continue to be an even greater presence in the community over the next year. For those new members who are receiving this newsletter for the first time, welcome, and thank you for your commitment! We encourage you (and older members alike!) to take some time to look over the CPN committees and see how you might want to become even more involved in the organization. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve our neighborhood in this way, and please email the membership committee at with any questions, concerns, thoughts or ideas that you have in terms of getting even more involved with CPN. Warm regards, Marcus Presley

September 2012

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Page 12 CPN Newsletter

The Dirt Factory Is Open for Business A Project of the University City District he Dirt Factory is a new community T composting facility located at 4308 Market Street and is open for drop-off from 5 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday. The Mission of the Dirt Factory is: • To keep fallen leaves out of the waste stream and in University City; • To provide a location for the University City community to sustainably dispose of its food scraps and other organic waste; • To generate high-quality organic compost for use in University City gardens. The Dirt factory features the high-capacity Earth Tub Compost System, which produces compost year-round from neighborhood organic waste. The Dirt Factory is also a community education center, featuring residential scale composting facilities where community members can learn more about composting at home and gardening using compost.

Drop-Off Leaves: UCD collects bagged leaves and wood chips from the neighborhood for processing at The Dirt Factory. Do you have bagged leaves or wood chips? To arrange pickup, contact: Food scraps and other organic material: The Pedal Co-op collects compostable material from University City residents and businesses, with drop-off at The Dirt Factory. To find out more about this service, which is available for a low monthly fee, contact the Pedal Co-Op at 507-581-4421 or 507-581-4421.

Hours The Dirt Factory is open during scheduled drop-off times, and for educational and community events. Currently, the scheduled drop-off time is 5-6 p.m. every Wednesday. Changes will be posted on the UCD website link:

Upcoming Events This season, the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners will present a series of seven workshops related to composting and gardening. All workshops are free, and will feature raffles, and other giveaways. Check out upcoming workshops at the link above. Saturday, October 6, 10:00 a.m. Extending the Growing Season If you love eating home-grown vegetables, learn how your garden can keep producing fresh food well into the fall, and even throughout the winter! Master Gardner Lauren McEewen will discuss inexpensive tools, such as reusing plastic soda bottles and old vinyl windows, as well as the more advanced techniques that will keep your vegetable garden going all year long.

You can also drop off up to 5 gallons of organic food waste per week at The Dirt Factory. The facility is open for drop-off from 5 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday, but please check to confirm those hours before dropping off. For a list of materials that are accepted for composting, please visit

Pick-up Contact if you are interested in obtaining finished compost from The Dirt Factory. UCD will contact you when material becomes available.

September 2012

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Page 14 CPN Newsletter

Cedar Park Neighbors Membership Application/Renewal ● New Member





● Renewal ● Multi-year (max. 3 years) ● ● ● ● ●

# of years_____ $10 Individual $15 Household (2 persons or more) $ 7 Senior/Student/Unemployed $30 Business $40 Sponsor (one free CPN t-shirt!)

City, State, Zip Phone




Additional contribution: (Write $ amount)

_____ Holiday baskets _____ Scholarships _____ Jazz Series _____ Park _____ Other, specify _________________________ CPN t-shirt: (Write $ amount if not Sponsor and circle size)

_____ Short Sleeve Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL,4XL, 5XL, 6XL ($15) _____ Short Sleeve Kids S, M, L, XL ($15) _____ Long Sleeve Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL ($20)

● Yes, I would like to receive an email notice with

a link to the current newsletter on the CPN website (and do not deliver a paper copy to my home). Email Website Phone 267-531-4147

Return form with check to: Cedar Park Neighbors Calvary Community Center 4740 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143


Check your areas of interest for potential participation: ● Block Organizing: Maintain list of Block Leaders, organize forums, ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Review block grant applications and help awardees implement projects etc. Board of Directors: CPN leadership and decision-making body. Cedar Park Garden Tenders: Plant and maintain gardens at Cedar Park. Education Committee: Interaction with local schools and parents on issues. Fundraising: Special events, grant writing. Holiday Baskets: Coordinate and assist distribution to needy Cedar Park families. Membership/Newsletter Committee: Promote membership to residents and businesses, Writing, publishing, photography and distribution of newsletter. Property/Housing Task Force: Strategize/respond to issues of deteriorated property. Scholarship Committee: Raise funds, promote program, and select awardees. Website: Technical support, maintenance, updating info/pictures etc. Zoning Committee: Monitor & communicate issues to residents; represent Cedar Park before Zoning Board of Adjustment. Cedar Park Neighbors is a 501[c]3 not-for-profit organization. All contributions are fully tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

September 2012

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c/o Calvary Community Center 4740 Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19143

CPN Mission Statement: Cedar Park Neighbors is an association of diverse households and businesses based in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the association shall be to foster collaboration among all persons living and working in the Cedar Park neighborhood, to promote community development, to provide a forum for communication and community education, to respond to neighborhood concerns and to advocate for and promote the general welfare of the Cedar Park community. Newsletter Editors Maureen Tate & Judy Lamirand Newsletter Design Judy Lamirand, Parallel Design To Contact Cedar Park Neighbors or submit Newsletter items: 267-531-4147



he Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia is presents “Hands On” Demonstration Workshops at the Woodlands, 40th Street and Woodland Avenue, where owners and aspiring owners can learn about the restoration and maintenance of older and historic homes from the conservation staff of the Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust.

rossroads is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. The fall 2012 schedule is now complete, including music from every continent except Australia. You can find the full schedule and more information at


Masonry and Pointing Wednesday, September 19, 6:30 p.m. Historic Wood Windows Wednesday, September 26, 6:30 p.m. Plaster Wednesday, October 3, 6:30 p.m. Roofing Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 p.m.

FREE and open to the public, reservations required. To reserve a space, or for more information, please contact Melissa Jest at 215-546-1146 x6 or Sponsored by Sherwin Williams, The Mark Group, Danner Windows, and Limeworks US in collaboration with The Woodlands and Roxborough Development Corporation. Page 16 CPN Newsletter


Also be sure to check out a full line-up of FREE children’s programs on Saturday or Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. beginning September 15. Children’s programs last from 30 to 40 minutes, and are free to children under 12 and their parents or other caregivers. Seating is first come, first served. Please, no unaccompanied children. Full schedule is available on the website. All Crossroads Concerts take place at Calvary Center, 801 South 48th Street.


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Cedar Park Neighbors Sept. 2012 newsletter  

Cedar Park Neighbors is a vollunteer-run neighborhood civic association chartered by the City of Philadelphia since the 1960's. CPN promotes...