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Day 1, F r i, Jun 18 — Depart Seattle for Tel Aviv. Day 2, Sat, Jun 19 — Upon arrival inIsrael, we go to the Dan Caesarea Hotel in Caesarea. Day 3, Sun, Jun 20 — We begin at Caesarea Maritima with its theatre, hippodrome and aqueducts followed by a snorkeling expedition in the ancient harbor. Visit Mt. Carmel where Elijah called down fire upon the altar. Then to Akko, an ancient port and one of the oldest settlements with continuous occupation from the 15th century BC. We will walk through the crusader fortress where 100,000 crusaders died. On to Megiddo with its 26 superimposed cities, including remains from Solomon’s days, and view the Plains of Jezreel where the final battle of Armageddon will be fought. Then to our hotel, the Gai Beach, right on the beach of the Galilee. Day 4, Mon, Jun 21 — Start the day by sailing across the Sea of Galilee in a replica boat from 2,000 years ago. Visit the ancient “Jesus” boat discovered in 1986. Next, walk on the Mount of Beatitudes, site of the Sermon on the Mount, and then enjoy a short hike down the hill along a path Jesus may have taken to Capernaum. Here we see a first century synagogue and the home of Peter’s mother. At Tabgah we visit the shore where Jesus fed 5,000. We then drive by Nazareth to Zippori, the capital of Tiberias during the time of Christ, a place where Jesus and his family may have traded goods and perhaps attended religious studies. Day 5, Tues, Jun 22 — Today we travel to the northern part of Israel and walk through

Altar and a Canaanite Gate. Then to Caesarea Philippi and hike to the waterfalls, one of the most beautiful in Israel. We will enjoy a 4wheel jeep ride on the Golan Heights. Visit Mt. Bental to see the remains from the Six Day War. Walk through the many underground bunkers used during the war. Next, enjoy Kayaking down the Jordan River with a stop along the shore for baptism. Day 6, Wed, Jun 23 — We leave the Galilee area and drive to the crusader fortress, Belvoir. Next, we explore Beit Shean, Israel’s largest excavation. Walk through this massive city and see the ancient gymnasium, bath house, theatre, public toilets, shops and temples. You can climb to the top of the Tel where the bodies of Saul and Jonathan were hung. At Sachne, enjoy a swim in the naturally warm pools, or just relax in this beautiful park setting. We then, visit Jericho, if security permits, and view the Mount of Temptations. Drive to the lowest spot on earth, the Dead Sea. We will stop and view the Ein Gedi waterfall where David hid from Saul. The adventurous can take the hour hike up to the waterfall and dip in the cool water. We offer two options for overnight in the desert. Those that like an adventure can experience sleeping in a Bedouin tent “roughing it.” After a typical Bedouin meal, enjoy an evening around the bon fire, gazing into the desert starry night. Grab your bed and find a place in the sleeping tent for the night. In the morning, enjoy a camel ride in the desert, an experience to remember. For those that enjoy a little more pampering, your accommodations will be at the deluxe Le Meridien Hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea for an evening of relaxation, use the spa facilities, or “float” in the Dead Sea. Day 7, Thu rs, Jun 24 — Enjoy a morning of leisure before we visit Masada, the famous archaeological site where Jewish Zealots made their last stand against Rome in AD 73. We visit Qumran, site of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery. Drive into the Golden City of Jerusalem via Mt. Scopus. We arrive at our Jerusalem hotel, the Sheraton Plaza. Day 8, F r i, Jun 25 — Today we will begin our Jerusalem journey at the Mt. of Olives then walk down the Palm Sunday road to Gethsemane. Next walk across the Kidron Valley to Mt. Zion. We will visit Caiaphas’ House where Jesus was held before trial. Visit the Upper Room before heading to

trial. Visit the Upper Room before heading to Bethlehem to spend the remainder of the day. Day 9, Sat, Jun 26 — First we visit the Knesset and see the Menorah. Next we visit the Israel Museum and see the Holy Land Model, replica of Jerusalem during the time of Christ, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. We drive just outside of Jerusalem to visit, circumstances permitting, Herodian, a lavish and heavily fortified palace built by Herod. Drive to the Elah Valley where the battle of David and Goliath took place. At Bet Shemesh we will visit the ancient city which was the home of the Ark of the Covenant after the Philistines returned it to the Israelites. Next visit Tel Maresha, an ancient village built by King Rehoboam. An underground network of passages ways are linked in approximately 5,000 caves. After dinner this evening you can enjoy a ride through time in the Time Elevator. Hang on as you drop through 3,000 years of history on an unforgettable ride through Jerusalem’s historic turning points. Day 10, Sun, Jun 27 — This morning enter the Old City through the Jewish Quarters to see the ancient Roman Cardo and the remains from Nehemiah’s wall. Visit the Western Wall and walk through the Western Wall Tunnel to see remarkable underground excavation of ancient Jerusalem. Next, see a virtual tour at the Davidson Center then explore the southern steps of the Temple, the entrance to the Temple 2,000 years ago. Visit the City of David, original Jerusalem, located just outside the Old City Walls. Walk through a 1700 foot tunnel dug during the reign of Hezekiah. This evening return to the Old City for a walk on top of the Old City Walls. Day 11, Mon, Jun 28 — Enjoy a free day today. Day 12, Tues, Jun 29 — Circumstance permitting, we will visit the Temple Mount then walk through the Old Arab markets following the Via Dolorosa. We will see the Pools of Bethesda and then experience unique acoustics at the Church of St. Anne’s. Drive to New Jerusalem and walk through Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. We end our time in Jerusalem with worship and communion at the Garden Tomb. After dinner as we say good-bye to Israel. Day 12, Wed, Jun 30 — Arrive home with a lifetime of memories of our Journey to the Land of the Bible. Flight schedules can be changed by the

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