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Cedar Park Assembly of God Wedding & Reception Policies Effective January 2007 The Premise of a Church Wedding A church wedding is different than a civil wedding. Civil weddings involve only the minimum elements required by law. A church wedding encompasses legal aspects but also much more. It is a way of saying that the vows are made before God. By being married in a church, the couple is acknowledging God’s right in their relationship and they are hoping for his blessing upon their home. Because of the setting, the ceremony takes on a profoundly spiritual nature. It is the purpose of the Cedar Park Church to foster and encourage the beauty and reverence of church weddings.

How to Schedule a Wedding at Cedar Park Church 1. Call the church (425.488.3600) and speak to the Wedding Ministry Department to check the requested dates on the church calendar. Unless your rehearsal is on the same day as the wedding, and takes place within the hours that you have rented the facility, it will be necessary to schedule the rehearsal date and time as well. If the date is available, submit the attached reservation form along with the required reservation deposit of $150 (credited to your wedding costs) and damage deposit of $500. The damage deposit will be held in the file and refunded the week after the wedding if no damage has occurred. 2. If you are going to be married by a Cedar Park Minister, meet with that minister to see if they can perform the ceremony. At that appointment arrange any pre-marriage testing or counseling required by the minister, which may be in addition to the premarriage class. 3. Enroll in a pre-marriage class that meets the requirements of the Eastside Pastors’ Community Marriage Agreement. For information on Cedar Park’s pre-marriage classes, please call Sherrill Shipley at 425.488.3600 ext. 1124.

Wedding Fees The cost of a wedding at Cedar Park is $1000. This fee includes the facility rental, wedding coordinator services, custodial services and sound technician services. A discount is available to those who regularly attend Cedar Park Church.


Available Wedding and Rehearsal Times The use of Cedar Park’s facilities for weddings is by precise time periods. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, reservations are made in separate blocks of time as follows: 6 AM to 2 PM 2 PM to 10 PM When reserving wedding space you are reserving one of these time periods unless you agree to rent additional time. Wedding rehearsals are typically held on Thursday evenings during one of the following blocks of time: 6 PM to 8 PM 8PM to 10 PM If you prefer, you may also hold your rehearsal on the same day as the wedding during the wedding time period you have reserved.

The Wedding Coordinator Your wedding coordinator will play a big part in helping you prepare for your wedding. She will contact you by telephone within three weeks of the calendar confirmation of your wedding. During this initial telephone call, she will schedule a consultation appointment with you. The consultation should take place as soon as possible and will usually last for 90 minutes. Your wedding coordinator will be available to answer questions as you plan for your upcoming wedding. Another consultation with your coordinator will take place approximately one week before your wedding. The wedding coordinator will also be in charge of the wedding rehearsal (unless your minister would prefer to direct the rehearsal). On the day of the wedding, the coordinator will arrive one hour before the wedding party to make sure everything is in order and to direct the events of the day.

The Rehearsal The Wedding Coordinator will work with the couple and be in charge of the rehearsal since the minister does not normally attend. The sole purpose of the rehearsal is to review details of the wedding ceremony for the wedding party members. The sound technician does not usually attend the rehearsal, but can be available if needed.


The Wedding Ceremony Couples married by a Cedar Park Minister must use the ceremony options form provided by the church. This form allows the couple to create their own ceremony using the multiple choices provided. Proposed ceremonies by non-Cedar Park ministers must be approved by the Wedding Coordinator. All music, vows, and readings used should be in keeping with the nature of a church wedding. The Wedding Coordinator will review a copy of the ceremony with the couple in advance of the rehearsal.

The Decorations The beauty of the church facilities should be carefully considered in decoration plans. Decorations, including flowers, candelabras, candles, etc. shall be furnished by the couple. Only silk or dried rose petals can be dropped down the aisle. Sanctuary and Chapel decorating should take place during the time period rented. If you have rented space in the church for your reception, please call the Office Manager to check the time the reception space will be available to you for decorating.

Care and Use of the Building It is expected that all facilities will be given careful use and respect. Only silk or dried rose petals can be used down the aisle. No thumbtacks, scotch tape, or other articles that would mar the building or furniture may be used. Use masking tape only. Only candles with hurricane lanterns are allowed down the Sanctuary or Chapel aisle. Paradise candles must be used in all candelabras. Furniture may not be moved. No rice, birdseed, confetti, or other items may be used to spread “best wishes� on the couple, either inside or outside the building. Additional custodial fees may be charged if excess litter from car decorating, rice, birdseed, etc. is found in the parking lot after the wedding party departs. Animals are not allowed in the building.

The Reception The couple is responsible to provide all food and drinks, servers for the tables, and clean-up and removal of all leftover refreshments. Placement and removal of reception decorations is also the responsibility of the couple. A Cedar Park Reception Coordinator is required to be on site and will give assistance with the reception in regards to church policies and resources available for use. The following Cedar Park facilities are available for receptions: Friendship Room (up to 70 people/$150), Northshore campus Fellowship Hall (up to 125 people/$250) and the Gym (up to 350 people/$350). Please note the attendance limits for each reception area.


Policy on Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages There will be no smoking inside the building. No alcoholic beverages may be served on the church premises at any time. The bride and groom are under obligation to make this rule known to all party members.

Photography and Videography Photography and Videography are allowed. During the service, only the wedding party and those involved in the ceremony should be on the platform. Use of flash photography during the service is permitted only with approval of the Couple.

Sound Amplification and Recording Sound amplification and/or recording can be made available but is not automatically provided. If requested at least one week in advance, the sound technician will tape the ceremony for the couple. The sound technician will need an advance copy of the ceremony in order to prepare the proper microphones and equipment before the wedding. Sound amplification may not be necessary for weddings that do not use live vocal music or recordings. Sound amplification is necessary if a recording is to be made.

Pre-marriage Counseling Cedar Park Assembly of God participates in the Eastside Community Marriage Agreement that requires all couples getting married to complete a course of premarital classes and/or counseling. All couples getting married at Cedar Park Assembly of God, with or without a Cedar Park Minister, must give evidence that they have completed the required premarital classes and/or counseling prior to the wedding date.


Cedar Park Assembly of God Wedding Reservation Form and Agreement Wedding Date Requested:_________________________________________________ Time Period from __________ to _____________.

(Please refer to the policies covering available times)

Start time of Wedding: Rehearsal Date Requested:________________________________________________ Time Period from __________ to _____________.

(Please refer to the policies covering available times)

Bride’s Name: Address:

City____________ Zip________________

Phone # at home: ____________________________work: _____________________________________ Email ______________________________________

Groom’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________City ____________Zip ________________ Phone # at home: ____________________________work: _____________________________________ Email ______________________________________

Post wedding address:

Wedding space requested: _____ Friendship Room (up to 70) _____ Chapel (up to 200) _____ Northshore Sanctuary (up to 350) _____ Bothell Sanctuary (up to 1200) Number of guests expected to attend _______ Number of invitations to be sent _________

Reception space requested: _____ Friendship Room (up to 70) _____ Northshore campus Fellowship Hall (up to 150) _____ Gym (up to 500) Number of guests expected to attend _______


Minister: Cedar Park Minister (Name) Other Minister if not Cedar Park: Name Church Phone number

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Cedar Park Assembly of God participates in the Community Marriage Agreement that requires all couples getting married to complete a course of premarital classes and/or counseling. All couples getting married at Cedar Park Assembly of God, with or without a Cedar Park Minister, must give evidence that they have completed the required premarital classes and/or counseling prior to the wedding date.

We have read the Wedding and Reception Policies of Cedar Park Assembly of God and agree to comply with them. We will comply with other verbal rules that may be given to us by the Wedding Coordinator. We agree to pay the deposits and fees in the amounts, and on the dates, as required. All fees are to be paid in full 30 days before the date of the wedding. Additional wedding services offered by Cedar Park and requested by the couple will be billed at an hourly rate and will be invoice after the wedding date. Please return two separate checks for the reservation deposit ($150) and the damage deposit ($500).

Signature of Bride: ______________________________________________Date __________________ Signature of the Groom: _________________________________________ Date __________________

Signature of the Office Manager:

Office Use Only: Wedding date secured and posted on the church calendar Reservation Deposit received Damage Deposit received

______________ ______________ Ck #________ ______________ Ck# ________

Fees owing: _____________________ (due 30 days before the Wedding) Wedding Coordinator has scheduled Rehearsal and Wedding on her calendar Couple is enrolled in required class or counseling

__________ __________

The following for Cedar Park Minister weddings only: Cedar Park Minister has agreed to perform marriage Cedar Park Minister has wedding date on his/her calendar Cedar Park Minister has testing/counseling scheduled

__________ __________ __________