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Cedar Cliff Notes June 4, 2014

Source: Kimberly Rogers “Julia Shmulia is my shmoopsie woopsie...Kate Raybon is the craziest and most amazing person I know.” Source: Heidi McGinnis

-Adeline Brinkley

“Chorale will never be the same again.” -Gabe Daugherty

Source: Yearbook Staff

Source: Yearbook Staff

Source: Kimberly Rogers “The band seniors have all inspired me in not only my musicality, but also in my everyday life.” Source: Katie McMahon

Source: Kimberly Rogers

-Nathan Sales

a talented Theatre student like Heidi McGinnis who is in Chorale with Julia Suskauer just like Logan Ponder who was on the Color Guard with Alex Maddox who enjoys dressing snappily just like Katrina Nguyen who leads the Reynolds DECA chapter with Kara Powell who is best friends with Kristin Smoot who has lived in other countries like Basiru Njie who has had success in JROTC like Gina Boscoe who was on the golf team with Zach Hamrick who went to Bell Elementary with Howie Aleshire who goes to First Baptist Church of Asheville with Baker Lawrimore who played in “Oklahoma” just like Garrett Williams who was on the swim team with Matt Shimshock who runs cross country with Larissa Wood who won a superlative just like Kate Raybon who went to prom with a junior just like Navi Naisang who has a large family like Rachel Ballard who was in Symphonic Band with EmmaRae Fender who was in the Top 15 with Madison Dietrich who was in AP Statistics with Kourtnai Coles who was on the track team with Mariah Richardson who was crowned at Prom like Cody Cauble who wears glasses like Rebekah Reynolds who has the same last name as Austin Reynolds who is a volunteer firefighter like Justin Yates who went to Fairview Elementary with Josh Whitaker who is an only child like Celesta Edge who went to Asheville Christian Academy in middle school like Bryce