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6. Enduro X-Treme 2012 - 25.03.2012 - Motofrenn Diddeléng You asked for it now deal with it! We are happy to confirm your participation to the 2012 edition of the Enduro X-treme in Dudelange Thank you for your application, we, the Motofrenn Diddeléng, are looking forward to meet you. Please take the time to read below info, which is of outmost importance! Due to the very long waiting list of riders still hoping for a spot, each confirmed rider must pay the participation fee of 50€ before the 9th of March 2012. Please transfer the fee to following account: Motofrenn Diddeleng Bank account: Cheques Postaux (Postbank) L-1090 Luxembourg IBAN: LU75 1111 0363 2648 0000 BIC: CCPLLULL Remark: Entry fee Enduro X-Treme 2012 + Name and First Name of the rider If the participation fee of 50Euro has not been received into above mentioned account until the 9 th of March, a rider from the waiting-list will automatically succeed you and take your spot. This is the only e-mail with appropriate info you will receive. NO REMINDERS FOR THE BANK TRANSFER WILL BE E-MAILED! Name and First name must be specified on the bank transfer. The race confirmation is bound to the Name of the rider (YOU) the race confirmation does not stand at his disposal thus he cannot pass on his participation to someone else! The entry fee cannot be refunded after receipt. The entry fee includes an insurance as well as the stickers with the race numbers for each rider. The race numbers will be handed to the riders on the site on race day during registration! A drivers or race license is not required to participate, though riders MUST bring along, whether, a driver’s license, ID card, Passport or any sort of official and valid ID for the registration on site. WITHOUT A VALID ID FOR THE REGISTRATION YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO START! Registration Starts on the 25th of March at 08h00 Order of event: Registration: Practice: Race: Award Ceremony:

8:00 11:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 16:00 17:00

GPS data: lat = 49.4857881323, lon = 6.06568810098 Camping/Mobile-Cars/ Cars may enter the site as of the 24 th of March (day before the race) See you soon Motofrenn Diddeléng Contact: Ced

Infos enduro X-Treme english  
Infos enduro X-Treme english