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NAME: ANA CECILIA RIVERA DE ALFARO Location San Salvador, working for a bank and I love what I do. He studied business administration at the Technical University of El Salvador. I grew up in the city and my father still lives. I have a beautiful family, a beautiful son, I love the food, the music and watch television. In this area of English, I'm learning a lot and I love to express myself.

I do not have many photographs of small, but I got some for this job.

Several whit my cat

young, ran a lot with other friends of the colony

Many will remember the game, mica, it was touching another and this persecuting others, was terrific as were many playing at once.

Now big, I love going to the beach to play, I have no pictures of that when I was little, but I remember that I loved playing in the sand, now I try to do it when you can.

Who does not remember when little is going to play church, that was lovely, many liked to go, just to see friends and play within the church, here's a picture of many, but for another purpose. The memories came to my mind.

Someone who has not made a house with dining room chairs

I liked seeing Heidi and running on the field when they took me.

As not remember pulling the rope with friends in the colony. It was something nice and special. I think many of us live in our childhood that game.

When family into this game, was very nice, now few do, but it was part of the childhood of many like me.

I use the bike, and you?

I accept that I played in the rain

It's not something I like, but I played Nintendo, this simple and low-end.

Who did not play, cutting fruit, when I was little, I loved to cut seasonal fruits.

Thanks for everything.

Remember the last.  

Remember good times..

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