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march 2, 2010 • Volume 12, Number 2

Charity Messiah at Christ Church, 3 Children’s Easter & Spring Events, 4-5 Holy Week & Easter Schedule, 6 St. Petersburg, Russia, Mission Trip, 9


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Dear Christ Church Parishioners,

Music Ministry....................... 3

I am reading more poetry than

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I ever have, and writing a little. Billy Collins, Wendell Berry, and Denise Levertov. Is Collins’ “Love” (Nine Horses Poems) the best poem ever written? Or is it Levertov’s “Agnes Dei” (The Stream and the Sapphire)? What excites me is the economy of words poets use to capture a moment or emotion. When I think about us beginning a new year, planning for Lent, and being on the verge of some exciting things at Christ Church, I think of a similar time in Israel’s history: Deuteronomy 8. Moses had some words with his people! They were poised on the edge of entering the Promised Land, but Moses saw that they were taking it all for granted. He had some stern fatherly advice for them. I wrote this poem about that. DEUTERONOMY 8 We certainly don’t deserve even a bit of all that rushes at us with the pace and authority of a fast-moving river.

Cover photo by Susanna Kitayama, Children’s Easter Egg Hunt, April 11, 2009.

Hardly anyone stops any more to listen to the place where the river makes a noise. chuck collins The last time Rector someone gasped for amazement before Whistler’s The White Girl was forty years ago when the stains tears make were hidden behind discrete tissues.

As quickly as we remember two vegetable things about Egypt we forget the flaky bread and quail memories of the sweet days past. We have been stupor sensitized as if we have been waiting on the curb for three days for the sofa to be delivered any minute. Poor God to have only us. Only a lush new land can possibly awaken in us something resembling him.

We refuse gratitude’s hand and a boost over the fence into the yard where healthy children horse around and make better decisions than we did.

Chuck Collins

Christ Episcopal Church 510 Belknap Place San Antonio, TX 78212

210-736-3132 office 210-733-1423 fax


Musical Mercy – Charity Messiah at Christ Church Charity Messiah at Christ Church March 28, 3:30 PM

I t took George Frideric Handel

owen duggan Minister of Music

Lent 2010 at Christ Church Tuesdays at our Simply Delicious Luncheons Lunch at 11:30 Talk at 12:00 “Lessons on Being a Wounded Healer” Come and hear “stories of brokeness” of our parish leaders and how the brokeness has resulted in blessing. Mar. 2: Tom Frost Mar. 9: Tom Kingman Mar. 16: Wendell Hall Mar. 23: Brooke Peacock

a mere two days to map out the architecture of what would become one of the most loved and performed musical works in history. Today at this moment, the same as any day, someone somewhere is listening to, practicing, or performing Messiah. The libretto or text of the oratorio, derived entirely from the Bible, was written and presented to Handel by Charles Jennens, a man with strong convictions of the orthodoxy of the Anglican Church. The English Church in the mid 1700s was under assault from the Dissenters on the left, who would do away with the Episcopacy entirely, and the Romanists on the right with their relentless campaign to restore the authority of the papacy in England. The stated purpose of Jennens in his gift to Handel was that the words of Messiah were to be used by the composer for his own benefit and that the finished work be performed during Holy Week. Upon issuing these instructions perhaps Jennens knew of Handel’s personal financial woes at the time, or perhaps he felt the celebrity composer-director simply deserved a reward for his talent and hard work in the church community. However, Handel chose to offer the debut of Messiah as a “Charity Matinee.” And so it was billed in Dublin in the spring of 1742

Photo submitted by Owen Duggan.

and attended by many with great enthusiasm. To allow for more room gentlemen were requested to attend “without swords.” As it turns out subsequent performances were to Foundling Hospital in provide Handel with a London secure financial future. Two years after the first Purchase performance of Messiah it was your tickets revised and offered in London for Charity to benefit the Foundling HospiMessiah tal for abandoned and abused online! children. This coming Holy Week on Palm Sunday, March 28, at 3:30 PM we will attempt to revive the generous spirit in which this noble and timeless work was created and raise money for CAM (Christian Assistance Ministry) and SAMM (San Antonio Metropolitan Ministry). We hope to assist these worthy Christian-based organizations in the light of the recent economic difficulties faced by so many in our city.

Please click here.

Tickets for Messiah are $18 for adults and $6 for students (advance purchase only). Tickets will be offered at the door at the rate of $20/$8. A special opportunity for giving is available, the Composer’s Circle, requiring a donation of $40. Composer’s Circle patrons will enjoy reserved seating and an invitation to a special reception to follow. For more information, please contact Anna at the church, 210-736-3132. 


Our Playground Come Celebrate Our New Playground! Playground Dedication Sunday, March 7, 9:30 AM Area between the Carriage House and the FMC Breakfast served for all in the newly refurbished Carriage House!

W e invite the entire Christ

Church Parish to come together in celebration of our new playground by taking part in a Playground Dedication, Sunday, March 7, at 9:30 AM. The dedication will take place in the area between the Carriage House and the Family Ministry Center, our playground location. Breakfast will be served for all in the newly refurbished Carriage House. After the dedication, children will have the opportunity to try out this new and colorful addition to our campus. Children’s Ministry of Christ Church thanks all of those members who gave so graciously to make this long-soughtafter goal a reality. This is a wonderful gift to our current children, Christ Church children to come, and the children of Respite Care of San Antonio who are housed in the FMC six days a week. Special gratitude goes to our Playground Committee led by Renee Sethness and also including Jennifer Shemwell, Amy Case, and Marie Smith. Come Celebrate! 

Egg hunt photo by Susanna Kitayama.

Spring-Time Events Palm Processional, Sunday, March 28 Children will participate in the Palm Sunday Processional at the beginning of both 8:30 and 11:00 AM services. They should gather in front of the church at 8:15 AM or 10:45 AM to receive palms to wave in honor of Jesus, our long-awaited Messiah, as it took place 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem. Children will continue onto Children’s Chapel for a Palm Sunday lesson following the procession. Good Friday Retreat, Friday, April 2 from 12:00-3:00 PM Children are invited to gather in room 208 of the Family Ministry Center where they will learn about the events of Holy Week as they view a model of the City of Jerusalem in a presentation. They will also participate in a reenactment of the Last Supper, playing various roles of those present in the Upper Room at this pivotal event. Children will conclude the retreat by helping to prepare for the Easter Egg Hunt and Liturgy of Light Family Service that will take place the following day. Snacks will

Easter Egg Hunt, 2009

be served at the retreat, but children should eat an early lunch before coming to the retreat. Halleta Easter Egg Hunt Heinrich and Liturgy of Director of Light Service, Children’s Saturday, April Ministry 3 at 10:00 AM Children and parents should gather in the Tomlin Room of the Family Ministry Center in order to prepare for the Liturgy of Light Family Service. During this brief service, the Easter story from the Gospels will be told and each family will receive the Light of Christ as a reminder of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior. After the service, all will join on the lawn for the Easter Egg Hunt, a celebration of new life in Christ. There will be a traditional hunt for toddlers through second graders and a scavenger hunt with prizes for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. A family Easter craft will also be available for each family present as well as some great Easter refreshments. Our friend the Easter Bunny will be at the hunt for some great photo opportunities. Bring your Easter baskets and a camera.

Easter Sunday Flowering of the Cross Processional at 8:30 and 11:00 AM services Children may bring flowers from home in order to participate in the Flowering of the

Cross Procession. Children’s Chapels will be held at 8:30 and 11:00 with an Easter lesson on Easter Sunday, April 4. Children will be brought into the church at announcement time to add flowers to a wooden cross, bringing life, color, and beauty as symbols of the Resurrection. Children will join their parents for Communion after the procession. Children’s Communion Celebration, Sunday, April 11 During 11:00 Service The children of this year’s Communion Class will be honored with a celebration during the 11:00 AM service. Children will process into the service with their class banner and will be called forward to be presented to the parish. Each will receive a special gift from the church and their parents. A reception honoring the class will be held in the Tomlin Room of the FMC after the service. These children will have completed an eight-session class enriching their understanding of the gift of Christ we receive in Holy Communion. A day-long Communion Retreat held at the church on Saturday, April 10, serves as a time of fellowship, fun, and preparation for Communion Celebration day. Parents of children participating in the class help in class sessions and at the retreat, as well as crafting the class banner and planning the reception honoring the children.

Come Spend a While on the Nile! VBS 2010 June 21st – 25th Any city, Egypt. Dusty streets full of families bustling through town, following Click on the picture to view a video about this VBS program! hieroglyphic signage to their next destination. The marketplace is alive with vendors weaving baskets and making bricks. Others are selling their wares—ornate jewelry, linen fabrics, and toys. Animals stir in a nearby courtyard. And the food! Pomegranates, smoked salmon, honey, figs, and bread… the flavors are incredible! An enormous palace serves as the epicenter of business, political, and social activity. Word on the street is that Pharaoh brought a guy named Joseph from prison (bummer!) to the palace (now THAT’S livin’) and put him in charge of storing and distributing food. The story goes that Joseph interprets a few dreams (what?!?!), wows a few royal officials (show-off) and POOF! He’s large and in charge! Sounds strange, right? Well, there’s more… this Joseph is on the outs with his brothers (discouraging), leads Egypt through a famine (hopeless), then forgives his brothers (heartfelt), and FINALLY, settles everyone together with him in Egypt (victory). Talk about a roller coaster ride of emotion! Yet, God never gives Joseph more than he can handle. Are you all wrapped up in this crazy story? There’s much more to discover. Don’t get left in the dust! Walk like an Egyptian this summer and join us for VBS! Brooke Peacock, VBS Director 2010

VBS 2009 photos by Susanna Kitayama.

Heartfelt Thanks B arbara, the

boys, and I want to thank the church for their prayers and care during my two heart John Barrett surgeries in Asst. Rector November at the Cleveland Clinic. We were blessed deeply by your notes in the mail and postings on Caring Bridge. We could not have gotten through this tough time without you. You exemplified what the church body can do for those in need, especially for Barbara and me as we were so far away from home and the boys. Special thanks go to Chuck, and Allison and Jaimie Hayne for flying up to Cleveland to support us through the very difficult second surgery. Also we thank the “Hail Mary” team for their emergency oversight of William, Henry, Johnny, and Matthew. As well, the delicious dinners and baked goods were brought to our door in abundance by many saints well beyond the surgery and into my recovery. The Lord needs to be thanked above all, for He surely was with us through some dark 

moments. There were some remarkable times when employees at the clinic reached out to us in prayer—cardiologists, nurses, technicians, a food server. The experience certainly has profoundly affected me, and it ever will influence my ministry. At some point I hope to give a witness of the trial as a means of glorifying the Lord and his faithfulness. The ordeal kept me out of ministry for a long time. Chuck and Scott bore the brunt of that absence. I thank them, too, for giving me ample time to mend. What amazing grace. Before I left for that trip to Ohio, a friend wrote down words from Psalm 103 for me to hold on to. I read those words from the pulpit during announcements back in early November before my departure, and I repeat them now as a reminder of His faithfulness. “Bless the Lord, O my soul And all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul And forget none of His benefits. Who pardons all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases; Who redeems your life from the pit, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion.” Thank you Christ Church! Sincerely, John Barrett

Holy Week March 28: Palm Sunday, with children’s palm processional March 28: Charity Messiah at 3:30 PM April 1: Maundy Thursday, Commemorating the Last Supper, 6:00 PM April 2: Good Friday service with Max Lucado and meditations, 12:00-3:00 PM April 3: Easter Egg Hunt and Children’s Liturgy of Light service at 10:00 AM

Easter Sunday April 4: Easter Sunday 7:30 AM Brief Communion Service 8:30 AM Holy Eucharist with children’s flowering of the cross processional 11:00 AM Holy Eucharist with baptisms & children’s flowering of the cross processional 6:00 PM Evening Communion Hallelujah! He has burst through the three-day prison, tell it out with joyful song!

churchlIFe Voci di Sorelle San Antonio’s Premier Women’s Ensemble Travelin’ Shoes: American Songs and Spirituals Sunday, March 7, 2010, 3:00 PM Christ Episcopal Church Voci di Sorelle is an a cappella group of 12 female singers renowned for exquisite performances that showcase the power, versatility, and beauty of women’s voices. Founded in 2004, by Artistic Director, Ruth Moreland, the ensemble’s performances are eclectic—ranging from early music to modern jazz to traditional folk melodies and world music. Listed in San Antonio Express-News’ Top 10 Best of 2008, the ensemble’s sound has been described as “ethereal and transcendent”. “Travelin’ Shoes” celebrates the rich cultural heritage of America’s spiritual music. The program features music from the Shakers, campmeeting hymns, Southern Harmony shaped notes, and African American spirituals. Included is a collection of songs by Shaker women, a rare spiritual from the South Carolina Sea Islands and beautiful a cappella settings of “Amazing Grace” and “’Tis a Gift to be Simple”. Tickets available online at or call 210-912-9555. Adults $20, students w/ID $12. Reception following hosted by Christ Church Friends of Music.

Please submit all announcements for the Sunday bulletins and weekly email newsletters to Cherelle Liddle at of 7363132. This is temporary while Laura Shaver plans to be out on maternity leave. Thank you. If you have remembered Christ Church in your will, you are looking at using your net worth in the light of eternity. Thanks to many parishioners over the years, we have the opportunity to offer college and seminary scholarships to needy children, to do major capital repairs, and to reach around the world in outreach and ministry. If you park in the lower parking lot or in Temple Beth El’s parking lot on Sundays, you are showing kindness to our older parishioners and visitors who can park up close. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Christian Women’s Conference at Christ Church: Friday, March 26, 6:30 to 9:00 PM and Saturday, March 27, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Keynote speaker Susan Alexander Yates offers a light-hearted, instructive perspective on the challenges facing women and families today. • • • •

* Please click here to register. Enter your personal information. Under “Please select an option,” choose “Event Registration.” You will then select the “Refresh Your Spirit Conference.” Tickets are $25.00/person and this includes both days and refreshments. You may purchase up to ten tickets at one time.

Baptisms William Jackson Canavan Marriages Leischen McEldowny & Stephen Gray Katherine Anne Venson & Blake Edward Loftin Deaths Dorothy Spencer DeBona, Robert “Rusty” Konitz, Robert Camp, George Clifton, Jr., Leo Charles Hearn, Genevieve Lykes Duncan, Althea Kirkwood, Merry Molteni * Through Feb. 2, 2010.

Calling All Children, Teens and Adults! Mark your calendars now for Christ Church VBS 2010, June 21 -25! Directors Brooke Peacock and Amy Case are already making plans for us to “Journey With Joseph From Prison to Palace”. We will need Egyptian Family Moms/Dads, Big Brothers and Sisters, Drama Team Members, Marketplace Shopkeepers, and Games Directors. * Registration will begin Palm Sunday, March 28. Contact Brooke, Amy, or Halleta if you feel called to lead or help in any area of VBS.

Photo of Ruth Moreland, Artistic Director of Voci di Sorelle, submitted by Ruth Moreland.

Distinguished Service Award for 2009 January 24, 2010 “For God is not unjust; he will not overlook your work and the love that you showed for his sake in serving the saints, as you still do.” Hebrews 6:10

I t is my joy to present to Gary

Birdwell the Christ Episcopal Church DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD for 2009. Gary, you join an extraordinary group of individuals who, since 1975 when this award was started, share this honor. Even though a “staff member” has never received this award before, there is no question that you deserve this distinction for the many ways you have selflessly, boldly, and generously served the needs of this Christ Church family. In your position as Parish Administrator you have assembled and cared for a church staff that is truly outstanding. You have reminded us over and over again that our jobs are more than jobs, but opportunities to affect God’s Kingdom. You have watched over and protected the financial interests of Christ Church by insisting that we live within our means, that we have absolute integrity in our handling of the stewardship entrusted to us, and by developing budgets that reflect our mission-minded priorities. You have served as project manager for the renovations, special projects, and countless repairs over the years. And you 

have handled complaints about bird poop and trash in the parking lot with respect and grace. And, not least Gary Birdwell, of all, you Parish have been a Administrator loyal friend and advisor to this rector through good and hard times in ways no one else in this parish knows. I will never forget the day you spread trash in the hallways to see if the staff and/or parishioners would pick it up. I will never forget your anguish of having to decide how to cut staff hours and positions during the financial crisis of 2008. And I will never forget your patience with me, when inside (I’m sure) you were screaming: “How can this guy be so starry-eyed about such obvious things?!”

Congratulations to the newly elected vestry members: Brad Camp, Tom Frost, Wendell Hall, Tom Kingman, Brooke Peacock Greg King was appointed by our rector to be Senior Warden, Rick Archer was elected Junior Warden, and Wendell Hall the Vestry Clerk. Thanks for keeping our vestry in your prayers for God’s wisdom. Dear Lord, perfect your will in our lives and help us day by day to become purer, freer, and more heavenly as we seek to do your will here on earth in sometimes very difficult situations. Make us instruments of your tender love so that through us the world may know of your tender care; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

One of Christ Church’s core values states, “We center our faith and worship on the fullest revelation of God in his Son Jesus Christ.” Gary I see Christ in you and thank God for sending you to us. Today we recognize and give thanks for your Christcentered spirit among us. Respectfully yours, The Rev. Charles B. Collins Rector

Are you going to heaven? (click above)

Russia Mission Trip 2010 I t is hard to believe our first

mission trip to Russia was 12 years ago. That summer of 1998, the then assistant rector, Greg Powell, asked our family to be part of a team going to a summer camp outside of St. Petersburg to share the gospel with Russian orphans. There were 20 in our group from Christ Church and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The whole idea of a mission trip to Russia was scary. But little did we know, this was to be a lifechanging experience for each of us. Since that summer, Greg and I have made at least a dozen more mission trips to Russia with other members of Christ Church and with Christians from other local churches. Why do we return? It is because of the relationships we have established with the Russian orphans and with the dedicated Christians in Russia who are trying to help these children and need our support.

The highlight of our trip was visiting with younger orphans left in the orphanage for the holidays. About 30 children were taken to a camp out in the country. Outside were mountains of snow, but the children remained indoors with only a TV as entertainment. We used the money from the Noisy Offering to buy 25 sleds and plastic discs. The children had a ball! What a joy it was to see them laughing as they slid down the hills over and over again! These children learned a little more about Christianity that week and how Christians at Christ Church care enough at Christmas time to bring some joy to their lives.

Arthur & Nina’s Family Home

Vera & Volodya’s Family Home

Thank you Christ Church! View the pictures! Please click here to view all the pictures from the trip to St. Petersburg, Russia.

This January Greg and I traveled once more to St. Petersburg, along with Steve Denny, the senior warden at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. We stayed in one of the family homes and met with the family home staff and the children who benefit from the Family Home Program (Christian-based group homes for orphans transitioning out of the orphanages). For several years, Christ church has supported this ministry. Article by Renee Sethness. Photos submitted by Greg Sethness.

Orphanage #51 kids at camp enjoying the sleds.

Interpretors - the “twins,” Nelly & Liza (also orphan graduates)


Christ Church Missions B lessings – We celebrate the affirmation of the importance of Mission to this congregation with the approval of an allocation of $100,000 for World Missions in the 2010 church budget. Greg and Renee Sethness had a successful trip to Russia in early January (see page 9), where they visited orphanages and transitional homes and provided financial and spiritual support to those served in these facilities. Our monthly Noisy Offerings continue to be a fun and educational time of helping others as our congregation and our children work together to provide “noisy” support for needs outside of our church family. Upcoming Opportunities in the Mission Field: Four trip possibilities are in the works for summer 2010. If there is interest, a trip to Russia may be in the offering. The church is looking at a plan that would allow us to make a commitment to the BunyaroKitara Diocese in Hoima, Uganda. An exploratory trip will probably be organized to allow church members to see the area and make firm plans for how we can best serve the people of Hoima. The groundwork is being done for a trip in late June or early July to south-east Mexico. This trip will be family- and youthoriented and would be centered 10

around providing a VBS program for the children at Hogar Infantil, a facility in the Chiapas region serving destitute, abandoned, and abused children. Louis Manz will be taking a trip to Honduras in late July/early August to work on the Honduran Water Well project. This could be a great father/son opportunity. If you have interest in going to Russia, Uganda or south-east Mexico, please email Leslie at for further information. If you are interested in Honduras, please contact Louis at lmanz@satx. Requests: Rev. Alison Barfoot, currently serving under Bishop Henry Orombi in Uganda, has requested laptop computers for a program being organized in Northern Kenya that would train indigenous missionaries. If you have a laptop computer you are willing to donate, please contact John at

that the children cared for in this facility will continue to be protected, loved, and nurtured. Duane and Sha- leslie Kingman Missions Chair ron Miller (and leslanking@ their two young children), in Nazareth, will be on furlough in the United States for the 20102011 school year and will be in need of a place to stay and the use of a car. If you can be of help to them by providing either a home or transportation, please contact Leon at leonanddebbie@ Bishop Ben and Gloria Kwashi of Jos, Nigeria, continue to have to deal with significant unrest in the area. Please pray for God’s protection for these special friends of Christ Church as they serve the Lord under very difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Elizabeth Mesick will be traveling to Central America in March to provide dental care to those in the Toledo District of Belize. Please keep her travels and her work in your prayers. During our time in Hoima last summer, we visited with children at the Peragiya Integrated Baby’s Home in the tiny village of Bugwuara. This Baby’s Home has been through many difficulties in the past few months. Please pray

Greg & Renee Sethness in St. Petersburg, Russia


“New” Carriage House ...come see! Sundays in the Carriage House 6th – 12th grade students: Come find a place on a couch and hang out with your friends in your newly renovated Carriage House. 9:30 AM: breakfast tacos, pastries, etc., along with great music 10:00 AM: gather for studentled songs; Confirmation class will go to room 246, the Jr. High Dept. will go upstairs, and the High School will stay downstairs. A great, low-key time of fun, friends, and Bible Study for Jr. and Sr. High students. Jr. High Leaders: Dennis Eberhardt (Director), Laura Hardin, Jessica Wilson Sr. High Leader: Daniel Gensch Sr. High/Student Asst. Director: Megan Gensch Sr. High/Student Director: Richard Peacock Contact Richard Peacock at, 824-0511.

Save the Dates Sunday, May 2nd Youth Sunday: A great day of youth led-worship, with Jr, and Sr. High volunteers needed to be ushers and readers. Graduating seniors, please get us your name, graduating date, and any plans for continuing college studies so we can include you. Sunday, May 16th Confirmation Sunday: Confirmands please make sure the needed information (especially your baptismal date) has been submitted to Kennon Guglielmo or Richard Ellwood. Summer Mission Trip to Mexico: The planning for a student/parent mission trip to an orphanage in Mexico is well underway. This is an IDEAL trip for firsttime mission trip attendees, so please let Richard Peacock know if you have any interest at all and we’ll include you in an informal, informational meeting that will occur soon once plans advance.

Calling all 1st-6th graders:

C ome be a part of Christ

Church history! The Christ Church Mastersingers and Minisingers will present a brand-new musical on May 9! Hot off the press, this wonderful story of one of the most amazing miracles of Jesus will be presented in honor of all mothers on their special day. Entitled “Table for Five…Thousand!” this delightful songsand-dialogue musical reveals how one young boy with five loaves of bread and two fish, along with a willingness to share, led to an event so startling it is recounted in all four New Testament Gospels. All students from 1st through 6th grade are invited to use their gifts by singing God’s praises in this special way. Rehearsals are Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-5:00 PM and we have a spot just for YOU! For more information, contact Ruth Berg at 824-2600 or “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10


alender oF eVeNTS

Christ Church Staff: The Rev. Chuck Collins, Rector

March 2: Lenten Offering at SDL, speaker: Tom Frost

The Rev. John Barrett, Asst. Rector

March 7: Playground Dedication & Open House of Carriage House, with breakfast for all at 9:30 AM

The Rev. Scott Kitayama, Asst. Priest,

March 7: Welcome Tour, 10:00 AM at the gazebo

Carol Miller, Pastoral Care,

March 7: Voci di Sorelle concert, 3:00 PM March 9: Lenten Offering at SDL, speaker: Tom Kingman March 16: Lenten Offering at SDL, speaker: Wendell Hall March 23: Lenten Offering at SDL, speaker: Brooke Peacock March 26: Daughters of the King making palm crosses in Parish Hall March 26-27: Christian Women’s Conference at Christ Church with author Susan Yates, register online March 28: Palm Sunday March 28: Friends of Music presents Charity Messiah, 3:30 PM, register online April 1: Maundy Thursday service, commemorating the Last Supper, 6:00 PM April 2: Good Friday service with Max Lucado and meditations, 12:00 PM April 2: Children’s Good Friday Retreat, room 208 in FMC, 12:00 - 3:00 PM April 3: Children’s Easter Egg Hunt and Liturgy of Light Service, 10:00 AM April 4: Easter Sunday & Welcome Tour, 10:00 AM at the gazebo April 6: Lunch & ‘lightenment at SDL, Chuck Collins and his trip to the Holy Land April 10: New Member’s Class, led by Chuck Collins, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM April 10: Children’s Communion Retreat April 11: Children’s Communion Celebration, 11:00 AM service

Maurine Molak, Parish Life Coordinator, Halleta Heinrich, Director of Children’s Ministry, Richard Peacock, Director of Student Ministry, Megan Gensch, Asst. Director of Student Ministry, Dr. Owen Duggan, Music Minister, Joshua Benninger, Organist, Ruth Berg, Director of Children’s Music, Gary Birdwell, Parish Administrator, Cherelle Liddle, Executive Asst. to the Rector, Darla Nelson, Office Mananger, Donna Shreve, Financial Manager,

April 11: Evensong with Chapel Boys Choir, 4:00 PM

Laura Shaver, Director of Communications,

May 2: Youth Sunday at the 8:30 & 11:00 AM services & Welcome Tour, 10:00 AM at the gazebo

Anna Jewell, Receptionist,

May 4: Lunch & ‘lightenment at SDL, poetry reading with Marcus Goodyear May 6: Christ Church staff day, office closed

Pat Wilson, Administrative Asst.,

May 9: Children’s Musical “Table for Five...Thousand!” 8:30 & 11:00 AM services

Elizabeth Martinez, Kitchen Manager,

May 16: Confirmation Sunday with Bishop Reed, adults at 8:30 AM and youth at 11:00 AM

Robert Vallejo, Facilities Manager,

May 23: Parish Picnic with outdoor 11:00 AM service

Rudy Segovia, Hospitality Manager,

* All events at Christ Church unless otherwise noted. 12

Joe Garcia, Sexton,

earts & Hands


Valentine’s Tea, February 10, 2010

13 Photos by Susanna Kitayama.

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