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have inspired me not only to go on and become a great coach, but also to approach my life in a whole different manner. Thank you very much for what you have done.”

“Through your skilful coaching I have claimed the power which lies within myself to recognise the ownership I have over my life and, from that, see that I can develop situation and circumstance to the point where I have a choice over the direction I take.” “Your coaching abilities are impressive.

Through a

variety of flexible and balanced approaches combining great subtlety and wisdom and including active challenge and question you have shown that I can have the life I want. This is indeed testimony to your skill as a coach; despite challenge and question, I consis tently emerge with resultant greater confidence, enhanced self knowledge, sense of purpose and direction.”


“The coaching you provided has been more insightful than I ever expected but, more than this, it has liberated me and enabled me to become insightful about myself. This is indeed a gift for which I am eternally grateful.” “Quite simply Neil's coaching has transformed my life! After redundancy I found it hard to pick myself up. In my first coaching session I identified my goal to be to find another job or to set up my own business. After 5 sessions with Neil I have actually achieved both goals and both with far more success than I could have dreamed of. I have, literally found my dream job and doubled my salary. In addition I have a successful part time business which I have built up in just 4 months. It has all come down to beliefs. Neil has helped me to recognise and challenge the unhelpful things I have been telling myself all these years. I now have a new set of beliefs and they work! I can't wait to explore my next set of goals!' I'll let you know how I get on being a top executive!”


“The corporate coaching master class was truly wonderful - full of information. I have so much more knowledge, not to mention the confidence to go out there and get my coaching business established.” “I held my first workshop and I really want to thank you for giving me the encouragement to take the step to 'just doing it'. It was a success. A group of delegates will be going out and telling people about me power to word of mouth”

“There are so few truly-inspirational people around in the world that I like to acknowledge two such people when I meet them.” “I was present at the young mentors group presentation at Nottingham University. You made the day incredibly interesting and showed me a completely different way of approaching any problem.”


The Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation Ltd. The Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation Ltd. (CECO) is a specialist executive coaching provider founded by Neil Espin and Vicki Espin. CECO's aim is to raise the level of professional and personal development through the executive coaching solution of people inside organisations.Working at senior levels within client companies on; executive coaching leadership teams change careers performance cultural change In house bespoke corporate and executive senior management coach training. professional coach training 4

These are just few areas of expertise CECO specialise in. The Institute of Leadership and Management have recognised CECO's coaching programmes and have awarded the Level 7 Certificate and Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching, The ILMs highest award as well as endorsing CECO's High Impact Coaching for Business Leaders Coach Training programme and Coaching for Success. The feedback on the quality of our executive coaching programmes is second to none. Neil Espin and Vicki Espin have between them over 36 years corporate and executive coaching experience and are widely acclaimed as the most experienced executive coaches in the UK and probably Europe. Professionally trained as Corporate and Executive coaches they now tutor on this subject and have delivered this coaching knowledge to over 5000 individuals who wish to move into the executive coaching arena. And to their corporate clients who are looking to introduce either a coaching culture or strategically develop a coaching mindset in the organisations 'way of doing business' With the use of their expertise as professional coaches, Transactional Analysis, MBTI and NLP techniques CECO deliver a unique blend of executive coaching solutions. CECO are winners of The Training Journal Award for the Best Coaching Programme 2008 which is based on The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching. 5

NEIL ESPIN Fellow Inst SMM Fellow Coaching Academy Institute of Leadership and Management in Executive Coaching Level 7 Tutor. As founding co-director for CECO Ltd, one of Britain's foremost coaching Organisations devoted exclusively to coaching in the corporate environment. Neil says, "We are proud of our values and of working with client companies who have a desire to increase individual and organisational performance. So I wanted to put down in simple yet effective terms, just how a new coach gets started and also show existing coaches how to develop their business even further.�


Prior to founding CECO Neil held a variety of senior executive positions with "blue chip" organisations. Giving him a unique understanding of what it is like to be on both sides of the table. As a Corporate and Executive Coach, and platform speaker, he combines an acute understanding of business issues with the practical application of coaching techniques. Neil's energetic and powerful style of explaining and challenging issues in a simple yet effective way ensures that you will keep your coaching on track. Neil's expertise is based on extensive experience, with over 18 years coaching in many diverse industry and business sectors, so if you are looking for a more effective performance from your coaching business, you will find the answers in this book. NEIL ESPIN - Founder and Managing Director CECO Trained as a professional coach with the Alexander Corporation in 1990 ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching Tutor Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Global Fellow of The Coaching Academy Author of Your Life Your Choice Author of Lessons in Business from a Master Coach. 25 years' experience in senior leadership roles in industry Shareholding Director of CECO since its inception in 1996. 7

Vicki Espin MA Fellow Coaching Academy Institute of Leadership and Management in Executive Coaching Level 7 Tutor Associate member of the CIPD Vicki is a professional corporate and executive coach with 18 years' experience of working with UK and multi-national organisations representing a wide spectrum of business sectors. Working with senior individuals CEO's, Directors and top teams, as an executive coach, within blue chip organisations in Europe wanting to move to a higher level of performance. Vicki was Managing Director of the highly acclaimed Domino Consultancy and also worked in senior operational and people development roles in a number of blue chip organisations.


An accomplished speaker, Vicki has spoken at national and international conferences, and has co-authored a publication on cultural diversity. Vicki holds an MA in Human Resource Strategy is a Fellow of The Coaching Academy, the largest coach training school in Europe. She is actively involved in coaching standards and is a member of the steering group for The National Occupational Standards for Coaching Vicki's inspirational style of coaching means that she approaches every client relationship with a unique energy that results in the forming of transformational partnerships and leads to the achievement of powerful results. VICKI ESPIN MA Founder and Finance Director CECO Trained as a professional coach with the Alexander Corporation in 1990 ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching Tutor MBTI Step 1 and 2 Qualified Practitioner Associate member of the CIPD Global Fellow of the Coaching Academy Author of Your Life Your Choice Member of the steering group for the National Occupational Standards for Coaching & Mentoring Shareholding Director of CECO since its inception in 1996. Professional Coach Supervision. 9



Habits of Highly Successful Coaches Pluss 4 bonuss habitss Neil and Vicki Espin Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation Ltd t (+44) 01159336100 11

77 Habits of Highly Successful Coaches by Neil & Vicki Espin Published by Filament Publishing Ltd 14, Croydon Road, Waddon, Croydon, Surrey CR0 4PA Telephone +44 (0) 20 8688 2598 Copyright Š 2008 Neil and Vicki Espin First published in Great Britain in 2008 Printed by Antony Rowe Ltd, Eastbourne ISBN 978-1-905493-20-3 The right of Neil and Vicki Espin to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by them in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 All rights reserved. This book may not be copied by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher. 12

Introduction Many people when they are setting out on their career as a coach, or if they are already coaching and want to find out more about how to be even more successful, tend to ask the same two questions over and over again, "How can I get to shadow you and watch what you do?" Because we are bound by client confidentiality and an observer would alter the coach client dynamic it is difficult to arrange this, however we can deal with the second request, "what is it that separates the really successful and effective coaches from the rest" If this is your question, then you need to read this book. Recalling when we began our coaching business many years ago we looked to find people who were already successful coaches to discover what they did that put them at the top of their game. This proved very difficult as there were not many professional coaches around at that time and if they were we could not get them to share what they did. Therefore having had many years experience, highs, lows and some setbacks we decided to ensure that others who wanted to become successful coaches would not have to face the same hurdles. When we run our workshops and seminars "The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Diploma and Certificate in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching"


The ILM Endorsed “ High Impact Performance Coaching for Business Leaders” The ILM Endorsed " Coaching for Success. We are asked constantly what are the key characteristics or habits of successful coaches. Up to now these secrets have been more about smoke and mirrors with confusion about just what is or isn’t coaching i.e anything from hypnotherapy to training, with very few people actually putting down what these key habits are. We are about to break that pattern. In this simple to read and understandable book you are about to find out What successful coaches do What successful coaches say How successful coaches think In doing this we have calculated just what it is that you will need to know in just 8 key areas. Just put these 8 key areas into practice and you will lift your coaching capability to a higher level, which is of course your first bonus habit! Bonus Habit Number 2 Don't read tips books that don't know what they are talking about. Read this book, it is full of great habits that successful coaches use. Bonus Habit Number 3 Make time to read this book - why? Because coaching provides time and space for others - be sure never to underestimate the power of either of these precious commodities for yourself. 14

Bonus habit number 4 Don't just read these tips; understand them and what is behind them. Once you have done this you will begin to know what your clients are looking for , a natural progression from this is you start to become a more successful coach and your clients will not only seek out your coaching but will pass your name to others. A key habit for successful coaches is get into the habit of expecting your clients to give you referrals and fabulous testimonials.

Of all the ideas that have been written and talked about on coaching over the years to promote your practice to a more elevated and elegant status. There is perhaps just one that flies high above the rest and that is;

'Don't learn the tricks of the trade simply learn your trade; trust is hard won and easily lost'



77 Habits of Highly Successful Coaches A blueprint for inspirational coaching Contents Area 1 Personal Qualities Building 'Me Inc.' Area 2 Developing Key Coaching Philosophies Area 3 Setting the Coaching Relationship up for Success Area 4 Setting Compelling Client Goals Area 5 Powerful Questioning Area 6 Building Positive Self Esteem in your Client Area 7 Increasing your Coaching Capabilities Area 8 Marketing your Coaching Practice





SHORT FOCUSING EXERCISE FOR THE Key Habits Let me give you a quick definition of what coaching is about. It is: An adult to adult relationship Mutually agreed and committed partnership Goals driven The coach's intention is to empower, facilitate and support the client to exceed prior levels of personal and/or professional performance The coach encourages the client to find their own solutions by: Developing their own skills/knowledge Changing their own behaviour/attitude Raising their own self awareness Encouraging them to take responsibility for their own performance The coach provides an independent ear, objectivity and complete confidentiality. The purpose of the work you are going to do for the next 45 minutes will enable you to establish your degree of satisfaction in some key areas of your business and then you will focus in on the one area you select 20

Your challenge is to use the pre-completed wheel on page eighteen in the book. Each segment is labelled to represent the 8 key habit chapters in the book. With zero in the centre and 10 on the outside edge of the circle, rate your level of satisfaction for each of the priority areas. Zero = completely dissatisfied, 10 = completely satisfied Looking at the circle I want you to ask yourself, ' If I were to pick one area to spend some time and effort on because it would have the biggest impact on my overall level of satisfaction - which one would it be?' NB: Not necessarily the one with the lowest score Ask yourself what made you choose the area you did? For that area alone, extend the segment and clearly identify in that space what 10 would be like when you are completely satisfied with your performance, this is your inspirational goal Next focus on the space between zero and whatever score you have given yourself (the area you have been able to shade in). This is what you do well already, make a note of the things that you had in mind that enabled you to give yourself a score. Any score even 1.


Always begin with your strengths. This will bring a positive mind set to your next part of the exercise, because you will be feeling really great about yourself. Now focus on the gap between your score and your description of 10 and ask yourself, 'What stops you from being able to give it a 10?' The next step is to identify your goals around this area as first priority and then work to achieve them. These are your journey goals. Time for some action, rather than leaving you staring at the gap in your identified area, note down just 1 thing that you could now do as a result of this exercise that would move you (however slightly) nearer to your 10? Write down your commitment of when you will take this action 22

Coaching Definition At the core of coaching is a goals-driven and highly collaborative partnership in which the coach's intention is to challenge and facilitate the individual to find and choose their own unique solutions to address their agreed goals which means they exceed prior levels of personal and professional performance." CECO 2004


The final question to you is this; What has been the most important thing that has come out of your business wheel challenge? Write it down. You complete the same exercise for each habit chapter; you will find a blank wheel for you to select 8 of the key habits in each chapter. Or select a habit of your own.


77 Habits of Highly Effective Coaches  
77 Habits of Highly Effective Coaches  

Neil and Vicki Espin share the most vital secrets of building a successful coaching practice. A must for coaches everywhere.