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Rugby Radio Station Sustainable Urban Extension


History The Radio Station has played an important part in the history of Rugby, BT and the UK. From its early days in the 1920s providing vital communications links with far-flung parts of the British Empire, to its security role sending transmissions to the submarine fleet, the Radio Station has a rich story to tell. For many years, it was home to an Atomic Clock which provided highly accurate measurements to ensuring Greenwich mean time was accurate to the millisecond. In its heyday, the site also provided significant local employment for the area with staff all working on or supporting essential communications tasks. Today, that team has been reduced to just a handful as the expansion of satellite, fibre-optic and digital communications has largely superseded long-wave radio. There is now the opportunity to do something significant with the site. The investors BT and Aviva are focused on creating a vision which delivers effective re-use of the site, Improving the sites social and economic opportunities both regionally and nationally. It is the only building currently standing on the development site. And can be seen on the map in the ‘districts center’

Illustrative Master Plan Clifton Upon Dunsmore N W Site



Artist’s impression of SUE


Station Avenue

Clifton Upon Dunsmore NW Site LOCATION Located in the North West of the Rugby Radio Station site, Clifton Upon Dunsmore area is one of the most picturesque locations on the entire extension. Backing onto a network of public green and open space including formal parks and playing fields. HOUSING Spacious, modern and comfortable family homes with up to five bedrooms are available both detached and semi detached.

Educational Campus


Two bedroom starter homes are available perfect for first time buyers. Properties available to buy or rent.

Intersection with Primary wildlife Corridor and newt ponds

All properties reach level 5 in the Code for sustainable homes.

ACCESS One of the key components of the proposals for the Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) is the link road connecting the site to Rugby town centre via Butlers Leap. Employment

The site itself is closest to Rugby town and the new cycle path (Station Avenue) joining the town to the new development. This is a significant element of the sustainable transport strategy for the development as it will provide a fast, efficient and attractive public transport route and connect directly to Rugby railway station.

Local Centre

A comprehensive network of footpaths and bus routes has also been put in place. Formal Square

Station Avenue Gateway

Key transport featuers Streets carefully planned to encourage walking and cycling. Public transport linking the site into the existing local bus network. Integration with the local road networks. Improved junctions and connections with key local routes

ENERGY Key environmental and sustainability features 78 hectares of open grassland Utilities and renewable energy infrastructure 24 hectares of maintained and accessible grassland Working with the flood plane and Clifton Brook to maintain wetland habitats Facilities to encourage recycling and resources efficiency Sustainable draining systems to maximise use of rainwater and grey water collection on site Areas of retained ridge and furrow landscape

All properties reach level 5 in the Code for sustainable homes. Achieve ‘A’ rating on Environmental Performance Certificate (EPC). In both Energy Efficiency Rating and Environmental Impact Rating. This means: “ At code level 5 homes should ,over a year, have zero net emissions of carbon dioxide in respect of the energy used for heating, lighting and ventilation” Code For Sustainable Home 2006.

How will you benifit? LOWER RUNNING COSTS! YOUR ENERGY On site renewable will be used, a central district heating system will provide carbon natural heating to your home. This means a reliable source of energy that won’t suffer steep price increases. Using renewables as a form of energy also mean that reliance on crude oil will be reduced. You will then receive the benefit of a payment through the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive. A Grade white goods have been installed in to every property to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. WATER Grey water cycling will be used to flush your toilets! This means that the water you use to wash your hands or have shower with will be filtered and placed back into a separate system for your toilet. Meaning no unnecessary water wastage, lowering your bill significantly! Both fully grown and sapling trees will be planted in a variety of outdoors spaces provide irrigation and mitigate against any chance of flooding. Lakes located in informal green land will provide water in times of drought, as well as a habitat for wildlife. ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT Properties that add no extra CO2 to the environment and ways of living neutrally made easy. Green building techniques have been used through the development process, ensuring environmental responsibility. All materials have been resourced efficiently and are built to last.. A comprehensive network of footpaths, cycle ways and bus routes are provided that link directly to the town reducing the need for private cars.

Making the most of your home All properties come with a ‘Home Buyers Guide’ explaining simply how to use all features to in your new home. Owners will be able to enjoy they’re new home to its full potential, Which allows them to live simply and cleanly.

Houses on the site have been built to the highest standards using state of the art smart building materials and techniques. Features include : Low embodied energy materials.

You will be able to monitor your heating and energy usage through full installed remote heating control devices. Which will also tell you at what levels your house is running most efficiently. Apps are available to allow you to change these settings on the go! These revolutionary systems allow you to control your home to sync with your life.

Contact flure LED lighting.

A comprehensive weekly waste disposal system has been put in place so that your waste does not go to waste. Ample room has been provided for separate waste and recyclable materials. Organic waste, such as vegetable, eggs shells and garden waste can be composted in bins provided in each garden.

Low toxicity paints and floor finishes.

Solar electricity Double glassed window. Triple glassed roof window lights.

Insulation - roof, wall and floor. Energy efficient appliances - 5 star or better (dishwasher, fridge, stove, airconditioner if fitted). Grey water treatment system. Renewable heat, provided by a biomass boiler.

Eduecation Three primary schools and one secondary schools have been built in collaboration with the local education authority. students will enjoy state of the art facilities, including computer labs, sports equipment classrooms and theatres. Schools play an important part in fostering the community cohesion, schools have been developed early to meet the needs of early occupiers. Schools are to be multi-use, modern spaces serving not only the students but also the community.

Primary school

Secondary school

IMPROVED STANDARS OF LIVING Improved wellbeing produced by a more healthy living space that provides: Private outdoor space Security Well designed homes that are adaptable and provide live/work amenities Increased employee efficiency Houses designed to make the most of natural light that are well insulated to create a peaceful atmosphere within. These properties are built to provide lifetime home, with the most sustainable and high quality materials used in their construction. On site shops, local amenities, healthcare and both primary/secondary education to serve your day-to-day needs.

Market appeal Now that our impact on the environment is apparent more stringent legislation is being put in place to reduce this impact. This has increased the desirability of homes that achieve such high standards in all areas of sustainability.

On site shops center

Rugby Radio Station  
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