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Book cover project Yufei Wang

!   Genre – mystery, thriller, horror, romance, biography,

documentory, fiction !   Target audience – ages, teenager, adult !   Mood – !   red, black, dark purple (danger mystery) !   Light blue, green, calm (sad) !   Red, pink, blue, yellow (romance)

Book example Fiction




Updated style Books:

Stephen Robson Analysis

Stephen Robson Joined Greenwich Printmakers in 2010. He went to Goldsmith’s College and has a background in teaching and working in photography. He is strongly drawn to the work of artists such as Samuel Palmer, Edward Hopper and Paul Nash. The Thames estuary and the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk have been favourite subjects.

I have choose three images of Stephen Robson, which I really like. • 

I like the mood of the pictures which can be calm or stormy


I like the texture of the print making


I like the colour. Robson has used black and white and sometimes added one more colour to give the print a subtle mood.

I really like Reasons pictures, and I have making some printing like his work. I have took the photos from Leigh on sea, then printed it out and used the photo to create some etchings and printed them. I used 2 colours only as in robsons pictures. I enjoy what I produced. In his composition Robsons uses a low horizon and the white coreates a negative space.

Paul Nash Edward Hopper This are the artists which influenced Robson’s work through the print technique in nash’s work And the view point in Hopper’s work.

Samuel Palmer

Booke cover  

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Booke cover  

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