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UTBLICK KHAN ACADEMY I love helping people learn - that is one of my greatest pleasures. UTBLICK DECEMBER 2011 - TILL ALLA MEDLEMMAR

- John Resig, Khan Academy Av: Cecilia von Schedvin

In this issue I have gotten an interview with John Resig, the dean of open source at Khan Academy. If you haven’t already heard about Khan Acadamy, it is time that you do! Khan Academy is a non profit organisation with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. There are over 2 600 educational videos available for everyone in the world. Now you can even watch the videos with your mobile device, since there is both a Khan Academy app and a youtube channel. As Salman Khan, the founder of the academy explains it, the content is made in digestible 10-20 minute chunks especially purposed for viewing on

the computer as opposed to being a longer video of a conventional "physical" lecture. The conversational style of the videos is the tonal antithesis of what people traditionally associate with math and science instructions. Many students all over the word use these videos to learn and relearn core subjects anywhere for free. John Resig is the creator of a popular JavaScript library called jQuery and the author of two books on the programming language JavaScript.




John has been speaking about, and teaching people, JavaScript for quite a few years now. At Khan Academy John works with building the tools that help people contribute to the Academy.


Khan Academy is the initiative of Salman (Sal) Khan and it is a non profit organisation with the the goal of changing education for the better, by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.

students. Obviously much of this is left to the teachers to determine to use as they wish. If John were to start a school he would want it to be one in which technology played a large role and in where there were a tight integration between the developers and the students. Because he loves helping people learn! He also thinks that technology and the web can enhance learning especially through analytics. Khan Academy capture information on everything that students do, what videos they watch, what parts of the videos they watch, what exercises they do, how well they do on them.

John tells me that nearly all the videos are made by Salman Khan. He makes them on a variety of subjects -anything from Math, to Science, to History, and Economics and they are used by people all over the world - including students that are still in school, students that are learning at home, and even people who want to brush up on subjects that they want to learn more about. When asking John in which way Khan Academy challenge the traditional school system, he says: - The big way is that we want to try and have more interaction between students and between students and the teacher. The videos are not a replacement for a teacher - they're simply serving to aide the teacher, giving students the advantage of being able to learn from a lecture at their own pace. This gives them more time to interact with a teacher when they're actually in class, which can be quite helpful. At the moment there are are plenty of teachers that are using the videos as a supplement to their existing work and even others that are using them as the primary means of lecturing for their

- We can analyze all of this and provide detailed information to a teacher. This gives them a massive leg-up as they can now understand exactly how students are doing and where they might be struggling, John says. - It's very hard to determine if someone is truly competent at something although we are trying to get better at it, he continues. John still thinks that schools serve as a good ground for students to have focused, targeted, learning - all the while interacting with a teacher and their peers, which can be quite helpful. - A big thing for me, says John, is to see more people participating in the creation of educational material for more people - really making it so that anyone can expose the information that they feel is important. I hope we can make some of that possible with Khan Academy.





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An interview with John Resig, dean of open source at Khan Academy